Chapter 7

Dystopian Nightmare

"Eating your own kind is cannibalism...injecting your own kind also qualifies as cannibalism. Those who don't support cannibalism will be soon labeled canniphobic, just like those who don't support homouality get labeled homophobic—" Jaehyun moved closer to his sister, squatted down and her hair in a comforting way. He could understand how she was feeling right now. He blinked rapidly as his eyes grew moist.

In a calm voice, Jaehyun proceeded, "Sis, you can't fix stupid. If the dumbed down masses want to believe that there is a virus, no amount of facts will convince them otherwise. They cannot think for themselves. They rely on so-called experts to do the thinking for them. They allowed 'experts' to tell them that the definition of isolation means to add many things together rather than what it actually means which is to exist in a state separated from everything else. They allowed 'experts' to tell them that the murdering of living infants and harvesting their organs for medical research is not a heinous crime, and they justify the use of aborted fetuses by claiming that they will 'save lives' or for 'the greater good'. Most importantly, the invisible 'virus' story allows them to blame a 'deadly virus' and not their unhealthy lifestyles. It's a perfect way to deflect any attention away from what they're doing to themselves. Poppers or nitrite inhalants are used frequently by gay people during as a stimulant and to make easier. Prof Peter Duesberg of UC Berkeley was first to point out for the gays that were 'getting AIDS' it was due to toxins, abuse of one's body with drug use, too much alcohol and bad food choices but the problem with that is it pins the cause on what people do, how they live, and how they abuse their body, so the denialists had to blame the imaginary virus. Prof Duesberg and others also pointed out that the very drugs to treat the alleged never proven to exist virus actually was what killed people. Prof Duesberg has very bravely presented the world with a powerful cogent argument that our governments have deliberately committed mass murder. Whether they have done it for profit or population control Prof Duesberg leaves to you to decide."

Seungwan withdrew from the hug and patted Eunji's shoulder in a comforting way as she remarked, "I totally disagree with Mr. Duesberg's assertion that 'HIV' is harmless since no one has ever proven its existence. 'AIDS' is a pysop, and 'viruses' are Santa Claus. Luc Montagnier did not actually isolate the 'virus' he is supposed to have discovered. In 1997, the French investigative journalist Djamel Tahi interviewed Montagnier over his 1983 Science paper where he claimed to have discovered 'HIV'. After repeated questioning Montagnier gave the stunning response that in electron micrographs of what they called 'purified virus', even after a 'Roman effort', they could not find any particles with 'the morphology typical of retroviruses'. Montagnier added, 'I repeat we did not purify!' A few years after interviewing Montagnier, Mr. Tahi interviewed Montagnier's electron microscopist Charles Dauguet. Mr. Dauguet was asked why no EM images of purified 'HIV' were published, and his response was 'We have never seen virus particles in the purified virus. What we have seen all the time was cellular debris, no virus particles.' "

Seungwan shook her head slowly, blinking the moisture away. She then added, "In the Emperor's New Virus documentary, Montagnier's colleague Françoise Barré-Sinoussi explains why antibody testing is a 'mess'. When asked 'Going back to 1983, when trying to prove the existence of a new virus, why was purification important?' Barré-Sinoussi replied, 'it was important to prepare kits for antibody detection. Because we wanted these diagnosis kits to be as specific as possible. If you use a preparation of virus which is not purified of course you will detect antibody to everything, not only against the virus but also to all the proteins that are produced in the supernatant.' So-called educated people have allowed 'experts' to tell them that the purification process is unnecessary. If there are multiple things in the preparation, how do we know which, if any of them, is the 'pathogen'? How can you positively identify an unknown 'pathogen' in a mixture? In the same documentary, when asked 'What is the purpose of the purification?' Montagnier replied, 'To make sure you have a real virus.' The same Montagnier in 1997 admitted that they didn't purify the 'virus'. In short, Montagnier and Barré-Sinoussi had been awarded the 2008 Nobel Prize for committing a deadly fraud. You have to go after the human genome project. Plenty of us have pointed out no isolation or purification and the 'experts' always say we don't need to because we have the entire human genome. The only person to directly address this is Dr. Stefan Lanka who points out multiple flaws including the biggest one that the human genome is more than fifty percent computer generated with no physical reference."

"The way 'HIV' testing is done, the AZT and its direct effects that are the same as 'AIDS symptoms', it doesn't take a long time to understand what is going on. Keep in mind, there's no such thing as side effects. So-called side effects are direct effects," Jaehyun responded. "You know the notion that genome can be anyhow modified by some special parts of genetic sequence is questionable. How do they know what each of the genes do when 'genome' is in a state of constant transformation?"

"Fixed human genome is a science fiction. The underlying assumption of genetic engineering, which is that each gene encodes for a unique protein, was proven by the human genome project to be entirely unfounded." Seungwan sat back down next to Dongmin. "The 'Gallo Stole Montagnier's virus' story was all a lie to make people think there was a virus to steal. The same thing happens with 'covid'. The whole gain of function, lab-leak, bioweapon thing is a very sophisticated propaganda technique. It gets people self-reinforcing a lie that this 'virus' even exists, when in-fact, it is all a psyop. Once people understand the 'HIV' lie, they can easily see the 'covid' scam for what it is. I may sound heartless, but seriously those gay people who had died from 'HIV medications' deserved it. They had been fooled. Their foolishness had led to their demise. Homouality is against nature's order. I totally agree with your sister's statement that any time you try to go up against nature, you are certain to lose. What does homouality and vaccination have in common? They're both part of the depopulation agenda. This is why homouality is being heavily promoted in the entertainment industry. The sheeple follow what is trending. It's literally like herding sheep."

Jaehyun nodded his head in hearty agreement that homouality and toxccination are both part of the depopulation agenda. Dongmin remained silent, looked down at his lap as he fiddled his fingers; occasionally he glanced at Eunji. Jiyeon didn't say anything. She kept rubbing Eunji's back, soothing her. Finally, Eunji's quiet sobbing ceased. She released herself from Jiyeon's hug and wiped tears off her face with her hands. Jiyeon and Jaehyun sat back down side by side.

Dongmin lifted his head and looked at Seungwan. "It does make sense," he said, nudging her elbow with his. "Having gay character in music videos, movies, and kids' cartoons is a deliberate action to influence people towards the gay phenomenon."

Seungwan nudged him back. "Glad you noticed it."

Jiyeon gave Seungwan a serious look. "Stop using the enemy's language, Seungwan. Toxccination is the right word for vaccination, and toxccine is the right word for vaccine. The concept of toxccination is based upon Louis Pasteur's germ theory. Pasteur's private diary revealed that his theory of diseases failed. He was never able to make any of his subjects sick by 'infecting' them with bacteria, so he had to spike all of his pathogen samples with poisons mostly mercury and arsenic. They got sick. Bingo! Bacteria cause disease, right? That's how he made it look. In fact, nobody has demonstrated transmissibility of disease using pure cultures of bacteria. Toxccine 'science' postulates that we are victims to diseases that enter our bodies from the outside world. The typical theory of how toxccines work is: Your body makes antibodies for the 'disabled virus' it is exposed to via the toxccine. These antibodies help protect you against similar 'live viruses' you contact later. The antibodies destroy the toxccine virus, and thus the child suffers a mild form of the disease, and his 'immune system' is built up against the disease. The similarity between the injected virus in the toxccine and the 'virus' said to be responsible for causing the particular disease is the key to the efficacy of toxccination. It all sounds quite logical doesn't it? Give your child a small, non-harmful disease to prevent the supposed devastating effects of the real disease." She blew out her breath on a heavy sigh.

