Birthday and Mario Kart

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  Sunday morning, the smell of freshly brewed tea is filling the place they call home, a sweet humming can be heard from their kitchen and the younger of the two is leisurely scrolling through instagram. There were some updates from their friends on their activities, messagess from her relatives asking on how she is so far. She's good, fantastic even cause who wouldn't be if your girlfriend is the cutest, sweetest and probably iest person on Earth? That's just plain dumb right there. 

 And of course she'll be happy about that cause here she was, phone facing down on their counter as she lovingly gaze at the person she calls her world.

 "Minjeong-ie… if you're going to stare at me that long, your food's gonna get cold!" 

 That broke her trance. She can't really help it at all really. Jimin's just that pretty and she wondered what did she do in her past life to get the chance of meeting her- heck, she still wondered how in the did THE Karina Yu, the nation's it girl fell for her, the person behind the camera. 

 But then again, she'd rather not think about it and cherish the relationship that they have caused as much as she loves Jimin, the raven-haired loves her the same too. Or more even, we'll just never know. 

 "Well in my defense Jimin-unnie,  you're too pretty for this world that even my camera can't serve you justice so… thank you for the meal?" 

 Jimin's face was beet red and that brought a huge grin to Minjeong. That was a win on her side for sure cause it's nice to see her girlfriend having a tint of red on her cheeks. Chuckling, she took a bite of her pancake and continued eating with the peaceful silence they have.

  … Or so she hoped. 

 "Oh yeah… you know what day is coming soon, right?" 

 The brunette stopped chewing and looked at her girlfriend, who is now smugly grinning over her own victory of making her quiet. She knows what she's talking about, it's all over social media, she got texts from their friends asking her about this, even Jimin's manager is asking her about this. 

 Gotta play this right, can't let my victory last for only 10 minutes. Jimin has days in her sleeves and Minjeong think that's unfair. Swallowing her last bite, sipping her tea, she then looked back at her girlfriend, with an equal amount of smugness too. "Yes, yes I do. April 11th. 04/11, am I forgetting something else on that specific day, Karina-unnie?" 

 Jimin just rolled her eyes, knowing what game her girlfriend's playing. Usually she'd join in the fun but just not today. She wants to make it clear what her plan is and she's making sure Minjeong gets it. 

 Loud and clear. 

 "That's interesting, very interesting so how bout on April 11th till the 18th, you keep your schedule free, I'll keep mine too and we go… on a trip? We haven't gone out together in such a long time too Minjeong-ie~ please?" 

 Minjeong puts both her hands up and nods in defeat. "I promise princess but you better make sure that you yourself is free. With your popularity and all, I can't say there won't be any events that week." 

 Minjeong then kissed the top of the older before she went to work. 

 It was Jimin's birthday after all, of course she would remember. 


 "Excuse me? But I thought I'd cleared my schedule on that day… what do you mean I can't reschedule it?" 

 And here they were, April 2nd,  Jimin in her room, trying her best not to cry answering the phone call and Minjeong… was laying at the couch, book in her hand, half expecting for this to happen. It was kinda mean of her to predict this given how popular her girlfriend is, she's a model for sake but still, even she was sad that things like these happen to them. 

 Like they can plan ahead of time, be it a week, a fortnight, a month even for their date without any worries but a single phone call from work has to ruin that. Plenty from Jimin's side, some from Minjeong too. 

 Not like they can do anything. They are both professionals in a world where opportunity just pops up not caring about their personal time. 

 Minjeong saw the door of their room opening, Jimin silently walking to where she was and laid on top of her. They both know that she's gonna cry and with a soft pat on her head, she rested her face at her girlfriend's shoulder

 "...I-it's not fair! I told the company probably a billion times that I don't want to do the interview tomorrow cause I want to spend it with you and you alone y-yet they just won't listen and I hate it!" 

 The sobs were there, tears were flowing and all Minjeong can do is provide her comfort. Rubbing her back, patting her hair, she knows how much Jimjn was waiting for the day- and just to see it crumble a few hours was too much, even for someone as strong as her. 

 A few minutes had passed, the sobs were getting softer and the older's hand wasn't gripping Minjeong's hoodie too rough. It would have ripped earlier for all she knows and even if it did, she wouldn’t mind it one bit. Hoodies can always be bought but Yu Jimin? There’s only one of her and Minjeong will make sure that she’s happy. 

 "We can always do something together, Jimin-nie, just not what we planned. I know how great you are when it comes to work and being the talented model that the whole universe knows off, it will be a breeze- I'll get you whatever you want and we can open it once you're home, how's that?" 

