New Boy

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Yunho's shifts to Daejeon. He does not want to make new friends but Jaejoong is persistent.
Pining Yunho and Oblivious Jaejoong.



"You have to kiss…" Eunhyuk, that bastard pauses for drawing more attention. Yunho wishes that he would say Jaejoong but he knows he is not that lucky. "…Minah"

"Well, I mean, I would have but she just seems shy and we don't want to scare a new student do we?" He pretends to joke and looks at everyone in the eye hoping that they would find some truth in his words and let him wriggle out of it.

"Actually Yunho… I don't mind." Minah offers and everyone has to do a double-take. 

"Yunho, you are supposed to do it in real life not dream about it," Jaejoong says as he shakes him and breaks him out of his thoughts. Everyone laughs.

He looks at Jaejoong who seems to enjoy seeing the scene unfold. It makes me feel uncomfortable.

"You won't mind it?" he whispers to Jaejoong.

I won't kiss her if you don't want me to.

"No. Why would I?" Jaejoong just laughs at him and pushes him forward. He does not know what he is expecting but this was definitely not it.

Yunho tilts his head back to look at Jaejoong. Yunho does not know why but he feels very betrayed. He thought Jaejoong would stop him. Even if he doesn't like him he knows that Yunho doesn't like Minah. But why should even Jae stop him, he doesn't know that Yunho likes him or even anyone right now Yunho's mind supplies. He knows he is not making any sense here.

His head feels dizzy. Yunho wants to get out of the situation as quickly as he can. The alcohol seems to be getting an upper hand on him. The music feels too loud and Yunho just wants to run away.
So he does.

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