After a brief pause, Jiyeon continued, "The origin of the word virus is from the Latin language, meaning toxin or poison. Cell cultures are starting points for all toxccines. Virus hunters believe they're isolating 'viruses' in those petri dishes. As sis Eunji said, the isolation of viruses is completely fraudulent; their idea of 'growing virus in cell culture' is to both starve and poison the bio matter. Cells undergo cytopathic collapse from the 'isolation' process, not the 'virus', release their cell detritus, and the components of the detritus are then claimed to be viruses. Toxccination is a crime cloaked in the guise of public welfare policy. You cannot inject health. Toxccines are only composed of toxins and cause damage, not prevent disease. If you have antibodies against something, it is merely an indicator of current damage, not future defense. This, by the way, is related to why the supposed 'protection' of the toxccines, waned. Because the body neutralizes, filters and gets rid of that toxic crap. Their measure of 'protection' is actually a measure of damage. Anything that elicits an 'immune response' is a bad thing."

"Three days ago I heard the conversation between two sheeple in an open basketball court near my home. They excitedly said: 'I got two covid shots, and I have good antibody from serology test. Now I immune', 'I too got my covid shot so I wouldn't get sick. I have good level antibodies'. I approached them and destroyed their excitement by saying, 'Antibodies are not a measure of 'immunity'. Antibodies are small proteins called globulins. You should never be looking at them as protection, rather than measures of damage. Damage caused by toxicity. You can get antibodies against practically any toxicity. So if you add more toxicity aside from say, toxic vaccines, well obviously, your body is more broken.' They retorted furiously, 'Shut up, anti-vax !' 'ing , may I inquire about your credentials? Phd in what? What's the title of your latest peer-reviewed research paper?' I replied, 'I am not a scientist nor particularly well educated' to which they countered, 'Then keep your mouth shut!' 'You better shut up then! You know nothing what you're talking about!' The demand for credentials shows how little people believe they can trust their own research. We must be told what to think and believe! We are just little people who cannot think for ourselves! Only experts in their field can know these things because they were anointed by a sacred university!" Seungwan laughed shortly; then her voice took a more serious tone. "Not being an expert does not invalidate any well thought out conclusion. And anyone dismissing the opinion of someone else because they are not an expert says more about the person invalidating the humanity and dignity of another human being. I now don't bother trying to inform people of the fraud being committed against them, I'm now quite happy to educate myself and a few people close to me. I am going to find it extremely difficult not to say to people, 'You've got what you wanted; now you pay the piper.' Anyway, I agree with you we should stop using the enemy's language. We should change the word 'pandemic' into fraudemic."  

"Their lack of any ability to think for themselves to any degree is abundantly clear. In their upside down world, only academica is allowed to know anything. Only peer reviewed academic types with letters behind their names can possess knowledge," Jiyeon responded. "Peer reviewed is an illusion. All the academics must go along to get along. Peer reviewed means those in the club all agree to the lies that enslave humanity and profit nicely from the agreed upon lies. Any academic that goes against the established curriculum will never be tenured or receive grants ever."

"Absolutely spot on." Seungwan smiled.

Jiyeon returned her smile then shifted her gaze to Eunji, who was staring at the sky. "Sis," she called.

Eunji switched her gaze to her, and Jiyeon added, "Seungwan referring to viruses as Santa Claus makes me remember Baekwoon's words in response to your opinion on how people react to the truth. He said, 'You probably believed as a kid it was Santa Claus who miraculously delivered your toys every Christmas. As you got older, you might remember the day when a school friend broke the devastating news that Father Christmas wasn't real! Were you upset? Of course you were. You mocked your friend who could suggest Santa Claus didn't exist? You were angry. Finally you learned the truth and you had to accept it. For the first time you escaped the process of brainwashing.' The masses believe it's the 'virus' that causes disease in people. When you told them the virus isn't real, they got angry. Sounds exactly the same right?"    

Eunji slightly narrowed her eyes as if trying to remember something. Dongmin and Seungwan looked at each other, and Dongmin mouthed 'Who is Baekwoon?' to which Seungwan shrugged.  

Her talking about Baekwoon surprised him greatly. She'd never mentioned Baekwoon again since they moved here. Jaehyun took her hands and held them in his. "Are you still hearing the voice?" he asked, voicing his concern for her aloud.

Jiyeon shook her head. "I no longer heard the voice." She grinned. "The voice has disappeared from my life since the day we had the same dream of meeting him."

A wave of relief washed over him, and a little smile worked its way across his lips. Jaehyun hugged her and whispered, "Thank God."

"Jaehyun, my voice hearing experience has messed up my relationship with my mom. When you told me that you believe hearing voices is a natural part of the human experience, it truly did touch my soul. And I really wished my mom was the one who said those words. She is one of those who view hearing voices and talking to oneself as 'symptoms' of 'mental illness'. She forced me to see a psychiatrist. When failed, she resorted to try to set me up with a therapist whom she thought could fix me," Jiyeon muttered. "I'm grateful that your family accepted me despite knowing I heard the voice."   

Jaehyun felt his eyes well with tears again. He blinked them back and sniffed. He remembered when he told her those words. Now he understood why she broke down into tears after hearing what he said. He affectionately caressed her hair, feeling so grateful that she didn't go to see a psychiatrist.

If Jiyeon did see one, the psychiatrist would have given her a fancy label and prescribed her toxic neuroleptic drugs that don't just damage the brain they damage other organs as well, and we might have not been together. People might have thought that her mother was a good mother: she wanted her daughter to see a psychiatrist because she cared so much about her wellbeing. In my eyes, she isn't a good mother. She has no brain and wisdom. Forcing her daughter to see a psychiatrist clearly shows she is totally brainwashed. This is the first time Jiyeon talked about her being forced to see a psychiatrist. If only I had known about it earlier, I would have not felt guilty towards her mother for taking her here in the woods.

One of the most dangerous things a person will ever do is see a psychiatrist. Society is being bombarded by false messages that psychiatry provides 'help'. How many people have they poisoned, disabled, killed, driven to suicide? Psychiatrists have their own Bible known as the DSM, a modern witch-hunting manual, and as it has evolved since its inception, it has got bigger and fatter, and this is because every new label for every emotion and behavior they call a 'mental illness' or 'mental disorder' comes with a drug from their drug lords, Big Pharma, and for every drug pushed on their victims they get money! Psychiatry would have us believe our brain chemistry consists of only three chemicals: Serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine. To be 'tweaked' with those 'life saving meds' they hand out like office mints. It is also not known or readily forgotten that these 'neurotransmitters' affect a lot more than the brain. 90% of the serotonin receptors in the body are apparently in the gut. They are doing more than messing with people's brains here. Hence, the obesity, diabetes, and early death figures. Let's be honest: they cannot measure the brain chemistry in any meaningful way. How they could say if it was 'balanced' or not?

In 2010, Allen Frances, once considered 'the most powerful psychiatrist in America', chair of the DSM-IV task force, has declared that mental disorders are bull. In 2013, Dr. Steven E. Hyman, neuroscientist and former director of the National Institute of Mental Health has debunked the DSM. Dr. Hyman stated that the molecular and cellular underpinnings of psychiatric disorders remain unknown; there is broad disillusionment with the animal models used for decades to predict therapeutic efficacy; psychiatric diagnoses seem arbitrary and lack objective tests; and there are no validated biomarkers with which to judge the success of clinical trials. Dr. Hyman called the DSM model of diagnosis, which includes labels like 'schizophrenia' that's considered the most severe of 'mental illnesses' 'Totally wrong… an absolute scientific nightmare'.

