The Murderer

Someone Else First Love
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"Have you already heard the news that Robbie is dead?" I called Tiffany but she hadn't reached so I leave a voicemail for her after witnessing Robbie's death.


"She's not answering her phone." I sighed and return to my respective classroom but before I could return someone pulled me in the secluded part of the building.


"Ah!" I softly scream but my mouth was quickly covers by a hand and tight gripped on my body before I saw my capturer.


"Sooyeon? What are you doing here? Don't you have your class period?" My eyes widen when Sooyeon's eyes change into sparkling blue again and it makes me worried and scared about her condition.


"Why did you killed him?" She accused me of something I haven't done and besides I'm in my class with my classmates before we witnessed Robbie's body on the ground filled with blood.


"I killed no one." I defend myself for her false accusations before everything started to blur around me and my head spinning.


"You killed him and I saw it through my eyes." Sooyeon insisted that I killed the freaking guy while her eyes sparkling in blue.


"You're the suspicious one between us because you're always popping somewhere." I accused her back and she stepped aback before she tackles me in the wall as I felt sharp pain in my back.


"You know nothing future TaeYeon." My eyes widen when she caught me off guard about my true identity. Well, definitely I'm from the future and this was my past that I have no idea why I came here for but how did she knew about it? Is she someone in the future too? I asked myself.


"I'm your future lover, Jung Sooyeon and I'm going to stop you from murdering Tiffany Hwang!" I gasped when she spilled new revelations about what will happens next.


*I will kill Tiffany with my bare hands?* I became weak and my knees fell on the ground with my newfound information as my mission here is to stop the murderer but the fact that I will be the one who will murder her according to Sooyeon who was

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