Chapter 6

Dystopian Nightmare

Dongmin and Seungwan exchanged looks. He gave her a smile. "You said you've done plenty of research, so go ahead and answer her question."

Seungwan shifted her gaze to Jiyeon and replied, "It will never end till the gullible public stops falling for this nonsense. This insanity of testing anyone and everyone, even without symptoms has been an unmitigated worldwide public health scandal. Like you said, the genome of the alleged virus is constructed using de novo assembly, in silico. Is the theoretical genome evidence of a pathogen? The court-appointed expert on the measles virus trial Prof. Dr. Andreas Podbielski states on page 5 of the court record that the genome sequence isn't evidence of a pathogen, as it is only a computer model. They test us for something that does not exist in reality. Christian Drosten in Germany created a revamped version of Dr. Mullis' PCR 'test' for 'the virus' in January, 2020. He received the Wuhan sequences, 'gaps filles', 'aligned' the out of it, sent it back to Hong Kong, Roche for testing, it tested positive. No wonder, it's based on SARS-CoV. He did it with Python-custom container. He and his team proposed their creation to the WHO, and within 24 hours WHO accepted and implemented this heart of the scam RT-qPCR. The false appearance of a lethal 'pandemic' has been manufactured using cycle thresholds or CT that are too high. The higher the CT is, the greater the chance of a positive is. Drosten's test was set at a CT value of 45; you can find evidence of unicorn at 45 cycles—" She paused for a few seconds.

"All the peaks in 'cases' correlate with peaks in number of tests. It's the same as the phony 'AIDS epidemic' cooked up by Fauci, Galllo et al and exposed by Dr. Mullis. In an interview with Gary Null, when asked did AIDS become an epidemic in the early 1980s? Dr. Mullis answered that the number of cases reported went up epidemically, exponentially because the number of tests that were done went up exponentially. If you die from pneumonia with a positive HIV test, you die of AIDS. If your test is negative, you die of pneumonia. If you die from pneumonia with a positive covid test, blah blah blah, how is this not the same?" Seungwan proceeded. "The WHO definition of a covid death is laboratory-confirmed positive COVID-19 test. A COVID-19 death is defined for surveillance purposes as a death resulting from a clinically compatible illness. PCR cannot be used for diagnosis; it simply amplifies genetic fragments. A 2007 New York Times report entitled 'Faith in Quick Test Leads to Epidemic That Wasn't' clearly showed how scientifically inaccurate PCR tests are. I quote its inventor, Dr. Mullis as saying it doesn't tell you that you are sick. The Mainstream Media are at the core of the fraudulent activity. Without the MSM, this whole coup could not have happened, and we would still be living our old normal."

"Sounds like AIDS was the 'Dress Rehearsal' for covid-19," Jiyeon remarked. "The PCR is designed to turn a needle into a haystack. I'm sure they will keep inventing new variant nonsense to keep the fear going. Fear is the greatest weapon of mass control."  

"I couldn't agree more. You know I want to punch those gullible people in the face. Their gullibility and ignorance are taking us in the direction of a dystopian nightmare," Seungwan responded through gritted teeth. Simultaneously, Eunji spoke, "Jiyeon, Na Zhu et al are the Chinese virus hunters who first described the SARS-CoV-2. The 'sequencing' is completely fraudulent. Go and check their viral diagnostic methods section."

"A dystopian nightmare? Well, I disagree. It's a dystopian reality." Jiyeon took the paper stack back and flipped to the second page.


After reading the section, she looked at Eunji and said, "Their viral diagnostic methods says extraction of nucleic acids from clinical samples, including uninfected cultures that served as negative controls, was performed with a High Pure Viral Nucleic Acid Kit, as described by the manufacturer, Roche. Do you have information about this kit?"

Eunji nodded and looked down at her briefcase as she rummaged through it. She pulled out a stack of clipped papers and handed it to Jiyeon. "Check out pages 6 to 7."