Psychiatry never stopped being a eugenics movement it just wised up and learned to do it in a different way but still within closed cultures of abuse and using 'mental illness' as cover. It is clear to those who understand the history of psychiatry that psychotropic drugs were designed to cause damage in the first place. The antipsychotics or 'neuroleptics', which translates as 'seize the nerves' was originally referred to as a 'chemical lobotomy' by its inventor. What is also apropos here is that while the psych drugs are predicated on the 'chemical imbalance' theories, these theories not only are not supported by evidence but have been contradicted by evidence. It is hardly a stretch calling the proliferation of the psych drugs a new and modern day eugenics push. Akathisia, the direct effect of these drugs, can and has absolutely led to suicide and violence. Just to give one an idea of how bad akathisia, and other extrapyramidal drug direct effects, can be, they were used to torture political prisoners in Soviet Russia and China. Most people arguing that 'mental illness' kills are actually talking about suicide. Guess what? People in 'treatment' kill themselves all the time. Akathisia is the most insidious cause of suicide and violence! The 'relapse' is certainly withdrawal from drugs. The creative relabeling of antidepressant withdrawals as 'bipolar disorder' has tragically become routine. Psychiatry and their drug lords Big Pharma use the effects of their drugs to their advantage. It supports the claim that 'mental illness' is real. It suits the narrative that there are dangerous people out there who are mentally ill and need 'treatment'. Psychiatry justifies and rationalizes the damage it does to the public by saying "Their genes make them intrinsically different from you. They don't have thoughts or feelings like real people." That's the eugenic ideology. It's idiotic to suggest that a particular behavior pattern must always be caused by some kind of genetic fault in the person engaging in the behavior.

The entire genetic theory was completely and comprehensively refuted in 2000, the year of the publication of the contradictory data of the so-called Human Genome Project. It turns out about half of the human genome had to be invented using computers. The 'genetic material' is subject to constant changes, therefore it cannot be a fixed material, and its normal and common changes are misinterpreted as 'disease' genes. Genes do not control the functions of the body nor do they cause diseased conditions. Psychiatry ignores the discovery of 'neuroplasticity' since it directly undermines the 'broken brain' model. Trauma, abuse and poor parental attachment have all been shown to cause physical changes in neuroimaging. Stresses also change the brain and when these stresses are addressed, the brain changes back again. So, even if there are some differences in brains, seen in neuroimaging, there's no reason to get excited about it. Brains are constantly changing with experiences. Adverse childhood environments have been shown to be a strong risk factor in transgenderism. Children exposed to transgender themes before they are able to understand their own gender and uality results in confusion within that child. The weight of evidence is environmental and social, but psychiatry scrambles to find 'the genes responsible' because the narrative of 'social progress' does not allow for the possibility that insane social and political trends never before experimented with in the history of humanity, could in fact be regressive and harmful.

Psychiatry is no more scientific than palm reading, yet its practitioners call themselves 'doctors' of psychiatry in order to try to make quackery sound credible. Psychiatry is a vastly elaborate social control system, using both brute force and subtle indoctrination, which disguises itself under the claims of scientifically. Those in authority can question any dissent. Those persons defined as 'deviant' to the accepted norms can be 'scapegoated' and stigmatized. It serves those in power via social control of deviants. Psychiatry is also used by certain groups such as the family to get rid of 'difficult' members. Institutions, such as schools, care homes for children and old people can 'manage' 'misbehavior'. Only a fool will seek 'professional help' because somewhere down the line it can be used against them to remove certain rights.

My life partner definitely is not a fool. Jaehyun tenderly kissed the top of her head. Jiyeon broke the hug at the sound of Dongmin clearing his throat, and they looked at him.  

"Baekwoon sounds like a wise person," Dongmin said. "I once believed in Santa Claus and really wanted to keep believing in him, but I kept finding the toy stashes over the years, so at some point had to admit that I was living in denial and that I had been deceived. If only virus believers don't just blindly believe 'experts', use their logic and read virology papers themselves, they will likely realize they have been deceived."

"Baekwoon died years ago. I didn't know him personally, but judging from his words, he was—" Eunji cleared "—he was a wise man. He gave us a great example of how people react to the truth. In the Santa Claus case, believers learned the truth, but in the virus case, believers refused to learn the truth. It reasons quite simple. It's easier for people to believe the fantasy about 'deadly viruses' than face the truth that they are poisoning themselves with toxic lifestyles, medications, vaccines, toxic food, using toxic household products, cosmetics, sunscreen, et cetera. The majority of people do not want to take personal responsibility for the decisions they've made throughout their lives. They like playing the comfortable role of the 'victim' and are willing to let the 'experts' tell them what to do, even though the 'experts' advice is, roughly translated, 'go over to the edge of that cliff and jump off.' People are too prideful to admit they were duped."  

"Those people have a mind that is set to believe everything they're told by the medical industry because since they were kids they've been fed up with the notion that doctors know more about how to take care of their health and that kindergarten-logic became a mindset and stayed throughout their lives. One of the most dangerous mindsets they have is that there's a disease-causing virus and there's an 'antidote' for the 'virus'—that leads them to do what they're told by the medical industry," Seungwan responded. "They will continue to believe in the covid cult because it allows them to blame others for their own sickness and makes them feel like heroes: wearing masks and getting toxic injections that contain human fetal cells from tortured and murdered babies to protect humanity from the 'deadly virus' that only exists in computer simulation. The fact is: their mask-wearing ritual is harmful to both health and the environment. Disposable face-masks are produced from polymers. Micro- and nanoplastic particles in the masks can either be released into the environment or inhaled by the mask wearer. A 2020 study entitled 'COVID-19 Pandemic Repercussions on the Use and Management of Plastics' has warned that a monthly estimated use of 129 billion face masks and 65 billion gloves globally, is resulting in widespread environmental contamination. Vlad Georgescu in his 2009 article 'Nanoparticles: Cute little killers' wrote that for the first time, clinicians have been able to prove that inhaled nanoparticles can cause severe damage to the lungs in humans and lead to the death of patients. The publication is likely to present environmental physicians worldwide with new challenges. Got a throat problem? 'Covid!' Got a breathing problem? 'Covid!' Got dizziness? 'Covid!' Feeling nauseous? 'Covid!' None of these symptoms can be related to the mask-wearing ritual?"

"They are now peddling home test kits that contain deadly sodium azide. Sodium azide will soon find its way into the water supply. This is a multi-pronged genocide effort. I see that once we get rid of germ theory, we will no longer be deceived and manipulated to take their toxic treatments," Dongmin added. "Watching people slather themselves with harmful hand sanitizers, and all that later going into our waterways, employers subjecting their office spaces and employees to poisons to rid the fictitious computer generated virus, grocery stores spraying their spaces with toxic ingredients, harmful face masks, poisonous testing, poisonous treatments, toxccines—the list goes on."

"The solutions to the made up problems are always what actually make people sick and damage the environment," Jaehyun remarked. "No wonder though since they want to depopulate the world from its, now, over 7 billion people down to 500 million. It is etched in stone as the first commandment of the Georgia Guidestones."  

