[AU] Falling in Love

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Winter doesn't know what Karina is to her but the signs are pointing to one direction. (Minjeong's perspective of what happened in the course of I Like U)

 She was sure that what they agreed on was mutual, it's just physical and nothing more yet why did Jimin's agitated expression that day worried her? Minjeong knows that all she wanted was to just around with someone, that's all she's done in her life. Play around, be nice to people and have a safe distance if they're not her relatives or Yizhuo. She likes that freedom as that was one of the few she has left. University life for her was hectic enough yet here she is adding another topping to it, Yu Jimin. 

 Why did Yu Jimin made her think more on what she says when she shouldn't? They were next to nothing outside of their comfort space yet Jimin's fake laugh (it was slightly airy and had a delay than usual, everyone would notice that) made Minjeong worry if what she said was bad. 

"There's really no point of dating someone if on the first day I'll already wonder when would the break up happen. "

 It was bad now that Minjeong said it out loud to herself but really, life wasn't always colourful. She knew that, especially when it comes to committing your life to someone romantically. The falling out in her sister's own relationship had affected her greatly, words like forever and I love you felt like a joke now that her once used to be ideal relationship was no more. Even if they manage to re-concile and fix it doesn't mean that it applies to everyone and she knows that. Minjeong's not willing to hurt someone else nor herself if things ever falls out so that's her defense. Maybe if she re-phrased that whole sentence it would sound better for her...

 "You deserve better than someone who'd eventually hurt you and I know it's not me."

 That's still a ty take. 

 Minjeong is now seated with Jimin at a cafe far from their campus, close to her place. It's not that she doesn't want to be seen with the taller woman by any of their peers, she just likes to have some time alone and far from her university life. Jimin was not one of them. Far from it actually, she's one of the few thing Minjeong has that kept her sane. Sure it was just and all but the few times they talk initially made her stay for longer than usual. to the point that there's a part of Jimin's closet filled with Minjeong's own clothes for the night. Her roommate does wonder where she went and all Minjeong can reply while keeping Jimin a secret was simple. 

 "I'm having a night out at my sister's place, see you tomorrow Ryujin." 

 She lied yes but how exactly does one tell her friend that she's gonna spend a night with the campus' student council member? That's a situation Minjeong would avoid ever talking about, like where she is now. Jimin has been playing with her straw the whole time and Minjeong took note of that. She'd usually start talking about what happend inside the council or the many gossips that goes around the Science faculty. Minjeong's an Art major so knowing the weird things that happened on the other side of campus was fun. That is if she's listening to one. Jimin's dazed expression was honestly cute for Minjeong, an expression that she herself know is a rarity. Karina, in better words, always had this cold demeanor whenever she's walking around, a serious face always plastered on her face. The younger has seen that from afar but up close and personal, Jimin's really adorable to how she pouts, the way she puff her cheeks and how she giggles to Minjeong's stupid joke. 

 Those expressions has made her feel weird and at times but she knows that's just how she is when it comes to girls in general, Jimin was no exception to that and same Jimin was still deep in her thoughts. 

 "You're spacing out Jimin-unnie, something bothering you?"

 "Nothing, just wondered why my puppy is good-looking today~" For no reason, Minjeong felt blood rushing to her cheekss and did her best to hide it by being disinterested with Jimin's words. She usually doesn't dress up beyond her flannel and ripped jeans unless there's an occassion...oh yeah, she forgot about that. She's only here to spare time till her blind "date" that Ryujin set-up would arrive in a good two hours or so, as her friend herself still has class. Minjeong's 100% confident that Seungwan-unnie is just making her third-wheel with someone else while she and her girlfriend are showing off- and if it weren't for the movie being one that Minjeong has wanted to watch since it's release, she would have stayed here with Jimin by now. 

 "A friend of mine had extra tickets for a movie and something along a double date. Or blind date, I dont know." 

 Minjeong noticed the delay on Jimin's smile, it bothered her slightly. She doesn't like the fact Jimin forced herself to be happy for her or whatever is going through that pretty head of her as she smiled. They've known each other a great amount and should know how the other work but Jimin's unreadable at times, it's hard to know what she's thinking. 

 "So are you gonna leave me behind after things went well with this so-called date of yours? I'll be hurt~" It dawned to her, why would Jimin be hurt if Minjeong's gonna be with someone else? Not like she would knowing how she's not fond of romantic relationships, Jimin knows that too then why? She's still confused on that part when it comes to Yu Jimin, heck she doesn't want to see Jimin with someone else at all, used to going to Jimin's place where it's just the two of them... that was until she saw the pout Jimin has. She's weak to that and she knows Jimin's exploiting the fact that she's weak to it. Why must the person she casually has with be someone who's extremely adorable when they're alone? 

  Though... two can play at that game. She put her coffee down and leaned closer to Jimin, a good distance that Minjeong knows could put Jimin on edge if they weren't in public and in the comfort of Jimin's place. 