 "... you promised?" 

 Okay that shouldn't have sounded cute, she just finished crying. Minjeong knows that but it did and her heart is trying not to beat harder. 


 Jimin then pushed herself away, her pretty tear stained face had a smile that puffed her cheeks, looking at the brunette with glee in her eyes. 

 "I want a Switch! Not the Lite, a Nintendo Switch with Mario Kart. If you can find them too, pink joycons and maybe a pro controller too- oh oh! Also get whatever games that you want and make sure that one of them, other than Mario Kart that is multiplayer, okay?"



  Minjeong knows Jimin from the tip of her straight black hair to the wedges she wears. 

 She knew how much the girl loves to help others, be it kids, strangers on the internet, that's what her platform is all about. A place where people can ask for advice no matter who they are and where they were from. She was so selfless that it made Minjeong wonder if she was the reimagining of Mother Theresa. Even Yizhuo jokingly calls Jimin as such with how much she strives on giving people a form of comfort in any ways she can.  

 She knew how confident Karina was when it comes to how she looks. The magazine segment that she was in, the way she poses in front of the camera (she knows this all too well when they work together one time), it was filled with pride. She doesn't say it out loud nor does she do it purposely but Jimin is just the kind of person who can look effortlessly pretty.  Be it right after she woke up too, she has that effect.

 She also knows how affectionate (and in need of affection) the taller is. Whenever Minjeong was the one to arrive home later than her, Jimin would always greet her at the door, arms wide open for a hug with a pout on her face. If she was the one to arrive late, she'll just immediately go to Minjeong and still do the same, go for a hug. "It's recharge for how long I haven't seen you today alone." she said. 

 … she knew all of that but where and when did the Switch idea come from? Minjeong may have talked about wanting one in the past but they were both too busy when the idea was brought up it slipped her mind. 

 Yet here she was, walking in a mall just to get her girlfriend a Switch for her birthday. Unexpected of course but she wasn't entirely against it. Maybe there are days that if she's alone at home, she can fill her mind with games instead of worrying about work. Another breather, she thought. 

 It wasn't long till her slow paced brought her to the game store, who was none other taken care of by Ryujin herself. 

 "Ah, the birthday girl's girlfriend! but alone- you two got into a fight or something… ON HER BIRTHDAY AMONG ALL DAY MINJEONG I-" 

 The brunette rolled her eyes with a small smile on her face before walking inside the store. She knows how Ryujin just exaggerates everything for fun, it's in her pranking nature. 

 "We didn't, don't worry~ She got work today and I'm just here to get her a birthday present and some extras too." 

 The shorter girl just nods to herself while crossing her arms. She can see why the model still has work today too, considering her status and all yet she feels sad for her friend. She must have planned this from top to bottom, that's how detailed oriented Yu Jimin is. 

 She planned for days just for an hour event, she can spend weeks, months even, organising a fundraiser for a charity that helps with the awareness of mental health. She can do that for everyone in the world and it still goes well. 

 Somehow, the world just can't do that for Jimin herself and that alone worries Ryujin. It's no harm to be selfless on your needs, she can see that the model's improving in that aspect, with how much she loves Minjeong and all but… 

 "Is it bad if I wonder why you didn't push her to just cancel the event, Minjeong? You know as much as all of us that Jimin would drop everything when it comes to you." 

 She didn't mean to dampen the mood while the short hair was surveying the list of games they have… she just wondered really. Minjeong is everything that Jimin ever wanted in a partner. It doesn't take a genius for them to know the loving look Jimin has when the topic is Kim Minjeong 

 "So this one time, Minjeong was sleeping at her studio and she looked so cute! Her lips were slightly pouting, the sun peeked slightly through the curtains and if saying that an angel just blessed our apartment, that would be an understatement. She's just so pure like that!" 

 "I still don't like how Minjeong would continue doing editing at work instead of continuing it at home! Like first thing first, we bought one with three rooms just to make a studio for her and two! I'm here too. Her energy source! Like sure maybe I can be a distraction because of how pretty I am and how much she loves me but still, she can't just leave me all alone when my day is over- it's not fair!" 

 … And how she gushes about the things the shorter woman does but still, it does make the store worker think on why Minjeong herself is selfless. She's not as selfless as Jimin, she made that clear herself after that one incident where Jimin was having a girls' day out with her friends and the bite mark was there, not so perfectly hidden under her choker.

 "Oh this? It's from Minjeong. Got jelly from that one photoshoot, too much about it and here we are. May do it again one day, who knows? Jealous Winter is clingy Winter and clingy Winter is a cute Minjeong, you get me?" 

