my fair-weather friend

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Title: my fair-weather friend

Genre: Friendship, romance, angst, one-shot

Ratings: All ages

Pairings: Johnny/Seulgi ft. Jaehyun/Seulgi & Johnny/Wendy


"Love is hard to find, hard to keep, and hard to forget."

– Alysha Speer


When peak-hour traffic causes them to miss their flights, two old friends find themselves stuck in Los Angeles for one day.

For once, there’s no caveat. They really have been just friends.


A/N: I know I said I wasn't going to start something new, but I've had this one-shot idea for a while, and it's only intensified ever since I've been writing SB, especially the SeulKai in SB. I've recently watched "Before Sunrise", and am currently watching "Hospital Playlist", and just really felt like writing something short, bittersweet, and also a little dreamy haha. 

I'm finishing up the planning, and also have some chapters to write for "strange bedfellows", so I'll probably post this up sometime this week (?). It'll just be a one-shot.

Honestly, Johnny/Seulgi have never been my OTP ship, but I felt that they just suited the characters I was thinking of so well. Will also feature my actual OTPs Jaehyun/Seulgi and Johnny/Wendy hehehe. Spoiler: Please prepare your heart.

Dedicated to Bee - I know this wasn't the pairing you had in mind, but I think this is the kind of theme you'd like. Thank you for everything <3

Also dedicated to Emily - I hope you'll find some of the venues in Los Angeles familiar? Hahaha, hope that one day I can visit again.

- C

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