5. The Risk and Reward

Love is Simple
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The three went to Erasmusburg to take Jinyoung to sightsee around the city. She was amazed at the scenery she saw. The three then went to cross the bridge, walked 300 meters in the middle of winter with the quite strong wind. Jongkook ears are about to fall off and they all three are agreed that it was a really bad idea. Jinyoung was about to plead to go back to the Center but Jihyo was able to convince her that the view is worth it.

And it is. The view from the side of the bridge was fantastic, it was just before sunset. The sky is blue with a combination of orange at the bottom. The reflection from the water also helps the scenery they saw from the side. The bridge already beautiful but combine with that kind of sky in the background, would be the one you wouldn’t want to miss. The three busy taking pictures of the bridge, but Jongkook and Jihyo stop after a few pictures, but Jinyoung keeps shooting. Jongkook and Jihyo are talking about how it becomes more beautiful than before.

The two keep talking and not realizing that Jinyoung has been noticing them all this time. Jinyoung has noticed them since then, how Jihyo would smile more while talking to Jongkook and Jongkook become more talkative beside Jihyo. She can only smile with the scene of both of them happy with each other.

Jongkook and Jihyo are catching up with each other as they haven’t seen each other that much because of the class they take.

After satisfied with the pictures taken, the three are headed to the City Center by Tram as the temperature are decreasing. Jinyoung said that she wants to find a Korean Restaurant located within walking distance from the City. They arrived at the restaurant and ordered. They talk about the campus life before the exchange and how some lectures are desired and others are not. The dinner went by quickly as their energy is depleted to warm their own body from the cold.

Jinyoung and Jihyo stayed seated as Jongkook went to pay for the dinner. They agreed to pay Jongkook later as it was troublesome to divide the dinner into 3 so Jongkook is chosen to pay first. As Jongkook went to the cashier, Jinyoung gives Jihyo a look which Jihyo see almost immediately. “What?” Jihyo asks while glaring at JInyoung. “What happen to you two?” she asks while pointing at Jihyo and then Jongkook. “Are you two in a relationship already?” Jinyoung adds. “WHAT?!” Jihyo was shocked by the questions. Jihyo cannot just confess to her best friend because Jongkook is 10 meters away and looking at their table because of her shout.

The three went out of the restaurant and then went to an LP store because Jinyoung's friend are asking her to find one because her friends can’t find the specific singer/band back in Korea. Because Jongkook did not fancy that kind of stuff, he decided to wait outside the store and walking around.

Jinyoung then asks the question she asks at the restaurant earlier, “Are you two dating Eonnie?”. It was replied by her glare towards her. “No, and stop asking that question,” Jihyo replied while looking around the store. “You seem happier when talking earlier, the eyes don’t lie,” Jinyoung teases her again but not getting replied by Jihyo. “Are you done, I’m a bit tired Jinyoung-a,” she yawns while avoiding Jinyoung tease.

Jinyoung then grab the desired one and went to the cashier while Jihyo went outside to meet Jongkook but didn’t find him so she stands outside the store.

Jongkook was thinking about what would happen if he confesses to her, what if she rejects him, what if they become awkward toward each other. He keeps picturing the worst-case scenario that could happen if he confesses to Jihyo. He already knows that Jihyo wanted to focus on her study first. She was this type of student that didn’t really active in class but always got perfect score in the exams. So he knows that she will choose her study first and probably reject his confession.

Jongkook then sees Jihyo went outside the store, so he approached her. While walking towards the store, he saw Jinyoung also went out of the store carrying a bag. “Are you guys done?” Jongkook asks surprisingly both of the girls as they didn’t see Jongkook approaching from behind. “AW, don’t do that oppa,” Jihyo said while catching her breath. “Yes, we are,” Jinyoung then replied his question. “Where to next? Anything to find?” He asks again to prepare for another walks towards another store.

“Well, the girl beside me said she’s tired,” Jinyoung replied. “Really, I thought you are excited to see the city at night Jihyo-ya,” he said while looking at Jihyo. “Well, if you guys have anything to buy I can walk for a few more,” she answered rather awkwardly while shooting a glare towards Jinyoung.

“Let’s walk towards the Tram station then, while thinking about that,” he replied and walks ahead of the girls. He notices the awkward tone from Jihyo’s voice so he decides to walks ahead of the girls to avoid become awkward himself. The girls behind are talking like normal but it because Jihyo instructs Jinyoung to act normal, as she is busted liking Jongkook.

The three then went home and tomorrow would be Jinyoung Departure from the Netherlands as she needs to go to India for her final Project from the Campus.

In Jihyo’s apartment, Jinyoung continues her interrogation. “Since when?” Jinyoung asks while arranging her bed. “I don’t know, it’s just my heart beats faster when he does small stuff towards me,” Jihyo replies. “Well, you two look good together, you complete each other I must say,” Jinyoung decides to talk some sense toward her Eonnie. “What makes you like him Eonnie, I know he's nice, gentle, and respectful towards other girls,” Jinyoung then talks about what she witnessed while traveling with Jongkook last October. Jihyo replied with her experience with Jongkook treating her as his sister.

“See? He was the perfect guy for every girl,” Jihyo agrees with Jinyoung as she lay on her bed. “I don’t want to misinterpret his behavior as he likes me, he can be treating me like this because he sees me as her sister,” Jihyo is afraid that she misinterpreted his behavior towards her for the last 5 months. She starts to develop her feelings since her arrival in Rotterdam. Jongkook is acting like her older brother, protecting her, reminding her, and accompanying her wherever she goes. JIhyo then sleeps with her thoughts about Jongkook starts to distract her from everyday life.

Meanwhile in Jongkook’s apartment, he was daydreaming about him kissing her in front of her room after she accepts his confession. The kiss becomes more passionate and he got surprised by his doorbell which brings him back to earth. It was Yannick’s guest.

Tomorrow arrives and Jongkook and Jihyo accompany Jinyoung to the Central Station where they will separate until they all back in Korea. After Jinyoung’s train arrives, they bid each other goodbye and wish Jinyoung luck for her project in India.

Jongkook and Jihyo then head to the Tram stop to their apartment and Jihyo breaks the ice, “Oppa, do you want to visit the Euromast on Friday?”. “What’s that?” Jongkook asks. “It was a tower where you can see the whole city of Rotterdam,” Jihyo replied while showing him the pictures of the Euromast. “Ahh, I’ve been wanting to go there too,” he said. “Alright, we go there on Friday while our schedule is not that crowded,” he adds. “Alright oppa, see you Friday,” Jihyo then walks towards her apartment.

The invitation proves to be a distraction for Jongkook. He keeps thinking about confessing on top of the Euromast and he even wanted to buy something for the confession. But his anxiety keeps him thinking that Jihyo didn’t like him the way he does. But for the rest of the day, he keeps getting distracted by the invitation.

In Jihyo’s apartment meanwhile, she keeps distracting herself by reading some materials for her classes, working on her projects, and cooking for lunch. But the thought of her inviting him to visit the Euromast keeps haunting her. She was glad that he accepts the invitation, but on the other side, she is scared that he would misinterpret her intention and makes him think that she likes him.

Euromast was quite a romantic place for a couple for a date because it has a restaurant on the top floor. Or for confessing or proposing because it has a complete package for a romantic day.

Friday arrives rather quickly. Jongkook and Jihyo agreed to meet at 10 a.m in the lobby apartment. Jongkook decided to wear something warm because the temperature is rather cold. The same with Jihyo, she was wearing something comfortable. They meet at the lobby and then head to the Tram. The journey takes about 20 minutes and then walks about

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