The paper's title read, 'Nucleic Acid Isolation and Purification Product Selection Guide'. Jiyeon flipped to the sixth page and tapped her index finger on the highlighted text as she silently read the product characteristics, then flipped to the seventh page.  

Jiyeon tapped the red mark in the sequencing column. "Why did these virus hunters use a KIT that does not support sequencing as the next step?" she questioned, shaking her head. She flipped back to the sixth page and tapped the red mark in the starting material and quantity column. "And why did they perform RNA extraction from bronchoalveolar-lavage fluid given that the manufacturer does not offer extraction from BAL fluid?"

"Because they are fraudsters," Eunji responded. "As we know, in order for RNA to precipitate, it must first be aggregated into a particle. However, this step will interfere with sequencing. As Qiagen technical service states the use of carrier RNA is not recommended during RNA purification for RNA-seq since it may interfere with your downstream application. The kit Na Zhu used contains Poly A 'carrier'. The main claim in the current PCR Pandemic is that SARS-CoV-2 is a 'word' that consists of 30,000 'letters'. Instead of A-Z, only 4 letters A,C,G and T or U are used. The claim is the saliva or mucous of an 'infected' person is teeming with this word. So why can't anyone find the full word in these bodily fluids? They also claim this word binds to a receptor in cells and then hijacks the cell's machinery in order to make more copies of the word, killing the cell. Then why can't anyone find the full word in the body or in a cell culture? Instead, virologists only find snippets of the word. But it turns out our cells naturally produce many such snippets e.g. exosomes. Since they can't find the full word, they use PCR to identify 'snippets' and then they align them and fill in the blanks with computer models to create the full imaginary word! Every time they do this process, they find a slightly different word and they call this a 'variant'."

Jiyeon let out a long sigh and said, "Anyway, the segments of the genetic sequence come in different lengths and are not the equivalent of single uniform letters that you can rearrange at will. The process virology uses to create fictitious viruses can be summarized as follows: from a sample assumed to contain viral material, based on generalized symptoms, de novo assembly platforms search for short genetic fragments. After finding millions of unique fragments in the brew, these software programs piece together a 'genome' or one long piece based on parameters set in the program. Along the way there is a bit of cutting-and-pasting, and if pieces are 'missing', another ready-made in silico template can be added to fill the gaps. Each individual sequencing leads to results that differ from the previous sequencing; these discrepancies are sold as mutations, and these are simply inconsistencies in the calculation by the genome analysis tools. The technical handling of the alignment/assembly is purely fictional. Mutations, strains, variants are software errors, dead letters on paper. This is the greatest scientific hoax of all time and those who perpetuate it are all members of a cult."  

"Computer modeling is used to make the phony Big Bang, Black Holes, Dark Matter, and much more of the nonsense concocted by Astronomers, who are so frequently 'astonished' by what real observations show them in contrast to their failed models. No one has ever observed any of these things. But, the junk science is well funded. So, universities continue to crank out degrees from teaching useless junk," Jaehyun added. "Computer modeling is also used for the junk science of Anthropomorphic Global Warming. Why did they slyly change the term AGW to 'Climate Change', a weasel word that is senseless because the climate is always changing? They use computer modeling to 'prove' it. Garbage in, garbage out and get whatever result they wanted the model to provide, depending on who pays for the modeling."

"Spot on. Climate change as presented in the media is scientism. Believers in the climate apocalypse merely cite 'science' as authority much like a religious fundamentalist might cite their specific scriptural authority. Real science requires a falsifiable hypothesis, not speculative conjectures and computer modeling presented as truth." Jiyeon smiled a wonderful smile and pinched his cheek. Jaehyun affectionately patted her head, a smile tugging at his mouth.

"You two look so good together, a perfect match," Seungwan blurted out.

Her remark made his smile grow bigger. "We are indeed a perfect match, like two peas in a pod," Jaehyun responded in a slightly joking tone.

"Man, your sister told us that you dropped out of high school, but you are knowledgeable than me, a college graduate." Dongmin shook his head, seemingly in disbelief.

