Love is Simple
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Jong-kook entered college for the first day in University, he was early that no one was around when he entered the classroom. He was late a day because the schedule he got was for another class and when he got the correct one, he already misses the first class on Monday.

He waits in the second-row seat, and then some unknown student comes in, and then the class was packed in 20 minutes. Jong Kook can hear that some of the students are whispering to each other while asking who he was and why they don’t see him at yesterday's class.

Jong Kook was a shy guy who rarely interacts with new people unless they are initiated by the other party. There he was, all alone in the corner of the room, seating alone, waiting for the teacher to arrive. After another 15 minutes of waiting and the teacher arrived. A girl beside him suddenly asks

“Are you in the right class?”. He nodded, “Yeah, I just got the class schedule yesterday.”

“Eun Bi, Park Eun Bi.” The girl stated her name and initiate a handshake.

“Jong Kook, Kim Jong Kook.” He responds to the handshake.

The teacher then calls all the student who has arrived one by one to check their attendance. The first class went by fast and Jong Kook makes his way to the second class all alone because he barely knows anybody in the class. After arriving in the class, Jong Kook takes the exact same side and the same row seat he takes in the previous class but this time with a different person beside him.

The teacher already sitting in the class even before my classmates arrives. Just after the teacher take our attendance, the person beside him said

“Hey, what’s your name and why did you just come to class today?”

“Jong Kook, Kim Jong Kook and for the reason I just attend today is that I have a different schedule than you guys but after asking the administration, they said they have put me in the wrong class.”Jong Kook answered.

“Somin, Jeon Somin, nice to meet you and I hope we can get along” and Jong Kook nodded.

The rest of the week went along pretty nicely apart from having no friends to talk to unless they started first then Jong Kook just answer them briefly. Saturday arrives, yeah they have class on Saturday. The whole class was filled with yawns and complaints about Saturday class. Jong Kook has observed some of the students who attend the same class with him and some have attracted some of Jong-kook attention. So when the teacher takes attendance, Jong Kook would search for the name of the student.

There are some guy friends that started sometimes started conversations with him, they really tried to get close to Jong Kook. There are Lee Kwang Soo, Ha Dong Hoon, Yoo Jae Seok, and Shorry. Those guys are usually asked Jong Kook to join them after class to hang out and have a chat. But with the shyness and his insecurity, Jong Kook politely rejects all the offer.

The reason why Jong Kook refuses to join them is that there is one guy who really rich, cocky, and boastful among the guys and Jong Kook is uncomfortable with it (Though he hates a person like that). It’s Hyungsik, Kim Hyung sik. They have the same family name but totally different personalities. Jong Kook, who is introverted, polite, humble, and quiet. On the other side, Hyungsik, who is extroverted, cocky, boastful, and really loud.

There are some girls who attract Jong-kook's attention because either she is active or she is being friendly with him. The first girl is the one who actively answering the lecturer's questions, she would answer almost all of the questions being asked until the lecturer pick others to answer it. Jong-kook didn’t have any thought about having a girlfriend in the college stage since he wants to focus on study.


Second Semester, 2017


After spending a lot of time alone in the first semester, Jong-kook wanted to be friends with the guys. For no reason, Hyungsik stop or barely come to the class and when he does come to class, he’s not the usual Hyungsik. He became quieter and look tired. And suddenly one of the boys dropped the bomb by saying that Hyungsik has quit and work to become a talent in one of the agencies.

“Well, the barrier has been removed, now it’s time to hang out with the boys”, says Jongkook in his mind

Jong-kook has been thankful to one of th

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