Chapter 8

Dystopian Nightmare

Jiyeon stepped towards her and placed her hand on her shoulder. "Your ex-boyfriend, Kim Junmyeon."

A small laugh escaped Eunji's lips before she clamped them tightly shut. She shook her head slowly and mumbled something Jaehyun couldn't catch.

"We were greatly surprised when we found him in the shed sleeping. He told us that he wandered off into the woods to escape his nagging mother and accidentally found the shed. Jaehyun ended up giving him the key to your hut. He has been staying there for almost a month." Jiyeon gave her shoulder a squeeze. "You still wanna go there?"

Eunji gave no response. She merely ducked her head down. Jaehyun approached them, tapped Jiyeon's arm and handed her his sister's briefcase, saying, "Put this in our cabin. I'm going to my sister there."

"Okay." Jiyeon took it and headed towards the cabin.

Jaehyun took his sister's backpack off her shoulders and hauled it onto his back. He cupped her face in his hands and smiled at her, leaning in to kiss her forehead lightly. A slow smile made its way across her face.

"I sometimes still can't believe you're a father." Eunji gave his cheek an affectionate pinch. "It seems like yesterday I was feeding you food and playing with you."

The tender look of innocence in her expression touched his heart deeply. Her smile reminded him of their mother's smile. He took her in his arms, and they remained in a silent embrace.

I am beyond fortunate to have such a caring sister in my life. I remember coming back from school that day and seeing terror and massive worry in everyone's eyes. I remember everyone crying. They took me to the side yard and were trying to distract me. But I knew something terrible had happened. I could feel it. I can't remember who told me the news. They simply said that my mother was gone, like gone forever. I was old enough to understand what death meant but not old enough to realize what it meant for me. My mother was shot and killed during a bank robbery when I was ten and my sister was sixteen. I still remember the funeral. The earth was wet and there were flowers everywhere. It felt like the end of the world. The unidentified object was my mother's coffin. I understood that I was at my mother's funeral but didn't fully realize what it meant. I just knew it was all extremely sad and terrible. People were in horror and my mother was not here standing with me but over there lying lifeless. I think I didn't realize she was actually gone forever. The person lying there looked like her but I knew it was not her. I always thought she would come back and it was all a huge misunderstanding.

Every time I tried to eat, my heart would ache and my tears would flow like a river. I couldn't taste anything. I ended up not eating anything at all. Even when I sat doing absolutely nothing, my tears would just flow, unstoppable. I remembered my mother. I remembered how she would wake me up for school every morning. How she would feed me before herself every day. How she would wrap me in a blanket every night… I got my taste back when I accepted the fact that my mother would never come back. All thanks to you, sis. You always used to tell me, 'Don't worry Jaehyun, I am like your mother.' You used to think about me more than you thought about yourself.

His eyes stung with unshed tears. Jaehyun blinked rapidly and whispered, "I love you, sis. Thank you for everything. Thank you for taking care of me."

"I love you too," Eunji whispered back. "I'm thankful that you found the one you love dearly, the one who could treasure you with all of her love." 

"Brother Junmyeon has quit his job as a therapist. I remember how he proposed to you. His profession is the reason you rejected his marriage proposal, isn't it?"

Just as those words came out of his mouth, Eunji withdrew herself from the embrace. Jaehyun looked directly into her eyes as he added, "He is now no longer in that so-called healing profession. He's confessed to me that his feelings for you haven't changed at all. He still wants to marry you. I'm sure he will treasure you till his very last breath. How about you? Do you still have feelings for him?"

Eunji tilted her head to the side, avoiding his gaze. Jaehyun sighed. "You rejected Taeyong because you still have feelings for him, don't you?"   

She jerked her gaze back to him, seemingly surprised. "Taeyong told you that I rejected him?"

Jaehyun shook his head. "Well, not really. Taeyong said that it's impossible to date you because you love solitude. He's made a decision to forget his feelings for you."

"I made a huge mistake when responded to Chaeyeon's question of whether I will accept her cousin if he admits he likes me not as a sister with words: 'Currently, I'm not interested in dating anyone. If someday I want to date, I may consider dating your cousin. To me, age difference doesn't matter.' I'm sure those words were what gave him hope, and he clung to it." Eunji looked down and covered her face with her hands. "Jae, he wasted five years waiting for me. I feel so terrible." 

"Don't blame yourself. It was his decision. Did you forget that you forbade him to wait for you?"

"I did forbid him and tell him to date whenever he wants, but still I feel so terrible."

Jaehyun set his hand on her shoulder and squeezed it. "Sis, are you really happy being single?" His voice took on a serious tone. "Jiyeon and I love solitude, too. Solitude is certainly easier to come by when you're single, but it doesn't mean that you will need to give that up when in a relationship. I think anyone who enjoys solitude will enjoy solitude whether they are in a relationship or single. It is perfectly okay to want your own alone time. One should always be comfortable with the being. That's the supreme power. Fantastic one. Let's be honest, do you really no longer have any feelings for brother Junmyeon?"

Eunji looked up at him, her expression serious. "I'm truly happy being single. I don't have to be in a relationship to be happy." Her voice matched her expression. "You're right. Being in solitude can be done whether you're in a relationship or single. I admit I still have feelings for him—"  

"Let's go there then!" Jaehyun excitedly interjected as he took her by the hand and led her towards the hut.

Brother Junmyeon's love and faithfulness for my sister touch my heart. My gut feeling tells me that he is the right partner for her. He can protect her from greedy, materialistic people who will do anything for money and fame, including killing their fellow human beings.

Jaehyun pressed his lips together into a smile, feeling the happiness bubble up inside him. They walked through the warm late morning light on their path amongst the tall trees in silence.

"Do you know? I haven't finished my words yet," Eunji broke the silence, suddenly and unexpectedly. She halted in her tracks. So did he. "I do still have feelings for him, but that doesn't mean I want to get back together."

Jaehyun turned to face her. Curiosity crept into his voice as he asked, "Why do you not want to get back together?" 

Eunji looked him dead in the eyes as she replied, "Because I don't want to bring a child into this world. Most people in a relationship want to be a part of it. The natural consequence of having ual is conceiving a child. Birth control is the kind of thing that encourages women to artificially devalue their uality. I love and respect myself. I will never touch any form of birth control. Contraception goes into a human body to stop something that's natural for the body. Do you think it is not harmful to the body? Birth control pills are synthetic steroids. Synthetic hormones are not the same as those that are produced naturally in the woman's body, and they have been demonstrated to have a decidedly different effect on female health. Dr. Ellen Grant, an obstetrician-gynecologist and endocrinologist, who participated in early clinical tests of birth control pills, argued vehemently in her 1985 book The Bitter Pill: How Safe Is The Perfect Contraceptive?, that the two pill hormones, progestin and estrogen, 'would always cause too much illness.' In her later book, ual Chemistry, published in 1994 and reflecting another decade of careful research, Dr. Grant flatly stated that 'The contraceptive pill was never meant to be natural. A girl or woman taking the pill has suddenly been temporarily medically castrated.' For me, taking birth control is stupidity. It's a slow suicide."   

"You know well overpopulation is a lie. There is no overpopulation except in the minds of those who have read Paul Ehrlich's fraudulent book and all those doomsday predictions made by Ehrlich none of them ever happened or ever will happen. His Population Bomb was a big dud. The truth is population is on the verge of imploding. Birth rates are down, folks are aging. So why do you not want to bring a child into this world?"

