Because Of Loving You

Someone Else First Love
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"The hypnosis will not last long." The pretty psychologist said when she performed the hypnosis between the former lovers.


"It's been chaotic about the investigation of Tiffany Hwang case." The police inspector who was Sooyeon's colleague joined the hypnosis team but seems like they already knew the murderer and the proof was very strong to testify in the court again.


"Thank you for your effort, Dr. Seohyun." The female inspector said shyly before her face blushes from the doctor's loving stare.


"It's nothing without you, Inspector Im." Dr. Seohyun gladly acknowledge the inspector's effort coming in the clinic and asked for some progress regarding TaeYeon.


"She will be awake any minute." The doctor told the inspector before the suspect slowly opening her eyes making the other police surrounded her.


"Finally! You're awake, murderer!" Inspector Im said with her angry eyes and taking the handcuff to arrest the hidden murderer of Tiffany Hwang who found dead on her home.


"Well, have you been well Yoona?" The murderer smirk while making an slowly movement behind her back taking off her hidden pistol.


"Don't try to do something funny or I will blow her mind." Pointing towards the other person who was still under the hypnosis, the murderer halted her movement and angrily stare towards the police in action before she raise her both hands in defeat so the others will be safe.


"I'm sorry." Yoona felt guilty and sorry for her dear friend whom she treated as her older sister that she will be the one who will arrest her and the one who solved the case.


"I understand." Sighed in defeat, the murderer surrender and quickly stood up with her remorse face before she take the last look on her former lover who was still on her calm state under hypnosis.


"Goodbye, TaeYeon." The last words Sooyeon said before she take down by the police followed by inspector Yoona behind putting the handcuffs on her.


"You will be free now, Kim TaeYeon." The accused suspect was now given her true freedom after being jailed for 5 years and rehabilitate within 2 years due to her mental health issues and Seohyun felt sorry for her friend who suffered for the unsol

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