Jaehyun opened his mouth to counter, but Jiyeon interjected him, her voice sounding firm, "Having a college degree doesn't equate to necessarily being smarter and not going to college doesn't mean someone is dumb. Don't base someone's intelligence on how much schooling they could put up with. You can still learn and become educated without the degrees."

"Despite all the loans, nothing meaningful is taught instead colleges are indoctrination camps. Their goal is to teach students how to become devoted slaves," Seungwan added. "In case you didn't know, it was the Wright Brothers, two bicycle shop owner high school dropouts, who built the first working airplane not scientists. So don't underestimate uneducated people. This PCR fraudemic has shown me how dumb and gullible so-called educated people are."   

"Seungwan, so-called educated people are not educated but indoctrinated. They think they're educated because they've memorized the lies they've been told for 100+ years," Eunji remarked, while Jaehyun and his partner gave Seungwan a thumbs-up. Dongmin made no response.   

Jiyeon then looked back at the Na Zhu's paper and flipped to the last page. "Na Zhu et al concluded that although our study does not fulfill Koch's postulates, our analyses provide evidence implicating 2019-nCoV in the Wuhan outbreak," she continued. "No doubt, the basis of this claim is that they placed arrowheads on extracellular vesicles of unknown composition and named them 2019-nCoV."   

"Their conclusion made me want to punch their faces. Their TEM image of so-called '2019-nCoV' particles in the human airway epithelial cell ultrathin sections proves absolutely nothing." Eunji clenched her right fist and slammed it on her left palm. "It's a fact that virologists can artificially create the appearance of so-called spike proteins by adding trypsin, the function of which is to digest proteins, to the cell culture medium. Virologists cannot claim something exists purely on belief without evidence. That's fantasy not science. The alleged '2019-nCoV' particles would have had to be isolated, purified, and imaged with an electron microscope to verify that all that can be seen is particles of the same size and shape. The particles could then have been biochemically characterized. Next, they should have infected a healthy subject with the presumed virions, verified if the new subject gets ill, repeat the whole process to verify the virus exits. This had not been done. Every single scientific report, or alleged such, published so far to purportedly prove the existence of this imaginary virus, is utter garbage. As Terence McKenna pointed out, modern science is based on the principle 'give us one free miracle and we can explain the rest.' And so it is with 'viruses'. Skip the isolation and move swiftly into lots of gene sequencing that looks oh so impressive, one big house of cards."  

"Miss Eunji, do you remember Yoon Sanha, the medical student who repeated a brainless question in your presentation?" Seungwan asked.

Eunji nodded. "The presentation was only yesterday. How can I forget?"

Seungwan smiled, touching the back of her neck, head slightly ducked, seemingly embarrassed. She cleared and looked at Eunji as she spoke, "Sanha is my cousin actually. We once had argument about virus isolation and Koch's Postulates. He said that Koch's Postulates are for bacteria. Living organisms that can grow and thrive outside a host. You can isolate these. You cannot do the same with viruses. Viruses do not live on their own. They need a host. They cannot grow and multiply on their own. Virologists have isolated viruses millions of times by showing them in a single living cell. Viruses cannot exist without that cell. The whole gene sequence of viruses is also now known. To which I retorted you say viruses cannot exist without cell, how then does transmission occur from one person to another? Why are we constantly encouraged to sanitize everything to make sure to not get infected? Sanha seemed to go blank."

