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About Me

if you ever stumble upon this page hello!! i'm open to fic recs/ ads on my wall and i'll be super interested in these genres (romance, angst, with plot, plot that contains actual author's braincells many plots just make me laugh not in a good way and like okay i didnt really sign up for comedy in disguise plots there's just a lot of them somehow unfortunately), these characters (bts, exo, nct/ wayv, ikon, infinite, aespa, ateez etc.), main characters 20+ in age, hetero mostly but other is also cool (i'm a simp for vhope, hopekook or sope asdfgfdhjk) and in length of preferably less than 100k words because yk, my attention span is like this long: -

!if you put subs-only restriction in your fic and i unsub please dont take it that your story is bad it's just my weird taste most of the time orz