Chapter 2

All About You
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It is decided that Seulgi will dorm with Irene but has anyone asked her if she wants to. The answer will definitely be no. Apparently, Irene is 3 years older than her. Seulgi mentally scoffs at how elated the other seems to be at the given information.

Joy, Wendy, and Irene are going through their stuff while Seulgi and Yeri decide to order food. They decide to eat in instead of going out. The kid just seems too excited. Seulgi needs to stop calling Yeri a kid; although she is five years younger than her, she is very mature. But Yeri just looks so innocent that Seulgi can’t stop calling her a kid.

 They order Jjampong and Fried rice. Seulgi while eating, glances at the members. The thought that they will be a group overwhelms her. She hesitantly looks at Irene who offers her a small smile; Seulgi quickly nods her head and focuses on food throughout the rest of the meal. She cannot bring herself to look up again. Seulgi finishes her dinner quickly and excuses herself and goes to her room, their room.

 It is a small room with two beds, a dresser, and a small cupboard. Seulgi had forgotten to ask Irene how she wanted to divide the storage unit. But now she doesn’t want to face the other woman. She starts sorting out her suitcase but it does not take her a lot of time because she had not packed much, to begin with.

 Seulgi had just gathered some essentials, few clothes and had rushed to the new dorm. She didn’t want to keep her teammates waiting. The word teammates just rolls off her tongue differently.

 She had been waiting for her debut for almost 4 years and now that it was so near it just didn’t seem real. The thought of her being responsible for the group as the leader made her quite nervous. She didn’t even realize when she had finished putting all her clothes in the cupboard.

Seulgi takes a shower while she hears Irene and the others talking about something excitedly in the living room. The fact that she and Irene are going to be staying together in this tiny room seems to hit her slowly all over again. Well unless one of them decides to leave the company. For ’s sake Seulgi needs to get over her fear of dealing with Irene. Her brain just stops functioning when the other is in her vision of sight.

 Seulgi convinces herself that this is a good time to introduce herself to the other. She just does not understand why her brain is making such a big deal out of it. Irene is not some big celebrity or even a popular trainee. In fact, Seulgi herself is a popular trainee but she cannot even keep her eyes locked with Irene while the other just smiles at her casually as if nothing is wrong.

 There is nothing is wrong with Irene smiling at her but her brain just does not seem to register it. She has never had a problem while introducing herself to others. She actually likes talking to others and making others feel comfortable. Seulgi is very perplexed about this situation and she hates that.



Joy calls her to watch Star King along with the others. Seulgi just denies the offer as she feels tired. She is also not in a mood to watch it. She stays awake for a while thinking about how she is going to introduce herself properly to Irene.

As she is going to be in the same room as Irene every day, she cannot run away from her any longer. Also, she is the temporary leader and it would seem really odd if she just avoided one member.

Irene might think that she does not like her. That wouldn’t be good for the team so she decides that she has to get done with the introduction soon as possible and as less awkwardly as she can. She really hopes that she does not make a fool out of herself in front of the other.

Will Irene think she is cool? Will they ever end up being friends? Or will she always be awkward around her? Seulgi just hopes she does not end up making a fool out of herself in front of Irene.


She can just hear Amber cackling when she gets to know that she is dorming with Irene. She hears others talking about themselves, giving small introductions. She should have gone when Joy called her to join; now it would just be awkward to barge in suddenly.

Seulgi knows she is overthinking this but she can’t stop it. She only knows Wendy out of the four and thinks it would be awkward to talk to new people especially when Seulgi has a sudden urge to act like a dumb person in front of a particular member.

 Seulgi needed some preparation especially if she wants to make a good impression. Talking to Irene would have been far less nerve wracking in a group than it is going to be 1:1 in this tiny room. But now Seulgi has no option other than just listening to the members talk while she is wrapped in her blankets wishing she had joined them earlier.




She didn’t even realize when she falls asleep. It was definitely before Irene came back because she doesn’t remember seeing the other. She slowly turns towards the other’s bed only to find it empty.

 She hears Yeri and Joy bickering in the kitchen. Wendy is standing near the refrigerator with a toast in smiling awkwardly while Irene toasting up the bread not paying heed to the bickering.

“Yah! I had good expectations from your pancakes! Why is this so burnt?”

“I just went to brush my teeth. I didn’t think it would burn so quickly. This pan is no good!”

“Whatever. It is stuck to the pan. Remove it. I need to make a new one.”Yeri whined.

“Just remove it then. Irene unnie make me toast please. I am very hungry”. Joy said stealing the toast from Wendy’s hand.

“Yah that is my toa-“but Joy paid no heed

“Make yourself another one.”

“Stop bickering I will make some toast for you.”

Irene quickly toasted some bread and even helped Yeri with the pancakes. Seulgi wa

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