Chapter 9

Dystopian Nightmare

Eunji remained lying down on her back on the sleeping platform with her right arm over her eyes. Her eyes were closed, but her heart was awake. Her mind was busied with thinking of her beloved. She jerked her eyes open in surprise as she felt a warm touch on her hand. She removed her arm from her eyes and blinked the blurriness away to look at the figure. Her beloved was holding her left hand. The room was dimly illuminated by the flame from the firebox.

"You haven't eaten yet, have you?"

Eunji couldn't help the warm feeling blossoming in her belly at the sound of his soft, caring voice. "No, I haven't." She pulled herself into a sitting position as best as she could and scooted back to lean on the wall, facing him. There were a clay oil lamp, two clay plates filled with steak tartare topped with a small raw egg yolk, spoons and clay glasses of water on the mud floor beside him.

"I've made us dinner." Junmyeon took the plate and handed it to her, which she accepted with a nod of gratitude.

Eunji placed it on her lap and took the wooden spoon. She scooped the yolk and held the spoon up to her lips. "What is this yolk?"

"That's a wild bird yolk." Junmyeon took his plate and put it on his lap. "I found a bird nest with three eggs on a tree branch."

Her response was a curt nod. She popped the yolk into and swallowed it.

"How does it taste?"

"It tastes bland…vaguely fishy."

Soon, conversation died. He clasped his hands in prayer, as he always did before eating. And they ate their meal in silence, stealing a few glances at each other. His face revealed a very happy smile. When they were done, he took a twig out of his panel chest pocket shirt.

"Here is a birch twig. Use it as a toothbrush." He handed the twig to her, which she accepted.

One end of the bark had been peeled off about two inches. She chewed on it with her molars to separate it into little fibers. It had a nice fresh flavor. In no time, it was separated in the fibers. It was like bristles.

As she started brushing her teeth gently, Junmyeon stacked the plates and his glass and stood up. "I'm going to put this in the shed. I'll be back here in a minute." He walked over to the door, opened it and went outside, leaving the door open.

There was a lot of saliva created in . Eunji grabbed her glass off the floor, rose to her feet and strolled towards the door. She spat into the ground outside the hut. Squatting down in the doorway, she continued scrubbing the bristly tip of the twig on her teeth in an up-and-down motion. She got little pieces of wood in , and she spat it out. The bristles were very stiff but not hard. They were getting in between her teeth really nicely. It felt so clean. This was really simple, easy and relaxing. In home, she usually used persimmon twigs as toothbrushes. She never used the commercial toothpastes because they contained toxic chemicals. 

It took her a few minutes to clean her teeth. The fibers did an amazing job at cleaning her teeth. Her teeth felt super smooth and super clean. Eunji took a sip of water and swished it around before spitting it out. She threw the twig outside, went back to her sitting place and put the glass on the floor next to the lamp. She stared at the lamp's flame, mentally preparing herself for the conversation she was about to have. A few moments later, Junmyeon returned and sat down beside her. Like a cloak, silence blanketed them. They occasionally glanced at each other.

After a few seconds, Eunji broke the silence, "I heard the conversation you had with my brother."

Junmyeon moved to sit in front of her. He took her hands and held them in his. "I'm ready to hear what you have to say."  

She gazed into his eyes. She felt a calmness fall over her as she spoke to him, "Junmyeon, I know you want children. I know you want a family. I know you want a wife to grow old with. I know you want all of these things, and I also know you think I'm the only one who can give them to you. No, I can't. I want you to forget me, find another woman, get married and have kids."

She could see his eyes glittering with unshed tears. His mouth gaped open and shut as if he wanted to say something but didn't have the strength. She removed her hands from his hold and cupped his face. "I never want to have in my life. It is absolutely not all right to make you remain celibate for the rest of your life. You are a kind man, and you deserve to be with someone better than me. I'll surely be there, to attend your wedding."

"This is the second time you are calmly telling me to find another…" his voice trailed off as a single tear trickled out the corner of his left eye and rolled down his cheek.

With her thumb Eunji gently wiped away his tear. "What I learned from my mother's death is: there really is nothing you can take to your grave. No matter how much you love someone. Accepting this absolute truth makes the journey of my life easier. And that's why I can sincerely let go of you, the only man I ever love."   

"I know we take nothing to our grave when we die. But it doesn't mean we should live alone. You know what, I don't think I'll be able to love another woman the way I love you. If you are with me, then only you, you and you are my someone better and you are my someone best. And if you are not with me, then I don't intend to find anyone better than you or any woman altogether." Junmyeon took her hands off his face and held them gently. "I'm incredibly curious to know why you never want to have in your life. Isn't your main goal in life is to be a mother? Motherhood is a great vocation. I know of no finer words to recognize and honor mothers than those of heroic anti-communist prelate Cardinal Joseph Mindszenty: 'The most important person on earth is a mother. She cannot claim the honor of having built Notre Dame Cathedral. She need not. She has built something more magnificent than any cathedral—a dwelling for an immortal soul, the tiny perfection of her baby's body. The angels have not been blessed with such a grace. They cannot share in God's creative miracle to bring new saints to Heaven. Only a human mother can. Mothers are closer to God the Creator than any other creature; God joins forces with mothers in performing this act of creation. What on God's good earth is more glorious than this: to be a mother?' "   

The last sentence moved her to tears. She couldn't utter a word because of the lump formed in . She lowered her head so that he wouldn't see the tears burning her eyes.

Growing up, I always knew I want to be a stay-at-home mother for my children. It's so sad that motherhood is demonized so much these days, particularly in the West. They use the term 'Birthing Persons' instead of Mothers, 'Pregnant Persons' instead of Pregnant Women, 'Chestfeeding' instead of 'feeding'. They're erasing women from the language and…

Her thoughts trailed off as he cupped her face in his hands and lifted her head up so that she had to look at him. She couldn't stop tears from escaping her eyes.

Junmyeon wiped her tears away with his thumbs as he tenderly added, "As mothers, women have one of the most important roles on earth, far more important than any ministry, speaking gig, hobby, or anything else. Tell me, what changes your mind, what's your fear?"   

"Deep inside my heart, I still want to be a mother. Seeing the world shifting in the wrong direction with so many restrictions…the LGBTQ agenda…the CO2 climate hoax being pushed on children, it is very risky to have children in this generation," Eunji choked out the words. "So-called fossil fuels are being attacked by foolish green children having climate nightmares…due to global warming scare stories spread by the globalist scum who seek to depopulate the world. Those foolish green children really aren't saving the world…they really, really are just killing themselves and their fellow humans. I don't want my potential offspring to face all the stupidity going on in the world. I…I'm afraid that my potential offspring will be one of those foolish green children."    

He gently pulled her into his arms. As his hands rubbed up and down her back, she let herself sob into his chest. Slowly, she calmed down again. She didn't move and neither did he.

Junmyeon, we are living in the stupidest period in human history. There are those who embrace ignorance and who would prefer conformity and obedience. Martin Luther King Jr. described this as 'sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.' He said that there was nothing more dangerous in the world than this kind of 'intellectual and moral blindness.' The cure is open-minded inquiry. Immanuel Kant said that we should have the courage to use our understanding. Yes, I dare to know, dare to think, and I have the courage to use my own reasoning and understanding. Prior to convid-19, I spent some of my time exposing the climate fraud and Greta How-Dare-You Thunberg. The globalist scum have used a child to spread their doomsday messages because it will not stand up to close scientific scrutiny, and if anyone challenges her, she or he is being 'cruel' to a little girl.  

For someone to claim that CO2 can raise the temperature of the earth, Greta needs to describe the basic physics that would allow such. She cannot. Instead, she used a bull psychiatric diagnosis to try to earn people's sympathy. Do you know that the Asperger's diagnosis was coined to eliminate innocent children who could not be indoctrinated into Nazi concepts of 'society' or who operated just a bit differently? Austrian physician Hans Asperger, the namesake of Asperger's Syndrome, was an active participant in the Nazi eugenics program, recommending that children deemed 'unfit for life' be sent to a notorious euthanasia clinic. It wasn't until 1981, a year after Asperger's death, that the term 'Asperger's Syndrome' was introduced to the world. The condition that would later bear his name was originally coined by Hans Asperger as 'autistic psychopathy.' A psychopath, to Asperger, was someone who lacked a specific kind of 'social feeling' the Germans called Gemüt. The 'autistic psychopaths' were seen as something other than human. In 2013, Asperger's Syndrome was taken out of the DSM and replaced with 'Autistic Spectrum Disorder.' But it is still included in the International Classification of Diseases or ICD and remains in common usage. Dr. Asperger and others like him warned the public of the menace of 'unfit sociopaths' roaming the streets. Yet no one tried to remove the real monsters from the streets: Dr. Asperger and his associates.

I have no sympathy for Greta. She and the people behind her should take responsibility for making children all over the world anxious when they hear the doomsday messages she preaches.

Closing her eyes, Eunji inhaled deeply. His natural scent wafted into her nose. It smelled wonderful. It smelled like comfort. It was comfort, for her anyway.

A moment later, Junmyeon spoke, breaking the silence between them, "You said there is a conspiracy to depopulate the world. Don't you realize that you are actually supporting it by staying celibate forever?"

She froze at his statement.

I try to expose the depopulation agenda, and at the same time, I support it by remaining celibate forever? Doesn't it make me a hypocrite?

Eunji withdrew herself quietly from his arms and leaned back against the wall. She drew her knees up to her chest, rested her forehead on them and shut her eyes, feeling pathetic. "No, Junmyeon. I don't support the depopulation agenda," she muttered hoarsely.

He her head softly. "If you really don't support the depopulation agenda, let's get married and have kids. There will be no contraception use in our marriage. Instead of having for our own pleasure, we have it for our kids. Do you agree?"

Eunji lifted her head to look at him. Junmyeon smiled. "Let's spend the rest of our lives together here. Our kids will be free from all the stupidity going on in the world; they will be independent thinkers. We will teach them reading, writing, arithmetic, how to care for livestock, how to build a small shelter, etc. I'll bring cows and chickens here."

Surprisingly, broke into a smile. "That sounds great," she blurted out hoarsely.

"So, do you agree to get married to me?" he asked as if for confirmation.

She cleared to get rid of the hoarseness. "Yes. We can get married when a good time comes," she said, meeting his gaze as she spoke. His eyes sparkled. He cupped her face in his hands and kissed her forehead with tenderness. She felt a warm feeling spread throughout her body.

She took a deep breath. "Actually, I came here to refresh myself from the convid-19 madness. I plan to go back to city sometime in the future. I'd like to continue to do what I did prior to convid, which is exposing the climate fraud. Poverty, starvation, and death will be the results of 'doing something' about climate change, as if anyone actually could. You cannot change the climate but you can enslave, control and destroy a whole lot of your fellow humans. Photosynthesis is obviously the 'going concern' in terms of plant life. Yes, nutrients are taken up in the soil but this is in service of the photosynthesis occurring above which creates the actual energy and creates the new plant material and growth. Plants don't 'eat' in the way an animal does with the exception of a few types of plants"—she raised her fingers into mock quotation marks as she spoke—"but in terms of a general analogy the term 'CO2 is plant food' is similar to the fact that sunlight is also 'plant food'. Sunlight and carbon dioxide are the fundamental components of plant life, and all life. Plants cannot live without both of those present, and they are the fundamental 'food' for the plant, along with the nutrients which are taken up too. Below 150 ppm of CO2 all plants would die. Their wanting to reduce CO2 shows how they hate plants! I can't stay silent and let them destroy life on earth. You know the single greatest difference between virology and climate science is that every individual on the face of earth may test the latter and no lab or fancy equipment is required."

"You can do it while you're married." Junmyeon moved back to sit beside her and put his arm around her shoulder. "I'm with you all the way."