 And before she can recall the other times Jimin was acting like a high school girl who found her first love, Ryujin was disturbed from the number of things Minjeong picked up from her store. It wasn't exactly a lot when compared to some other fanatics of the console but knowing that it's for Jimin, it was quite a lot. A pair of joycons in the colour of pale yellow, Switch pro controllers and about five games that she thinks Minjeong would be playing most of the time when Jimin's away. 

 "Anyways, as much as I can just convince her to cancel her plans for today, I don't want to live with the guilt that she lost an opportunity because of me. Besides, we have a week ahead of us so why not, right? Also, can I get the Animal Crossing edition? That suits Jimin with how cute she is.”

 A reasonable answer and Ryujin would take that. 

 "Sure sure, cash or card?" 


 Saying that she was pissed would be an understatement. She was furious, mad, she can probably burn the whole place down if she wants to. She just wants this to end and be done with. 

 However, she's Karina Yu for the public, Jimin-unnie for Yizhuo, Jimin for most of her friends and Jimin-nie for Minjeong. She just has to it all up, go through this with a smile and loop her fans smile as she's doing this. 

 This wasn't an event from her fans- heck her fans know how much she'd prefer to spend her special day with Minjeong and even send her comments on wishing her to have a happy day with her lover but no… 

 On her birthday, she was being interviewed about how it feels like to be the face of instagram, being the voice of the younger generation while also having a photoshoot for said interview. Why did they not just change it to a later date and give her an early notice, she'll never know… nor does she want to because if the reasons were not concrete enough to warrant a shift in schedule, she may end up on the news for not so good reasons and personally, the model would avoid that. 

 "Just smile, answer with your usual glam and loop Minjeong-ie's sleeping face cause that's the cutest thing the world offers on this curse of April 11th." 

  She looped those words in her head like a mantra though mostly it's just the Minjeong part that was being looped. Sleeping Minjeong was definitely helping her calm down. The brunette looked so peaceful in her sleep that Jimin can't help but stare at it whenever she's awake first though it was no easy task seeing as Minjeong's grip around her was strong, it's hard to shift without waking her up. 

 Her smartphone was a huge help though, may not have the best angle in the world but if it got the job done, she'll take it- she just has to make sure Minjeong doesn't find any of these cause she knows how much her girlfriend hates how her bed hair looks. 

 For Jimin however, she finds that to be the most adorable thing from Kim Minjeong. Her hair just fuzzes up and spreads in any possible direction whenever she wakes up. Even when she takes her time to comb it neat, some part still goes up defying the laws of gravity. It was endearing for Jimin that despite how her hair goes against her wishes and that she always hides it with a beanie or a cap, Minjeong can still look charming in her own way. 

 She can go for hours on how Minjeong can just look enchanting without working for it. Her focused face when she's working, the way her hand rubs the back of her nape when she's flustered, how her brows furrowed whenever she's losing in the game she plays. It's a crime to look that cute by just breathing for Jimin.

 Such a crime that it was probably what made her interested in Minjeong at first though that was a story of last season and she's happy enough that their feelings of love were mutual to one another. She knows how much the photographer cared for her and she wants the younger to feel the same too.

 And with the photoshoot over, the interview soon, Jimin can't help but smile knowing that sooner, she can go home and get a load of Kim Minjeong for a week without disturbance. 

 She just has to make sure that her surroundings understand how important that is because as sweet and loving Jimin is, she wouldn't spare a second to make her intention to spend time with Minjeong clear to the world, be it aggressive or not. 


 By the time she was home, it wasn't fully time for dinner nor anywhere after tea. That time of the day where traffic jams happen, the sound of horns around the street and every public transportation is compact with people. She was lucky to reach home right before then, her manager… not so much. 

 "It's a fair deal, don't you think?" As cruel as it may sound like, she wasn't saying any lies. Her plan was clear from the start and if anything doesn't go as planned, someone had to be on the other end of the stick. 

 Jimin does care for her manager as without her, she may not be as successful as she is now but today's just not the day where she can be selfless. It's the day where all she wants to think of is herself, the new console that is at home and the love of her life. 

 A take-out in one hand, her other dialing the door code, Jimin pushed the door with glee, knowing that she is finally free from the clutches of work and her week off with Minjeong was about to start. There was no sign of reply when she was inside and for her, that's perfectly normal. Minjeong, whenever she was alone, would always be laying at the couch, ears plugged with music with whatever form of entertainment in her hand. Be it books, sudoku, cross words, tetris, a magic cube- anything that can keep her mind occupied works, as long as she doesn't notice that Jimin wasn't there. 

