Lost And Stolen

One More Try
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Lost And Stolen


Joohyun and Seulgi enjoyed their weekends together. They went to amusement park; having the best day ever. If Joohyun can, she wants this moment to never end. All she wants is to be next to Seulgi, holding her hands and making beautiful memories together. 

"Can we meet on the NamSan tower during the first snow, Joohyun unnie?" Seulgi asked all of a sudden. She pointed on the NamSan tower that can be seen while they are riding inside a ferris wheel.

Joohyun looked on what Seulgi is pointing then smiled. "Sure but the first snow will happen next month. Don't you want to go there with me sooner?"

Seulgi shook her head then chuckled when Joohyun pouted. "I want to make our first snow together more romantic. Besides, I really want to be next to you during the first snow because... I want us to be together for a really long time, Joohyun unnie. Long time as in forever."

Joohyun smiled. "Me too, Seulgi. I will always be by your side, forever."

Seulgi smiled then hold both of Joohyun's hands. "Don't ever let me go, Joohyun unnie. Don't you ever leave me, please? Promise me."

"I promise." Joohyun said. She frowned because Seulgi looks sad. "What's wrong, Seulgi?"

"Will you always wait for me, Joohyun unnie?"

Joohyun felt scared. She cupped Seulgi's face then looked straight in her eyes. "I will always love you, Seulgi. I don't understand why I would have to wait for you but... I will always wait for you if I have to, Seulgi."

"Are you sure?" Seulgi asked and Joohyun nodded at her. "I'm so scared, Joohyun unnie. I don't know if I can but I have to leave you soon."

Joohyun widen her eyes in surprise. She's so scared, a life without Seulgi seems so scary for her now. "W-What? B-But why?"

Seulgi smiled then caressed Joohyun's arm. "I have to visit my sick mom who's in Canada next week, Joohyun unnie. I have to be there for her but I promise, I'll be back. I promise."

Joohyun took a deep sigh of relief. "You scared me. Don't worry I will always wait for you."

"Let's meet at the NamSan tower, 7 pm during the first snow. I will wait you there no matter how long, Joohyun unnie." Seulgi said with her lovely eye smile.

Joohyun smiled. "I will wait you there too no matter how long, Kang Seulgi."

End of Flashback
Joohyun smiled bitterly when she remembered those broken promise of Kang Seulgi, that jerk promised

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