 "I don't think I can leave you easily Jimin, I like having you under me at times."


 Minjeong wondered back to the phone call she had earlier with Jimin and why she bothered to make it clear to the older woman that there's nothing going on between her and Yerim. 

[ "Are you sure you two aren't dating at all, Minjeong? You seem awfully close to one another to the point people just assume you're an item."

 "What? No- Yerim is just a friend, a clingy one but still just a friend. Heck, she has a crush on someone I forgot her name that she's using me to bait her, isn't that just mean?"

 "Whatever you say but still, people assume-"

 "Well screw them cause they're going on baseless assumption. You don't think the same now right?"

 "... Of course I don't. Imagine how she'd feel if she knew what we do behind closed doors." ]

 Should she have considered how Jimin would have felt if they did end up dating? Why was she curious on how the older girl would react to it? She's pretty sure she's not interested in Jimin that way- nor would Jimin feel the same for her too. She's confident on that cause whatever sign she should see if Jimin ever was interested with her in that aspect, she sees none of it. She shouldn't hope that someone as wonderful as Yu Jimin would look at her that way.

 She doesn't want to hurt herself in that regards nor would she want to hurt Jimin if she ever liked her. Minjeong would do everything to make sure it didn't happen cause to her, it's better to not make Jimin feel the pain of loving someone like Minjeong who can only think of breaking up with somene. Jimin was no exception. 

 "I'd better sleep this off before I overthink it again."

 And she did. 


  She never noticed how she saved Jimin's number in her second phone. She remembered forgetting (or rather purposely leaving her first phone to avoid talking with her sister altogether) when she went over to the girl'd place. She only noticed once Jimin brought up how the phone she's using, the one where she'll answer for university and friends, is a new phone. It wasn't really something big for her knowing how she doesn't want to be disturbed when she's playing her gaes, hence the second phone. She explained how the phone Jimin's would usually see with Minjeong is her second phone, everything else being things she enjoy. Games and Jimin's text. 

 And here comes the ever so powerful Yu Jimin pout once she sat down. She should really stop doing that, Minjeong's not the strongest when it comes to that.She's weak. She wants to wipe that pout away, wanting Jimin to be red on the cheeks instead. A good uno reverse situation.

"Well, the only number in there really. It doesn't clog up with the others. I have my priorities set." 

 And there she's greeted with a blushing Jimin, looking away from her. That brought a giggle to Minjeong, happy to know the effect she has on Jimin. She can feel the glances the people around them had on the two, knowing how they are literal opposites with the silence they have. She's pretty sure that 80% of them are looking at Jimin instead, who's now munching through her salad. The same word repeated in her head when it comes to describing Yu Jimin. 


 "Minjeong, can I have a bite from your sandwich?" That took Minjeong aback. That was a first. She gave one of her sandwich to Jimin, who's leaning closer to her to be fed. Now that was definitely new. 

 "You know you could feed yourself right?" Jimin shook her head, now puffing her cheeks. That was definitely unfair for Minjeong, she sighed and brought the sandwich to Jimin, who took a bite with a smug smile on her face. Usually Minjeong would be pissed when someone disturbed her as she ate but Jimin was too cute to say no with her puffy cheeks and puppy eyes. 

 Once done with their lunch, Minjeong noticed how there was sauce near Jimin's lip and wiped it away from her, not bothered with Jimin's reaction of backing away slightly, red on her cheeks. 


 People would usually wiped the stain away with a tissue but Minjeong wanted to take it a step further, She the stain away, keeping her eyes locked on Jimin and made sure the girl paid attention on what she's about to say, Jimin already red. 

 "Tasty, just like you."

 Minjeong was replied with harsh slaps on her shoulder and a fuming Jimin. The whole campus would have assumed that they were dating by now but Minjeong assured them that they weren't. She has made it clear she's not interested in a relationship. Jimin may be an exception. 

 "I am 100% sure you're interested on her, Minjeong and same to this person you're talking about too. Heck, I'm surprised you two aren't a thing yet." Minjeong looked at Taeyeon weirdly, who's now looking at her with a smug smile on her face. Here she thought she'll have a casual talk with her older sister and how's her comeback but nope, Taeyeon took it to herself to ask her younger sister on her love life. She knows Minjeong and what makes her tick. This time it was easy- Minjeong hissed when Taeyeon light slap her back. Not a yelp, a hiss. 

 And she knew what that meant. 

 Which brought them here, Minjeong looking at Taeyeon as if her older sister grew another head. "You're bluffing Taeyeon-unnie. She's made it clear that all she wanted was physical and there's that, also, you as much as I know that-"

 "You don't do commitments, I've heard that plenty but wouldn't starting it with her help clear up your head on where you two lie? You're happy with her and I can see that. She's probably waiting for you to give her the chance so give her the chance, Minjeong." The younger girl just sighed and looked far past the window of restaurant they were at. Taeyeon took a sip from her wine. 