Comforted by his nearness, Eunji leaned against him, resting her head on his firm shoulder. "Didn't you tell me that your mother's friends called me a conspiracy theorist and anti-vaxxer? I now doubt your mother will accept me as your wife."

"It's her friends who called you that. You know, my mother liked you a lot. She would always say that you're good daughter-in-law material." Junmyeon kissed the top of her head. "I'm sure she will accept you. She is actually an anti-vaxxer."

Eunji lifted her head to look at him. "Your mother is an anti-vaxxer?" Disbelief crept into her voice. "You are not kidding me, are you?"

"No, I'm not kidding you. My mother held the same idea as a leading virologist of the past century Robert Doerr, that viruses are endogenous products of cells. This is what she has to say about the reason for her not taking the covid shot, quote, 'Every medical experiment needs a control group. So I have volunteered to be in the control group that does not get the shot. I will tell people who have gotten the shot they are in the vaccinated group. Let's come back in two or more years and see which group has done better. The vaccinated group doesn't seem to realize they are in the largest medical experiment in history. At least I know I'm in a medical experiment and I feel more comfortable being in the control group,' end quote," Junmyeon said. "Almost four years ago, she retired from her work as a high school biology teacher and devoted herself to farming. At our family farm, we use rotational grazing to produce nutrient-dense meat that is high quality and delicious. This method promotes healthy soil and pasture regeneration."

Eunji felt a surge of happiness sweep through her as a smile spread over her face.

"What virologists have been falsely labeling viruses are indeed cellular products and not pathogenic. The foundation of virology is based on an assumption. In Principles of Virology 4th edition, Flint et al quoted Friedrich Loeffler as saying, 'Thus, we cannot reject the assumption that the effect of the filtered lymph is not due to toxicity, but rather the ability of the agent to replicate.' That 1000-plus-page textbook tells the reader up front, in that quote, what the answer really is, Toxicity, but then proceeds to flip the reader into believing that it is a theorized replicating organism, alive or dead, no one knows, that hijacks the cellular machinery, replicates and spreads. I'm still astonished at the ludicrousness of it all, but I am reminded of the saying the bigger a lie, the easier it is to fool. No pathogenic virus exposes the doctors as the crooks and murderers they are. All the suffering they have caused in the name of the virus is beyond forgivable." Eunji rested her head back on his shoulder. "Pushing vaccines is terrorism any way you slice it. Everybody including me, who is anti-vax, needs to come out and state the obvious: all vaccines are a barbaric fraud, a witches brew derived from murdered babies. What I find interesting is the complete success that the pro-vax propaganda has achieved. Now you will find that people who oppose the convid vax feel obliged to say 'I'm not an anti-vaxxer but...' It is like being against vaccination is admitting that you are some kind of idiot when, in fact, the opposite is true. Your mother used to call me often just to ask how I was doing. The calls discontinued since I told her that I broke our relationship off. Honestly, the real reason I broke our relationship off was because I realized that your profession, psychotherapy is a complete, appalling scam, not because I needed to focus on my studies. Anyway, why did you quit being a therapist?"   

There was a brief silence before Junmyeon answered, "I quit being a therapist because the system was so arbitrary yet everyone around me treated it as if it was all based on absolute scientific fact—the diagnoses, the treatment plans. Diagnosing people is incredibly stigmatizing. It can really actually cause people a lot of harm. Diagnoses give therapists too much power over. The criteria for the diagnosis are so subjective that any person could be diagnosed with any disorder at any time. There are no defining physical tests of any kind to back up the diagnosis. Diagnoses frequently change, often in an effort to justify this or that drug. What possible benefit is there to calling someone's behavioral or emotional struggles an illness? Labeling a person with a psychiatric label will influence the person's mental state in various ways, in terms of self-image and how people treat them as well, thereby becoming a causal factor in the behaviors that compile the very label itself, which becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. I have personally never slotted people into pseudo-absolute categories such as Aspergers or ADD, never suggested them psychiatric drugs or referred them out to someone to prescribe it." He took a deep breath. "I heard a lot of things from a lot of people, and after a while it started to affect my wellbeing. I listened to a sad story that made me want to cry, and it was my job to support my clients and help them get through things. I talked people down from suicide, and I saw some of my clients at their very worst moments. And it started to hurt me. That's another reason why I quit. Some of the clients with a mean streak seem to like the idea that they have a chemical imbalance and go around proudly boasting of it. I guess it's kind of an excuse for their nasty behaviors. A get out of jail free card."   

"That's exactly why I quit my master's degree in clinical psychology. I know that I just can't work in a fraudulent system. Making people believe that they are diseased simply because they're not feeling right is fraudulent. To show how fraudulent the system is, homouality was listed in the first two versions of the DSM. It wasn't until 1980 that it was removed in the third edition. Not because that they realized it was not a 'mental disorder', but because of political pressure to remove it. The DSM is used worldwide, along with the ICD. The fact that some people refer to themselves as 'psychiatric survivors' speaks to the massive amounts of harm people all over the world have endured. What is 'Serious Mental Illness' or SMI? SMI is a 25 year shorter average lifespan from all the poisons called medications given or forced on to victims of psychiatry. Good on you for walking away and standing in your integrity," Eunji remarked, raising her fingers into mock quotation marks as she spoke. "One day, a retired army man came to my restaurant with his friend and told about his psychiatric diagnosis and how everything got worse the more he relied on psychiatric prescriptions. I butted in, saying: 'Psychiatric diagnoses have no scientific basis. I guess someone told you that you 'have' 'Complex PTSD', but what you really 'have' is your own way of having reacted to and tried to cope with the trauma you experienced. Don't use such a damaging system's language to refer to yourself. All psychiatric drugs are neurotoxins; they poison your nervous system and can permanently damage your capacity to feel, remember, think, and act. The only way to get your life back is to come off the drugs. These drugs are based on zero science. They do not have the ability to determine actual brain chemicals or lack thereof when they prescribe; it's all guess work.' The retired army man seemed surprised and confused. He asked me if I was a doctor. I told him that I was an ex-clinical psychology master's student. To my surprise, he then asked me to help him come off the drugs. I advised him to go on a carnivore diet and sunbathing, and explained: 'Once you stop taking your drugs, it's very likely that you'll experience withdrawal symptoms. Yes, the withdrawal symptoms can be horrible for sure. These symptoms are signs that the body is cleaning toxic build-up and repairing itself, not relapse. Animal foods provide all of the nutrients the body needs to repair and heal itself. Avoid pasteurized milk and artificial flavors. Sunbathing helps eliminate toxins through your skin.' He is now living drug free. He thanked me and said that brain fog, depression, anxiety, irritability, all gone."

After a brief pause, she continued, "Fluoride is a principal ingredient in many psychiatric drugs such as Prozac, Lexapro, Fluvoxamine and Risperdal. Fluoride, a byproduct of phosphate fertilizer, steel, and aluminum production, is totally toxic to humans. Biochemist James Sumner, who used fluoride to poison enzymes in his experiments and won the 1946 Nobel Prize for his work on enzyme chemistry, was quoted as saying: 'Everybody knows fluorine and fluorides are very poisonous substances and we use them in enzyme chemistry to poison enzymes, those vital agents in the body. That is the reason things are poisoned, because the enzymes are poisoned and that is why animals and plants die.' A report published in The Lancet Neurology in 2014 by Drs. Grandjean and Landrigan has labeled fluoride a neurotoxin in the same league as lead, methylmercury, arsenic. The researchers who conducted the review of data on sodium fluoride came to the conclusion that repeated doses of infinitesimal amounts of fluoride will, in time, cause slow brain damage, incrementally poisoning and narcotizing certain areas of the brain, causing a number of neurological impairments as fluoride and other chemicals bio-accumulate in the brain. You know it's amazingly difficult to persuade people that what they have been told by their doctors are lies. No matter how many facts you present they truly believe they would be dead without these drugs. They vehemently defend the abusers who have stripped them of their intellectual abilities, physical health, dignity, and even freedom!"

"You sound like you have yet to grasp the essential principle: You can lead someone to information, but you cannot make him think. I thank God that retired army man met you. Doctors, and in particular psychiatry and neurology, absolutely refuse to acknowledge that these drugs are not safe. They tell the patient when she or he does experience these withdrawal effects that they are a sign of 'relapse.' It's used as a reason why the patient needs to stay on the drug. The lack of ethics in the field is shocking, or would be if I didn't already expect it at this point," Junmyeon responded, curling two fingers on one hand into air-quotes. "The iatrogenic injury caused by psychiatric drugs is catastrophic. Can we agree to stop calling them 'medications'? Can we call them what they are: drugs? The reason is simple: They are not 'medications' with 'side effects.' They are drugs with effects. Effects going in—effects coming off—extremely dangerous effects in both directions. A keto or carnivore diet does help a lot when you want to come off these drugs."

"The only difference between a medicine and a poison is the dosage. That's the Mantra of synthetic pharmaceutical 'medicine'. We should stop calling all pharmaceutical drugs 'medications' because all of them are made of known toxic chemicals. Call them what they are: poisons. It means 'side effects' are direct effects. It's ridiculous to call them 'side effects'. The 'mental health' system is the worst thing to come out of the twentieth century. And the worst thing about it is that it's a 'system', meaning arbitrary standards and bureaucracy runs the show. Then add to that a therapist's ego and financial incentive, and you've got one heck of a monster. Totalitarianism is the essence of 'mental health.' Unwanted behavior is attacked as 'unhealthy' which helps mask the political nature of the process." Eunji raised her fingers into mock quotation marks as she spoke. "Once in a whimsy of thinking, I noticed that the word 'therapist' can be divided into the words, 'the '. And there is no coincidence. The inherent structure of the therapy relationship—the one-way intimacy, one-sided vulnerability, and surrounding secrecy—lends itself to exploitation and emotional . It's a problem that no one wants to think about or admit exists. I hear people speak of how therapy helped them 'so much.' Sadly, in my opinion, I can only say they must be deceiving themselves. The only way to 'get better' and 'healthy' is to free yourself from them and just walk away. A relationship with a therapist is tragically just another form of an abusive relationship. 'Professional literature' interprets a client's dislike of her therapist as 'resistance,' 'projection,' 'avoidance' or sometimes a 'flight into health.' The old adage of 'ask for help' can be a precarious trap. Psychiatric poisons are ruining lives and there's no accountability. This is a fact: there are no 'experts' to someone else's misery. We all have within ourselves the ability to self-regulate and heal ourselves. Our body knows best how to heal itself. When you get a cut, your body immediately triggers a cascade of events that aim to reduce blood loss by coagulating your blood at the injured site. And without taking a break, your body then works to reestablish the layers of skin that have been injured. No one can do this in the body's place, not even a medical doctor."

Junmyeon made no response. Eunji held his hand in hers, lightly brushing her thumb over his knuckles.

To be honest, I'm so glad you left the so-called healing profession. All the field of psychiatry and psychology actually is: A bunch of delusions of grandeur filled, omnipotent moral busybody, control freaks, here to attempt to control us. That's why despite the proven dangers of obedience, their newest bible DSM-5 has no coding for 'obedience disorder', however disobedience is a sign of codeable disorder called Oppositional Defiant Disorder: 'Often actively defies or refuses to comply with requests from authority figures or with rules.' I admire that you could admit how fraudulent the system is and that you could no longer be a part of it. I knew you willingly quit your job for me. I also knew you loved it; you were so passionate about it. Hence, I refused to be the reason you quit your job. I did wish someday you would realize there is a difference between listening to people and getting paid to do so…

Her thoughts were broken by his soft, yet firm voice: "I want to emphasize that my quitting job has nothing to do with you." 

"I'm glad it has nothing to do with me."

