The Innocent Killer

Someone Else First Love
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*You're a psychopath, TaeYeon.* I still could believe that Sooyeon was my future lover and that I am my first love's murderer but why I felt not sorry towards what happen and why I couldn't remember such things. I'm searching for an answer and now I needed Sooyeon because I believe on what she said, she's my lover after all.


I walked aimlessly outside my home because mother wasn't even there, I felt like after telling me everything about the truth everything became dull and I wonder how this hypnotism will end so I can go back to the present and search for some clues about Tiffany's death and the real murderer, I felt like it wasn't me.


*TaeYeon?* I heard Tiffany calling me as I halt while waiting for her to come at me, she's crying and I know it's about Robbie's mysterious death.


"Have you already heard?" She nods and embrace me, I felt my heart beat wildly before I embraces her back, it feels surreal but the moment I thought about me being her murderer makes my heart clenched in sharp pain.


*His dead.* She whispered while tightly clenching her hand into my uniform, I felt she's anger but the next thing I knew shock me.


*It's my fault.* She suddenly confessed and I got taken aback from her confession, she felt scared holding into me like her life depends on me.


"Why did you do that, Fany?" I said while holding her shoulders pulling her away from me.


*It's an accident, he's trying to hurt me again or worst got by him so I defended myself.* She cried hard while I'm getting weak, should I trust her or should I trust myself while I'm with her? I'm her murderer.


*Do you trust me?* She asked while leaning on me and our faces was inches apart from each other so I'm scared if she will hear my heart screaming her name.


"Should I trust her?" I thought to myself while closing my eyes and the memories flashes through that makes me scared to death.


*What happen to you? Are you okay?* She helped me out when my knees weaken by those scary uncleared memories that flashes back.


"I'm fine." I responded before my eyes caught Sooyeon's appearance with her casual jeans jacket that makes her more like a real detective but she's really a police in the future and got here because of the hypnosis too.


"Sooyeon? You are here." I called before she lit up her cigarette while walking into our directions with me leaning closer towards Tiffany.


*Stay away from her?!* Sooyeon warned innocent Tiffany who take good care of me but suddenly I got pulled back by my supposedly future girlfriend.


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