The White Lilies

Someone Else First Love
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"White Lilies?" TaeYeon meet Sooyeon outside the campus and everything that happens infront of the convenience store where she fainted forgotten and created a new time again.


"You're being weird right now and I thought I was the one." Sooyeon sighed and take her bubble tea that TaeYeon bought for her as they hangout at one of the cafe Tiffany likes.


"I don't know myself either." TaeYeon follows a deeply sighed and drink her bubble tea as well as she thinking deeply about waking up in the bathtub filled with white lilies even her mother have no idea about it so they threw it away in the trash yesterday.


"Did you see your friend again?" Sooyeon asked coldly as she stares back at TaeYeon.


"Friend? You mean Tiffany?" TaeYeon asked back but Sooyeon shook her head and felt something weird.


"There's someone following you the other day when you meet me in the convenience store and it's a woman wearing a black coat and she seems to immerse with you." Sooyeon stated and it got chills from TaeYeon when she doesn't remember someone's following her yesterday.


"Don't scare me like that, Sooyeon." TaeYeon gulp and drink her bubble tea instead before her eyes looks towards outside the window and spotted Tiffany easily with her jerk boyfriend, Robbie and they seems having a fight together across the street.


*Are they fighting?* TaeYeon thought while watching the couple together with Sooyeon who seems uninterested.


"Who are you looking at?" Sooyeon asked when she noticed TaeYeon watching the couple outside.


"It's my bestfriend with her boyfriend." TaeYeon's voice filled with sadness and jealousy before Sooyeon noticed the same black woman following TaeYeon behind Tiffany.


"Did you see the black woman?" Sooyeon stood up while pointing towards Tiffany's direction and it shocked everyone inside the cafe with her sudden behavior making TaeYeon sincerely apologize to them.


"Black woman? I didn't see anything?" TaeYeon got curious and stares at Tiffany's direction but sees nothing.


"There's something wrong in my eyes." Sooyeon covers her eyes with her palm as she avoided the view outside and when she take a look again, the black woman disappeared.


"You're eyes, Sooyeon?" TaeYeon saw how Sooyeon's eyes changes into a sparkling blue one and it makes her scare

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