"I couldn't agree more. The current worldwide PCR fraudemic and world governments' reactions to this manufactured BS are an example of their contempt for the world's population. As soon as they started shutting down things I noticed immediately the stores and everywhere had a horrible smell of chemicals. They sprayed chemical disinfectant in order to kill 'viruses' which according to fraudsters in science known as virologists are nonliving things in massive amounts then all the blowers to make sure it went everywhere. It's like everyone is forced to get their food picking it on the fields while it's being sprayed with pesticides all day long every day. Even on these disinfectant sprays for home it has warnings yet some people think nothing of spraying them constantly. The amounts of that chemical constantly floating around in the air and being reintroduced in the air non-stop would be coating the lungs and flowing like a stream through the blood. They're also being absorbed into our foods! Does the clinic or doctor ask 'How much disinfectant are you exposed to every day?' I doubt that is ever asked. If an enemy wanted to harm a broad swath of population without actual war it might declare a 'pandemic' and start spraying with that chemical disinfectant!" Seungwan released a loud sigh. "'If there is no virus, then what is it that is making people so sick and dying?' is the question a lot of people ask me, and my eyes glaze over and I want to beat my head on the wall. I then give them the laundry list of actual, seemingly obvious, reasons people are getting sick and dying. Facts don't register in their minds because then they'd have to take personal responsibility. They enjoy being lied to and playing the victim."

"So many people ask me that same question, and I'm tired of hearing it. Just in case you didn't know, bronopol is found in numerous household disinfectants, sanitizers including hand sanitizers and personal care products. It is so toxic; it never shows up on a label as it is used as a 'trace' ingredient. Every single symptom credited to convid-19 was seen in the bronopol animal studies done in the 1990's. Every single one," Eunji said. "Most people had no idea that everything you put on the skin goes through it, they believed the skin was a 'protective barrier'. They didn't believe that manufacturers would be allowed to put harmful substances in creams, cosmetics, shampoos, et cetera. They didn't believe the government would allow this."

"Regarding the bronopol, the respiratory symptoms credited to the nonexistent disease 'covid' are meant to rid the body of the toxins it has accumulated," Seungwan responded. "If you learn terrain theory, then you likely know that you should take responsibility for your own dietary choices and lifestyle habits, avoid all forms of toxic crap that most people put into their bodies, and allows the body's natural detoxification methods i.e. urination, defecation, perspiration, exhalation to not get overwhelmed."

"Béchamp's viewpoint is revolutionary and counters to our thinking in so many ways because Pasteur's viewpoint has so permeated the way we look at things. The Pasteurian view makes us 'victims.' Illness is haphazard, may get to you, may not, but you have no control," Jaehyun chimed in. "As Béchamp's viewpoint required people to take responsibility for themselves, it's no surprise it was Pasteur's viewpoint that was embraced, as you could live as you wanted and blame an outside 'germ' if you became ill. Those who think that the government wants to 'save' them have never read anything about history or they would've known that 'the greater good' was also used by every brutal totalitarian regimes over the history. 'We're all in this together', 'the new normal', catchphrases for coercion."

Eunji nodded, smiling slightly. "There are only disease conditions, so said Florence Nightingale, or Terrain according to Antoine Béchamp and others. Hence there can no 'immunity' either natural or artificial. The belief that injecting lab synthetic chemicals made by habitually criminal companies who profit from perpetual disease somehow produces health is not only ridiculous and unproven it is a foundational teaching of a deadly religious cult that modern medicine has become. A 2017 study of 44 types of 15 traditional vaccines has uncovered a very troubling and unreported fact: vaccines contain nanoparticles. Many of the particles are metals. Those inorganic particles are biologically incompatible and not degradable. Such particles are not medicine in any sense of the word. You should read the study yourself to understand the destructive effects of nanoparticles in vaccines. The study authors, Gatti and Montanari think those nanoparticles are not put inside the vaccines intentionally. I totally do not agree with them. Metal nanoparticles are man-made. What are metal nanoparticles doing anywhere near labs that manufacture vaccines, and how can any sensible individual state that 'this contamination is unintentional'? This so-called contamination is absolutely intentional, nanoparticles are secret ingredients, as indicated by a 2018 review article entitled 'Nanoparticle Vaccines Against Infectious Diseases' published in Frontiers in Immunology, which states, 'In the last several years, the use of nanoparticle-based vaccines has received a great attention to improve vaccine efficacy, immunization strategies, and targeted delivery to achieve desired immune responses at the cellular level… Nanocarriers composed of lipids, proteins, metals or polymers have already been used to attain some of these attributes.' Vaccines are a barbaric fraud. Every vaccine ever is designed for toxification. If you are toxified, your body reacts, 'immune response'. Vaccines cause the same sort of reactions as toxins. Because they are toxins. Mechanically, considering it's purely reactive, toxifying the body to react cannot prevent anything. It is simply a result of the body coping with toxicity induced. It is not ever a good sign. Jiyeon is right, toxccine is the right word for vaccine."

She rummaged in her briefcase and pulled out a stack of clipped papers. The paper's title read, 'Characteristics and viral propagation properties of a new human diploid cell line, walvax-2, and its suitability as a candidate cell substrate for vaccine production.' She flipped to the ninth page.   


"In 2015, the practice of killing innocent babies was still being performed. The development of a new fetal cell line called walvax-2 for vaccine production was done by sadistic Chinese doctors, Bo Ma et al—" Eunji closed her eyes, took a deep breath in, released it and opened them back up. She lifted the paper and traced the highlighted text with her right index finger as she continued, "Let me put this into plain language, several infants of a gestational age of 2 to 4 months were screened, picked for their gender, race and pristine medical history. The date of the abortion is chosen, labor is induced, organs are extracted while the child is alive denoted by the word 'fresh', then transported. The cause of death is the removal of the organs by vivisection. The method described here is virtually unchanged from the method of organ harvesting described by Joan Thicke et al in their 1952 paper entitled 'Cultivation of Poliomyelitis Virus in Tissue Culture; Growth of the Lansing Strain in Human Embryonic Tissue.' "

Eunji put the paper on the ground and pulled out another stack of clipped papers. The paper's title read, 'Vaccines that use human fetal cells draw fire'.


Tapping her fingers on the highlighted text, she continued, "This 2020 article entitled 'Vaccines that use human fetal cells draw fire' was published in Science, one of the most prestigious journals in the world. The practice of killing innocent babies will continue to be performed since human fetal cells are key to producing toxccines, as Andrea Gambotto, a toxccine scientist at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine and lead developer of the toxccine, explains, 'Cultured non-human animal cells can produce the same proteins, but they would be decorated with different sugar molecules, which runs the risk of failing to evoke a robust and specific immune response.' The petrochemical-based, monetized medical industry that thinks a 'one size fits all' approach to health is the leader in anti-life practices."

"How it is that I, non-religious person, can find abortion so morally abhorrent, so obviously wrong, while so many so-called Christians fully condone it? If the defense of the utterly defenseless is not a moral good, then nothing is. Pragmatism be damned, and all who justify their heinous acts by it." Seungwan shook her head slightly. "Believing in and paying heed to a nonexistent entity of man's fabrication and acting accordingly, that's idolatry, isn't it?"

Jaehyun, Jiyeon, and Eunji exchanged looks. Then Jiyeon looked at Seungwan and responded, "The three of us believe in Creator but do not follow any particular religious ideology. We cannot answer your question—" She shifted her gaze to Dongmin. "You said you once believed in Santa Claus, so I guess you're a Christian. Would you answer the question? I'm honestly curious."  