"The sole reason of me not wanting to bring a child into this world is the world has totally gone insane where authoritarianism and going against Nature are taught to be a good thing. It's sad and frightening that children are taught to comply with whatever the education system is indoctrinating them with. Children are being indoctrinated with ideas that a boy can easily become a girl and vice versa, that being gay is okay. The truth is Nature always wins. Hormone therapy and reassignment surgery can never turn a biological man into a biological woman and vice versa. Never, ever will a biological man get pregnant. Cutting an opening in a man to create a quote-unquote '' that is nothing more than a permanently open, draining wound? How is that not making a healthy human into a sick, diseased and wounded mess? Anomalies are due to the way we've screwed with Nature and poisoned our environments and ourselves leading to disease. When a man shoves his into another man's or woman's rectum, damage occurs. Every. Time. A female is designed with cells that accommodate penetration; the has no such cells. It was made by Nature to be an exit only orifice. Is that so hard to understand? There is no such thing as a transgender person, just mutilated males and females. Mutilating the body is the opposite of accepting oneself. Gender is based on biology, not on one's perceptions. equals boy, equals girl. Planned Parenthood's Comprehensive uality Education is disseminated and mandated for children worldwide by the United Nations. CSE is an ideology that ualizes children at younger ages and advances the eugenics program. Transgenderism, homouality, lesbianism, abortion all lead to population reduction. The LGBTQ agenda will result in mass sterilization. Gays and lesbians don't reproduce and gender reassignment requires hormones that sterilize young people for life. Giving kids puberty blockers and cross- hormones is child torture, plain and simple."

She seemed frustrated and upset by the way she furiously scrubbed her hands down her face. Jaehyun her arm to calm her, saying, "Plato's Cave is still very much with us. We spend a great deal of listening to quote-unquote 'voices of authority' who, like the witches in Macbeth, are adept at making fair seem foul and foul seem fair. LGBTQ activists claim to be quote-unquote 'born this way.' So-called born this way is a myth. Scientifically, the search for a quote-unquote 'gay gene' ended in failure a few years ago, so arguments suggesting quote-unquote 'equal rights' are both baseless and illogical. The claim born in the wrong body is absurd. No one is born in the wrong body. People in the LGBTQ community don't care that their life choice has destroyed their family, why should they care about other families? Disregard for human life comes easy to them. One doesn't have to be religious to refuse LGBTQ. Just don't be scared of being called names like bigot, transphobic. All activists know how to do is yell, they have no scientific or reasoning skills otherwise they'd use them. Activists are nothing but puppets for greater powers, just as politicians are."

Eunji took a deep breath and continued, "From the first grade of school, if not earlier, children are indoctrinated into the cult of climate hysteria. They are encouraged to go on strike to attend climate change rallies. When did climate ever stop changing? Anthropogenic global warming has deep roots in a radical campaign to reduce the world's population. The movement took root in October 1975 when president of the American Association for the Advancement of Science Margaret Mead, gathered together at her North Carolina conference, The Atmosphere: Endangered and Endangering, where she used global warming caused by carbon dioxide as the predicate for population reduction and eugenics. Mead's leading recruits were climate scare artist Stephen Schneider, population control freak George Woodwell and co-author of the eco-fascist bible, Ecoscience, John Holdren, all three of them disciples of Malthusian, eco-alarmist Paul Ehrlich, author of The Population Bomb. How often do we hear the oft-repeated mantra of population reduction being essential if we are to quote-unquote 'save the planet'? The world food and water shortage we are constantly reminded of by the media is entirely engineered and managed, to further our rulers' stated goal of population reduction and secondarily to inflate food prices even further as a means of control. Radiative greenhouse effect does not exist in nature but only in climatologists' minds. A simple test of the greenhouse effect is to walk out into the open on a sunny morning. You will feel warmed by sunlight. Touch objects around you and they too will feel warm from sunlight. Walk into a shaded area with the open sky above and you will only feel the ambient air temperature, no greenhouse warmth coming down from the sky. Touch objects in the shade and they will be as cold or colder than the ambient temperature having not been warmed by sunlight or the imaginary greenhouse effect. Real greenhouses are only warmer because of restricted convective currents nothing else."

After a brief pause, she added, "Rockefeller's Club of Rome was originators of the AGW scam. The label 'global warming' was altered to 'climate change' when global temperature readings ceased to support the notion that the earth was experiencing 'unprecedented warming'. The models they use are of a flat earth. Their initial proposition that energy entering the earth over a disk balances energy leaving the earth over a sphere is somehow taken to mean the insolation is one quarter of the albedo adjusted solar constant. This figure 1368/4 = 342 watts per square meter reduced to 239 in to balance the 239 out, is then used to say that there is insufficient energy to account for surface temperatures. This is of course complete nonsense as this ignores their initial condition: the incoming radiation is over a disk not the whole sphere as the outgoing radiation is. You can't average-down the power input in a non-linear response system! Minus 18 degrees celsius cannot melt ice; actual, real sunlight can melt ice. Isn't that an important difference? I will never accept the products of a model which treat sunlight as feeble and freezing cold at -18C. The greenhouse effect which is originated by such models can simply never represent our actual reality. CO2's radiation absorption/emission wavelength of 15 microns has a Planck radiation temperature of -80C. A body radiating at -80C cannot warm or transfer heat energy or increase the frequency of any body at a higher frequency or temperature or energy exceeding -80C. Photons don't interact with themselves to increase their own frequency, and you need higher frequency to generate higher temperature"—she made air quotes around the phrases—"the greenhouse effect conjecture was dumped into the dustbin of history by R.W. Wood in 1909. Wood used physical lab experiments not 'thought experiments' and concluded that to argue that an open gaseous atmosphere confines in the way that the top and sides of a greenhouse enclosure does is not valid. To the contrary, a gaseous atmosphere is conducive to the convective cooling that occurs in the absence of an enclosure. It could be argued that CO2 along with the other gaseous components of the atmosphere in fact helps to cool the Earth's surface. CO2 is not the big bad villain it is purported to be. It is a raw material in photosynthesis. Increase in atmospheric CO2 greens the earth, not destroying it. Plants grow more efficiently with less water as CO2 levels increase. All life on earth emits CO2. There is only one way to achieve 'net zero' to 'save the planet', and that is to step off or be eliminated. Pure and simple. So when the true heads, those who actually know what they're talking about and propagate the lies, say they want you to achieve net zero, what they mean is, they want you dead so that you can no longer consume their precious resources. The cult of environmental alarmism is now led by Greta 'How dare you' Thunberg. Despite her fiery words and fake tears, Greta isn't quite so powerful when she doesn't have a script to read from. She can't answer simple questions in an interview at UNICEF the day after UN summit speech in September 2019. Greta's followers imagine they are 'saving the planet', and don't realize how ridiculous that is. It's as if they think they are superman flying through the air doing brave deeds of daring do when in reality they are a tool of their own destruction. I don't want my potential offspring to face that destruction."

"What the greenhouse effect tries to say is that a low voltage battery can charge up a higher voltage battery, or that the voltage from a battery can charge up itself. It's not only the first law, it is primary cogitation which these GHE ers have difficulty with. Sunlight is really freaking hot, not cold. The premise of 239 W/m2 input is indeed a fraud. Sunlight is the only thing heating the earth. After that, it's geothermal. Carbon dioxide prefers to dissolve in cold water over warm. When the oceans warm, CO2 bubbles into the atmosphere. CO2 in the atmosphere is actually a coolant. The war on carbon is, in fact, a war on life. We are, after all, carbon-based lifeforms. Sis, what the world is experiencing right now is a full-on outbreak of terminal stupidity. The cure to this outbreak is to stop sending kids to schools, where they are being indoctrinated into the ugly groupthink," Jaehyun responded. "You once told Jiyeon's father that if someday you get married and have children, you won't send them to school, didn't you? When you break free from the system, you realize life is so beautiful and easy. I don't want to force you into a relationship. This is just suggestion. Talk to him. A relationship without is possible. Jiyeon and I lived together for about two years without . We started having when Jiyeon was ready for a baby, and we haven't had since our baby was born. Our reason is simple: The function of is reproduction, and it is wrong to interfere with this. Contraception is against the natural law. We take time to cuddle and kiss each other. Just being close together is lovely. We will have again when Jiyeon is ready for another baby. We know birth control is the foundation for all eugenics programs."