"Five years ago, Jiyeon told me that you never wore the clothes I specifically ordered for you. Why did you never wear them? Was it because I bought them with my earned money as a therapist?"

"Yes, that was the reason. Frankly, I don't want anything from the money you earned as a therapist."

"You don't need to worry. I won't use my earned money as a therapist to feed you and our future children."  

They looked at each other. Then Eunji asked, "Where do you get money from to buy cows and chickens?"

"I work at my parents' farm since I quit my therapy job," Junmyeon replied. "Eunji, I do not see money as being above serving another in need. I voluntarily provide a listening ear to those who need it on my days off. I found that serving others expecting nothing in return brings genuine fulfillment. You said every individual on the face of earth may test climate science and no lab or fancy equipment is required. I will appreciate if you explain how. I've been trying to help children who are terrified and worried about man-made climate change. One of them starved herself because she believed that nitrogen fertilizer and meat cause climate change. I brought her and other kids to my parents' farm and explained how rotational grazing is good for the environment in the hope she would stop starving herself. But I failed. She was admitted to hospital with malnutrition."

"Nitrogen, an essential component of the air we breathe, is not an issue with any climate BS. It's the same sort of nonsense argument we hear for carbon dioxide, that while essential for all life on earth, it is also a pollutant. Just as carbon dioxide is called 'carbon,' nitrogen compounds, including ammonia, urea, nitric oxide, nitrogen oxides, nitrous oxide, are now termed 'nitrogen.' " She raised her fingers into mock quotation marks as she spoke. "The nitrogen bogeyman is N2O, nitrous oxide. This one fits perfectly for reducing population. If you can't starve and freeze people to death by removing their energy source, the most logical and easiest method is limit their food. Most people have no clue that they are the pollution the globalist scum want to eliminate. Urea, a major component of urine, can break down to form gases of oxidized nitrogen, these gases reach the atmosphere, where nitrous oxide can contribute to 'warming' via the so-called greenhouse effect and nitrogen oxides can cause acid rain. So when you pee, you are allegedly a human pollution machine that is 'heating up the planet'. You know N2O has a short retention time in the atmosphere as it breaks down readily into the main atmospheric gases N2 and O2 in the presence of sunlight. Anyone who thinks carbon, oxygen and nitrogen are pollutants is a moron. These three things are the basic elements of human existence. Anybody who claims to be fighting 'climate change' is really at war with humanity itself. 'Save the planet' is the most ridiculous thing someone could say. The earth will still be here long after the human race has departed for a more ash-like state of being. I'm sure those kids have listened to Greta How-Dare-You Thunberg. My friend, who's a middle school teacher, once informed me that Greta's 2018 Ted Talk was played to the children in school. Everything you need to know about Greta is encapsulated in the odd coincidence of an unknown barely pubescent school girl spontaneously deciding to demonstrate for the first time and just happened to be spontaneously recorded on the very first day on a professionally shot video. They could at least have had the decency to not have her school-girly blog hosted on a DNS address allocated to the UN. Greta is a whimper without a script."

Eunji yawned, covering with her hand, her eyes heavy. She then added, "The environmental movement has been a doomsday cult for more than 50 years: the population bomb, the coming ice age, rising sea levels, melting ice caps, acid rain, ocean acidification, the ozone hole, etc. It's the same words sung to slightly different tunes. Tomorrow, I'll explain how climate science invented their RGHE, and test it. I feel so sleepy."

"They have indeed listened to Greta. The Greta Thunberg speech played to them in school was the famous one from when she spoke at the UN Climate Action Summit in September 2019." Junmyeon patted her head lightly. "You can sleep now." He rose to his feet and walked over to the door.

"Where are you going?" Eunji asked as he stepped out.

Junmyeon turned to face her. "To the shed. I'm cooking deer bone broth there."

"I'm the one who should cook."  

She was about to stand up when he reassured gently while patting in the air, as if signaling her to stay there, "It's okay. You said you feel so sleepy. So go sleep now."

She nodded. "From tomorrow on, as long as I'm here, I'll do the cooking. Okay?"

Junmyeon gave her a thumb up, nodding his head. They exchanged smiles before he closed the door. Eunji lay back down on the sleeping platform. Her eyes slowly drifted shut. And she fell into a peaceful sleep.

Her internal body clock told her it was early morning. Eunji stirred slightly and opened her eyes. Slowly, she pulled herself into a sitting position and blinked, adjusting her eyes to the dimness. She slid into her hiking shoes and tied the laces. Grabbing her jacket off the floor, she stood up, walked over to the door and opened it. A cold gentle spring wind greeted her. She slipped into her jacket, stepped out and closed the door behind her. It was early morning twilight. Darkness gave way to ghostly yellow along the eastern horizon. Straight overhead the sky was a deep dark blue, while in the west night lingered, and the stars still shone. The fresh scent of wildflowers and damp soil reached her nose, and she breathed deeply, enjoying the fragrances. She felt so relaxed, like she was floating. She put her hands into her jacket pockets as she headed towards the shed.

She stepped in the shed. A clay 10-quart pot was sitting on an adobe rocket stove. The embers were burning hot but there was still a constant and calm flame. Junmyeon was sleeping in the sleeping bag, illuminated by a clay oil lamp on the ground next to him. She squatted down beside him and smiled as he stirred slightly, but remained asleep, a small smile lighting up his face. She reached out to touch his face but her hand retreated back to her side. She didn't want to wake him up.  

Eunji straightened up and walked over to a 2-tier wooden table next to the stove. She grabbed grey knitted gloves and wore it before lifting the pot lid. Steam rose, and she inhaled. She put the lid on the table, took a wooden long-handled dipping spoon and stirred the bones. The bones were soft and spongy. Inside, all the bone marrow was gone; it was hollow. The broth was milky white. She put the spoon back on the table, lifted the pot and put it on the ground. To cool faster, she let the pot uncovered. She took the gloves off and placed them back on the table.

She walked back over to him and sat down on the ground. "You must have stayed up all night cooking," she mumbled quietly.

Watching him sleep brought her back to their first encounter. That Sunday afternoon, dressed in a dark grey below-the-knee dress with short sleeves, she went up to her new rooftop apartment, carrying a wooden bento box of steak tartare and a glass bottle of water.

"No greater enjoyment than sitting in sunlight eating raw meat," she said excitedly as she stepped out into the rooftop and stopped in her tracks.

The rooftop came equipped with a garden, dining table, four chairs and a dome patio umbrella. She found a man, who was sitting upright, his legs uncrossed, one hand on the dining table in front of him, where a thick book lay open, staring right at her with unblinking eyes. His mouth was slightly open. He wore a white and blue stripe linen-blend short sleeve shirt, black trousers and black sandals. His hair was dark brown, straight, with a side parting, neatly combed. It seemed like he was a tenant here.

She awkwardly smiled, bowing slightly to him before heading towards the right corner of the rooftop. She had only taken three steps when his voice came from behind her, "You can sit here. The seat is free."

She turned around to see him turning the crank handle counterclockwise until the umbrella was fully closed. He smiled at her, reassuring and friendly. "Come on, you can sit here in sunlight."

She nodded with a smile on her face and walked over to him. She placed the bento box and the bottle on the table before she pulled out the chair across from him and sat down.

"I've never seen you around here before. Are you a new tenant?" the man proceeded as she opened her bento box.

"Yes, I just moved here this morning. This apartment is the cheapest I could find that's close to the university I study at."

"You study at SNU? What subject are you majoring in?"

"I'm in my second year at SNU, majoring in psychology." She stuck out her hand for a handshake. "My name is Jung Eunji, and you?"

"My name is Kim Junmyeon." He lightly took her hand and shook it. "I'm a therapist, and I've been living here for about five years now."

"It's nice to meet you." She smiled.

He returned her smile. "Nice to meet you too."

Her smile widened as she scooped a spoonful of chopped beef meat. "Do you want to try out this dish?" Eunji held the spoon out to him.  

Junmyeon waved his hand. "No, thanks."

"I made this dish myself. No artificial flavors are added. You don't eat meat?"

"I like eating meat. It's just that I've already eaten. I still feel satisfied."

"Oh, I see." She popped the meat into and chewed it thoroughly, savoring the taste and texture. And after finally swallowing it, she concluded, "Hand chopped meat always tastes much better than machine chopped meat." She scooped another spoonful and popped it into . "You can eat all the animal protein you want as well as the animal saturated fat, and you will stay lean. Our gut isn't designed to digest cellulose, and our strong stomach acid indicates that we are designed to digest animal protein. Ruminants digest cellulose via a symbiotic relationship with ruminal microorganisms. These animals transform grass to human edible and nutritious food in the form of meat. Meat is super food that will help keep your body and your thinking strong. Anyone who says otherwise wants you weak and dumb like them."

"Meat is necessary and essential in spiritual warfare," Junmyeon responded. "In 1 Timothy 4:3, God warns that there will come times when evil forces will be 'commanding man to abstain from meats, which God has created to be received with thanksgiving of them which believe and know the truth.' "

Surprised, Eunji dropped the spoon back into the bento box. It hit the edge with a gentle clink as she stared at him unblinkingly. "There are groups of people today who teach that we should stop eating meat." She shifted her gaze down to the thick book then back up to his face. "What the book are you reading?"

Junmyeon closed the book and lifted it, showing it to her. Its cover was dark brown. The title read, 'Holy Bible King James Version.' He put it back on the table, saying, "The Bible makes clear that God created animals for human consumption. Genesis 9:3 says: 'Every moving thing that liveth shall be meat for you'. We should be responsible and good stewards of the creation God has entrusted us with. I don't buy meat from big industrial farms that cram their animals together and shoot them full of hormones and antibiotics either. Romans 14:2 says: 'For one believeth that he may eat all things: another, who is weak, eateth herbs.' My mother likes to point out that the Bible says that vegetarians are weak, but it's true. The Bible is pointing out that meat eaters whose conscience is clear are not the weak in faith, but those who abstain from meat."  

"I got meat from my grandfather. He raises goats, chickens, and cattle. He ensures they're all nourished and roaming on healthy pasture the way nature intended: hormone free, antibiotic free, vaccine free. My meat-eating has nothing to do with the bible or any other religious text. Frankly, I don't believe in any religion, but I do believe there is a Creator. The reality is that by any realistic measurement, humans are obligate meat eaters. They can get by eating only meat. But they cannot get by eating only plants without some help from modern technology. There are essential nutrients we cannot get from plants," Eunji remarked as she opened the bottle lid. She brought the bottle to her lips and took a sip. "Despite everything you have been told about plants as nutritional powerhouses, animal foods contain every essential and non-essential nutrient humans need to thrive, in their most bioavailable form. I am very aware of the physical dangers of veganism. My ex-dormitory roommate, a Christian vegan, believes veganism is perfectly in line with scripture. I'm increasingly annoyed with her attempt to convert me to her diet, that's the main reason I moved out. The fact that she lost her period and her hair plus her anemic appearance proves her diet is harmful. She would nag about the animals every time she saw me eat meat. I'm now free from her nagging."

"You are wise enough to realize human beings are a deliberate creation, and not an accident of nature." Junmyeon opened the Bible back up. "The false theology of Christian veganism is a doctrine of devils, and it goes against what the King James Bible says. In 1 Timothy 4:3, we, Christians, learn that God does not command to abstain from meats and warns us to beware those that do. According to the 1 Timothy 4:3-5, all meats are good for food and to be received with thanksgiving. There are some people who, as Apostate Christians, in the end times, will demand that we abstain from certain kinds of meat. 1 Timothy 4:1 says: 'Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith'. I believe this includes religious veganism e.g. the Seventh-day Adventists, who are outright vegetarians. 1 Timothy 4:1 tells us plainly that such people are being influenced by demons. 1 Timothy 4:1 says specifically that they give 'heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils.' Genesis 4:3-8 describe the first human murder committed by a vegan. Why do cult leaders forbid people to eat meat? It is to weaken the people, in order to control the masses. Also if meat-eating helps with our thinking, and we give up meat, that means we won't have any discernment. If there's no discernment, then we are more likely to be deceived."

