Her || oneshot series


Winter is as professional as the next person when it comes to work.

Kim Minjeong's a puppy, not as clingy, still smiley and is there for you when you need her most. 

Yu Jimin loves both. 


I honestly do not know where this will go other than one shot series but Winrina? Count me in. 

  1. Hands  (Minjeong likes a lot of things. Fruits, breads, Jimin-unnie... especially her hands.)
  2. I Like U (Where Minjeong and Jimin are friends with benefit with one party catching feelings, the other not so much (suggestive themes implied))
  3. Breather (Karina needed a breather, Winter's more than happy to give her that. (or a certain princess needed attention from her daddy.NSFW
  4. Puppy (Jimin adopted a puppy, Minjeong wasn't fully amused.
  5. Falling In Love (Winter doesn't know what Karina is to her but the signs are pointing to one direction. (Minjeong's perspective of what happened in the course of I Like U) 
  6. Praises and teases (Winter was always on the receiving end of Karina's praises, Minjeong wanted to make sure Jimin knows who's the cutest.)  
  7. Birthday and Mario Kart (Where Karina's modeling career is now a pain in the but knowing Winter is still there at home makes it less of a pain.)



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