"Thanks for sharing your life experience. Jiyeon is so lucky to have found an understanding man like you." Eunji smiled, ruffling his hair. "Actually, Junmyeon has always been respectful to me as far as anything ual. We have never kissed on the lips, only on the cheeks and the forehead. He is quite a devout Christian. I'd like to know how he views birth control."

With his right hand, he smoothed his hair back in place. "I'm very grateful you shared your concerns with me. So where are you going now? Meet him or go back to our cabin?"

Eunji uttered nothing in reply and continued her way to the hut. Jaehyun let out a sigh, beaming happily. He followed two steps behind her.

After a short while, they reached a clearing. Her strides, small and careful, slowed her pace. Eunji stopped about three meters away from Junmyeon and just stood there, watching him busily dry meat on a drying rack in front of the hut. The rack consisted of four wooden forks planted into the ground which were connected with two longitudinal, wooden traverses. Five stick branches for hanging the meat strips were placed on the traverses at a distance of 15 cm from each other. There was a flat threshing basket containing thin slices of meat sitting on a wooden stool right next to the rack. He wore only a pair of brown short pants, barefoot. His lean muscled body seemed to sparkle in the sunlight.

Jaehyun put his arm around her shoulder and greeted him, "Hi, bro!"

"Oh, you're here. I left some cuts of meat for you there." Junmyeon jutted his head towards the shed without walls seven meters away from the hut. "I wish your sister was here too. She likes eating raw meat. I still remember her words that no greater enjoyment than sitting in sunlight eating raw meat. I can feel her presence right now, the feeling of her presence is so strong…" his voice trailed off as he glanced over his shoulder. He quickly turned around to face them. His mouth gaped open and shut, open and shut, but no more words came out.

"Your wish came true," Jaehyun said with a smile. "My sister is here."

Eunji and Junmyeon just stared at each other. Then a slow smile creased his face. The smile transformed his face. His brown eyes gleamed, his lips curved and he looked younger. He turned back around and continued hanging thin strips of meat on the rack.

She put her palm on her chest and inhaled deeply. She then approached him and looked at the long thin strips. She held one up. "Deer meat." She hung it on the rack next to another piece.

"How did you know it?" Junmyeon's voice squeaked in surprise.

"Deer meat has a deep red color, a smooth feel and a weird smell. The only way I can think to describe it is gamey." Eunji took another strip and hung it. "You hunted deer alone, hmm?"

Junmyeon nodded. "I used your brother's box trap. Four days after setting the trap, I captured a deer. Trapping deer requires patience."

"Trapping any animals requires time, patience, and persistence."

"That's entirely right."

"You slaughtered the deer alone, too?"

He nodded again. "I did the job alone. The deer was simply held down. Once it calmed down, I slit its throat in a motion quick enough to limit the animal's pain. The swift slicing cut the carotid artery, jugular vein causing all the blood to flow out of the body because the heart didn't stop immediately. Without blood supply to the brain, the animal basically out and felt no more pain while the body finished dying. Meat slaughtered in this way remains fresh for a longer time."  

"That's how wild animals kill their prey, a bite on the neck. Sharp knife, quick slit and in a minute it's finished. I think it's the most humane way to put the animal down for good." Eunji stole a glance at him. "Junmyeon, most vegans I have met find hunting and fishing barbaric. Killing animals for any reason is immoral. Eating meat is unethical."

"Vegans?" Junmyeon let out a loud sigh. "Shouldn't vegans also fight against lions, cats, dogs and all other carnivore animals? Like you said, they kill animals; they even eat their prey alive. Plants are alive just as much as animals are. I think it's disgusting that one group thinks they are better because they are killing what they consider to be lesser beings as opposed to beings that can show discomfort easier. Practically speaking, plants may not be able to run away, but they have developed other characteristics to prevent them from being eaten. Anti-nutrients, substances that prevent the absorption of essential nutrients in the body, are present in all plant foods. Anti-nutrients are the plant's way of protecting itself from consumption. Soy is full of anti-nutrients that will mess with your thyroid, brain and hormones. Soy, unless fermented is not fit for human consumption. Growing vegetables actually comes at the expense of much animal suffering and death. You think farmers happily let mice burrow into their potatoes and carrots, and offer up their lettuce to rabbits running wild in their tidy rows of plants? No, they kill those animals. Every single growing season, they eradicate whole populations of animals simply trying to live their lives so vegans can have that crunchy salad. You will never see vegans fighting against the use of pesticides and artificial fertilizers in industrial agriculture, which destroy the soil system. Those chemicals kill the flora and fauna and all important microbiology that lives in the soil. What about erosion after the currently practiced clear field plowing?"

Eunji quickly looked away when Junmyeon glanced at her. He smiled and continued, "Food is not what they grow in that pathetic aquaponics system. They try to fight against nature, and nature rewards them with diseases that they can't and will not understand. Animal fertilizer is what grows our food and has been for thousands of years. Ah, climate change. Will veganism save the planet by killing off methane-emitting farm animals? Ruminants do indeed produce methane, so does rice paddies. Eating non-factory farmed meat is sustainable and necessary for the environment. Ruminants are essential part of the grassland ecosystem. They help sequester carbon in the soil. Their dung builds topsoil, imparts nutrients into the soil, creates a healthy microbiome. The herds are moving, composting and feeding the soil biome and grasslands in rotation hence avoiding wallowing in their own . So basically, while the animals are enjoying a nutritious meal from the land, they are also giving back by strengthening the soil. The animals and land flourished together with a true give and take relationship. Animal foods contain all the essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids needed for bodily function and repair. Plant foods can have their place in the diet. But they should never be consumed as staples and should always serve as supplemental food items. Human upper digestive system is incapable of processing complex carbohydrates like fiber efficiently. This is why vegans fart all the time, often, get bloated, et cetera. When it comes to vegan diets, both fats and proteins are essential for survival, carbohydrates are not. I eat meat because I want to feel like a full human being, accepting all the death that goes into my survival and the good that I can bring to the life cycle of those animals and the environment."      

"The whole cows produce methane, the most potent greenhouse gas is propaganda to eliminate small farms and replace meat with ultra-processed food. Cows and other ruminants burp methane. Methane released into open air spontaneously oxidizes to carbon dioxide and water at standard temperature and pressure. Carbon dioxide and water plus sunlight make forage. Ruminants eat forage. If not eaten, it will rot and release exactly the same gases. Methane is mostly recycled plant material. The so-called greenhouse effect is make-believe. Vegans are so stuck in a certain zealotry mindset. If Nature intended for us to eat all plant based, why must a vegan diet be supplemented? Supplementation is the most unnatural way of life there is. The health argument is laughable. Many vegans look anemic probably because they don't get heme iron and vitamin B12 from plant foods. Iron in its non-heme form found in certain plant foods is not easily absorbed in the human body. The beta-carotene, a precursor to Vitamin A, found in plant foods is not converted to Vitamin A by most people. Thyroid hormone is needed to convert beta-carotene into Vitamin A. Vegan protein sources are incredible estrogenic, like soy, lentils, legumes, all very strong phytoestrogens, which disrupt endocrine function," Eunji remarked. "There are many other crucial nutrients that are missing from plant foods, for example, taurine, creatine, carnosine, carnitine, vitamin D. Since they are not found in the plant kingdom, they would need to be derived from animal sources. Vegan versions of such supplements would be some kind of Frankenstein-ish chemical concoction that would have absolutely nothing to do with the real thing. Synthetic cholecalciferol aka vitamin D3 is commonly used as a rodenticide to kill rats. Even if vegans take all of the right supplements, eat whole foods, they are simultaneously depriving themselves of nutrients because their diet is full of anti-nutrients, lack of nutrients equals starvation. The consumption of animal products minimizes the detrimental effects of anti-nutrients. Excessive carb consumption is the primary cause of heart disease. Ever wondered why veganism is promoted as a way to quote-unquote 'save the planet'? Meat and dairy are being demonized, hmm? Could it be part of depopulation agenda? There are two ways in which this diet is meant to reduce the population: One, decreased longevity due to malnutrition, and two, increased infertility due to lack of cholesterol. Many vegan girls lose their periods, which can be a sign of infertility."