"So my ex-dormitory roommate is being influenced by demons?" she asked, to which he nodded with a concerned look on his face.

Eunji snapped back to the present moment. And she couldn't help but laugh. Those memories still brought such contentment and happiness to her soul whenever she reminisced.

"What happens?" Junmyeon asked, his voice thin.

She gulped, feeling guilty. "I'm sorry for waking you up."

He rubbed his eyes before pulling himself into a sitting position. "I accidentally fell asleep while supervising the fire in the stove. So I should thank you for waking me up. I haven't…" his voice trailed off as he looked at the stove.

She pointed at the pot on the ground. "The broth is done. How long did you simmer it?"

"I didn't watch the clock. Yesterday midday, as soon as your brother left, I started making the broth," he responded. "Why were you laughing anyway?"

"I just reminisced on how we met. Your response to my question was just—" Eunji burst into a small laugh, thoroughly amused. She cleared . "Honestly, I didn't believe my ex-dormitory roommate was being influenced by demons. She was just lack of critical thinking and common sense. Common sense is not so common and neither is critical thinking."

"I never forget our first meeting. It was our meat-eating that brought us closer together, not our field," Junmyeon said. "It's interesting that along with forbidding the eating of meat, the Bible also says that some will also forbid marriage. 1 Timothy 4:3 says: 'Forbidding to marry, and commanding to abstain from meats...' With the onslaught of attacks on Biblical marriage today by the LGBTQ agenda, we can easily envision the day when people, particularly in western countries, will be commanded to abstain from marriage."

"So you believe we are living in the end times?"

"Of course, Jesus tells us, Christians, to make sure that no one leads us astray during these end times. He tells us to not be alarmed, to be on guard, to not be anxious, and to be ready to speak the word of God."

Eunji sighed. "You know Junmyeon, the obtainment of my knowledge of the Creator came from the observation of nature, all thanks to my father. There is always a purpose when we create something, right? By observing the natural patterns of nature, it has shown me that there is a purpose for everything, which means there is a Creator. For example, I've seen aphids magically spawn overnight on one of four persimmon trees in our garden. I asked my father: 'We have four persimmon trees, why only one of them is infested?' My father explained, quote: 'Aphids are our great indicator that there's a huge imbalance in terms of excess nitrogen, deficient phosphorus and such and that the aphids are actually equalizing that situation there. The honeydew they excrete is a favorite food of ants. In exchange, ants protect them from predators e.g. lacewings and ladybugs. Ants: Nature's way of decomposing dead organic matter to build fertile soil that grows your food. Don't kill those aphids. They are an indicator. They're not the problem. They're there to solve the problem. They will disappear on their own when they finish their job. The sprays muck up the natural order of things. You cannot cut into one part of the natural chain without impacting on other parts of the chain,' end quote. He tested the soil and indeed there was an imbalance. He asked me and my brother if we fertilized the plants. I said, no, whereas my twelve-year-old brother innocently said that he peed on that tree every morning. My father told him to stop peeing there: 'Urine is very high in nitrogen compared to potassium and phosphorus. You may need to pee daily, but our plants don't need your daily pee.' Two weeks later, after the aphids were gone, he tested the soil again and found that the imbalance was corrected. The tree grew healthy again. That's how I knew the germ theory is nonsense. Mosquitoes regulate things, and they are an indicator of toxicity. If anything, mosquitoes extract toxins from you. When I consumed a lot of sugar, I noticed mosquitoes bite me eagerly. When I stopped eating sugar, mosquitoes didn't even come near me. That's how I figured out sugar is a toxin. Mosquitoes actually help you." 

"The opening verses of Genesis state that God is the source of all life and that creation is good. God's wisdom can be revealed through observation of the natural world." Junmyeon smiled. "Your father is a very wise man."

"After our first conversation, out of my curiosity, I started reading religious texts, irrespective of the religion. What surprised me was that every religion has the same basic principles. When a 'god' only speaks to one person, he can claim all sorts of special exemptions to the rules that others must follow. For example, the Quran says that men are allowed to have no more than four wives, why did Muhammad get more? Muhammad claimed he received a special revelation which gave him, and him only, special moral privileges, namely, the right to marry more women, see Surah 33:50. Muhammad made such a claim to justify his greed for women," Eunji proceeded, raising her fingers into mock quotation marks as she spoke. "To justify his immorality, Muhammad claimed he received another revelation that Allah commanded him to marry the former wife of his adopted son. There is no dispute that Muhammad ually desired the wife of his adopted son while they were still married. The Quran says that while you concealed within yourself that which Allah is to disclose. Incredible, isn't it? The Arabs didn't really like this because marrying the wife or the former wife of your adopted son was considered and extremely immoral. Even Arabian pagans regarded this behavior as an abomination. But it got the blessing of Allah whose standards of morality were supposedly higher than those of Arabian pagans. Adopted sons and daughters were not considered legal under Sharia Law. All because one man decided to marry his son's divorced wife. Surah 33:37 and Surah 33:53 are absolutely brilliant. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. The so-called prophets and clerics can easily change the rules to suit their narratives. Virtually all of today's 'modern religions' have borrowed heavily from the ancient religions. The Babylonian Enuma Elish predates the Book of Genesis by thousands of years. The story of Osiris's birth, life, and death, very similar elements to the story of Jesus predates the bible by thousands of years too. Every religion requires a doomsday scenario that never comes. Do you not notice that the religious establishments have done everything in their power to propagate the democidal convid protocols?"   

Junmyeon ducked his head as if something hard had been thrown at him. A few seconds later, he lifted his head to look at her and said, "From a biblical perspective, Muhammad would fall into the category of a false prophet. I will never demand you or anyone follow Christianity. I'm just saying you do know there are people who want to force us to stop eating meat. And it warns in the Bible. The environmental movement has declared war on carbon dioxide. The result of the collapsing CO2 in the atmosphere will be the collapse of the global food supply, since plants require carbon dioxide to produce food. Revelation 6:5-6 describe economic turmoil and price inflation of food, obviously a result from collapsing food production."

"It's being manufactured in that direction to scare the religious fanatics. Fear makes people obedient. It is well known that when society is in a state of fear or panic, they can easily be manipulated. The people behind Greta How-Dare-You Thunberg know it very well. That's why Greta wants you to panic and fear," Eunji countered. "Let me tell you some of striking similarities between the Osiris-Jesus narratives and theologies. When Osiris was born, a voice came into the world with him. One Pamyles, as he was drawing water at Thebes, distinctly heard it, and he uttered a cry of gladness and told the people that a good and wise king had appeared among men. The night Jesus was born, a voice came down from heaven, and a group of shepherds tending their flock heard it and went to see the child. Jesus is betrayed and killed by Judas, just as Osiris is betrayed and killed by Set. The ankh and the cross are extremely similar, minus the loop at the top. Women alone are present to mourn Jesus's death as in Mark 15:40, just as Isis and Nephthys mourn the slain Osiris. Jesus is expected to return to defeat the forces of evil as depicted in the Book of Revelation, just as Osiris returns as Horus who defeats Set."

"The resurrection of Jesus is a true historical event. Jesus was a historical figure who lived in Galilee in the early first century A.D." Junmyeon slightly raised his voice. "We have enough evidence in Tacitus's Annals, the function of Pilatus, Flavious Josephus' papers and Mara's letter to confirm with a good level of confidence that a man named Jesus existed well and was crucified. Judas didn't kill Jesus. He only set Jesus up to be killed by others."

"The UN's Agenda 21/30 has already started. It just hasn't affected everyone yet in noticeable ways. Definition of global environmental sustainablity is depopulating the world. United Nations document from 2009 asks, 'What would it take to accelerate fertility decline in the least developed countries?' There should be no doubts that the globalist scum want a reduction of the world's population. The real question is why. It is really the fear of too many mouths to feed? Or it is population control a method used to prepare the world for a new way of thinking that's based on pagan religions? As you dig deeper, it becomes clear that the globalist scum are deeply religious. The United Nations has their own in-house prophet, Sri Chinmoy, who is their official spiritual advisor. In speaking to the UN meditation group, Sri Chinmoy once said, quote, 'We are the most fortunate people on earth, for god has chosen us to be his instruments to serve him in mankind. Please try to feel that the United Nations is not a mere building, but a place of worship, a place where all human beings can worship and pray to god. This place is a living shrine for the supreme,' end quote. Where was the first place that the eighth UN Secretary-General Ban Kimoon went to after being sworn in? The UN meditation room, of course. One NGO of the United Nations is The Lucis Trust, originally named Lucifer Publishing. The Lucis Trust maintains the UN Meditation room. In a Lucis Trust document entitled Department of Religion, you will find proof of the Luciferian belief system held by the United Nations. The document states that in the New World Religion, the whole world will worship Lucifer as the quote-unquote, 'Ruler of Self-consciousness.' The Lucis Trust International Board of Trustees is said to have been chaired by John D. Rockefeller, Norman Cousins, Robert McNamara, Thomas Watson Jr. of IBM, Henry Clauson, and Henry Kissinger. The Rockefeller family is reported to have provided $8.5 million for the purchase of the land for the UN. The United Nations is a wicked organization. It is never about peace. It is all about creating a One World Religion and One World Government, which needs a cudgel to beat people into submission. It is using carbon dioxide as its weapon." Eunji reached out to touch his face. "Junmyeon, religion is man-made. God, the Creator has no connection with religion. All religion is a mechanism for control and exploitation, and is one of the most dangerous things in the world. Critical thinking and common sense is the only thing that can save us."

"You do know the founder of Lucis Trust is Alice Bailey, don't you? Bailey's Christ in dense physical plane form is not Christ Jesus as He is known throughout the orthodox Christian community, but is rather the anti-Christ. Her writings were influenced by the works of Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, the founder of the Theosophical Society. United Nations, Lucis Trust and the Theosophical Society are, in fact, Satanic. In her book The Secret Doctrine, Madame Blavatsky declared that 'it is Satan who is the God of our planet and the only God.' The UN meditation room was the brainchild of Dag Hammarskjold, former Secretary General of the UN in the 1950s. Hammarskjold was a New Age mystic. Former UN Assistant Secretary-General Robert Muller was an occultist who followed Alice Bailey's teachings. Muller was known as the UN philosopher. He founded the Robert Muller School, which is certified by UNESCO. The school's curriculum was published by the Lucis Publishing Company and the preface says: 'The underlying philosophy upon which the Robert Muller School is based will be found in the teachings set forth in the books of Alice A. Bailey, by the Tibetan teacher, Djwhal Khul.' David Spangler, one of the leading proponents of the New Age Movement, heralded as the Director of Planetary Initiative for the United Nations, once revealed, quote: 'No one will enter the New World Order unless he or she will make a pledge to worship Lucifer. No one will enter the New Age unless he will take a Luciferian Initiation,' end quote. The New World Order is about religion. It is obeying Lucifer. The New Age Movement is nothing new. It's more of rejuvenation of the old pagan religions repackaged to fit into modern society…" his voice trailed off into a yawn.