 It also racks her brain to solve them, gain knowledge and all so as sad as it sounds, it still gives the woman a few brain cells to work with too. 

 Jimin, however, is the total opposite. She despises waiting as the time ticking can be used for them to have fun together not separated. Yes, she can be productive with it like Minjeong but the nagging reminder that she's doing this just to wait for the photographer to come home doesn't exactly sit right in her mind. So she just sits there, at the couch, hugging a teddy bear while back reading their texts. Some days it could be from day one, some other time, she'll call her friends to be updated with what they're up to and all. 

 They called her out that she's only calling them at this hour because she has nothing better to do, Winter wasn't home and jokingly that they were hurt as they were only plan B and not plan A in Jimin's priority list. She laughed at this of course, joining in the fun of teasing them back that yes, they were indeed plan B and all. Just some harmless fun of course. 

 The phone calls never did last for more than an hour or so and it was a game of russian roulette on whether she ends the call as Minjeong was home or her friends were the one to do so as they have other things to attend to. If it were the latter, she'll just end up watching whatever B rated movie that was on the television and wait till the front door  opened. 

 Though here she was, the front door opened and Minjeong, instead of laying at the couch like she'd usually would, was at their dining table, looking straight at her, blinking rapidly. Presents of every size decorated the table and a small cake was at the center of it all. 

 "... You're back earlier than expected." A chuckle followed. 

 Jimin giggled before she put the take out on the only remaining spot left on the table. "And I take offense to that- weren't you the one who said that I'm talented enough to be done with everything as soon as I can?" 

 "Well, at least come in after I lit up the candle or something. I'm trying to get the mood ready here~" Jimin can only laugh at that as she took off her coat and lay then on one of the chairs. She then walked closer to where her girlfriend was, arms spread out. 

 "Mm hmm~ can I have my birthday hug and kisses now? You were still asleep when I was on my way and-" 

 She didn't have to finish her sentence to already be in the shorter hair's embrace, that was still as warm as ever. With a quick kiss on the cheek, soft words of Happy Birthday tickling her neck, she feels better already… though that doesn't mean she'll easily let Minjeong go. For now that is.

 Minjeong, however, doesn't really mind that. She knows how long Jimin has waited for this and being the greatest girlfriend in the world, no one can go against that (courtesy of hers truly), she's happy that her girlfriend's mood had taken a 180 from yesterday. 


 "Jimin-nie, I know that you love having me close by and all but the cake's gonna melt soon-" 


 Leftovers in the fridge, washed dishes stacked randomly and two women laughing as they opened gifts that the pinkette received. 

  “Did Ryujin really think that we had a fight just cause you were walking alone?” Minjeong nodded to the question as she picked up the ripped wrapper and threw them to the rubbish bin nearby. Jimin wasn’t wrong though. Whenever the two had a break from, they are usually seen together outside to the point their friends would assume they would have a fight when they're not by each other's side. 

 They weren't wrong too, it has happened in the past once and just once. There were even sides to the fight too though neither won the war for all it took was just a talk and sometimes something extra in their room. 

 "It happened once so it's not entirely their fault that it would happen again." 

 "True true~." the model laid her head on top of her girlfriend's lap and hugged her waist, which brought a giggle to the brunette. Knowing what this gesture means, Minjeong played with her hair and hummed. It was nice to be like this. Just them, spending time together without any care for what's happening outside their bubble that may interrupt their peace.

 "Oh yeah, where's the Switch? I remembered playing a lot of Mario Kart before I moved in so…" 

 If Jinin had cat ears and a tail, Shiki can already see the tail wagging and the ears perking up. It's cute for her, how Jimin's excitement is similar to a cat. The way her eyes lit up, that too adorable grin framed on her lips. Being that cute should be illegal for all she knows but here they are, two idiots in love who can talk about how perfect their significant other is. 

 Though that could wait, they both know that can wait. What’s waiting for them is a kart, oddly sized controllers and a very innovative console. 

 “We can set up the Switch once you let me go-”

“Five more minutes Minjeong~Just that!”

Five minutes turned to half an hour and with lipsticks stained all over her cheeks, Minjeong was now free from the clutches of her girlfriend to set up their Switch. Now, should she be nice and let Jimin go easy or add a bit of competition? 


 The brunette sat comfortably against their couch while her girlfriend was leaning forward, both hands busy maneuvering the bigger controllers she bought earlier (the joy cons were comfortable but Jimin's fingernails kept poking her hand due to its size so a change was much needed if Minjeong wanted to make sure Jimin doesn’t pull any card in their now agreed competition.) 