After a short pause, Seungwan continued, "I told him that electron microscopes can only see dead cells. All the electron microscope is useful for is to demonstrate how impure the 'isolate' in fact is. Koch's postulates were modified by Thomas Rivers for viral assessment, and remain the benchmark. Dr. Stefan Lanka has proven that the method of isolation used by virologists produces artefacts that virologists, some knowingly and some not, call proof of the presence of viruses. He did a step by step isolation procedure, but left out the patient sample, which, according to virologists, would have the virus in it. He got the exact same cytopathic effects that virologists get when they use patient samples. He destroyed the fraud of virology with that one experiment. Dr. Lanka isn't the only serious scientist to note that the methods used by researchers are the cause of effects that they are observing and attributing to 'disease-causing pathogens'. See the work of Prof Harold Hillman for flaws in biological procedures. There is a China study on the covid virus where the authors boldly claimed to fulfill Koch's postulates. Examine the section about method or process yourself, so that you can see that it is a bald faced lie. Don't blindly believe the 'fact checkers'. To which Sanha angrily retorted Stefan Lanka and Harold Hillman are pseudoscientists! Covid does exist. One place to start research is in the Hospitals. Find nurses and doctors and ask them what they think of covid. That is a start! You're just a GIS analyst. You don't understand virology, so you better shut your ing mouth."    

"Seriously ask nurses and doctors? Just because the nurses and doctors said 'covid' exists doesn't make it true. Hospitals are a legal place for murdering," Jaehyun remarked. "You should tell him about the Japanese SMON tragedy. The medical profession's dogmatic belief in the virus theory had led to death, blindness, and paralysis. In the Foreword he wrote for Vaccination the Silent Killer, Lewis E. Cook, Jr. states that epidemics are artificially produced by the medicine men... When a few people in the same area exhibit similar symptoms, the medicine men 'proclaim' an epidemic, which is carried by the news media so that everyone knows about it. His statement is spot on."

"Ever since that argument, Sanha stopped talking to me and avoided me at all costs. He's acutely being indoctrinated in his allopathic medical school," Seungwan responded. "You know the 'proof' of so-called new virus in people's minds is 'people are dying', and they rely on stupid test kits to find out if they're either healthy or sick. That's stupidity at its best!"

"The whole testing regime has been an utter farce, for many years! Just look at how the tests for HIV, 'AIDS', and whatever have you—have been based on antibodies. With the detected presence of antibodies, the irresponsible testers called those results as 'proof' one was infected and 'contagious'. HIV was never isolated, so if they didn't even know what the virus is, how could they claim to have defined specific antibodies and how could they test for them? It's impossible. Antibodies are actually small proteins called 'Globulins' which are always produced by the body when cells need to be multiplied, repaired or newly formed. In the vaccination religion, antibody titers are not a metric of 'immune protection'. The antibody titer measurement only indicates poisoning or damage to the body. I love the phony correlation they had with this imaginary virus. Kaposi's sarcoma with 'HIV antibody' was 'AIDS'; Kaposi's sarcoma without 'HIV antibody' was Kaposi's sarcoma! What a barrel of laughs! HIV medication was what killed HIV positive people, and the stigma was madness. It's the same with the current PCR Pandemic; aggressive medical treatments i.e. toxic drugs and ventilators are what kill PCR positive people—" Eunji paused and pulled another stack of clipped papers out of her briefcase. The paper's title read, 'Pharmacologic Treatments for Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19). A Review.'  She flipped to the fourth page.  


Pointing at the highlighted text, Eunji proceeded slowly, "The anti-malaria drugs, chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine were recommended by the National Health Commission China. A JAMA review of drugs indicated that no high-quality evidence exists for the efficacy, the only data from China is a news report." She then flipped to the fifth page.


"Chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine are reported as relatively safe, but there is a warning about serious adverse effects in less than 10% of people, including QTc prolongation, hypoglycemia, neuropsychiatric effects, retinopathy, and the potential for arrhythmias. Shortly after the JAMA review was published, a small clinical trial of chloroquine in Brazil had to be halted when patients developed irregular heart rates. One of the authors of the Brazilian study, Dr. Marcus Lacerda is quoted as saying that the high dosage that the Chinese were using is very toxic and kills more patients. This is a fact, chloroquine, hydroxychloroquine, clioquinol contain chlorine, and chlorine has been used as a chemical weapon during World War I. In his book Pandora's Poison, Joe Thornton discusses in detail the extremely toxic nature of chlorine. He explains that, in nature, chlorine is always found within a chloride salt, a substance that is stable and relatively harmless. However, in the late 18th century, a chemical experiment unexpectedly produced chlorine gas, which is highly reactive, destructive and deadly, as Thornton explains that first recognized as an element in the early nineteenth century, chlorine is a heavy, green-colored gas with a powerful odor. If released into the environment, chlorine gas will travel slowly over the ground in a coherent cloud, a phenomenon familiar to World War I soldiers who faced it as a chemical weapon, one of chlorine's first large-scale applications. Chlorinated chemicals were particularly effective chemical weapons because they were highly toxic and oil soluble, so they could cross cell membranes and destroy the tissues of lungs, eyes and skin, incapacitating soldiers and causing extreme pain—"  