There was a brief pause before a further continuation, "Here is another example of vegan hypocrisy. The slaughter of aborted calves is basic to all vaccine research. The product is called Fetal Bovine Serum or FBS. FBS is made from the blood taken from the unborn fetus found inside a pregnant cow at the time of slaughter. A cardiac puncture is performed to drain the blood from the heart of the fetus which is typically alive during the process without any anaesthetic. The cow fetuses are 3 to 9 months old, as the heart would be too small to puncture at any younger age. The number of vegans that are pushing the covid injection is unbelievable. Lab-grown meat being touted as quote-unquote 'the cruelty-free, environmentally friendly future of food,' is also made by using fetal cow blood. FBS is an absolutely key to growing meat in a petri dish. According to Mark Post, creator of the world's first cultured burger, it takes 50 liters of serum to produce a single beef burger. How many cow fetuses have to die? At an estimated average of 300ml per fetus, that means about 160 cow fetuses per burger. Lab-grown Franken-meat is part of the Great Reset and has nothing to do with the environment and human health. It's about controlling the food supply. They will use whatever they want and can: Human or any animal cells, human or animal blood. In fact, ouroboros steak is made from human cells from the inside of one's cheeks and expired blood donations. Ouroboros was scientist Andrew Pelling's answer to quote-unquote 'innovate' lab-grown meat without using FBS. Big Food has used aborted human fetal cells as food additives in their products."   

"Humans have always tried to play God to replace the natural order. Ouroboros steak is just cannibalism with extra steps. The use of aborted human fetal cells as flavor enhancers is making people become cannibals unwittingly. This all reminds me of the 1973 eco-apocalypse movie Soylent Green." Junmyeon sighed. "I take one life, a deer, and I'm fed for months. They take about 160 lives, cow fetuses, for a single burger. Wow. That's" He shook his head as if in disbelief.       

"Soylent Green depicted cannibalism in a world destroyed by 'global warming'. This film reveals the hidden agenda of United Nations Agenda 21, 'Soylent Green is People'. The premise of this film generally plays off the ideas of Malthusian, eco-alarmist Paul Ehrlich, expounded in his book The Population Bomb. As in the film, all his predictions failed. And his solution for overpopulation: to poison the water supply of high fertility countries with 'temporary sterilants', was about as creepy and immoral as Soylent Green's mass murders for the purpose of providing the raw material of their green soy bars, to appease the starving masses. Twenty-two years later, British anthropologist Lyall Watson declared in his 1995 Financial Times article that cannibalism is a radical but realistic solution to the problem of overpopulation. Watson promoted the cannibalistic practices of the Asmat tribe of Indonesian New Guinea and described headhunting as good ecology, because it reduces competition on the hunting and fishing grounds. For Watson, human beings are bad for ecology. And in early September 2019, Swedish behavioral quack Magnus Söderlund proposed cannibalism as a way to 'save the planet' from 'climate change,' " Eunji responded, making air quotes around the phrases. "Al Gore, a shill for the imaginary greenhouse effect, who wants the world to stop eating meat, owns the biggest share of the Beyond Meat Company. Gore also has made billions with his interests in the international carbon credit exchanges. Wasn't the North Pole supposed to be ice free in 2013 according to him? Gore did very well out of the global warming scam. Eugenicist Bill Gates is well known to be an early investor in Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods. Soy is the main ingredient in impossible fake meat and is used in lots of other prepared foods such salad dressing and mayonnaise. A 2008 Harvard study published in the journal Human Reproduction found that men who consumed the highest amounts of soy foods had a lower concentration compared to those who did not consume soy foods. The study is the largest in humans to look at the relationship between quality and phytoestrogens. The indications are that soy reduces testosterone. Pea protein is the main ingredient in beyond fake meat. The isoelectric precipitation process for this protein denatures the proteins and contains a high phytic acid content. Phytic acid is an anti-nutrient that blocks the uptake of essential minerals, like iron and especially zinc. Zinc deficiency leads to low quality and male infertility. Avoid all the fake meat alternatives and opt for real food that's being raised the way nature intended."

Junmyeon nodded and said, "Dongwon F&B Co. has signed an exclusive supply contract with Beyond Meat and has already sold around 10,000 packs within a month since its launch. The number of strict vegans and vegetarians in our nation soared in the past decade. The questions I have for vegans are as follows: If you don't believe in eating meat, why do you need to process plants into something that resembles or tastes like meat? If meat is so disgusting, why would you eat something resembling meat? Why wouldn't you stay the farthest away from anything resembling meat? I have no desire to eat anything that's grown in a laboratory. This cultured tissue is not a real animal with its network of biochemicals, organs, metabolism, or microbiome and as such is not identical in micronutrients to the meat of a real animal. This product consists of largely homogeneous cells grown in a media. It is more like eating a tumor. It will not be and cannot be nutritionally the same as a whole animal. No synthetic replacement has come without adverse consequences."

"You're totally right. Eating food made by scientists in white lab coats eventually sends you to doctors in white lab coats, and their treatments eventually cause you to lose your life well before your time." Eunji exhaled loudly. "The green energy fraud and environmental scam are more programs of the billionaire globalist scum who are the super hypocrites of the world. They care nothing about the world or the suffering of its inhabitants. Look at how much environmental destruction is caused to produce electric cars, lithium and cobalt mining driving child slavery, deforestation of Gorilla habitats, fresh water contamination. Photovoltaic panels never produce a fraction of their investment energy. It fascinates me to think the difference in the volume of waste this ineffective energy source is generating in its attempt to be seen as quote-unquote 'green,' and the systems it is supposed to replace. From the mining operations for the raw materials to the manufacturing of these ineffective devices, after all, they will have a less than 12 hours useful power cycle per day throughout its entire work-life, and into the disposal of the waste, this whole system relies on energy created by a more stable system and from products that it is supposed to replace, carbon based fuels. More energy inputs are needed to build wind turbines than they will ever produce. What are you left with once these wind turbines no longer generate energy? You have to dispose of it, how, at what cost to the end user, what cost to the environment? Solar cells and wind bird shredders are net energy losers. Are you noticing how the media that care so much about the environment are silent on electromagnetic pollution? It provably kills plants, birds and insects. We are also electromagnetic beings. A physical intolerance of electromagnetic radiation was first described by the German doctor Erwin Schliephake in 1932. It is called radio wave or microwave sickness. All life on earth depends on harmonious frequencies. Their concern for nature is nothing but a sham. Green groups are proud misanthropists who despise human beings, except themselves of course. Earth Day should be renamed Anti-life Day."  

"Eunji, you are quite famous as being a conspiracy theorist and anti-vaxxer. One day, my mother's friends came to our house just to rant about a woman who spread misinformation about vaccines and viruses. As I eavesdropped, I realized they were ranting about you. A psychology graduate, the owner of a raw meat restaurant, Jung Eunji."

"They called me a conspiracy theorist and anti-vaxxer?" 

Junmyeon gave her a nod. "They wish you would stop spreading misinformation. According to them, you put everyone at risk."