 They were practising with whatever character they were comfortable with, Jimin with Baby Bowser,  reasoning being he’s cute and Minjeong with Toad. There was no rhyme and reason for that, just your day to day gut feeling, she proclaimed. Nothing more than that. 

 “Hey Minjeong… seeing as this is a competition and all- DANGIT WARIO AND YOUR STUPID RED SHELL- do you have an idea for a prize or something?” Jimin asked. She was leading for now and that was mostly thanks to her being used to the game when she was still living with Yizhuo. It was one of the many things she did when they were housemates,  Mario Kart, random karaoke session, making sure none of them burn the kitchen while baking. 

 She missed them for sure but she would never say no when Minjeong offered her apartment keys to her four months in their relationship. She can’t say for sure if that was too soon or too late but knowing that Minjeong trusted her with a copy of the place she’s the most comfortable in, who wouldn’t feel their heart fluttering with joy and wanting to scream their lungs out? Sadly she couldn't for Minjeong gave her them when the photographer was on her way to her photo shoot and she was left at the studio, a busy one but oddly quiet too when the brunette’s back was no longer in sight. 

 So now, playing Mario Kart in the comfort of their shared space, two things that Jimin loved to do with her close friends and now with her lover, it gave her warmth. The fuzzy kind where everything felt surreal but it’s real, actually real. That feeling didn’t stay for long though as it switched to her competitive side, Minjeong was close behind her in their 150 cc practise run and she’s not letting that 1st place slip by that easily. 

 And she didn’t. She won the cup, a perfect 60 score for her while Minjeong wasn’t too far behind, just 48. 

 “Prize huh… do you have anything in mind? It’s your birthday and all.” She does actually. A cheeky request, she thinks. 

 “I do… but I’ll tell you after the first race. Best out of 8?”

 The brunette looked at her skeptically, an eyebrow raised higher and those kissable lips smirked to one side. She then nodded and stretched her body before going back to her usual position. 

 Jimin then set up the game, VS cup, CPU at normal difficulty, 150 cc and 8 random circuits. This should be fun if the outcome is a flustered Minjeiong and so she began the race. The first track was Animal Crossing. Nothing too hard, she just needs to keep a good distant from the rest to avoid the cluster of items as that’s really the key to the game. Keep your distance from the item war and you’re good. Even if a blue shell falls down on you, you can still win thanks to distance. 

 And that’s exactly how she won, trying not to laugh from seeing her girlfriend slipping from the banana peel Jimin left earlier. Minjeong shrugged her shoulder before giving Jimin her attention. “So what’s the prize?”

 “Easy!” Jimin set the controller aside before she kneels down in front of her girlfriend, pulling the brunette’s shirt up to give her abs some raspberries. She knows how ticklish Jimin is there and the reaction just proved her point. The brunette flinched from that, her breathing cut short and red already reaching her ears. The model then went back to her seat and gave a cheeky grin to the now flushed woman. 

 “Fluster them in any ways you can per round. Fair?”


 She dug herself a grave and she can feel it. The moment she saw the change in how her girlfriend sits and the more serious aura she emits as they play. Jimin herself is competitive but she tends to forget how stubborn Minjeong can be at times. This is one of them. This is already the final round and the score was a good 1-6, Shiki winning all off the previous six tracks. 

 She was way too good at this. Her item luck, that drift and the timing for each trick. Jimin for the life of her can’t remember when Minjeong ever played Mario Kart. Even if she was their designated driver (or Jimin just never actually passed her driver’s test yet), it still doesn’t make sense. Even for a beginner, that was far too good.

 Until Jimin realised too late that she met Minjeong through Yizhuo.

 “And that’s a perfect seven rounds of being first place. How does it feel to dig your own grave, my dear Jimin-nie?” Oh she was smug about it. That smirk, the playfulness in her eyes. Jimin  hates it right now because she was right, she did dig her own grave. 

 The taller pouted before she leaned her head to Minjeong's shoulder. “How did I forget you played Mario Kart with Yizhuo before I met you again? Or you never brought that up?”

  Minjeong laughed before placing a kiss on the top of her head, patting her girlfriend’s head."Never seemed to be something to be brought up."

  She then kissed Jimin's cheek before slowly trailing down to her pulse point, biting it gently. “I have seven things in my mind that can make you remember the day well enough.”

 The shorter then stood up and offered a hand to her now slightly flushed girlfriend, knowing full well what she meant by the seven things. It is their week off together so a few marks here and there wouldn’t hurt both of them. It’s a good way to start too. 

 And probably the best way to end her girlfriend’s birthday too. 




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