"Wow, no wonder chloroquine, hydroxychloroquine, clioquinol cause eye damage," Dongmin interrupted her. "I wonder why did they put chlorine in medications, drinking water and swimming pool water?"

"To kill bacteria as well as to slowly kill you." Eunji's serious tone matched her expression. "Anyone who thinks governments have their best interests at heart should read Professor Rudolph Joseph Rummel's book entitled Death by Government. The book is proof that your own government is the greatest threat to your own life. Prof. Rummel coined the term democide, defined as the intentional killing of people by government. Democide has been the biggest killer of human beings in the past century. No doubt this will go on to being the greatest mass killer of human life in future decades. The lesson from his book is Power kills, and absolute power kills absolutely. Keep in mind that all governments are made of people."  

An expression of horror flashed momentarily across Dongmin's face. He swallowed hard, Adam's apple bobbing in his throat. Seungwan shook her head at his reaction. Jaehyun and his partner exchanged looks. It was the first time Jaehyun heard of the term democide, seemingly she also heard of it for the first time.

"Sis, did you bring the book?" Jiyeon asked.   

"No, I didn't—" Eunji took a deep breath and continued, "Remdesivir was one of four drugs in a clinical trial for ebola in 2018 and was pulled from the study before it was over. The trial was sponsored by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases of which Anthony Fauci is director. Fauci must have known that remdesivir had the highest mortality rate, 53.1% of all the drugs tested when he advocated the use of remdesivir as 'a standard of care' for PCR positive people. Remdesivir poisoning is what kills PCR positive people in the US. Remdesivir causes renal and liver failure, and they are blaming it on covid, a disease caused by the imaginary virus SARS-CoV-2. Ventilators provided the method to produce premature death: ventilators plus sedation with opioids. The opioids cause suppression of breathing and death. Of course, suppression of breathing, hypoxia is called a cardinal symptom of covid. In an article entitled 'Ventilator-Induced Lung Injury Review', Arthur S. sky says that the concept of positive pressure ventilation injuring the lungs was recognized as long ago as 1744 by John Fothergill. To me, it's crystal clear that the real killer in this PCR Pandemic is Big Pharma, their agent doctors, nurses and governments. People believing in this scam also indirectly kill the other people. Anyway, most doctors just prescribe pills, and the only thing they know about the drugs they prescribe is what Big Pharma tells them. As long as something is standard of care they can't be sued. As Dr. Eleanor McBean, who was a child when the 1918 Spanish Flu came and wrote a lot about how 1918 Spanish flu was a disease of the vaccinated, in her book The Poisoned Needle, says 'medical doctor's license does not protect the public; it protects the doctors from prosecution by the public'. So if you want to be a killer and still want to be viewed as a lifesaver, then being a medical doctor is the perfect choice."

Dongmin shook his head with his mouth open. "It means Fauci lied when he declared remdesivir was proven safe and effective in the ebola trial. He is such a cold blood monster—" He gave Eunji a serious look. "You're not kidding with your advice?"

Eunji looked at Dongmin, unblinking. Her voice took on a deadly serious tone as she transfixed him with the intensity of her conviction. "Medical doctors are legal killers, viewed as lifesavers by gullible people. Anton Chekhov is quoted as saying that doctors are the same as lawyers, the sole difference being that lawyers only rob you, but doctors rob you and kill you too."