Dongmin nodded and spoke, "I think, um, it's because nothing in the New Testament prohibits abortion, and the Old Testament is ambivalent at best. Opposition to abortion is not based on the Christian Bible. I personally don't think abortion is morally right. I don't support it. Killing the pre-born is murder. The reason why Christians and other religious people still get injections despite knowing toxccines contain human aborted fetal cells is, um, in my opinion, they're afraid of the nonexistent entity of man's fabrication, losing job and death. They don't mind the practice of killing innocent babies as long as it is for saving their lives. And um, yes, that's idolatry. Falsely asserting that God has created something baneful when in fact God has created no such thing is blasphemy. And that's the true nature of this event. People are suffering from none but the consequences of their iniquity, namely idolatry and blasphemy. The consequences of idolatry in the Old Testament used to be nationwide captivity and enslavement; they are the same today."

Jiyeon gave a little laugh. "You sound like a devout Christian," she remarked.

"I'm not particularly devout," Dongmin countered.

"Human sacrifice is not new actually. So many civilizations throughout history have practiced human sacrifice. Human sacrifice helped those at the top of the social hierarchy maintain power over those at the bottom. The association of human sacrifice with population density suggests that it functioned as a means of population control. You could get rid of prisoners, unwanted children, and undesirables by giving them to the gods. In ancient times, civilizations believed that the gods would only help you if you gave them something in return. The relationship between humans and deities, therefore, was seen as a transactional relationship, a relationship of quid pro quo or 'something for something'. Human sacrifice is still continuing today e.g. killing innocent babies for toxccine and drug production. Those who have been brainwashed to believe that the world is overpopulated, likely advocate this practice," Jiyeon added. "I see Santa Claus as a symbol of materialism. The entire Santa Claus myth is based on the idea of children getting gifts. Good children are rewarded. Those aren't, are taken away by a punishing entity such as the folk figure Krampus. This judgment is expressed in the 1934 song 'Santa Claus is Coming to Town' where children are told 'you better watch out,' that Santa has omnipotent powers to know what children are doing, and that he divides children into the 'naughty' and the 'nice'. In a nutshell, one should do good for the sake of reward and avoid doing wrong out of fear of punishment. It allows parents to try to control children via a powerful stranger. The similarity between human sacrifice and Santa Claus is: both are a symbol of materialism and a means of control."

Jaehyun beamed at his partner with deep admiration. Her perspective impressed him. He could easily see Santa Claus as a symbol of materialism. But human sacrifice? He had never thought human sacrifice as a symbol of materialism.

Seungwan shook her head, agape. "Mrs. Park, your explanation of human sacrifice and Santa Claus as a symbol of materialism and a means of control blows my mind."

Jiyeon smiled. "The current PCR fraudemic has revealed the true color of religions. Modern medicine has become the highest level of religions, it has all other religions bow down to its rules and worship their lords, Big Pharma. Instead of holy water there's hand sanitizer, communion bread has been transformed into a needle, and the altar is a smartphone screen."

"The altar is a smartphone screen? Such a witty remark!" Seungwan laughed. Dongmin let out a small laugh, whereas Eunji pressed her lips together but failed to hide her smile altogether.  

Jaehyun inwardly laughed. He patted Jiyeon's head lightly as he said, "There is a medical doctor who described the medical establishment as 'the church of modern medicine'. In his 1979 book 'Confessions of a Medical Heretic', Dr. Robert Mendelsohn stated that 'Modern medicine can't survive without our faith, because modern medicine is neither an art nor a science; it's a religion...Just ask 'why' enough times and sooner or later you'll reach the chasm of faith.' "  

"Yes, modern medicine is indeed a deadly religion," Seungwan responded. "The chasm of faith is likely to manifest as the familiar phrase, 'trust me, I'm a doctor.' "

"I can proudly say I'm a medical heretic. Thalidomide and SMON tragedies are just two examples of the results of medical zealots promoting a verse: 'safe and effective'—" Jaehyun looked alternately between Seungwan and Dongmin. "When you see a priestly doctor, you're provided with a ritual to perform—take pills three times a day, huh?"    

"Yes, I was provided with that ritual when my mother took me to a doctor on my 15th birthday due to a severe cold. But I didn't perform the ritual because I couldn't swallow pills. My inability to swallow pills saved me from antibiotics, um, antilife. It took me four days to get better from that cold without so-called medicines," Seungwan replied. "The allopaths are very dangerous. People are making a huge mistake going to them with a cold and thinking they know about health. They know nothing about health. Maybe if you have a broken arm but for the most part they should be avoided. Regarding 'flu like symptoms', would you say that trees that shed their leaves all contract nonexistent viruses during the fall? No, it is a natural process that 'most' trees go through. And that is the same for humans—it is a detox process that most go through during the change of seasons yet the medical doctors try to suppress them."

"Germ theory, genetic theory, cholesterol theory and chemical imbalance theory are all dogma. These theories serve Big Pharma that work tirelessly to depopulate the people on earth and earn huge profits at the same time. The cholesterol myth occurred when Rockefeller interests supported Ancel Keys, vegetable oils and the Dietary Guidelines. Only consistent lying in the media and the medical schools could have maintained a lie of this proportion. Far from being a dangerous substance, cholesterol is absolutely necessary for life. Cholesterol is the raw material from which skin cells are able to manufacture Vitamin D in the presence of sunlight. Cholesterol also serves as a building block for important hormones in the human body such as pregnenolone, progesterone, DHEA, the glucocorticoids, the mineralcorticoids, the androgens and the estrogens. Cholesterol is a vital constituent of bile acids that are produced by the liver and stored in the gall bladder. Bile acids are necessary for the proper digestion and absorption of fat soluble vitamins, essential fatty acids and other fat soluble compounds," Eunji chimed in. "Cholesterol is located in every cell of the body, especially in the cellular membranes and in the brain, nerves, spinal cord, liver, kidneys and adrenal glands. It is manufactured by every cell of the body and can be manufactured in the liver and delivered via the bloodstream to the cells of the body on an as needed basis. Have you ever wondered why there is 'The War on Cholesterol'? What we have got here is a classic case of democide. The increase of cholesterol lowering statin drugs and the increase of early memory loss are linked. The brain needs cholesterol for proper functioning. Cholesterol lowering statin drugs inhibit the production of cholesterol from which Vitamin D is made. Thus, by definition, statin drugs also inhibit the production of this vital hormone called Vitamin D and inhibit all of its beneficial actions. Sensitivity to light is one of the effects of statin drugs. This cholesterol reduction, along with 'don't go out in the sun or you'll get skin cancer' certainly has set us up well for a 'deficient vitamin D pandemic,' which probably is a good part of the cause of why people labeled 'covid' are getting sick. Doctors and the laboratories that process your 'cholesterol' tests use a very interesting formula to determine what they deceptively refer to as 'total cholesterol'. Jiyeon, go ahead and explain it."

"Sis, can you give me a pen and a piece of paper?" Jiyeon asked.

Eunji nodded, took a pen and a piece of paper out of her briefcase and handed it to her. Jiyeon mouthed 'thanks' as she took it.

"One of the most devious things about the entire cholesterol scam, is obvious once you learn what HDL actually is. HDL stands for High-Density-Lipoprotein. It is highly dense because it is 50% protein and protein is much more dense than any of the other components in HDL. HDL is a globule that contains a collection of a wide variety of different nutrients. HDL typically contains 8 % triglycerides, 22% lecithin, 20 % cholesterol, and 50 % protein. Since triglycerides and cholesterol do not mix well with water, it is necessary to surround them with a special wrapper, lecithin, so that they can travel through the watery fluids of the blood. HDL is 50% protein. HDL levels in the bloodstream rise when the individual cells have excess cholesterol that they are sending back to the liver for reuse or disposal. If high levels of HDL are a sign of good health, and HDL is used by cells to discard their excess cholesterol, then that means that high cellular cholesterol levels are a sign of good health, so we should eat more cholesterol in order to be more healthy," Jiyeon began.