He looked sleepy and tired. He took her hand and held it in his. "Do you think it was a coincidence that the Nazis believed in occultic powers? Like you said, there's no coincidence. The occult Thule Society was the real inspiration of Nazism. Thule, with its cult of Aryanism, inherited some of Madame Blavatsky's vision. Adolf Hitler was a New Age disciple and avid follower of Madame Blavatsky's teachings. According to a British historian Gerald Suster, Hitler kept a copy of The Secret Doctrine by his bedside, ever since being introduced to its teachings by Dietrich Eckart and Karl Haushofer. The very symbol of Nazism, the swastika is from ancient pagan religions. Do you find it interesting that in the FBI agent Cleon Skousen's 45 goals of the Communist Party, one of the Goals is: Promote the U.N. as the only hope for mankind; if its charter is rewritten, demand that it be set up as a one-world government with its own independent armed forces? Communism also has occultic roots. The architect of communism Karl Marx abandoned his early Christian learning well before his twenties and took to writing demonic poetry and plays. According to the late Reverend Richard Wurmbrand, who spent 14 years as a prisoner of the communist government in Romania, Marx spent the rest of his life in pursuit of revenge against the Lord Almighty: 'I wish to avenge myself against the One who rules above,' he wrote, thus revealing that contrary to the common supposition, he was far from being an atheist. You can't take revenge against someone who doesn't exist. Incredibly, Marx actually revealed in an early poem that he intended to go all the way to becoming like a God—the temptation elaborated at the beginning of Book of Genesis, propelled by the seething energies of Lucifer: for in one screaming poem, he wrote: 'With disdain I will throw my gauntlet full in the face of the world, and see the collapse of this pygmy giant whose fall will not stifle my ardour. Then I will wander god-like and victorious through the ruins of the world. And giving my words an active force, I will feel equal to the Creator.' "

He blinked, rubbing his eyes with one hand, then added, "Marx became not an atheist but a Satanist. He joined the highly secret Satanist Church. Marxism is anti-God. It's not atheistic. They believe in God; they just hate Him. It is also characterized by totalitarianism. The term totalitarianism was first used by supporters of Italian dictator Benito Mussolini who summed it up this way: 'Everything within the state, nothing outside the state, and nothing against the state.' Fascism in Italy used the pagan symbols of ancient Rome. We can see that all these isms have a certain commonality. In his book The Sorcerer's New Apprentice, Dave Hunt, wrote: 'Though occultism was publicly treated as nonsense, however, secretly it has continued to be practiced in various forms even in the highest academic and government circles.' Eunji, One World Government is described in the Book of Revelation. The New Age is anti-Christian. The anti-Christ and his false prophets want you to believe that you can become a god through their teachings."

"Modern psychology, self-help books are full of New Age belief systems. In 1993, New Age psychologist Barbara Marx Hubbard, supported by the Laurence Rockefeller Fund, published the Book of Co-Creation, in which she claimed that her spirit guides gave her a vision of things to come. They told her that Out of the full spectrum of human personality, one-fourth is electing to transcend. One-fourth is destructive. They are defective seeds. In the past they were permitted to die a 'natural death.' Now as we approach the quantum shift from the creature-human to the co-creative human—the human who is an inheritor of god-like powers—the destructive one-fourth must be eliminated from the social body. Fortunately, you are not responsible for this act. We are. We are in charge of God's selection process for planet Earth. He selects, we destroy. We are the riders of the pale horse, Death. I see clearly in her words, beliefs and thoughts, a terrible delusion afflicting some on earth. These are the eugenicist scum who call themselves the Elders, who believe they have the right to decide who is to live and who is to die. In 1975, New Age anthropologist Margaret Mead organized a conference on 'The Atmosphere: Endangered and Endangering,' where she used man-made global warming caused by CO2 as the predicate for population reduction and eugenics. They're doing 'god's work' by killing the bad seeds. According to them, we are the bad seeds, useless people as Yuval Noah Harari, a Klaus Schwab disciple put it. I can say, from reading through the mountains of propaganda put forth by New Age organizations promoting 'peace and sustainability,' a lot of people are being fooled by this benign and peaceful sounding rhetoric." Eunji raised her fingers into air-quotes as she spoke. "People need to get one-dollar bill and see the pyramid on the back of that bill. Under it written in Latin, it says 'Novus Ordo Seclorum', which means 'New Order of the Ages' aka 'New World Order'. So in their hand is 'printed proof' of the New World Order, The Great Reset. The usage of pyramid alone is a significant nod to occult orders. Anyway, my view on religion is still the same. According to you, we are living in the end times, and Jesus is the only one who can save us, whereas according to me, we are living in the stupidest period in human history, and critical thinking and common sense is the only thing that can save anyone."

"They actually think they're fulfilling Revelation chapter six, the Pale Horse Rider, death. In fact, they're so brazen about it. They've even set up an actual monument celebrating it right now in the United States! It's called the Georgia Guidestones. It's a New Age stone monolith similar to Stonehenge and in eight different languages. It is the New Ten Commandments of the New World Order. I'm going to comment on the two out of ten commandments. The first commandment inscribed there is: Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature. This would require the removal of nearly 95 percent of the world's population. And it goes against God's command to be fruitful and multiply. The 2nd command: Guide reproduction wisely—improving fitness and diversity. Guiding reproduction rejects the fact that God controls the womb and creates life. No doubt, the word diversity points directly to abortion and the LGBTQ movements. Yuval Noah Harari is a homoual. Homouality is neither a 'mental illness' nor a result of not being parented correctly, it is birthed from lust. It is an act of rebellion against God. In order to address the growing number of 'useless people', Harari suggests keeping them docile with drugs and video games. He is Satanic to the core," Junmyeon remarked, curling two fingers on one hand into air-quotes as he spoke. "The Greek word for sorcery is pharmakeia, from which we derive the words Pharmacy, Pharmacist and Pharmaceutical. Biblical scholar Timothy George explained that 'in classical Greek, the word pharmakeia referred to the use of drugs whether for medicinal or more sinister purposes, e.g. poisoning. In New Testament times pharmakeia in fact denoted the use of drugs with occult properties for a variety of purposes including, especially, abortion.' The symbol of modern medicine is the snake and staff of Satan from Eden. Satan is using the sorcery, the magic of modern pharmaceuticals for one purpose: to poison the body which, in turn, beclouds the mind and thus benumbs the conscience. If you look at how the drug cocktails are prescribed, it's all really sorcery. You know Eunji, I always respect your view even if mine is different. It doesn't matter you don't believe in religion. At least you believe in a Creator. Your efforts to expose the hazards of psychiatric diagnosis, the lies of virology and man-made climate change show that you care about the creation and are passionate about ending the destruction of life. I admire you for that. You are clearly not a hater of God, the Creator." His face broke into a little smile.

His commentary was mind blowing. He was so knowledgeable about NWO. Eunji stared at him admiringly, a smile adorning her face.

"I know you always respect and trust me. That's one reason I am also open to you and loving you. You aren't so narrow-minded like other religious people. I always admire you for that. You know almost all religious people believe they cannot survive without toxic pharmaceuticals. Those religious people literally worship them and have no faith in the design God gave to the human body to heal itself. Every single poison we are being inflicted with is part of a grand eugenics scheme aimed at killing off the bad seeds and elevating the 'chosen ones' to 'ascended' status." Eunji raised her fingers into air-quotes as she spoke. "A medical tragedy starts with people considering their doctor 'god' and having absolute faith in him or her without researching 'side effects', research, or contraindications themselves. A great example of this is the Subacute Myelo-Optic Neuropathy or SMON tragedy in Japan. Medical doctors and their minions' dogmatic belief in the nonsense germ theory caused the destruction of thousands of lives. The SMON tragedy is just one of proofs that doctors know nothing about the toxic pharmaceuticals they prescribe except what they were told by pharmaceutical companies: 'safe and effective.' We're seeing the same tragedy play out today, but much worse as it's involved a witches brew derived from murdered babies called 'vaccines'—the deadly weapon. What's horse is: having to wear a mask, stand six feet away from everybody, and lock myself into my own home for no good reason. It is a three-point occult ritual designed to foster fear, obedience, and loss of autonomy."

He gave another yawn before speaking, "That's exactly what I've been saying, trying to get my Christian community to realize they are actually committing the worst sin, which is idolatry. By trusting doctors as if their advice is the Word of God, they are in reality committing idol worship. On April 1st, 2020, the New England Journal of Medicine published its Universal Masking Report including the following highlight: 'It is also clear that masks serve symbolic roles. Masks are not only tools, they are also talismans that may help increase health care workers' perceived sense of safety, well-being, and trust in their hospitals. Although such reactions may not be strictly logical, we are all subject to fear and anxiety, especially during times of crisis.' Why was the word Talisman chosen? Wouldn't Security Blanket have been a better choice? Talisman is defined as a stone, ring, or other object, engraved with figures or characters supposed to possess occult powers and worn as an amulet or charm. This is indeed an occult ritual playing out. Add to this, masks do much harm to the wearer. Obvious submission attempt using fear—actually pretty evil. No way, I would go along with the New Normal aka the New World Order. Sadly, all my Christian friends wear masks and they believe they are being loving to others by wearing them. Ignorance is always dangerous. The scripture rightly says that my people perish for lack of knowledge, Hosea 4:6."

"I couldn't agree more that ignorance is always dangerous. Remember this: If you don't question authority, you will be the victim of authority." Eunji squeezed his hand affectionately. "I know you're tired, you need to get some sleep. Go and sleep in the hut. Don't worry, I'll take care of the broth and wake you up when the sun is about 40 degrees above the eastern horizon. As promised, I'll explain how climate science invented their RGHE, and test it."

Junmyeon nodded and folded the sleeping bag before heading to the hut. Eunji picked up the lamp, blew out the flame and set the lamp on the table. She pulled off her shoes and walked barefoot towards a small pond. The cool air on her skin felt as refreshing as a shower. All her senses sharpened with the fierce concentration that it took to set her feet down safely on the dark trail. The trail, strewn with fallen leaves, felt cool and soft underfoot.

I absolutely love walking barefoot in the woods. Every step, whether on dry leaves, soft mosses, moist earth, or pebbles, conveys an abridged message of tactile delight.

The thought made her smile. Once she reached the pond, she plopped down on the ground near the edge of the pond. The pond wasn't more than 13 inches deep and often went dry when summer arrived. But it was perfect for the Mandarin Ducks in the spring. The sun came out so slowly that it gave the illusion of light growing up between trees, coming from the earth rather than from above. The light revealed the natural beauty of a small woodland pond, surrounded by tall oak and zelkova trees. What she heard was the music of the awakening woods, the forest starting a new day. Birds were belting out a lot of song. It lifted and exhilarated her.

Watching the sun come up, the first Ducks started to swim around. Suddenly, a pair of Ducks flew into the pond area. They flew a tight circle above the pond while the female was calling. Then both ducks landed in the branches high up in a big zelkova tree. This was always a fun and fascinating part of the Ducks life.

"As expected, you're here." A familiar voice came from behind her.

Eunji glanced over her shoulder to see Seungwan walk over to her with a smile on her face. Just like her, she was barefoot. Eunji gave a welcoming wave and smile. "Who told you I'm here?" she asked once Seungwan sat down next to her.

"Yesterday late afternoon to be exact, Mrs. Park brought me and Yerim here to watch those cute ducks." Seungwan jutted her chin towards the ducks. "She told us that this place is your favorite spot to listen to dawn chorus."

Eunji nodded. "Two of the things I love about early mornings here are dawn chorus and the ducks walking around tree branches."

"Male ducks are so amazingly colorful. With a red bill, white crescent over its eyes, orange face and whiskers. The chest is purple with bronze-colored sides. The top of the back is blue with two orange sails just below it that stick up, just like a boat sail. I always wonder how does nature give colors like this to birds? Why does a bird need such amazingly colored feathers? Such fascinating nature!" Seungwan slowly shook her head in awe, her eyes focused on a male duck sitting on the water, his delicately detailed feathers revealing a striking, upturned orange tip of the wing near the tail. "The female isn't nearly as colorful, just gray-brown with a white striped running from her eyes and white spotted . Still cute though!"

