4. Feelings Towards Each Other

Love is Simple
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November 2018

The time went by quickly and for the last two weeks of November, they need to prepare for exam week. Jongkook and Jihyo have different styles on how they study, so they decided to study on their own. They still went to the campus together although they not really speaking with each other because they focused on reading the textbook. The exam week passes by quickly and Jihyo decides to take Jongkook for a dinner outside right after the last exam takes place. "Oppa, would you like to accompany me to eat dinner outside? probably eating pasta or the ramen we eat before," she asks him. "That's fine by me though, but we have another test right tomorrow morning? Is it the dutch one?" he tried to recall what's tomorrow's schedule. "AH!, You're right oppa, I need to study for that because I don't want it to affect my grade when we go back to Korea," she remembers the test tomorrow. Jihyo is really sensitive about her grade and that's why she breakdown when her simulation group doesn't cooperate with her. "I know how much grade matters to you, we can eat next week or probably the day after," he understands why Jihyo doesn't want to fail. "You can ask Jinyoung to come over though, she said she wants to visit us soon when we part at Breda," he adds. "Okay then oppa, we eat when Jinyoung is here, she mentions she's free next week," she then tries to pull out her phone to show Jongkook about the text. They went to their apartment to study for tomorrow's Dutch exams.

 The next week, Jinyoung came to the campus and waits outside in the hallway. While focusing on the class, Jongkook's phone, which he puts on his desk and on silent mode, suddenly lit up with Jinyoung's name. What?! Why is she calling me? he said that to himself and reject the call. He grabs his phone and texts her.

Jongkook: I'm still on class, wae?

Jinyoung: Nothing, just ask JIhyo later.

Jongkook reads the text and got confused while looking at Jihyo, who plays innocent and focuses on the lecture. He decided to focuses on the lecture instead. But then, Jihyo's phone started to lit up with Jinyoung's name on it. Jongkook saw it because Jihyo's phone is on her desk near Jongkook's desk. What's the deal with this girl? She called me and now she called Jihyo, She knows that we are in the same class, he thought to himself while tilting his head to the left. The call didn't stop and he got annoyed by that, "Answer it Jihyo-ya, probably important," he said while pointing at her phone but still looking at the front of the class. "Aniya oppa, she's here," Jihyo said while pointing to the window beside the door. "What are you talking about Jihyo-ya?" he stares at the window only to spot Jinyoung sitting down while waving her phone to Jongkook. He giggled and shook his head in disbelieve. 

Jihyo and Jinyoung are best friends back in Korea, they always together, seats beside each other in every class back in Korea. So, when Jongkook saw Jinyoung outside, in the hallway, he didn't say anything. He knows that Jinyoung is just teasing Jongkook through Jihyo. 

"You are free tonight oppa? We eat the ramen tonight," she whispers while trying to take notes from the board. "Eo, so this is why you didn't tell me she's coming huh?" he points to Jinyoung outside the classroom. "Hehehe, sorry oppa, she wanted to surprise you," she said while trying to show Jongkook her chat with Jinyoung. 

The class ends, Jongkook and Jihyo approach the girl who has been playing with her phone. "Let's eat, I'm starving," Jongkook said while rubbing his stomach. "Yes, I've been bored. I can't even buy coffee from that," Jinyoung pointing to the vending machine in front of her. They walked out of the campus and heading to the ramen restaurant. When they arrive, the restaurant is packed and they need to wait for few minutes outside the restaurant. "Wow, it's packed," Jongkook said while looking inside the restaurant. "Is this the restaurant you've been talking about Eonnie?" Jinyoung asked Jihyo because Jihyo's been talking about it since Jihyo and Jongkook eats together for the first time. 

They went inside the packed restaurant, order, and eat while chatting about what Jinyoung does in her university, what it is like to be there, and when should Jongkook and Jihyo have a visit there. They are done eating at about 30 minutes. They split the bill and went out to find some dessert. "Let's see if Markthall still open at this hour," Jihyo said while pulling Jinyoung with her hands and Jongkook walking behind them. 

They finally agreed on buying a few beers and drink them in Jongkook's apartment with Yannick permission. They drink while chatting about their friends, their past few years together, and how they in the future. After few cans of beer, Jihyo and Jinyoung went back to Jihyo's apartment and called it a night. 

Jongkook was happy seeing Jihyo also happy with her best friend, she looked refreshed and calm. He was worried that he cannot be the one who calms her down from her anxiety or stress but he was glad that he can support her whenever she needs him. His feelings for her grew every time he sees her smile or hears her laugh, it becomes an addiction to him. He would be sad if he didn't see her or text her for a day. He also happy seeing her being talkative with her best friend, he never sees the side of her being talkative, comfortable, and calm when he was with her. But maybe one day he can be her best friend, the one who comforts her, make her smile, and sees the other side of her. 

Jihyo, on the other side, feels that Jongkook smiles more today than she ever sees him with her. She saw his beautiful smile with his small eyes. She feels that Jongkook was being a good friend, protecting her, supporting her, comforting her, and even staying with her when she is sad. She feels that everything that he does, was meant for her. She recalls all the things that Jongkook did for her when they're in Rotterdam, buying her food, reminding her about a schedule, accompanies her when she is alone, and even comforting her when she's sad. Her feelings started to grow even more to become a person she can rely on, the one she can share her problems with, and the one she's comfortable with. 


December 2018

Christmas is coming in the city of Rotterdam, the decoration of the city has changed to suit the Christmas theme. The second week of October, Jinyoung informs Jihyo that her parents are having some kind of seminar to attend in Rotterdam and Jinyoung will be there. Jihyo was very happy to hear that Jinyoung would be close to her, so they can hang out more often. Her thought about Jongkook was blinded by the existence of Jinyoung in Rotterdam, but she still informs Jongkook that Jinyoung's parents are in Rotterdam. 

It was Wednesday, Jongkook was having a day off from the class and having to do Laundry every Wednesday. The laundry was taking more time than usual, making him late to eat lunch. He decided to eat ramyun which takes minutes to make and he adds some toppings to make him fuller. Just as he finished eating his ramyun and feeling incredibly full, he got a text from Jihyo.

Jihyo: Oppa, have you eat? I forgot to tell you that Jinyoung's parents are inviting us to late lunch or dinner at the city center. 

Jongkook: Oh no, I just finished eating Jihyo-ya. You should've told me earlier. 

Jihyo: I am sorry oppa, I forgot about it. Are you going to come? I could tell them you just eat but I felt bad because it's my mistake.

Jongkook: That's okay, I could come but I think I might not join you eat. I'll probably drink something.

Jihyo: Okay oppa, we meet in 10 minutes okay? They have just done and on their way to the restaurant.

Jongkook: Okaayy.

"Aiisshh!," Jongkook almost curse because he needs to wash the dishes after eating his lunch, change his clothes, and walk to the lobby. He didn't really want to come because he just eats but he cannot refuse the invitation because he didn't want to be rude to the parents. He quickly changes his clothes and walks to the lobby to meet Jihyo. "How come y

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