After clearing , Jiyeon continued, "LDL stands for Low-Density-Lipoprotein. LDL and HDL are made from the same basic compounds. The main difference is simply in the relative amounts and ratios of those compounds. LDL contains a lower percentage of protein than HDL, and since protein is much more dense than cholesterol or triglycerides, LDL is less dense than HDL. LDL is manufactured in the liver to send nutrients to the cells. The main thing that is being sent is cholesterol. This means that the cells need more cholesterol. Cholesterol is used by all the cells in the body to make a multitude of compounds without which life could not exist. It is true that HDL globules and LDL globules contain cholesterol, but HDL and LDL are definitely not the same as cholesterol. Cholesterol is an individual molecule with the chemical formula C27H45OH. The cholesterol that is found in HDL is exactly the same as the cholesterol that is found in LDL. The cholesterol is neither 'good', nor 'bad'. It is simply being transported by a different type of lipoprotein. Triglycerides are fats. A triglyceride consists of one molecule of a carbohydrate-like alcohol called glycerol that is bound to three fatty acids. Triglycerides are the preferred storage medium for energy in the body. Your body can take excess calories from just about any food i.e. protein, carbohydrates, fat and alcohol and convert it into triglycerides. It is much easier for the body to store excess calories in the form of triglycerides than it is to convert those excess calories into cholesterol. The amount of triglycerides found in the bloodstream normally rises after a meal. The more fats, carbohydrates and alcohol that you consume, the higher your level of triglycerides becomes. Triglycerides are absolutely not the same as cholesterol. Here is how doctors have deceived you. Doctors have not told you that it is possible for you to eat absolutely zero dietary cholesterol but still have your so-called 'cholesterol' levels rise because they deceitfully call triglycerides 'cholesterol'! If you overeat anything, your liver can convert that food into triglycerides and then your lying doctor will tell you that your 'cholesterol' levels went up!"     

Jiyeon crossed her legs, put the piece of paper on her right thigh and wrote a formula down on the paper: 'Total Cholesterol' = HDL + LDL + (triglycerides / 5).

She then lifted the paper and alternately showed it to Seungwan and Dongmin as she explained, "Doctors, testing laboratories and the pharmaceutical industry all use this formula to calculate your 'cholesterol'. This equation is a damned lie. We have an equation with four different variables. HDL, LDL and triglycerides are completely different from each other, and they are absolutely not the same as cholesterol, yet the amounts of all of these substances are treated as if they are completely interchangeable. Any good algebra teacher would fail you for setting up an equation like this. It is meaningless and non-sensible. It has no solution because all of the variables represent different units of measurement. Let's say that your doctor told you that your LDL is 125, your HDL is 55 and your triglycerides are 100. If you plug all these numbers into the equation, you will find that your so-called 'total cholesterol' equals 200. You would probably be happy with these results. Everything seems to add up nicely, despite the fact that this exercise is completely absurd."

Jiyeon put the paper back on her thigh and wrote the equation down: 55 HDL + 125 LDL + 100 Triglycerides/5 = 200 Cholesterol. Alternately showing it to Seungwan and Dongmin, she added, "An appropriate analogy would be to argue that 55 big baskets of mixed fruit plus 125 truckloads of a different fruit mix plus one fifth of a bunch of 100 apples equals 200 raisins! This is absolutely ridiculous! You most certainly would never get away with anything like this in an algebra class certainly not in my algebra class, but this is exactly what they teach students in medical schools. The simplistic version of the so-called 'cholesterol' blood testing that your doctor uses only calculates an estimate of your LDL level by manipulating the equation. Divide your triglyceride level by five, add that sum to your HDL and subtract both from your 'total cholesterol'. Ta da, you are reading calculator results. Your doctor didn't actually measure so-called 'bad cholesterol' LDL. A direct test of LDL is expensive. Doctors base the treatment of their victims on a blatantly fallacious equation that is completely meaningless. Through the deceitful manipulation of mathematics, doctors have turned the business of 'cholesterol management' into a mega-trillion dollar industry and you are the livestock being led to slaughter."  

Dongmin shook his head slowly as though in disbelief and looked at Jaehyun. "Your sister is right, doctors are legal killers, viewed as lifesavers by the gullible," he drawled slowly.  

"Best thing you can do for your health is avoid doctors. They see humans as machines. Humans are not machines; no two human bodies are exactly the same and therefore their experiences will not exactly correlate. The church of modern medicine does acknowledge that people react differently to drugs. This is a fact: we humans don't have pharmaceutical deficiencies," Jaehyun responded. "The human body is an amazing self-regulating organism that has an immense ability to self-heal. The symptoms that are associated with 'disease' represent the body's efforts to expel toxins, repair damage and restore health. So if the drug or jab stops the body from healing itself, then it keeps the 'sickness' loop feeding upon itself and causing even more harm."

"Why would I go to doctors? They are legal killers. I'm not ready to die yet, so I'll avoid them at all costs. And—"

Seungwan clapped her hands together once, interrupting Dongmin and said, "Well, I'm not the livestock. I've already learned the truth about cholesterol. There is no such thing as 'bad cholesterol'! Cholesterol is cholesterol. Cholesterol does not clog our coronary arteries. Our body manufactures a specific form of lipoprotein in an attempt to halt and repair the damage that is a result of nutritional deficiencies. Lipoprotein-a provides an alternate way to strengthen and stabilize artery walls that are chronically deficient in Vitamin C and other nutrients. The cholesterol that is a part of lipoprotein-a is a marvelously effective waterproofing agent. It is very waxy and smooth and it repels the fluid medium of the bloodstream. Blaming cholesterol for cardiovascular disease is like blaming the firefighter for the fire. According to Dr. George V. Mann, associate director of the famous Framingham study, 'The diet-heart idea, the notion that saturated fats and cholesterol cause heart disease, is the greatest scientific deception of our times. This idea has been repeatedly shown to be wrong, and yet, for complicated reasons of pride, profit and prejudice, the hypothesis continues to be exploited by scientists, fund-raising enterprises, food companies and even governmental agencies. The public is being deceived by the greatest health scam of the century.' During the 1960s, Dr. Mann made a study of Masai people in Kenya. These are slender people who in their native environment are generally very active, doing much walking and running to tend their cattle. They live entirely on milk and meat. Lots of cholesterol and saturated fat! According to Dr. Mann, they drink over one half gallon of high fat milk per day, which includes about one half a pound of butterfat. This is in addition to large amounts of meat, and yet they are free of CHD. It is disgraceful to vilify foods that man has consumed for eons to maintain his health and stamina. Cholesterol is produced by the body and is one of the most protective and important substances in our bodies. The more you know about it, the more insane it is to try to reduce or eliminate it."    

"Just the fact that Ancel Keys used seven countries in his lauded 'study' when he had data for twenty-two should tell you which category the cholesterol BS falls into," Jaehyun remarked. "With statistics you can change black to white."

Eunji rummaged in her briefcase again and pulled out another stack of clipped papers. The paper's title read, 'Cholesterol and Mortality 30 Years of Follow-up From the Framingham Study.'