"The handsome males use their attention-grabbing colors to attract female ducks," Eunji remarked. "The colors of the feathers are so vivid and beautiful they are surreal! God's handiwork for sure!"

Seungwan shifted her gaze to Eunji. "Maybe there's really a God."

Eunji put her hand on Seungwan's shoulder and squeezed it softly. "You really don't need religion to know God, the Creator. All you have to do is look around and you will see evidence in creation. God gave humans the ability to reason, not religion. Religion is man-made. It is only based on exaggerated self-praise, only based on personal failings that the claim to speak for god, the claim to reveal god, can be made. Religion cannot respect life. This answers why religion embraces the nonsense germ theory and accepts birth control. Part of traditional scientific definition of life is that life can and may: Reproduce. Removing the ability from a life form to reproduce is by definition destroying life."

"God gave humans the ability to reason, not religion." Seungwan squinted her eyes thoughtfully. Then she slowly nodded. "I am aware of the fact that religion is a man-made thing. I don't follow any religion at all, but I'm not nearly arrogant enough to believe with any certainty that some sort of divine deity does not exist. I should start using my ability to reason to seek the truth."

"Yes, you should." Eunji gave her an encouraging smile. Seungwan returned the smile, nodding.

"I'm sorry, Seungwan." Eunji bowed her head slightly.

Her smile turned into a look of confusion. "Uh, sorry for what?"

"For leaving you and Yerim in my brother's cabin."

"Ah, it's okay, Ms. Eunji. Mrs. Park treats us like her family. We, the women slept in the cabin, while the men slept in the tent."

Eunji placed her arm around her shoulder. "You and Jiyeon are the same age. Why not call her by the given name? Honestly, Mrs. Park sounds too formal. We're all friends, right?"

"Of course, we're all friends." Seungwan put her arm around Eunji's shoulder. "It's just that I respect her so much as a teacher and mother that I feel that it's not right to call her by the given name."

"Oh, I see. Anyway, you can call me sister if you want to, I don't mind." Eunji stood up. Songsters seemed to be singing from every direction. She observed several down in the yard feeding as they flipped over leaves looking for worms or other invertebrate treats. She saw a pair in a squabble as they flapped in a ball of brown and white feathers through the greenery for a few seconds.

After watching for several minutes, one White's Thrush came down from the higher branches and grabbed a few morsels from the leaf litter. It then flew up to a small sapling, flitted its wings and bounced while looking around for a few seconds, and then returned to a high limb overhead. The sky was clear, so the woods were getting brighter by the minute.

"The sound of dawn chorus is certainly worth getting up early for." Eunji inhaled deeply, savoring the fresh air.

"I'm thankful you invited me to come here in the woods." Seungwan rose to her feet. "I can experience this marvellous natural performance."

"I'm happy to have you here." Eunji patted her arm. "I'm going back to my place. Do you want to come along?"

"I want to, but—" Seungwan scratched her cheek lightly with her index finger, seemingly hesitated. "Is it okay for me to come along? You're not alone there, right?"

Eunji nodded. "It's okay. I'll introduce you to him later. He is now sleeping. He stayed all night cooking deer bone broth. Come on, I need to strain the broth."

She turned and walked away. Seungwan followed suit. They walked along the path side by side without saying a word. They listened to the birds singing and the breeze rustling in the leaves of the trees, and looked at the different greens of the trees and the sunlight filtering through the branches. These things gave them a sense of comfort. Their silent steps didn't startle the chipmunk they noticed peering at them from his rock perch.

"Those are deer meat, right?" Seungwan pointed her index finger towards the meat strips hanging on the drying rack in front of the hut.

Eunji gave her a nod and pointed her palm towards the shed, saying, "Wait there, I'm going to take a cheesecloth." 

Seungwan headed towards the shed, whereas Eunji headed towards the hut. Not wanting to wake her beloved up, she opened the door quietly and stepped in. There, sleeping soundly on the sleeping platform, lay her beloved. His body was in the supine position with his right arm resting on the stomach, the other resting at his side. He looked peaceful. She squatted down and carefully ped her backpack. She dug in and pulled out a cheesecloth. She zipped her backpack back up before straightening up and lovingly staring down at her sleeping beloved.

I never thought that I would accept your marriage proposal. Thank you for your love and trust. I will soon achieve my goal to be a mother.

Eunji smiled broadly at him, and then stepped out, heading towards the shed. She felt a warm glow of happiness spreading through her with each step. Seungwan was squatting, looking down at the broth. Eunji stepped in and took a clay 7-quart pot from the table. She placed it on the ground and put the cheesecloth over it. She then lifted the pot that contained the broth. Seungwan held the cheesecloth in place so that it didn't fall off the sides of the pot while Eunji was slowly pouring the liquid. Gradually, a kind of slimy things plopped onto the cheesecloth.

"Nice white milky broth," Seungwan said as she watched the liquid being poured out.

Once the liquid was poured out, the unwanted leftovers remained behind in the pot. Eunji put the pot back on the ground, while Seungwan lifted up on the sides of the cheesecloth to remove it. There was yellowish fat floating on top of the liquid.

"I'm going to put this on the table. Several hours later, all this fat is going to be solidified. Then I can easily remove it." Eunji lifted the smaller pot and placed it on the bottom tier of the table.

"Where do I put this cheesecloth?" Seungwan asked as Eunji took the lid to cover the pot.

"Oh, just put it there." Eunji pointed at the pot on the ground. "I'll wash it in the stream."

Seungwan threw the slimy things into the pot and draped the cheesecloth over the side of the pot. Eunji grabbed a hand shovel off the bottom tier and stepped out the shed, heading towards a tree. She squatted down and began digging a small hole. She pushed the shovel in, pulled it up and tossed the dirt to the side. Once she finished, she went back to the shed. She grabbed a small wooden bucket, walked over to a big pot and opened the lid. Using the shovel, she scooped the wood ashes and placed them gently in the bucket. After four shovels, she put the lid on and placed the shovel on the top of it.  

Seungwan patted her shoulder. "What can I do for you?"

"You can carry this." Eunji handed her the bucket, which Seungwan accepted with a smile. "And take that scrubber." She pointed at a woven scrubber made of bark fiber hanging on a wooden nail in the shed post.

Seungwan walked over to the post and took the scrubber. Eunji lifted the dirty pot and carried it towards the small hole she had just dug under the tree. She threw the slimy things and bones into the hole and pushed the dirt back into the hole covering them. Then she headed towards the stream. Seungwan followed suit.

"What do you think about feminism?" Seungwan asked as they walked side by side.

"Modern feminism is a psyop with the intention being to destroy the powerful male-female dynamic and family unit. So many women today believe that feminism is all about choices for women. Is that so? Feminist icon Simone de Beauvoir said, quote, 'No woman should be authorized to stay at home and raise her children. Women should not have that choice, precisely because if there is such a choice, too many women will make that one,' end quote. Feminist icon Vivian Gornick echoed the same script, quote: 'Being a housewife is an illegitimate profession. The choice to serve and be protected and plan towards being a family-maker is a choice that shouldn't be. The heart of radical feminism is to change that,' end quote. It is quite clear from their words that feminism is not about choices for women! It is about enslaving them and making them into wage slaves by having them out in the workforce. Modern feminism is Anti-Life, part of the depopulation agenda. Quote-unquote 'reproductive rights' are enshrined at the center of the modern feminist platform. The function of is reproduction. Any consensual engagement in is accepting risk of pregnancy and therefore consenting to the possibility of pregnancy. If you do not want to have a baby, you should avoid having in the first place, not the other way around, having and then ending the life of that human being when you do not want to take responsibility for your actions. Abortion is just a euphemism for intentionally killing an innocent little boy or girl. Birth control pills are not safe as promoted. They are downright harmful. What synthetic hormones have done has kept women as ual objects. These synthetic hormones end up in drinking water, lakes and rivers, and we have no way of pulling them from the waste streams. The birth control movement has its roots in the racist policies of the eugenics movement and its coercive population control. In the October 1921 issue of her Birth Control Review, eugenicist Margaret Sanger wrote that 'the campaign for Birth Control is not merely of eugenic value, but is practically identical in ideal, with the final aims of Eugenics.' This is why I hate feminism so much. I've never voted in my life, and I also don't subscribe to any political leaning, the left and right are both opposite sides of the same rusty coin. My complete distrust in government has been the driving force for me to learn survival skills." Eunji cast a sideways glance at her. "How do you view feminism?"

"Feminism in our country is crazy, especially when considering men are doing mandatory military service for two years in the prime stages of their lives and women take no responsibility at all. Feminism is not about equality. Feminist equality is just a fancy way of saying misandry. I'm female and I don't appreciate a so-called political group telling me that I'm oppressed because of my gender. The goal of the feminist movement is to masculinize the female and to feminize the male. The feminist sector of liberalism has ostensibly sought"—Seungwan curled two fingers on one hand—"'equal rights' for women by which is meant making the male irrelevant, particularly in his role as father, and giving greater, and ultimately total responsibility to women in all walks of life, reducing especially the value of the role of mother. Motherhood is viewed by radical feminists as burdensome exploitation by males, by which males maintain dominance over females. The feminist movement is the greatest threat to the family in our time. In the name of women's liberation, the feminist liberals have sought to disconnect the public mind from the concept of natural family. They use celebrities to push men into embracing femininity. It's disgusting to see male celebrities paint their nails."

Eunji let out a sigh. "Women are not equal to men. By design, we are different. And that difference is good! Men are, on average, physically stronger than women. Instead of saying, 'Women can do anything men can do,' we ought to recognize that women can do amazing things men can never do. Our biological differences—the ability to create life and give birth—is a gift. I reject the term Toxic Masculinity. In my opinion, there is no such thing. But there absolutely are toxic males, just as there are toxic females. These terms place responsibility on the individuals. I admire masculinity. A man who uses his strength and wisdom for his family and his fellow humans, a man who will stand up against an adversary, yes, masculinity is courageous and heroic. The world needs more of them. Masculinity is a threat to oppressive governments and policies that enslave people. That's why they are trying to eradicate masculinity."  

The sound of the running water of the stream had a pleasantly sonorous effect on her. Eunji placed the pot on a flat rock at the edge of the stream and rolled up her hiking pant legs above her knees.

"You don't need to help me." Eunji took off her jacket and put it on the flat rock. Carrying the pot, she stepped into the shallow stream, flexing her toes in the cold water.

Seungwan placed the bucket on another flat rock and sat down next to it, watching as Eunji laid the pot on the streambed and bent down to splash water on it. She took the bucket and sprinkled some ashes on the pot. Squatting down, she scrubbed it with the woven scrubber.

"Sis, I'm going to be frank with you." Seungwan's voice took on a serious tone. "Your un-interest in being a wife does make me think that you are a radical feminist. But your opposition to abortion and birth control suggests that you are not one. This is what leads me to ask how you think about feminism."

Eunji was taken by surprise by her words. She stopped scrubbing and looked at her. "Seungwan, my main goal in life is to be a stay-at-home mother. The fear that my potential offspring will be one of the foolish green children has made me stay away from a ual relationship, marriage. I thank God that Junmyeon, the only man I ever dated, came here. His love and trust helped me dissolve that fear, and I'm going to get married to him and have babies." Her heart was filled with gratitude as she uttered her thanks to God. She noticed that Seungwan's eyes got teary. "Are you okay?"

Seungwan blinked her teary eyes and nodded. "The sincerity in your voice when you expressed your thanks to God pulled at my heartstrings. I am not sure who the foolish green children you are referring to are though. Congrats for getting back together and going to get married by the way." She smiled.

