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Romance in the Rain

On a rainy evening, she reunited with her boyfriend who had left her for study abroad.

Under the pouring rain,
She twirled around.
Raising her face to the sky,
Droplets fell onto her face.

Letting her hair fly free,
She hummed along with nature's rhythm.
Her bare feet splashing through the puddles
As she continued spinning,
Throwing away all her sorrow.

She kept dancing and humming,
Until she found her happiness.
She was a girl who liked the rain.


Under the Starry Night Sky

A boy and a girl had been friends for years; the girl believed she'd fallen in love with him at first sight. One starry night, she confessed her feelings to him.

Under the stars our lips touch,
It makes them blush so much.
Our love will shine forever bright,
Like the brightest star in the starry night


Saturday Midnight

His habit of staying up late Saturday night led him to meet a mysterious musician.

Under the moonlight,
A handsome boy approaches me
And talks to me.
He looks like a nice boy,
And I still can't believe it.
Oh, it seems like a beautiful dream.


Our Sunrise

It's about two lovers who love to watch the sunrise on the beach.

You're my beautiful sunshine, the smile on my face,
And your warmth totally surrounds me.
You make me happy when times are down;
Thinking of you, I know you won't be replaced.
You'll never know how much I love you.


Memories in the Rain

She disappeared as if the earth had swallowed her up; he hoped that a miracle would bring her back to him.

There is the same song repeating in every rain,
A sweet song, but enough to slice
The heart that cringed, sometimes tears, and lure laughter.

There is a story repeating, echoing in every rain,
A story too sweet to be forgotten,
But grievous to be remembered in such a way.
Then I know, there is a book that should be closed tightly.

Enjoy the rain,
While listening to the old song,
While keeping in mind the old story,
And letting the emotion float in the air.


The Girl and the Sea

She went to the sea every late afternoon to sing her heart out; and she thought that the beautiful strains of a guitar that always accompanied her singing were just her imagination. The guitarist wondered why she seemed not to notice his presence.

The magical orange, red and purple glow across the horizon
Set fire to the sea.
The birds fly swiftly on the ocean
Set movement to the sea.

There is a girl sitting down
On the warm golden soft sand,
Singing along with the wind.
Her emotional voice brings me into her deep sea.

Her eyes sing a million songs,
That make my heart beat to the rhythm of.
Her smile arouses billions of butterflies,
That flutter in my stomach.

I hope she will notice my presence,
And we will sing together,
Watching the sun dive below the horizon.



Honey to the Soul

She felt like she didn't need to get married and had children. She had a nephew whom she treated as her own son, and that was more than enough for her. On the other hand, her partner wanted to marry and have children with her.

Destiny has given me
A wonderful nephew.
He will always occupy
A special place in my heart
Forever, until I die.

Like a balloon, he makes
My heart fly in the air.
Like a beautiful rainbow
He fills my life with color.

My wonderful nephew,
Don't grow too fast,
Stay little forever,
And dream big precious one.


Lucid Dreaming

He is a dreamer. He prefers to escape reality and indulge in his dream world.

I feel more alive
In the scenes
Of my dreams
Than I do in reality.

I hope to see her
Once more
To briefly live
Our life again
And pray I do not
Wake, that way my
Dream will never end.


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