Squeezing her eyes shut, Eunji took a deep breath before adding, "MDs have created the opioid crisis. When the FDA passed oxycontin as a non-addictive opioid, doctors went crazy giving them out like pez and turned millions of people who never touched drugs in their life into hardcore addicts. Fentanyl is used routinely in epidurals for delivery of babies. Getting them hooked literally from birth. Opioid addiction kills tens of thousands of people every year in the United States."

"Wuhan is the city where deadly drug fentanyl and other powerful synthetic opioids are shipped out to dealers all over the world," Seungwan chipped in. "China is known to be one of the worst polluters and has an extremely poor record on environmental conservation. Hideous chemicals and toxins. Wuhan's horrible pollution had an impact with Wuhan citizens struggling to breathe. Chinese citizens have participated in numerous protests against air quality. The large street protests against air quality in Wuhan took place in summer 2019. A way to stop protests of these industrial crimes is coming up with an imaginary virus, mass lockdowns and quarantines. PCR tests run at 45 CT, there is nothing to be 'contagious'. This PCR fraudemic is a fundamental part of the plan to usher in an authoritarian technocracy."

"That's right." Eunji blew out a long sigh. "You know Rockefeller's family influence in China extends 100+ years in transforming public health and education. Planning for these days has been a Plutocrat's dream for a very long time. The Rockefeller Foundation published its Lockstep Document back in 2010. Klaus Schwab says in his book COVID-19: The Great Reset that we will never return to the old normal. The 'promise' of the Georgia Guidestones is 'Maintain the human population at 500 million worldwide'. This has been the 'end game', right from the beginning planning stages! This is democide, hidden beneath the veneer of a 'deadly pandemic'—"

"Look up the infamous '1910 Flexner Report', document which served as base for the establishment of the petrochemical pseudo medical institution of what we call modern medicine or allopathic medicine. There you will learn that the very same family behind the petrol and medical/cancer industry, owning the scientific journals which crowned Pasteur's fraudulent germ theory and demonized Béchamp have controlled the scientific narrative ever since. The author of the report Abraham Flexner was an ambitious educator. At the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research, it was Abraham's older brother Simon Flexner and Paul Lewis who were conducting sadistic experiments in order to demonstrate the transmission of 'polio'. They used Pasteur's method i.e. injecting toxins directly into the brain of a living animal. Toxccine peddler Louis Pasteur was exposed in the 1990s as a fraud by Princeton University medical historian Gerald Geison, who was first given the opportunity to go through Pasteur's notebooks meticulously," Jaehyun butted in, looking intensely at Dongmin.  

Dongmin gulped. "Toxccine?"

"Toxccine is the right word to refer to vaccine. Toxccines are toxic injections that maim and kill—" Jaehyun shifted his gaze to his sister. "Sis, did you print out the China study Seungwan mentioned?"

Eunji nodded, smiling. She rummaged in her briefcase again and pulled out another stack of clipped papers. She handed it to Jaehyun, saying, "Na Zhu is one of the co-authors of this study."

Jaehyun put it on his lap and ducked his down as he read the first page. The paper's title read, 'The pathogenicity of SARS-CoV-2 in hACE2 transgenic mice'. After reading the first page, he flipped through pages, scanning the contents until reaching the last page. He then flipped back to the fifth page.


"So the SARS-CoV-2 strain HB-01 was provided by Wenjie Tan, one of the co-authors of Na Zhu's study 'A Novel Coronavirus from Patients with Pneumonia in China, 2019', which Jiyeon has just examined," Jaehyun said, glancing at his partner. "We know their isolation isn't isolation. It's clear that seed SARS-CoV-2 stocks are nothing but a suspension of human cellular material. Dulbecco's Modified Eagle's Medium is modified to contain 4 mM L-glutamine, 4500 mg/L glucose, 1 mM sodium pyruvate, and 1500 mg/L sodium bicarbonate."

After reading the Mouse experiments section, Jaehyun flipped back to the first page.