Eunji returned her smile. "Foolish green children are Greta How-Dare-You Thunberg's followers or green doomsday cult followers to be more accurate."

Seungwan burst into laugh. Eunji stared at her, dumbfounded, and her laughter quickly subsided. Seungwan cleared . "I found using the How Dare You line as her middle name hilarious. Greta is what Lenin called a useful fool. The Foolish Green Children is such a perfect term to refer to her followers. You seem to understand the AGW theory well. You can teach your future kids that RGHE isn't real, that climate crisis is a scam, so they won't fall into the green doomsday cult."

Eunji nodded curtly. "Ms. How-Dare-You Thunberg is indeed a useful fool for the globalist scum and that, once used up, will be discarded for another." She continued scrubbing the pot and rinsed several times. She scooped up water with the pot, carefully poured it into the bucket and swirled the ashes and water around until fully mixed.

After placing the pot on the rock, Eunji picked up the cheesecloth lie on the rock, dipped it in ashes water and rubbed it against itself. It formed some foams. She took the cheesecloth out of the bucket and rinsed it in the flowing stream, then squeezed as much water out as possible. She laid it flat on the rock beside the pot to dry and put small stones on it so it wouldn't blow away, then threw ashes water away and scrubbed the bucket with the woven scrubber. After rinsing it, she dipped the scrubber in the water and squeezed it several times. She put it in the bucket and rinsed her hands and legs clean. She straightened up, stepped out of the stream and sat down beside Seungwan. 

Eunji patted Seungwan's knee. "Seungwan, how about you? Do you already have a future husband?"

Seungwan remained silent for a few seconds. Then she sighed. "I was supposed to get married two years ago. Did I get married? No, I did not. My ex future husband didn't want kids and wanted me to get on birth control. Of course, I angrily refused and cancelled our marriage. He clearly viewed me as a ual object. He was what you refer to as a toxic male." Her lips quivered, and her eyes were misty with unshed tears. She bit her quivering lip and looked up at the clear blue sky. "Just like you, I want to be a mother. I want to marry a man who doesn't see me as a ual object. A man who doesn't pressure me to use birth control. A man who respects me as a woman. Birth control pills prevent women from getting pregnant; it does this by making them unhealthy and therefore the body does not get pregnant. A healthy woman is a fertile woman."

Eunji couldn't deny the fact that hearing Seungwan's bitter experience made her feel lucky that she met Junmyeon, the masculine man who treated and respected her as a woman. She rubbed Seungwan's back, comforting her. "Why don't you accept Dongmin's offer to get to know each other better? The reason he thinks that you are the perfect candidate for his wife is you can see modern medicine for what it is. He is unlikely to believe that birth control methods are safe and healthy and loving acts."

"Simply wearing a mask to get along proves that he is a conformist." Seungwan ran her hands over her face. "I don't think he will make a good father."

"He has now ditched the mask and decided to stop being a go-along-to-get-along man," Eunji said. "Why not give him a chance? If you have been hoping for the right partner, maybe this is your chance to get to know him better."

Seungwan turned her gaze to her. "You're right. There's nothing wrong with getting to know each other better." She rose to her feet and pointed alternately between the pot and the bucket, saying, "You can carry them yourself, right? I'm going back to your brother's cabin."

Eunji gave her a nod. "Please tell him to bring my briefcase to me."

"Okay." Seungwan smiled before turning around and walking away.

Eunji remained sitting on the rock, facing the sun while soaking her bare feet in the stream. She looked up at the sky near the sun, letting the sunlight kiss her face. As the rays absorbed into her skin and eyes, calming, almost-euphoric vibes percolated through her brain. It felt like her body was a battery that the sun was literally recharging. The clear blue sky made her feel at peace. The only sound she heard here was that of the stream flowing and the little whistles and hoots of the birds hovering. This was the perfect place for enjoying the sun. She gently closed her eyes and stared directly at the sun, feeling its warmth on her closed eyelids. Slowly, she moved her head side to side, left and right. This kept the sunlight moving on the eyes, retina. Sunning helped her eyes stay healthy and vibrant.

When Eunji opened her eyes, the sun was about 35 degrees above the eastern horizon, and she remembered her promise to her beloved. She stood up, grabbing her jacket. She tied her jacket around her waist before taking the bucket and the pot off the rock. She headed back to her place, leaving the cheesecloth on the rock to dry fully. About halfway, she heard her brother call her. She halted in her track and turned around to see her brother and Taeyong rush over to her. Their chests rose and fell rapidly with their breathing as they stood in front of her. Her brother had her briefcase over his shoulder.

"Is that true that you're going to get married to brother Junmyeon?" Jaehyun asked, curiosity lacing his voice.

"Yes!" Eunji nodded.

His smile blooming across his face, Jaehyun hugged her. "Congrats, sis. I'm so happy that you're going to get married and have your own family."

"I need to talk to him," Eunji whispered as she saw Taeyong duck his head down.

Pulling away, Jaehyun released her from his arms. Eunji put her stuff on the grass and patted Taeyong on the shoulder, and he lifted his head to look at her. His eyes became gentle and pensive, his mouth twisted into a sad smile.

"Tyong, I'm sorry I couldn't return your feelings. I'm really sorry for making you waste your time..." her voice trailed off as Taeyong pulled her into his arms.

"You shouldn't have told Chaeyeon that you might consider to date me since you've given your heart to someone else," Taeyong choked out the words raspingly. "So I wouldn't have wasted my time hoping that one day you'd date me and marry me."

Warm tears seeped into her thin spring shirt, wetting her shoulder. Eunji didn't say anything. Uttering those words was one of the biggest mistakes she had ever made. She rubbed his back, letting him release his emotion. This was all she could do right now.

After a while, Taeyong pulled away. He ran his hands over his face, wiping the tears from his eyes as he looked down. He took a long sniff before looking directly into her eyes. "I feel a lot better now. Eunji, I congratulate you for getting married to your beloved." He smiled genuinely, and she could feel it. "We cannot force our feelings on another, no matter how much we want them to be returned, so please don't feel guilty. You occasionally told me to date someone else. This should be enough to tell me you're not interested in me." He took her stuff from the grass. "Come on, let's go. I want to meet your husband and congratulate him." He walked away, carrying the pot in his right hand and the bucket in the other hand. His steps were long and quick.

Eunji and Jaehyun exchanged looks, then she whispered, "Jae, your friend is wise. Indeed, we can't force our feelings on someone else."

"Mhm, he is. Sis, here is your briefcase." Jaehyun handed it to her, which she accepted. "Jiyeon and our friends will catch up with us. They are now trying to catch chicken. We want to grill chicken to celebrate that you're going to get married." He grinned before running after Taeyong. "Let's me help you." He took the bucket from his left hand.

The two young men joked around as they walked, gave each other pats on the back and high fives. It gave her a warm fuzzy feeling inside. Eunji slung her briefcase over her shoulder and strolled following them. She shook her head, laughing inwardly as they began to race, running towards her place at top speed.

"Put them in the shed!" Eunji shouted, then quickened her pace, almost running.

Eunji slowed down as she got near her destination. Taeyong was breathing heavily, standing in the shed, his left hand resting on the post, while Jaehyun was squatting down beside him. She gave them a smile as she headed towards the hut and stepped in. She stood on her knees beside her beloved and took a deep breath before bending to plant a kiss on his forehead, a loving gesture to wake him up. Junmyeon stirred and slowly opened his eyes. She blushed, then smiled faintly at the absurdity of her shyness. His eyes crinkled in response.

"It's time, huh?" Junmyeon pulled himself into a sitting position.

Eunji nodded and rose to her feet. "I'm going to introduce you to someone first." She held out her hand to him.

Junmyeon took her hand and stood up. Eunji intertwined their fingers and stepped out, heading towards the shed. Taeyong's eyes were fixed on them. She could see his Adam's apple bobbing in his throat. Jaehyun straightened up, placed his hand on Taeyong's shoulder and brought his face close to his ear. Jaehyun's lips moved like he was whispering something to him. They stopped right in front of the two young men.

Without further ado, Eunji introduced them to each other, "Tyong, this is Kim Junmyeon, the man I'm going to get married to"—she alternatively pointed at her beloved and Taeyong—"Junmyeon, this is Lee Taeyong. He is my brother's best friend. He works at my restaurant."

"Nice to meet you, Yongyong." Junmyeon stuck out his hand for a handshake.

Eunji's eyes widened a little. How he addressed him with Yongyong surprised her. It sounded like he already knew him.  

"Nice to meet you too." Taeyong grasped his hand and shook it while bowing politely. He closed his eyes briefly before adding, "Mr. Kim, I congratulate you for getting married to your beloved, Eunji. You are lucky to be her husband."  

Junmyeon looked at Eunji, smiling. He shifted his gaze back to Taeyong and patted his shoulder. "Well, I'm happy I finally met you. Baekhyun once told me that Eunji was married to a younger man whom he called Yongyong, and showed me a picture of her feeding you meat."

"Baekhyun? Why did he tell you that lie?" Taeyong scratched his head, clearly confused. At the same time, Eunji spoke in a disbelief tone, "Tyong was the younger man Baekhyun claimed to be my husband?"

Junmyeon nodded, squeezing her hand affectionately. Simultaneously, Jaehyun said, "Baekhyun lied to brother Junmyeon because he hated my sister so much. He didn't want her to be with him."

Taeyong's mouth formed an 'O' shape, and then his brow furrowed, as if trying to remember something. He jerked his gaze to Eunji. "Do you remember when you asked me about hand-chopped meat and machine-chopped meat?"

She slightly tilted her head to the side, her eyes narrowed, trying to remember. She then nodded. "Yes, I do. I fed you a spoonful of hand-chopped meat and a spoonful of machine-chopped meat. You were asked which one tasted better or if they tasted the same. This happened on the day I opened my restaurant, and—" Eunji paused and looked at Taeyong. Then they chorused, "Baekhyun was there, watching us!"

A loud sigh escaped Taeyong's lips. "I'm sure he took our picture with his phone." He sat down on the ground, resting his back against the post. "He used that picture against you. What an ashole he was!"

"That wasn't the first time he used something he took with his phone against someone," Jaehyun remarked, sitting down next to Taeyong. "He once used the voice recording of the conversation he had with Jiyeon against her. He played it to my sister in order to convince her that Jiyeon was 'mentally ill.' " He raised his fingers into mock quotations as the last two words came. "He didn't want my sister to approve of my relationship with her."

Taeyong patted his back. "I got why he did so. He and your wife once engaged in passionate argument over psychology in front of our school. He lost the argument badly. Um… I think he used that voice recording to try to take revenge on her for embarrassing him in front of her students. You know he visited the restaurant just to mock your sister."

"Mock her about what?" Junmyeon asked, his curiosity palpable.

Taeyong looked up at him. "About the fact she graduated from a prestigious university but ended up opening a small restaurant."

Junmyeon turned his gaze to Eunji. "Was that true?"

She nodded. "His mockery meant nothing to me."

"Sis, I'm proud of you for choosing to open a small restaurant over a career in the so-called healing profession. It is much more honorable to sell steak than push condition branding, that is, teaching the masses that their emotions are diseases requiring medication and therapy, take advantage of people grieving and make money out of them." Jaehyun smiled up at her. But then his smile vanished, replaced by a slight frown. "Why did you invite him?"

Shaking her head, Eunji sighed. "I didn't invite him nor tell him that I opened a restaurant. Perhaps he got the information from his friend who lives in our neighborhood." She shifted her gaze from her brother to her beloved and mouthed, "Let's go."

Intertwining their fingers, Eunji led him to a large tree trunk lying on the ground a few meters away from the shed. They sat down on the trunk side by side, and she took her briefcase off her shoulder and opened it.

"Tomorrow, I'll return home and tell our parents about us getting married," Junmyeon said as she rummaged through the papers.