Eunji shook her head, clapping her hands together twice. "Their wish makes me want to continue exposing the fraud of virology. Through their cowardice and willful ignorance, they have put everyone's liberty on the chopping block." Her voice edged toward anger. She blew out a loud breath before adding, "Do you know? The 1978 US Senate Committee on Assassinations concluded that both John Fitzgerald Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Jr. were deemed to be assassinated as a result of a conspiracy and it's on a US government official web page. Don't be a dopey, cowardly practitioner of ignorance. Conspiracy is two or more people plotting together in secret, happens every day in government. I have a theory that the world economic forum and corrupt governments all over earth are conspiring to bring about a global authoritarian government complete with massive population reduction and enslavement of the remnant. So, yes, please do call me conspiracy theorist. I will proudly wear that title. If someone calls me an anti-vaxxer, I say thanks for the compliment. Unborn babies are being tortured and killed for toxccine production. Toxccines are a toxic stew of tissues, plastic and metal nanoparticles. Toxccines don't save lives; they take lives and cause unnecessary suffering, not least ironically amongst children, where, in America at least, they get as many as 69 toxccinations, all claiming to work against nonexistent viruses. Forced toxccination is eugenicist Bill Gates' zero carbon solution. Gates works for Rockefeller Medicine like his father and his grand and great grandfathers. The idea of using toxccines as sterilization agents without the public's knowledge or consent is documentable fact. Toxccines to reduce fertility were portrayed as an 'immunological method' by the Rockefeller Foundation in its 1968 annual report"—she made air quotes around the phrase—"and its 1988 Annual Report cites a large grant given to India for a large anti-fertility toxccine for women."

His brow furrowed. "Toxccine? Do you mean vaccine?"   

"Yes, Jiyeon coined that word."

"Ah, Jiyeon! She is quite creative for coming up with such a word." 

They looked at each other and shared a small laugh. His expression changed to being serious as he added, "The thought of murdering one person to save another is absolutely abhorrent to me. Children in our nation get 17 vaccinations. If one day I have children, I won't vaccinate them. I refuse to believe that God or Mother Nature or whatever you call it, in all of its incalculable intelligence, would create a creature that came into its own world imperfect, so much so as to need immediate medical interventions upon arrival in the physical world. For millennia beyond counting, humans have entered the world without vaccines, and our species seems to have been growing just fine. Honestly, the ranting of my mother's friends led me to check Dr. Lanka's arguments. I used my brain plus simple logic and came to this conclusion: He is just right. The addition of various cell-altering chemicals, animal genetic material and so on is the exact opposite of isolation. Isolation or purification requires subtraction, not addition." 

"It's astounding that people actually think science is behind the development of vaccines. Nope, it's nothing but fraud. Louis Pasteur quote-unquote 'discovered' rabies by drilling holes in rabbits' skulls and injecting their brains with filth. After the animals obviously got sick and died, he claimed that was because it was rabies. Seriously, that's science? And people believed him. And now people poison millions of animals for a virus that doesn't exist. Virology is a complete fraud. No controls used in experiments to determine the existence of viruses. From the tobacco mosaic virus allegedly discovered in 1892 to SARS-CoV-2, no control experiment has been done alongside the quote-unquote 'infected' material experiment, or where it has been done in the case of measles, the result was ignored. Cell cultures are nothing more than a recipe to create cell death which is blamed on invisible viruses. It's well known that cells react negatively to environmental or physical stressors and the process of blind passaging is highly stressful on them. This leads to cell deterioration. Virologists are literally creating the effect they want to see through their culturing process. Once they get their CPE, virus hunters get to claim a virus is present even if they are unable to obtain an EM image of the suspected virus. The concept of disease transmission via germs and viruses is ideological, not scientific. There is no test that can verify without doubt that one person contracted a disease from another. The Polymerase Chain Reaction or PCR is a method of replicating nucleic acids. It's a research tool, not a diagnostic test. Past 16 to 18 cycles, not 35 as has been falsely disseminated, the process creates noise and is unreliable, even as a research tool. And there is no successful experiment that proves contagion by transferring fluid from one person to another. The many official and comprehensive experiments in pursuit of proving contagion in the 1910s, 20s and 30s all failed. The virus fairy tale always functions as a cover story for government, corporate, medical crimes. It obscures and hides these crimes. For instance, a large factory is spewing horrendous pollution into the ground and water of an area, and people are getting sick and dying? Wait, the researchers say, the cause is actually a new virus no one has ever seen before. Don't people ever get tired of the constant fear-trains and scare-fare about quote-unquote 'new and more pandemics'? I know I'm getting bloody sick of all of it—" Eunji inhaled deeply and continued, "Biophysicist Eleni Papadopulos-Eleopulos along with the rest of the Perth Group deserves to be more well-known. They were pioneers in debunking the methods used as proof for the virus lie. For obvious reasons, their work was heavily censored by the MSM and scientific community. I thank her for all she's done. She truly embodied courage, simplicity and clarity in reasoning." Deep admiration laced her voice.

"A shining light, a courageous woman, a truth seeker, we need more like her," Junmyeon remarked. "Virology and germ theory is blasphemy against God's intelligent design and benevolent creation."

There was a short silence before Eunji spoke again, "I heard you wandered off into the woods to escape your nagging mother. Is that true?"

"Yes, that's true." 

"What your mother nags about?"

"My mother nags me about getting married and starting a family every day. I'm so tired of her nagging. She has set me up with a few women, but I ended up not even letting them into my car, driving off in fright."

"Why didn't you try to date any of them?"

"You know why."

Eunji clicked her tongue as she shook her head. "How could I know if you didn't tell me?"

Junmyeon gave her a serious look, opened his mouth and then closed it again, saying nothing. Eunji hesitated a bit and continued, "I thought you didn't know I opened a restaurant. Why did you never visit my restaurant?"

For a moment, Junmyeon's face went slack with apparent surprise. Then he replied, "I knew it from Baekhyun. I never visited your restaurant because I thought you were already married."

A short laugh escaped . "What made you think so? Oh, don't tell me Baekhyun told you that I was married?"

"He indeed told me that you were married to a younger man, and showed me a picture of you feeding your husband. Your main goal in life was what made me believe him. I found out his lie when one of my mother's friends said you are single—" Junmyeon took her arm, turning her to face him. "You did really wish me to visit your restaurant, didn't you?"  

Eunji looked him in the eyes. "Yes, I did, because I knew you like eating meat. And I wanted to inform you about lab-grown Franken-meat." Her voice sounded steady and calm.

"You could inform me through phone." Junmyeon held her gaze. "Be honest, you wanted to see me, right? You still care and love me, don't you?"

"You knew that I would always prefer face-to-face communication, didn't you?" Eunji countered. "My wanting to inform you about lab-grown Franken-meat should enough to tell you that I—" She didn't finish her sentence and looked away. 

"Come on, sis. Just admit your feelings to him," Jaehyun muttered under his breath. Not wanting to disturb them, he walked towards the hut and stepped in. He wriggled out of his sister's backpack and set it on the mud floor next to Junmyeon's in the left corner of the hut. The hut was 2.5 x 2.5m and 2m tall. The walls were built with fired clay bricks. Its roof was covered with clay tiles. A fireplace was built at the back of the hut adjoined to the hut, so the room could be heated and illuminated from the rocket stove at the front. The fireplace was fitted with a chimney to keep the room smoke-free and to make the fire burn more efficiently. To the right side of the hut as one entered, an underfloor heating system was added to act as a sleeping platform in cold weather by creating a slanted tunnel covered by flat stones and mud from a trench. A small chimney was built outside the back end of the trench at the back of the hut for draft, and the firebox was situated outside the room, so no smoke entered the room. The flames travelled beneath the floor heating it.

Smiling, Jaehyun lay down on the sleeping platform and closed his eyes. He stayed motionless and silent, enjoying his time alone. After a moment, he began to feel energy pulsing gently through his body in a rhythmic pattern. It was a pleasant sensation, but not a strong one. He felt relaxed. The experience of energy didn't take hold until he went outside.