"Their experiments only worked on transgenic mice, not wild mice. 7 transgenic mice were injected intranasally with cell culture material. 3 transgenic control mice were injected with PBS, phosphate buffered saline. Treated transgenic mice lost weight and showed interstitial pneumonia. By comparison, saline wouldn't cause these problems." He flipped to the fourth page.


Reading virology papers never ceases to make me angry. The fraud is so obvious. The virus hunters who publish papers claiming they have isolated viruses are not performing the steps of isolation but instead are adding toxic and foreign substances to the patient sample in cell culture and not separating particles or molecules. This is clear in the methods and materials section of every virology paper ever published. Only stupid fools don't get it.   

Jaehyun blew out an angry sigh before speaking again, "Linlin Bao et al claim that their results demonstrate the pathogenicity of SARS-CoV-2 in mice, which together with previous clinical studies conducted by Na Zhu et al, completely satisfies Koch's postulates—" He looked at Seungwan. "Seungwan, you're right. The Chinese virus hunters in both studies didn't perform virus purification. So their claim is indeed a bald faced lie. All they proved was that their unpurified mixture caused sickness in transgenic mice when injected intranasally. Wild mice did not get sick, so in fact, the theory of contagion was debunked again."    

"Just like Dr. Lanka said virologists are fooling themselves. In an article entitled The Role of Extracellular Vesicles as Allies of HIV, HCV and SARS Viruses, Flavia Giannessi says that nowadays, it is an almost impossible mission to separate EVs and viruses by means of canonical vesicle isolation methods, such as differential ultracentrifugation, because they are frequently co-pelleted due to their similar dimension. To overcome this problem, different studies have proposed the separation of EVs from virus particles by exploiting their different migration velocity in a density gradient or using the presence of specific markers that distinguish viruses from EVs. However, to date, a reliable method that can actually guarantee a complete separation does not exist. This just proves virology is a cargo cult science," Seungwan responded. "Since every particle and all molecules that physically exist can be isolated and chemically characterized, then the anomaly that viruses cannot be isolated, purified or even found is clearly evident that they do not exist."

"All we need to do to stop democide is, expose the fraud of virology. But people's refusal to listen and look at evidence is very frustrating." Eunji scratched her head, her anger and frustration palpable before looking at the sky and closing her eyes. Her chest rose and fell as she took a deep breath. Then she looked alternately at each of them, saying, "I have to say virology is a death cult. The Albert Sabin's 1936 paper entitled 'Cultivation of Poliomyelitis Virus in vitro in Human Embryonic Nervous Tissue' led to the practice of killing innocent human babies in virological research."

Eunji rummaged in her briefcase again and pulled out another stack of clipped papers. The paper's title read, 'Cultivation of Poliomyelitis Virus in Tissue Culture; Growth of the Lansing Strain in Human Embryonic Tissue.' She flipped to the second page.


Her index finger tracing the highlighted text, Eunji said, "Joan Thicke and his colleagues are certainly describing a baby who was taken from the womb alive, and after tissues were harvested, was killed. This is just one of the examples of the practice of killing innocent babies for research on 'growing virus in tissue culture'. The isolation of viruses is completely fraudulent. Their idea of 'growing viruses in tissue culture' is to both starve and poison the bio matter."

"Fetal cells in toxccines from tortured and murdered babies"—Dongmin shuddered— "what kind of monsters can justify that for any reason?"

"Modern medicine is a death cult. Rockefeller-Harriman eugenics movement gave rise to the practice of medical abortions for research purposes," Jaehyun responded. "These death merchants promoted the abortion slogan my body, my choice."

"When it comes to toxccination," Jiyeon added, "their slogan is, your body, our choice."