  "... I'm just scared of hurting Jimin-unnie. She deserves better than someone who doesn't know how to love someone." Taeyeon put her wine glass down, a light hearted huff coming out from her lips, finally having a name to pinpoint on who made Minjeong this happy. 

 "Maybe she's just waiting for you to get there. Waiting for you to be that someone better." Minjeong sighed sadly, sipping the drink she ordered. 


 A date. That's what Jimin labeled their meet up later. It helped Minjeong to prepare herself mentally for what's gonna happen tomorrow as her sister bought her movie tickets with the intent of "spend time with Jimin and make Jiminjeong a thing". She wanted to make sure that things would go smoothly and with that set in her mind, she texted Seungwan for advice. 

 It wasn't the best idea after she looked down in her notes filled with greasy pick-up lines. This wouldn't work on Jimin, she thought. She wanted to impress her and be greeted with Jimin's hearty giggle, pouting face and eyes that's filled with Minjeong. The idea brought a smile to Minjeong which made the shorter haired girl laugh at herself. 

 "The things you make me do, Yu Jimin...."

 The only thing Minjeong didn't think off, or it slipped her mind as she's carefully planning for the date was what she should wear. She texted Yizhuo for advice and all she got as a reply was wear what she wore for the last date she had as Jimin did say she looked great that day.

 And she did.    

 She came to their meeting spot early, making sure that on her person is the phone with Jimin's number, her wallet and the movie tickets. She didn't expect for Jimin to also be earlier than the time they set as Minjeong was there a good 2 minutes before Jimin arrived. 

 "You're wearing the same thing you wore on your last date- are you gonna dump me after this?"

 She should have seen that coming but putting that comment aside, she walks to where Jimin was and held her hand, advice number one from Seungwan's note. "Today's a date, this is my date get-up." and she added the part of her not being shallow, a dimple smile ending her trail of words.

 "W-were you always this smooth?"

 "Maybe but hey, on my defense, I have a date to impress." Jimin's signature puffed cheeks brought a laugh to Minjeong, hand in hand heading to the cinema. 


  "Minjeong! Look at the sharks over there, they're really cute!" 

 She'll never understand what makes the sea creatures cute in Jimin's eyes. Minjeong sees them as cool instead but this is Jimin we're talking about, she love the weirdest thing. Minjeong included. 

 "I don't see why sharks are cute but I respect your choices, Jimin-unnie."

 "Then what do you find cute that's not an animated character?"


 She felt Jimin leaning closer to her, her black sleeves wrapping Minjeong's arm. A thanks was whispered to her ear and Jimin kept her grasp, bringing a slight shiver to her spine. If things are like this when they're together, Minjeong would love to keep it but at the back of her head, it kept reminding her that this may not last long at all- that's where it hit her. 

 It's a may not. This can go longer, heck Minjeong was close to dropping on one knee for Jimin, as exagerated as it sounds like. The realization gave Minjoeng the much needed relief. She could laugh it off, laugh at herself for being a fool in her own head. 

 "Since my place is closer, want to stay over?" Minjeong peeked at where Jimin was, who was looking back at her with the same puppy eyes Minjeong was so used to looking at. 

 "I'll be happy to."

 "I-if I ever loved you, would you still think of breaking up with me, Minjeong? I don't think I can go back to this being just physical. I love you to the point it hurts and the thought of you leaving me haunts me." 

  Kim Minjeong was 100% confident that she was a fool to not notice how she hurted Jimin. This was a first for Minjeong seeing a very fragile Jimin. She was always confident, firm with her decisions and makes it clear of what she wants yet here she was, crying when the mere idea of not being with Minjeong haunted her. She hugged Jimin, patting her head and doing her best to coo her. 

 "Jimin-nie, I did say that I can't leave you easily and well... maybe you're the only exception to my ed up view of relationships. I don't think I can ever get myself adjusted to someone that's not you."

 "Kim Minjeong I swear to god if you're playing with me now-"

"I'm not, I like you too, Yu Jimin. Maybe not to your extent yet but I do know that I'll get there eventually."

 And she meant that. She meant every word of that. She's sure with how Jimin reacted to all of that, the older girl loved her wholeheartedly even with knowing how Minjeong was disinterested. Minjeong doesn't exactly know where she lay in this but she's sure she'll do whatever she can to make Jimin feel love. Feel all the love and affecrion that Minjeong can give her. 

 It didn't take long for them to make out, it was second nature but at the same time, it was different. As Jimin tugged at Minjeong's hoodie closer, the younger woman pulled away, a hand caressing Jimin's cheek. 

 "I'll make sure you'll remember today, Jimin-nie. I'll make love to you."


And there we have it, Minjeong's perspective- also there's a part two after this, don't worry. I may move the whole series to it's own fic once I'm done with my semester so with that, till next time!

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