Junmyeon and his sister had finished hanging meat. Their eyes were on the meat drying rack. Doing nothing, saying nothing!

"Sis, I put your backpack in the hut." Jaehyun squatted down watching them stand there. A few moments had gone by and still they stood there saying nothing.

Just as Jaehyun was about to straighten up, Junmyeon shifted his gaze to her and finally spoke, "You are going to stay here?"

"Yes." Eunji looked at him, and their eyes locked. "How long are you going to stay here?"

"I'm going to stay here for as long as I want to. I enjoy living here it is quiet and peaceful. I didn't know you and your brother were the ones who built the hut. What impressed me most is the use of your ancestral knowledge: Ondol. It works great. Let's say it's destiny that brought me here." Junmyeon smiled. 

Eunji returned his smile faintly. "The idea of building a hut with our ancient underfloor heating system came to me when I experimented making fired clay bricks. Jiyeon helped us…" her voice trailed off as Junmyeon took her hands and held them in his.  

For a moment, they looked at each other in silence. Then he broke out: "Five years have passed since you rejected my marriage proposal, and I still can't forget you. Eunji, I love you. I know you are the one God has for me." His voice cracked with emotion. "I quit my job as a therapist one year ago. You now have no reason to reject my proposal, right?"

"Junmyeon, I won't lie, I do still care and love you—"

Junmyeon cut her off by pulling her into his arms, hugging her tightly. His features brightened with a joy so pure and innocent, cheeks tinted with a rosy hue. His joy gave Jaehyun a wonderful warm, fuzzy feeling right in the middle of his chest. Jaehyun smiled, enjoying the feeling.

Eunji stayed motionless in his embrace. Then, very gently, she withdrew herself from his embrace and continued, "But I can't be your wife."

"Why…Can you please tell me the reason?"

"Let's talk about it later. I want to take a rest. I'm tired." Eunji strode to the hut, entered and closed the door.

Jaehyun straightened up and walked over to him. He put his hand on Junmyeon's shoulder. Junmyeon looked at him and squeezed out a small smile.

There was silence while Jaehyun hesitated, but then he asked, "What do you think about birth control?"

Without hesitation, Junmyeon answered, "Birth control is immoral because it inveighs against the natural order God's design. It is inherently anti-life. I won't let my future wife use contraception, and I'll only have with her when she is ready for kids. I'll explain the reasons so that she doesn't misunderstand. The contraceptive pill and HRT cause many serious illnesses. In 1969, journalist Barbara Seaman published The Doctors' Case Against the Pill, a book that exposed the lethal side effects of the high-estrogen pill prescribed at the time. Women weren't warned that the pill could cause heart attacks, blood clots, , cancer and a host of other ills. Her book became the basis for a U.S. Senate hearing conducted by Gaylord Nelson in 1970. The 1977 Royal College of General Practitioner study reported a 40% increase in deaths among pill users due to circulatory diseases. Another large study called the United Kingdom National Study, published in 1989, reported that young women under the age of 36 who had used oral contraceptives for at least 4 years before their first full-term pregnancy had at least a 44% increased risk in cancer. A 2013 meta-analysis of 26 studies indicated that the use of oral contraceptives containing both progesterone and estrogen increased people's risk of developing a blood clot. A 2017 study of nearly a half a million Danish women reported that hormonal contraception use doubles the risk of suicide attempt, and triples the risk of suicide."  

My gut feeling is right. He is the right partner for my sister. Jaehyun beamed widely. "We share a similar view regarding birth control and . I don't need to make explanation to Jiyeon because she already understands. She is against birth control. Any effect a drug has is an effect, not a side effect. The toxicity of pharmaceutical products is the direct result of the toxic chemicals used in the manufacturing processes."  

Junmyeon put his arm around his shoulder and dropped his voice to a whisper, "Baekhyun once told me that your wife doesn't trust medical science. It's no wonder she is against birth control."

"Bro, Baekhyun is a scumbag. He dumped his girlfriend after impregnating her—"

"Wait," Junmyeon interjected, his voice rising in disbelief. "Baekhyun got his girlfriend pregnant?"

Jaehyun nodded and continued, "He got her pregnant in high school and insisted on abortion. Thankfully, she refused his offer. He had never seen his son. His mother told Jiyeon about that right before we moved here. He hates my sister and Jiyeon so much for challenging his dogmatic beliefs. You know, you don't need to be religious to argue against birth control. In fact, most religious people support contraception. It's like a miracle to them. One of the inventors of the contraceptive pill, Dr. John Rock was a deeply religious Catholic. He believed that the pill was a quote-unquote 'natural' method of birth control. The trail of serious health problems that contraception has brought about constitutes a powerful and decisive argument that contraception is unnatural and therefore an unreasonable and unrealistic choice. Do you think outside of marriage is a sin?"    

"When I asked Baekhyun why he lied about your sister being married, he simply answered, quote, 'It's the best way to make you forget her. I don't want you to be with her,' end quote. I never thought he would have insisted on murdering his own child. Abortion is murder because life begins at conception. As a person who used to be a fetus, I'm glad I was born. Abortions, whether legal or not, carry serious health risks and contribute to maternal mortality. Many Christians believe it is okay to have before you are married. But for me, it's not okay because outside of marriage flows against God's design. Marriage is God's doing because it was his design in the creation of man as male and female. This was made plain earlier in Genesis 1 verse 27 to 28, and it is also clear in the flow of thought in Genesis 2 verse 18. Throughout the Old Testament, it's believed that God designed for marriage. I won't have until marriage—" Junmyeon looked up at the sky and continued, "Dr. John Rock viewed overpopulation as the main social ill of the day. The pill's story should not be one of hero-worship. Its past anchored in eugenics, ism and racism. Dr. Rock and Dr. Gregory Pincus, funded by Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger, effectively sterilized hundreds of women from non-consenting psychiatric patients at the Worcester State Hospital to destitute Puerto Rican by testing variations of the pill on them. These two unethical doctors knew about the link between estrogen and cancer. The overpopulation myth has destroyed many a good mind, unfortunately."

"George Grant in his book Grand Illusions: The Legacy of Planned Parenthood said, quote, 'For Margaret Sanger, birth control was not simply a technique, it was a religion. And the pill was the Holy Grail of that religion,' end quote. She was heavily funded by the Rockefeller family. This family has been in the forefront of eugenics. The rhetoric of overpopulation is a ruse to turn everyone into murderers. The only answer to overpopulation is murder. If there is an overpopulation problem, then abortions, toxccines and contrived wars are okay because they help the problem. The real problem is greed. One cohort, who think they're gods, want everything to themselves. There are just too much resources available to control, so they would rather kill us than see us prosper." Jaehyun let out a long, heavy sigh. "Petroleum doesn't come from fossils, you know. It is actually created within the earth due to simple chemistry. In his 1996 article, Dr. Kenney explains that the modern theory has determined that petroleum is a primordial material of deep origin which is transported at high pressure via cold eruptive processes into the crust of the earth. In their 2002 paper, Dr. Kenney and three Russian co-authors conclude that 'The Hydrogen-Carbon system does not spontaneously evolve hydrocarbons at pressures less than 30 Kbar, even in the most favorable environment. The H-C system evolves hydrocarbons under pressures found in the mantle of the earth and at the temperature consistent with that environment.' In a video interview Col Fletcher Prouty contends that in 1892, the Rockefeller family influenced attendees of The Geneva Congress on Organic Nomenclature to conclude that crude oil must be composed of formerly living material because it consisted mainly of organic compounds. It must therefore be a quote-unquote 'fossil fuel' which could run out at any time. Therefore, it could become a scarce resource. The label stuck and nowadays, people remain confused about the differences between the chemical and biological meanings of the word organic. In chemistry, organic compounds contain carbon and usually hydrogen too. In biology, organic typically means living or perhaps material which is made by a living organism. Some oil wells have refilled themselves does lend support to the conclusion that the oil itself is continually being created by processes in the earth's mantle."