"That's right." Eunji gave her a thumb-up. She took a deep breath before speaking again, "I tried to tell several religious people I know about the use of aborted fetal material in vaccines, but they brushed it off, saying that it was a thing of the past that would not be tolerated in modern society. I told them they were wrong. Covid vaccines used HEK 293 and PER C6. HEK 293 is a specific cell line originally derived from human embryonic kidney cells grown in a tissue culture. PER C6 is a specific cell line originally derived from human embryonic retinal cells. Big Pharma and government turned them into cannibals. They all got angry. Some of them labeled me a crazy conspiracy theorist; the others labeled me an anti-vaxxer and accused me of risking million lives with my disinformation despite the fact I provided them with scientific…" Her voice trailed off as a single tear escaped from the corner of her right eye. She looked up at the sky and covered her face as she wiped the tear.

Jiyeon moved closer to Eunji, stood on her knees and hugged her. "Sis, it's not your fault that they refused to look at evidence. Those religious people fear death and want their toxccines, and that's why they got angry and accused you of such a thing," she whispered. "This PCR pandemic proves that the masses, including religious leaders worship money as their god and religion is nothing but an attempt to control the masses. All religions are based on fear. No wonder, they embrace fraudulent germ-virus theory."  

"It's not their accusation that angers and sadness me, it's their denial," Eunji whispered back, her voice sounding a little shaky. "Their denial indicates their acceptance of the practice of killing innocent babies, all in the name of 'saving lives'. Those innocent babies..." Her voice trailed off into a sob.

Seungwan's eyes glazed with unshed tears as she joined the hug and choked out the words, "Torturing and killing innocent babies is beyond satanic. Whoever gets the jab due to a job doesn't care about their life. They just sold themselves out for money and indirectly supported the practice of killing innocent babies. I don't feel sympathy for them. They deserve what they get."

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Vaccines that use human fetal cells draw fire [Covid Vaccines], Meredith Wadman, SCIENCE: Vol 368, Issue 6496, 12 Jun, 2020.

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Just because you are offended does not mean you are right. In many if not most cases, if you are offended it is likely because the truth was stated and you are in denial.


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i didn’t read most of your “story” since i don’t care for it, but do you honestly think people will read this when it is barely legible? Ideas and your “truth” aside, almost every paragraph is 900 words long and filled with jargon. This is just rambling. Not to mention, no one is sitting around to read a 20000 word chapter that is a regurgitated cacophony of research papers. If you’re going to present research, at least do it competently. It’s embarrassing that you think you’re enlightened but can’t even format a story to something digestible. 99% of aff readers are not researchers.
Chapter 1: I have to say the author is on the brave side to be putting this fic out there for bid hoping more people will read and comment. Of course the majority of comments are negative, which is to be expected. Too bad. The author has put a lot of research into this.
It is not for people who are political at all. If you believe how the majority of the world has been acting since 2020 do not read, save your blood vessels from popping. However, someone went to effort to write something they felt strongly about, is it the correct platform? Maybe...Maybe not but it's here. If you don't like it don't be an unkind person and say unkind things just skip on by to something you like.
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Chapter 10: Congratulations on the bid
Chapter 1: You write good. Seriously I like your writing style and the grammar is all good but like @pandapurin said maybe this isn't a platform for you. This is asianfanfics and for you to write something as serious as this and offensive to some is totally not cool. I respect your view on the matter tho and everyone is free to be opiniated. But yeah try to write on other platforms, more suitable one for your topics because this is asianfanfics where people write imaginative stuff of their favorite kpop idols, nothing offensive, nothing heavy and trigger warning will be marked for any triggering topics (like death, suicide, rated content).

Idk find other platform before you get tons of hate comment and possibly reports for this. Fighting! Again this is just a kpop fanfics website ^^
Chapter 8: I had a good laugh. This ain’t the platform for you tho, maybe you should write for the Epoch times.
arwaisanidiot #6
Chapter 7: lol wtf is this?
Chapter 2: Is this fanfic just you being an anti masker, getting ostracized/ called out for it and then writing a whole fanfic to comfort yourself
Chapter 1: AFF really needs to at least vet through fanfics before allowing them to take the home page, else we get this kind of weird garbage - idk are antimaskers finding new ways to spread the rhetoric through nct fanfiction
Number2elf #9
Chapter 2: Lmao tf is this? A fanfic about being an antimasker?