Stranger Things

Someone Else First Love
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Everything went slow during weekend, TaeYeon's mind slipped from thinking about projects and Tiffany but it doesn't work out, her so called bestfriend was still dating him and she couldn't do anything about it but to go with the flow of the following events, although she tried, she thought she's been changing the past and it turns out worse.


"The date of her death is approaching, what I'm gonna do right now?" TaeYeon sighed as she took glance at the calendar on the top of her table.


"I must do something. Why and how she died? I must figure it out." She leave her room and went outside to buy something.


"Where are you going?" Her mom asked as she cooks her daughter's favorite dishes.


"I will buy something, Mom but I will be right back." She take her jacket and went off without waiting for her mother's response.


"Today is kinda cold." She grasped tightly on he jacket while taking a fast pace so she could get home as fast as she can.


"What am I going to buy? Hm." After entering the store, she noticed a strange woman searching for something, she looks so arrogant but her beauty was eternal.


*Is she stealing something?* The woman take something from the food stall and quickly went off without being noticed by the cashier so she immediately paid what she found and runs after the weird woman.


"Hey." She called but the woman kept her fast pace and distance from TaeYeon.


"Hey, wait up! Why did you steal it?" The woman stopped walking but didn't turned back to face TaeYeon.


"It's just I don't have money with me." The woman sighed when she got caught red handed by some strangers but she kept walking until TaeYeon grabbed her arm.


"I already paid it because the cashier saw you in the CCTV." TaeYeon says and the woman take her time to looked on her savior.


"Thanks." The blonde woman said but she shooed TaeYeon's hand away from her.


"What's your name?" TaeYeon asked curiously and blonde woman take her time to response until she caught Tiffany and Robbie's presence not too far away from them.


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