"We have further confusion as organic is now used to describe horticultural and agricultural cultivation methods. Just about all the food we eat is organic, whether it has had pesticides sprayed onto it or not. In short, crude oil is not actually as limited as is widely believed. We have been lied to only in order for the big oil companies and their gang to be able to justify keeping the prices of oil and gas so high." Junmyeon sighed loudly, shaking his head.

"Everything you thought you knew about the nature of energy and natural resources was an elaborate lie concocted to control human population. Malthusian population alarmist Paul Ehrlich once said, quote, 'Giving society cheap, abundant energy would be the equivalent of giving an idiot child a machine gun,' end quote. Water shortages are a myth. There is unlimited supply of primary water that is created in the earth's mantle and comes to the surface under pressure. Primary water is found in hard rock formations at shallow depths. It answers why there are clean water springs on mountain tops and why the dry creeks in Napa Valley started flowing again after the 2014 earthquake. This theory of the origins of water has not been taught in colleges or universities, but a few hydro-geologists do know about the finding and drilling for primary water. The water is there if we are smart enough to find it. Anything that the earth recycles is sustainable—" Jaehyun took a deep breath then added in a curious tone, "What if your future wife doesn't want to bring a child into this world, will you still marry her?"   

"Of course, I'll still marry her and accept that I'll remain celibate in my marriage. I have no right to force her to bear children—" Junmyeon turned to face him, placed his hands on his shoulders and looked at him with a mixture of concern and curiosity as he continued, "Your sister is the one you refer to as my future wife, right? You know the reason why she can't be my wife, don't you? Please, tell me what it is. Is it because she doesn't want to bring a child into this world?"

His mixture expression made him feel a tug at his heart. Jaehyun nodded curtly. "Yes, she doesn't want to bring a child into this world. You know, many women disregard the pill's threat to their health in the name of reproductive freedom. My sister said, quote, 'For me, taking birth control is stupidity. It's a slow suicide,' end quote. She is right."

A sudden radiance, almost a relief crossed his face. "I don't need to make explanation then." Junmyeon let out a tiny laugh. He then sat down on the ground, crossing his legs. His expression turned serious as he added, "The feminist ideology of quote-unquote 'reproductive freedom' through medical intervention actually welcomes medical exploitation. Healthy women, whose only complaint is that they do not want to get pregnant, invite doctors to treat them as if they had a disease. The doctors respond by giving them an iatrogenic or physician-induced disease. Women then object that they have been exploited. This is hardly the path of liberation. Jaehyun, I wonder what changes your sister's mind. When we were dating, we once had a serious conversation about main goal in life. Eunji said, quote, 'Being a mother is my main goal in life. This is a miracle I can perform. I can actually create another human being inside of my body without even thinking about it. I find it sad that in order for some women to feel powerful and relevant, or to wear the badge of feminism, they have to declare motherhood a less than endeavor. Kids are crazy amazing. It changes you for the better. You start to understand what absolute true, unconditional love is,' end quote. Those words have stuck in my head until now."      

This was the first time Jaehyun heard about his sister's main goal in life. It didn't surprise him, though.

"My sister is definitely not a feminist. She likes kids a lot. She took care of me after my mother passed away. She did everything my mother had done. No wonder, her main goal is being a mother." Jaehyun squatted down in front of him and patted his arm. "You have no need to worry. I'm sure she's going to tell you everything you want to know."

"When you actually do some reading, feminism does not look at all like its dictionary definition or its marketing materials. Feminism is not about equality. The feminist attitude demeans men, reduces them to ual predators, and fosters distrust between the es. Feminist scholar Marilyn French once said, quote, 'All men are rapists, and that's all they are,' end quote. Editor of Ms. Magazine Robin Morgan bluntly expressed her disdain for men, quote, 'I feel that man-hating is an honorable and viable political act, that the oppressed have a right to class-hatred against the class that is oppressing them,' end quote. Feminists condemn motherhood and marriage. Feminist theorist Shulamith Firestone was famous for reinterpreting Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels and Sigmund Freud in her book The Dialectic of , in which she declared, quote, 'Pregnancy is barbaric. Pregnancy is the temporary deformation of the body of the individual for the sake of the species. Moreover, childbirth hurts. And it isn't good for you,' end quote. Firestone quoted a friend who'd been through it: giving birth was like ting a pumpkin. She wanted motherhood abolished and described childhood as hell. Feminist Sheila Cronan, the leader of the National Organization of Women, was quoted as saying: 'Since marriage constitutes slavery for women, it is clear that the women's movement must concentrate on attacking this institution. Freedom for women cannot be won without the abolition of marriage.' Sheila Cronan again writing in the National Organization of Women Times in 1988 said, quote, 'The simple fact is every woman must be willing to be recognized as a lesbian to be fully feminine,' end quote. This statement reveals that NOW's internal goal was to convert as many women as possible to lesbianism. Ti-Grace Atkinson, an early member of NOW, added, quote 'Feminism is the theory, lesbianism is the practice,' end quote. Hating men and being a lesbian serves as a litmus test to be called a true feminist—" Junmyeon massaged his temple with two fingers.

Then, after a short silence, Junmyeon continued, "Feminism is inextricably linked with Marxism, which has been a disaster for women. Racist and chief architect of the modern culture of death Margaret Sanger said in her book Woman and the New Race, quote, 'The most merciful thing a large family can do to one of its infant members is to kill it,' end quote. Sanger believed that the best way to eliminate poverty and suffering is to eliminate the poor and oppressed by breeding them out. She founded the Negro Project designed to abort black babies and sterilize black women, in her words: to keep them and other undesirables from breeding. In China, Planned Parenthood helped the government launch a brutal, no-holds-barred, one-child-per-couple policy. Forced abortion and forced sterilization. Planned Parenthood along with its sister organizations in International Planned Parenthood Federation is the largest abortion provider in the world. Support for abortion reflects Marxism's contempt for the nuclear family. In The Communist Manifesto, Karl Marx proclaimed that destroying the nuclear family was a fundamental goal. Feminists speak of quote-unquote 'honor', but there is no true honor among lesbians and baby-murderers. Feminist author and activist Vivian Gornick once said, quote, 'Being a housewife is an illegitimate profession. The choice to serve and be protected and plan towards being a family-maker is a choice that shouldn't be. The heart of radical feminism is to change that,' end quote. What happened to those quote-unquote 'women's rights' that keep being preached by feminists? Why can't a woman choose to be a wife, mother, and homemaker? The truth is feminism doesn't want women to have the right to serve as a helpmeet to their husbands. Their true goal is to destroy women's rights, removing the choice of women, and making all women adhere to the choices their movement has established for women. The feminist movement is not about human rights and health. It's actually about hatred and destroying the family unit." There was an edge of anger in his voice, but his features remained impassive.

Junmyeon took a breath in and let it out. A smile creased his face as he added, "I have no doubt that your sister knows the ugly agenda behind feminism. She unlikely falls into the feminist trap. When we were dating, she would always come to my apartment just to make me breakfast and dinner. She is marriage material. Her beauty flows from her inner character."

His words brought warmth to Jaehyun's heart, and a smile made its way across his face.

It did seem to me that my sister treated herself as if she were his wife. I know they used to live in the same apartment building while she studied at SNU.