Pointing at the highlighted text, Eunji said, "Regarding the Framingham study, in a thirty-year follow-up of the Framingham population, high cholesterol wasn't predictive for a heart attack after the age of forty-seven, and those whose cholesterol went down actually had the biggest risk of having a heart attack, as the study pointed out, 'For each 1 mg/dl drop in cholesterol, there was an increase of 14 percent in cardiovascular death.' And yet, the American Heart Association and the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute issued the statement in 1990: 'The results of the Framingham study indicate that a 1 percent reduction in cholesterol corresponds to a 2 percent reduction in CHD risk.' My instinctive reaction to their so-called scientific statement echoes Mark Twain's famous line: 'There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics!' In a 1992 Archive of Internal Medicine article, Dr. William P. Castelli, director of the Framingham study, reluctantly admitted that 'In Framingham, Massachusetts, the more saturated fat one ate, the more calories one ate, the lower the person's serum cholesterol. We found that the people who ate the most cholesterol, ate the most saturated fat, ate the most calories, weighed the least, and were the most physically active.' Yes, those who ate the most cholesterol and fat gained the least amount of weight. Eating fat makes you fat is a myth. In a 1996 Atherosclerosis article, Dr. Castelli also admitted that 'A 26-year follow-up had found that 50% of coronary heart disease occurred in people with below average cholesterol.' The Framingham study did not prove the lipid hypothesis. It actually was one of many studies that began to disprove the hypothesis. Nevertheless, this study has been cited as proof of the lipid hypothesis and used to promote the use of cholesterol lowering drugs, and low fat, mostly plant-based diets."

Eunji put her stuff back into her briefcase and closed it. She breathed out a loud sigh. "Medical doctors lie to every patient who walks into their office every day. They get away with it because patients are afraid to challenge their doctor's lies with the most basic questions. When your doctor tells you that 'you have an infection', ask them a few questions. Did they take a sample of fluid from your body, culture it in the lab, wait a few days and then look at the growth under a microscope? Did they actually use a microscope and see any bacteria? Or are they simply guessing? Culturing bacteria does not prove pathogenicity. Proof that the bacteria are the cause of your 'infection', that is when the pure culture of bacteria are introduced into healthy subjects, and the subjects get ill. The next time when your doctor tells you that your health issue is genetic or hereditary, ask them why the issue was not apparent when you were born?"

After taking a deep breath, Eunji continued, "Regarding the chemical imbalance theory, the most common evidence used to support this theory is the effectiveness of antidepressant medications. This however is very far from the truth. Two brain chemicals have been suggested to be involved in depression: Serotonin and norepinephrine also known as noradrenaline. In 1998, the American Medical Association Essential Guide to Depression stated that 'The link between low levels of serotonin and depressive illness is unclear, as some depressed people have too much serotonin.' That same year Elliot Valenstein, professor emeritus of psychology and neuroscience at the University of Michigan, in Blaming the Brain pointed out, 'Furthermore, there is no convincing evidence that depressed people have a serotonin or norepinephrine deficiency.' In 2002, The New York Times article entitled 'Antidepressants Lift Clouds, but Lose 'Miracle Drug' Label' reported that 'Researchers knew that antidepressants seemed to raise the brain's levels of messenger chemicals called neurotransmitters, so they theorized that depression must result from a deficiency of these chemicals. Yet a multitude of studies failed to prove this precept.' Unfortunately, that fact was buried under more than fifty preceding paragraphs. A 2005 article 'Serotonin and Depression: A Disconnect between the Advertisements and the Scientific Literature' published in PLOS Medicine stated that 'There is no scientifically established ideal 'chemical balance' of serotonin, let alone an identifiable pathological imbalance… There exists no rigorous corroboration of the serotonin theory, and a significant body of contradictory evidence.' Psychiatric drugs are not backed up by any science. Science does not have the ability to measure the levels of any biochemical in the brain of a living human being."

Jiyeon handed the paper and pen back to Eunji. Jiyeon then looked alternately between Seungwan and Dongmin as she added, "Once you break free from the idea that doctors know best, you can start to think for yourself and look at life for what it is. There's no such thing as mood stabilization, you need to have emotions in order to function. Psych drugs have shown to cause violence and suicide. A report by the National Association of State Mental Health Program Directors Council, 'Morbidity and Mortality in People with Serious Mental Illness', in October 2006, by which time the newer or 'atypical' antipsychotics had become the majority of neuroleptic prescriptions, stated that people with serious mental illness SMI die, on average, 25 years earlier than the general population. State studies document recent increases in death rates over those previously reported."

Dongmin just nodded and stared at Seungwan with a smile on his face as she responded, "I could understand lobotomy and electroshock therapy having a eugenics connection. Now I realize that psychiatric drugs certainly do as well. The people who study psychiatry and become psychiatrists and psychiatric nurses are the garbage of society. No person with morals and values would go into this profession knowing the harm it causes."

"Psychology is just as oppressive as psychiatry. Many young people are seduced by psychological explanations for behavior which shifts blame. Rather than accepting responsibility for their own behavior, they attribute it to some psychological influence based on a research study. How do they react to learning the study is probably incorrect? Most continue to cite the false study because it more closely aligns with their agenda," Jaehyun responded. "How do psychologists measure mental states such as greed, love, anger, hate, desires, hopes, pain, et cetera? The simplest way to quantify mental states is to simply survey people and ask them to rate how happy they consider themselves to be on a scale of 1 to 10. Those things can't be objectively quantified. Psychiatrists and psychologists have a long history of redefining people's rational responses to bad situations as 'mental disorders' requiring their 'treatment.' Their 'empirical based evidence' strategy relies on the expectancy factor, illusory correlation, raters' bias, preexisting diagnostic schemas, subjective reporting and observations, as well as subjective behavioral check lists, interviews and questionnaires that people who are invested in being victims would love to take, and those that are invested in being practitioners and pseudo-scientists would love to give. Avoid psychotherapy. It is a complete fraud. An attempt to elaborate and proffer the attitudes and behaviors of a fraudulent system. They are trying to make you fit for the social standards, not seeing you as a human being."

Dongmin shifted his gaze to Eunji, and his eyes sparkled as he beamed at her, who spoke, "My brother is spot on. Despite all the openness about 'mental health' issues today, if you attend a psychiatric hospital or therapist, it will come back and hit you later in life. It might be when you come up in court for a divorce, or challenge a doctor regarding a diagnosis, or come up against the police for some reason, it could be anything. It will always work against you. Always. This so-called healing profession needs to be avoided like the plague. Our behavior is a reaction to our environment and decisions. There is no amount of pharmaceutical tweaking that will change a person's environment: what they grew up with, what toxic overload their bodies may already be burdened with, what their current circumstantial stressors are, their socioeconomic status, and the stresses we all deal with in this increasingly materialistic society we live in. It is a change in our beliefs that will change our emotions for the better. The low serotonin hypothesis is absolute medical fraud. It is used to justify poison they call medication. Stopping the poison caused horrific effects including what is colloquially known as 'brain zaps,' a feeling like someone has hooked your brain up to mains electricity. The scum quacks known as psychiatrists and psychologists think 'brain zaps' 'bipolar.' I repeat myself that the real purpose of pharmacological treatment of 'mental disorders' is to get rid of lives they deem not worth living or what they call 'useless eaters'. In other words, it is eugenics."