Eunji stopped and looked at him. Their eyes met. Junmyeon caressed the back of her head. "I'll be back here in a week."

Pressing her lips together into a thin line, she nodded in approval. My father will definitely give his blessing, and I hope your parents will, too. She pulled out several papers and placed her briefcase on the trunk beside her and the papers on her lap. Subtitle of the first paper read, 'Chapter 7. The Greenhouse Effect.'  

"According to the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, without the natural greenhouse effect, the average temperature at Earth's surface would be below the freezing point of water. This is, of course, ridiculous. I will show you how they came up with this ridiculous claim." Eunji flipped pages until she came to the one she wanted.

She lifted the paper and waved it, saying, "This model greenhouse effect used by so-called climate scientists can be found in a Harvard free online book." She put it back on her lap and traced the yellow circle in the paper with her finger as she explained, "Flux, calculated with respect to disk area is—" she traced the equation in a red box "—assigned to a totally different area in an invalid math maneuver. The reference surface area for solar radiation absorbed by Earth—a disk—is replaced with the surface area of a sphere without regard for what the units of measure mean. In effect, they expand the original disk to four times its original area, while keeping the flux for a disk of one-fourth its now enlarged size. Flatten Earth, quadruple Earth's now flat area, and reduce its flux by three fourths. Lovely!" She shifted her gaze to him. "One may say the disk cross-section for the total intercept of light is fine. Well, the disk-cross-section-total-intercept for the half sphere is provable mathematically, via calculus. But the mess up comes at proposing to dilute this correctly-derived quantity, by spreading it over the whole spherical area at once. What rule would allow this? There is no equivalent calculus-maneuver to un-integrate it and then divide it to make any meaningful dimensional continuity in the operation. This mathematical average, while can be done on paper, is not physically meaningful. This average makes sunlight -18°C, and so, meaningless because we know that sunlight can melt ice, etc. We must understand that math is not physics. Physics uses math, but math is not bound by the laws of physics. In other words, you can use math to fabricate the unreal."

He nodded repeatedly before he said, "So this division by 4 is the primary reason the calculation yields an unrealistically cold earth thereby creating the need for the greenhouse effect?"

"Yes. 100% precisely. You got it." Eunji smiled. "Right now, we're sitting side by side under the open sky. My body feels warm from the direction of the sun, and I'm sure your body does too."  

Junmyeon switched his gaze from the paper to her. "My body does feel it. I'm not sure what you're trying to make me understand."

"We, so-called climate change deniers, know Radiative Greenhouse Effect or RGHE is an imaginary effect which does not exist in nature." Eunji put the papers on the top of her briefcase. "Okay, let's test this RGHE in real-time."

"Okay!" He clapped his hands together once. "But how?"

Eunji pointed at the hut. His gaze followed the direction she was pointing. "The hut is blocking the light from the sun and casting a shadow onto the ground," she said, then moved her finger to point at its shade with an open view of the sky above. "Go to that shade and stand or sit there. If the RGHE is real, you will feel warmth coming from the sky above."

Junmyeon nodded, rose to his feet and walked over to the hut. He stood in its shade, facing her direction. In a loud voice, he spoke to her, "Here, I'm standing in the shade, nothing above my head, except the clear blue sky. Yet I don't feel any warmth arriving from the sky above. The ground feels cold on my bare feet." He then stepped out of the shade. "Here, I'm standing outside the shaded area. The ground feels warm on my bare feet, and my body feels warm from the direction of the sun. It means you're right that RGHE is an imaginary effect. Sunlight hitting the earth is hot, not freezing cold. Sunlight is capable of melting ice without the magic of the RGHE. The sun heats the earth, not CO2 or any other so-called greenhouse gas." 

Eunji raised her hand and gave him a thumb up. "Spot on! The sun heats the earth, not the atmosphere. The laws of thermodynamics are clear: energy flows from hot to cold. The cold atmosphere cannot transfer energy to the warm surface without the aid of external mechanical energy. Such energy is unavailable to carbon dioxide molecules. The so-called back-radiation warming is a total fabrication to try to link CO2 to warming so as to push a Marxist One World Government"—her fingers curled into air-quotes—"'Build Back Better' agenda. The CO2-driven radiative GHE, under the maxim of climate sensitivity, is a religion. That's why it is called CAGW, Church of Anthropogenic Global Warming." She rose to her feet and walked over to her beloved, holding a piece of paper in her right hand.

The two young men looked at each other, then stood up and strolled over to Junmyeon. Eunji tapped Junmyeon's shoulder and sat down on the ground in the shade of the hut. Her beloved sat down next to her.

"Bro, you believe in man-made climate change aka global warming?" Jaehyun stated as he sat down across from him. Taeyong sat down across from her.

"No, I don't. Global warming contradicts the Bible, Genesis 8:22. I admit I am not really familiar with the concept of warming by back-radiation, and I feel the need to understand it better. I've been trying to help kids who are afraid of anthropogenic climate change." Junmyeon shifted his gaze from her brother to her, his eyes sparkling. "Now I know the anthropogenic climate change concept is so easy to disprove. We can observe that there is no radiative heating. Why is education so appalling that school children are not taught this and how to think for themselves?"

"The teachers are idiots, turning out more idiots." Jaehyun blew out a loud breath, startling Taeyong so that he glanced at him.

"The entire premise of climate alarm and all climate policy rests on the foundation of the concept of the radiative greenhouse effect. So it's so important to expose the unphysical and ridiculous of the concept in question. Let's take a look at the UN IPCC energy budget which the radiative greenhouse effect is based." Eunji handed the piece of paper containing Earth's energy budget diagram to her beloved.

Junmyeon took it and placed it on his lap. They looked down at it.

"As you can see in this UN IPCC diagram, the power of sunlight is listed as 168 W/m2 absorbed on the surface"—Eunji tapped the absorbed by surface value in the paper with her index finger—"this is equal to -40°C. Does sunlight feel like it is -40°C to you when you stand outside in it? Can that value of sunlight power create the water cycle i.e. evaporating water, melting ice into water?" She shook her head. "No. Something is badly wrong here. What is wrong? The numbers in this UN IPCC diagram all actually correspond to what would happen if flux, calculated with respect to disk area, was assigned to a totally different area in an invalid math maneuver. That is how, mathematically, the solar power gets numerically reduced to this silly value. Where on earth do you find 'average'? It's an artificial construct and doesn't represent reality. The S-B equation does not provide an 'average' temp. It provides a maximum temp for a blackbody at equilibrium." She raised her fingers into air-quotes as the word 'average' came. "The back-radiation of 324 W/m2 is equal to 2°C. So, the UN IPCC diagram states that an atmosphere at 2°C, and sunlight at -40°C, combines to make a surface temperature of 15°C. This is all just completely senseless. Temperatures don't add like that! How did the atmosphere get to 2°C if the solar input is only -40°C? Of course, they'll say the greenhouse effect, but that's what they have to say, because they're trapped in this silly paradigmatic model that has nothing to do with reality. You've tested that there is no warming to be detected from the sky." 

"Sis, your statement 'they're trapped in this silly paradigmatic model that has nothing to do with reality' is brilliant. I love it." Jaehyun clapped his hands together twice. "I always find it funny when climate alarmists say CO2 traps heat. CO2 cannot trap heat. It emits as much as it absorbs. But climate alarmists can surely be trapped in their silly paradigmatic model. They need to get out of their office and into a desert where all the CO2 in the world cannot stop the air temperature from dropping 40°C in a few hours after sunset—every day." 

With his index finger, Junmyeon scratched the side of his nose as if in thought, then asked, "Eunji, how the 168 W/m2 solar input can be converted into a temperature?"

"I need a pen to explain it." She turned her gaze from her beloved to her brother and pointed at her briefcase lying on the trunk. "Jae, go and bring that here."

Nodding, Jaehyun stood up and ran over to the tree trunk. He put the papers into the briefcase carefully before running back to his sitting place. He sat down and placed the briefcase on the ground in front of her.   

"Thank you." Eunji accepted the pen her brother handed her. She took the piece of paper from her beloved's lap, placed it on her right thigh and looked at him who was waiting for her reply. She shifted her gaze down to the paper. "Radiation wattage can be converted directly into a temperature via the Stefan-Boltzmann Law: E = sigma T4"—she scribbled down under the diagram as she explained—"where E is the radiant wattage, sigma is a Stefan-Boltzmann constant equal to 5.67×10-8, and T is temperature. So, to solve for T: T = fourth_root(E/sigma). The UN IPCC lists the wattage from the sun as 168 W/m2. Then you get T = fourth_root(168/5.67×10-8) = 233K = -40°C, which is the temperature that the radiation would induce in matter on the surface when absorbed. You know how to convert Kelvin to Celsius, don't you?" She glanced at him. 

Junmyeon nodded. "Celsius = Kelvin - 273.15." 

Eunji alternately tapped the back-radiation value and the absorbed by surface value as she continued, "They're so blatant about how wrong their diagram is, that they list the atmosphere providing almost twice the amount of power than the sun does. 324 W/m2 from back-radiation over 168 W/m2 from the sun = 192.8%. So, when we feel warm sunlight and cool air, we have it backwards. It is the sunlight that feels cool and the air that feels warm…on one side of your body—the side that's facing the sun." She shook her head, clicking her tongue against the back of her teeth, amazed at the ludicrousness of it all. "The radiation supposedly absorbed by the surface being 168 W/m2 cannot achieve a global mean surface temperature above 233K, which is -40°C, according to the Stefan-Boltzmann Law. Another thing I've noticed is that the cunning climate prophet Trenberth has got 342 W/mincoming solar at the TOA and 324 W/m2 incoming as back-radiation from the atmosphere. The first figure is a genuine wrong calculation derived from the TSI, but the back-radiation figure, pulled from Trenberth's , is deliberately chosen to even more confuse any poor student with a so-called dyslexia…324...342...324...342."

"All of these AGW zealots forget the obvious conflict in their ridiculous fantasy: The sun is only capable of inducing -18°C on average—so they claim. And so-called greenhouse gases slow down the cooling rate so the temperature must increase. Therefore the thing to worry about is the accumulation of solar energy even though it cannot induce more than -18°C. Anyone who cannot visualize this argument is stupid beyond belief is obviously—well you know—stupid beyond belief!" Jaehyun balled his right hand into a fist and slammed it into his left palm, his eyes narrowed, his lips pressed tight together in a thin line. Clearly, he was angry. "In their ridiculous fantasy, TSI stands for Total Solar Irrelevance."

Taeyong rubbed Jaehyun's back, as if calming him. "Blanket/greenhouse analogy to gases free to convect is just plain dumb. A real greenhouse warms by suppressing convection, which is what a blanket does too. If we could trap heat input and have it amplify indefinitely upon itself, we would have free energy production. Why isn't the concept put to use in power plants?"

"It's because the concept doesn't exist anywhere outside climate science religion." Eunji took a deep breath and released it in a loud sigh. "Well, there is this apparent 324 watts per square meter back-radiation shining day and night, they have measured it." She repeatedly tapped the back-radiation value with her index finger. "Their paper, Global atmospheric downward longwave radiation over land surface under all-sky conditions from 1973 to 2008, was published in the Journal of Geophysical Research in October 2009. 324 watts per square meter...hmm...that's a significant amount of alleged energy. So how come on a cool night, when my car is parked on the street in the open with the windows rolled up, it's not blazing hot in the interior? Back-radiation does not exist in nature. It only exists in a computer model, just like pathogenic viruses. If you say that humans cause warming you get to keep your job, be hailed as a hero, and respected by your peers. If you say the sun causes all the changes you lose your job, be vilified constantly, and rejected by your peers. Hmm…which should you do?"

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