Jaehyun slightly shook his head to clear the thought and said, "Yes, my sister knows it. She is the one who told Jiyeon that feminism plays into the depopulation agenda. The CIA, the Rockefeller and Ford Foundations funded Ms. Magazine and Gloria Steinem and elements of the feminist movement. Cord Meyers of the CIA recruited Steinem into the CIA in 1958. Her job was to direct quote-unquote 'activists' in a group called the Independent Research Service. Feminism had nothing to do with women's liberation, but meant that the other half of the population can be taxed. Bro, you're the perfect partner for my sister. I wish that the conversation you're going to have with her will change her mind back."

"Thank you for your support and trust." Junmyeon patted him on the head, his expression sincerely tender. "How is your son doing?"

"Jihyun is fine. He is fishing in the river with Taeyong and his friend."


"He is my friend since middle school. My sister brought them here this morning." Jaehyun rose to his feet. "I gotta go now."

"Hold on a minute here." Junmyeon sprang to his feet and rushed to the shed, took a woven twig basket and rushed back to him. "Here." He handed the basket to Jaehyun.

The basket contained four cuts of meat and a liver. Jaehyun took it, saying, "Thank you, bro."

Junmyeon nodded, smiling widely. Jaehyun returned his smile before walking away. His steps were heavy, his shoulders slumped as if he carried the weight of the world. He couldn't stop thinking about his sister. 

My sister is now 29 years old. She seems not to realize that she is helping the globalist control freaks reduce human population by throwing away her best fertile years. I really hope brother Junmyeon will manage to convince her to fulfill her main goal in life: To be a mother. I don't want to see her regret in the future.

The thought of his sister throwing away her best fertile years ached his heart. Jaehyun halted in his tracks and took a deep breath. He then muttered under his breath, "It's okay, it's not too late for my sister to fulfill her goal. I believe in brother Junmyeon."

His own words managed to make him feel better. He continued walking back to the cabin. His steps were slow and gentle. He enjoyed the feeling of the soil, the leaves and twigs under his feet soles. He smiled at the sight of cluster of fungi on fallen tree bark. He shook his head, laughing inwardly as he saw Taeyong walk in a stooping manner with arms reaching out towards hens pecking on field. From the opposite direction, Dongmin walked in the same manner towards the hens. When they got near the chickens, they flew away, leaving two men with nothing to grab but drifting feathers. Jiyeon, Seungwan and Yerim, who were gathering around the little boy, burst into laughter.  

"It turns out catching chickens is not an easy task!" Dongmin shook his head, clapping his hands together.

Taeyong chuckled. "But it's fun, isn't?"

"Come on, try again. We are hungry," Jiyeon said in a joking tone. 

Allowed to free range, our chickens happily spend the day exploring fresh land, eating every bug they come across, and sampling all sorts of weeds and grass. We feed them worms before letting them out. Roaming around helps them stay care-free. Chickens don't bathe in water like humans do—they bathe in dust. In the evening, they naturally return to their coop to roost for the night. If Nature claims them back into the food chain, we accept that fate. 

"Here, I got meat for you." Jaehyun lifted the basket in the air, heading towards the women. He sat down next to his son, who was playing water in the bucket. Jihyun giggled as he slapped the water. A small fish was swimming in it.

Jaehyun handed the basket to Jiyeon as he added, "Brother Junmyeon had managed to catch a deer."

Smiling, Jiyeon took it. "Did you help him butcher the deer?"

"No, he did everything himself—" Jaehyun shifted his gaze to his son and patted his head. "How was fishing?"

Jihyun held the fish in both hands, handing it to him as he spoke, "This for dad."

Jaehyun smiled widely as he took it. "Thank you. How about your mom? Where's the fish for mom?"    

Jihyun looked alternatively between the fish in Jaehyun's hold and Jiyeon. He scratched his head, seemingly confused. He then took the fish back and put it into the bucket, earning smiles from the three women.

"Taeyong caught nothing. He and this cute little boy were so excited when I caught that fish with my bare hands," Yerim said with a smile as she pinched the little boy's cheek lightly. She moved closer to Jiyeon and touched the meat. "So these are deer meat. I've never eaten deer meat."

"Me too," Seungwan chimed in. "I'm curious on how deer meat taste like."

"It tastes most closely like goat meat," Jiyeon responded. "Do you guys eat raw meat?"

"Yes," Yerim mouthed, nodding. Simultaneously, Seungwan gave her a curt nod.  

"Okay then. I'm going to make steak tartare for you guys." Jiyeon rose to her feet. "You can help me if you want."

Seungwan and Yerim stood up. As the three women headed towards the shed behind the cabin, Taeyong approached Jaehyun and sat down in front of him, whereas Dongmin followed the women.

"Where is your sister?" Taeyong asked.

"She is in her hut." 

"Oh... I'm sure she is enjoying the solitude of her cozy hut."

"She's not alone there."

A frown of curiosity wrinkled Taeyong's brow. "Who accompanies her?"

"Brother Junmyeon, the man she used to date." Jaehyun patted his arm. "They both still have feelings for each other. I believe destiny brought him there."

"So, they are getting back together?"

"I hope they are getting back together and getting married. I want to see her have a family of her own."

"Is he older or younger or the same age as her?"

"He is five years older than her."

Taeyong ducked his head down, mumbling something. Seconds later, he sprang to his feet. "I'm going to meet him." He walked away quickly.

Springing to his feet, Jaehyun ran after him and grabbed his arm, spinning him around to face him. The force of the movement startled him. Taeyong looked at Jaehyun with wide-eyes surprise.

"Don't go there right now," Jaehyun said through gritted teeth. His worry made him angry.

Taeyong removed Jaehyun's grip on his arm as he reassured in a calm voice, "You don't need to worry. I just want to meet him, nothing else."  

He had only taken two steps away when Jaehyun repeated, "I said don't go there right now."

Taeyong turned around to face him. Before he could open his mouth, Jaehyun added, "They're going to have an important conversation about their relationship. So please, don't go there. Don't disturb them."

"Okay, I understand—" Taeyong stepped forward, closing the gap between them. He put his hands on his shoulders as he added, "You seem to really want your sister to be with him. I wonder what made you support me to date her."         

"Frankly speaking, I didn't quite like him because of his profession. I started to respect him after having a deep conversation with him—" Jaehyun leaned closer to his ear and dropped his voice to a whisper, "I thought my sister no longer had feelings for him. That's what made me support you to date her."

Taeyong looked up at the sky and let out a long sigh. He shifted his gaze back to him and said, "To be honest, I really want to meet him. I'm curious. Yesterday, your sister mentioned him briefly. If she decides to get back together and get married, I'll support her decision wholeheartedly."  

"You can meet him other times." Jaehyun hugged him, feeling relieved. "Taeyong, I really appreciate your support for my sister."

Taeyong patted his back twice, saying nothing before extricating himself from the hug and walking back to the little boy. Sighing, Jaehyun followed suit.

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i didn’t read most of your “story” since i don’t care for it, but do you honestly think people will read this when it is barely legible? Ideas and your “truth” aside, almost every paragraph is 900 words long and filled with jargon. This is just rambling. Not to mention, no one is sitting around to read a 20000 word chapter that is a regurgitated cacophony of research papers. If you’re going to present research, at least do it competently. It’s embarrassing that you think you’re enlightened but can’t even format a story to something digestible. 99% of aff readers are not researchers.
Chapter 1: I have to say the author is on the brave side to be putting this fic out there for bid hoping more people will read and comment. Of course the majority of comments are negative, which is to be expected. Too bad. The author has put a lot of research into this.
It is not for people who are political at all. If you believe how the majority of the world has been acting since 2020 do not read, save your blood vessels from popping. However, someone went to effort to write something they felt strongly about, is it the correct platform? Maybe...Maybe not but it's here. If you don't like it don't be an unkind person and say unkind things just skip on by to something you like.
Chapter 10: Congratulations on the bid
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Idk find other platform before you get tons of hate comment and possibly reports for this. Fighting! Again this is just a kpop fanfics website ^^
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