"Psychiatry is a eugenics movement—it never went away after World War II and it's doing very well. Just like toxccines, psych drugs are weapons of eugenics. In a erse way, psychiatry is a perfect system. It has insulated itself from criticism by accusing us of attacking the 'patients' about whom they care so much," Jiyeon remarked. "Therapists, whether psychiatrists, psychologists, MSCs are shysters and con men. They discuss their clients' experiences as 'symptoms,' attribute them to diagnoses that are implicitly or explicitly understood to be valid 'disorders' that clients have, frame the goal of therapy as 'symptom reduction.' Leave out the 'mental health' entrapment word, and we are onto something tangible and truthful. People are different in many ways and that these differences include the way they respond to the emotional challenges of life. Emotions help us survive. Emotions are a natural part of being. The theory that a certain level of emotional response is 'abnormal' has no basis in science; it is a social construct. 'Mental illness' is a metaphor that those shysters and con men use to label and dehumanize everyone. It would be more accurate to say, 'We are trying to eliminate emotions' or 'we are drugging reactions' instead of 'alleviating symptoms.' "

Dongmin sighed, shaking his head. He stared at Jaehyun intensely and said, "Jaehyun, you're so lucky to have married your teacher. She is very knowledgeable about dogmas of modern medicine. I'm sure she doesn't force you to take poison when you feel unwell—" He shifted his gaze to Jiyeon. "So are you, Mrs. Park. You both are so lucky to have married each other. You know I've seen a lot of people forcing their family members to take poison when they were unwell because they cared so much about their health."   

Jaehyun and Jiyeon looked at each other and exchanged beaming smiles. Jaehyun held her hand with interlocked fingers. "Yes, we're so lucky. Those people are medical zealots. The church of modern medicine has indoctrinated them that it wise to swallow poison in the pursuit of health," he remarked. Simultaneously, Jiyeon asked, "Are you married or single? Are you in love or man in waiting?"

"Man in waiting, but now I've found two perfect candidates for my wife," Dongmin unhesitatingly replied. Looking alternately between Eunji and Seungwan, he added, "I'm confused whom to choose."

Muffled laughter shook Jiyeon's body. She then bluntly stated, "Sis Eunji and Seungwan are the perfect candidates for your wife?"

Eunji and Seungwan looked at each other in surprise.

"Seriously?" Jaehyun's voice rose in disbelief. "You're not kidding?"

Instead of answering, Dongmin bit his lower lip and lowered his head, which indicated he was not kidding. His ears turned red.

Eunji sighed and bluntly told him in a serious tone, "You don't need to be confused, Dongmin. I'm not interested in being your wife or anybody else's. Seungwan is charming, sweet—the perfect candidate for your wife."

Seungwan shook her head, clucking her tongue. She looked sharply at Dongmin, who kept his head lowered. "Don't be so ridiculous." Her voice took on a sharp tone. "We just met each other yesterday. How can you be sure that Miss Eunji and I are the perfect candidates for your wife?"

When Dongmin lifted his head, a deadly serious look was on his face. "Judging from yesterday's and today's conversation, you and Eunji are mature and not materialistic. You two are not blind followers. You critically think for yourself and can see modern medicine for what it is. So you won't force me to take poison when I feel unwell. That's what makes me sure you and Eunji are the perfect candidates for my wife." His voice matched his expression. "Eunji refused to be my candidate wife. How about you?"

Seungwan made no response, and he continued in a more deadly serious tone, "I want to get married before 26 years old, and now I'm 24 years old. Seungwan, let's get to know each other better."

She pressed her lips together, and her chest rose and fell as she inhaled deeply. "Listen Dongmin," Seungwan began in a serious tone. "I'm three years old older—"

"It's okay, I don't mind the ."

"I too don't mind the . And I admit you are handsome. But I'm not interested in all."

"Where are you going?" Eunji asked as Seungwan rose to her feet.

"I'm going to the river." Seungwan smiled and walked away.

"Wait, Seungwan!" Dongmin sprang to his feet and strode after her.

Eunji stood up and handed her briefcase to Jaehyun as she said, "Put this in the cabin. I'm tired. I'm going to take a rest in the hut we built three years ago."

Jaehyun took it and watched her hoist her backpack onto her shoulders. "Are you sure you are going there? You can take a rest in our cabin."

"Jae, Ji, I'm going to stay there for a few months or maybe forever. Living in city now feels like in prison. You know the vast majority of the 'good guy' experts have been mind control ered into believing the physical 'reality' of this 'novel' virus. They prance around in 'the alternative media' peddling like IVM, HCQ, et cetera. They assert that the virus is real, just not as dangerous as they're saying. Like the emperor's new clothes, there is no virus. A virus that knows when to attack a person only when they stand up, example in a restaurant, rather than sitting down, hence people only being allowed to unmask when sat. Or when a lying politician walks up to the podium and microphone, and ritualistically is seen to remove mask for camera. That virus knows when to leave the liar alone. All insanity!" Eunji breathed out. "I'm so sick of them. I'm so sick of seeing the members of the covid cult perform their mask-wearing ritual. Masks are idiotic, and I'm really tired of hearing the same old BS that they are 'protecting' people in any way. On the flip side, they are harming people especially the children in many different ways." She gave a little wave and started walking away.

"Mask wearing has made people increasingly scarily dumb," Jiyeon muttered as she rose to her feet, and Jaehyun followed suit. Eunji had only taken five steps when Jiyeon said, "Sis, he is there."

Eunji turned to face them, her eyes squinted in confusion. "Who are you talking about?"

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Just because you are offended does not mean you are right. In many if not most cases, if you are offended it is likely because the truth was stated and you are in denial.


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i didn’t read most of your “story” since i don’t care for it, but do you honestly think people will read this when it is barely legible? Ideas and your “truth” aside, almost every paragraph is 900 words long and filled with jargon. This is just rambling. Not to mention, no one is sitting around to read a 20000 word chapter that is a regurgitated cacophony of research papers. If you’re going to present research, at least do it competently. It’s embarrassing that you think you’re enlightened but can’t even format a story to something digestible. 99% of aff readers are not researchers.
Chapter 1: I have to say the author is on the brave side to be putting this fic out there for bid hoping more people will read and comment. Of course the majority of comments are negative, which is to be expected. Too bad. The author has put a lot of research into this.
It is not for people who are political at all. If you believe how the majority of the world has been acting since 2020 do not read, save your blood vessels from popping. However, someone went to effort to write something they felt strongly about, is it the correct platform? Maybe...Maybe not but it's here. If you don't like it don't be an unkind person and say unkind things just skip on by to something you like.
64 streak #3
Chapter 10: Congratulations on the bid
Chapter 1: You write good. Seriously I like your writing style and the grammar is all good but like @pandapurin said maybe this isn't a platform for you. This is asianfanfics and for you to write something as serious as this and offensive to some is totally not cool. I respect your view on the matter tho and everyone is free to be opiniated. But yeah try to write on other platforms, more suitable one for your topics because this is asianfanfics where people write imaginative stuff of their favorite kpop idols, nothing offensive, nothing heavy and trigger warning will be marked for any triggering topics (like death, suicide, rated content).

Idk find other platform before you get tons of hate comment and possibly reports for this. Fighting! Again this is just a kpop fanfics website ^^
Chapter 8: I had a good laugh. This ain’t the platform for you tho, maybe you should write for the Epoch times.
arwaisanidiot #6
Chapter 7: lol wtf is this?
Chapter 2: Is this fanfic just you being an anti masker, getting ostracized/ called out for it and then writing a whole fanfic to comfort yourself
Chapter 1: AFF really needs to at least vet through fanfics before allowing them to take the home page, else we get this kind of weird garbage - idk are antimaskers finding new ways to spread the rhetoric through nct fanfiction
Number2elf #9
Chapter 2: Lmao tf is this? A fanfic about being an antimasker?