Washed Ashore

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A relaxing morning on the beach leads Kyungsoo to the discovery of something magical when a handsome man washes ashore without a name and without a home.


Featuring Jongin as a merman and Kyungsoo as a shocked but accepting human man lol. As well as Baekhyun as Kyungsoo's best friend/roommate~


Here are some more completed Kaisoo fics of mine btw:


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Hope you all like this~!

7/20/21--Hey, so I've cross-posted this fic and some of my other ones onto my AO3~! It's under the same user: reddoll123~ Hope ya all are doing alright btw!


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Chapter 3: this gives me splash and H2O vibe so much like best of both actually :') I've been in mood for sweet fluffy funny stories and yours are the literal definition of that <3 I'll go read some more now :*
nounoukaisoo #2
Chapter 3: That was soooooo cute please♥️ I love mermen fics, and I enjoyed reading yours jongin is so cute discovering the humans world for the first time and the way he liked ksoo at first sight my babieeeeees🥺 thank you for sharing this adorable story
Nicole121314 #3
Chapter 3: KaiSoo are making out even Baekhyun around hahaha
Nicole121314 #4
Chapter 2: BaekSoo as best friends are the best.. and sure once Jongin invite Kyungsoo again to take shower with him - he will join him hahaha.
Nicole121314 #5
Chapter 1: Aww Kyungsoo so cute being shocked at seeing Jongin as merman hehe. And Jongin just being comfortable with Kyungsoo even for first time is the best hehe
Chapter 3: omg this is a masterpiece!! thoroughly enjoyed every part of it! :")
Niviexo #7
Chapter 3: this is so cute 🥺