Secrets... Secrets

One More Try
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Secrets, Secrets


Yeri is having fun teasing Sooyoung about her crush on Seulgi, her friend looks so cute being flustered whenever they talked about the transferree. But even though Yeri wanted Sooyoung to win Seulgi's heart, it seems that destiny is not on her friend's side.

"Seulgi and I... We're dating."

Yeri widen her eyes then looked at Joohyun who's sitting across her. Yeri decided to visit Joohyun this weekend since the latter is a homebody and she never thought that her cousin has a little secret that will shock her like this.

Yeri is not homophobic, she supports her cousin's relationship with Seulgi but... She can't help but feel bad for Sooyoung.

"Aren't you going to say something?" Joohyun asked. She's nervous because she's afraid that Yeri won't understand.

Yeri chuckled. "Congrats."

Joohyun sighed. "You scared me. The look on your face seems like you want to scold me. I thought... you won't understand my relationship with Seulgi."

"What are you talking about? I'm always rooting for your happiness, be it with a guy or a girl. I will even support you even if you said that you want to marry an animal." 

"Yah. I'm not that crazy." Joohyun said.

Yeri smiled. She's really happy for Joohyun, she believes Seulgi is a good person but...

Sooyoung deserves to be happy too, right?

"I want to confess to Seulgi unnie during the first snow. They said that if you are with someone during the first snow, you and that someone will stay for a long time." Sooyoung said. She looks so happy but Yeri keeps on pretending to be busy on her phone. "I want to have a relationship with Seulgi unnie that will last forever."

Yeri almost gripped her phone. She wants to tell Sooyoung about Joohyun and Seulgi's relationship but she promised her cousin to keep it a secret. Besides, Yeri thinks Sooyoung can't take that truth.

"What will you do if... Seulgi unnie rejected you?" Yeri asked carefully. She looked at Sooyoung who's wearing a poker face, but Yeri noticed her slightly shaking hands placed on the table.

"I don't care." Sooyoung said. She looked around the library then watched Seulgi sitting on another table with Joohyun. "I'll do everything to have her. I'll make sure that she will only belongs to me."

Yeri chuckled. "You sounded like a creepy stalker, you know?"

Sooyoung smirked, her piercing stare not leaving Seulgi.

End of Flashback

Seungwan can't forget what happened on her place last time. She didn't' heard Seulgi's conversation with Joohyun but it's clear from their noises that the two had a fight.

 Seungwan is so afraid seeing Seulgi on that helpless state again, crying while shouting in pain. That's not the first time she saw her best friend suffering from painful headaches from flashbacks she can't understand. Seungwan wants Seulgi to recover her lost memories and if her gut feeling is right, Joohyun is part of those forgotten memories.

"What's bothering you today, Seungwan unnie?"

Seungwan heard Sooyoung's voice. She remembered that she is currently inside her office at Joy's cafe. "How long have you been there, Sooyoung?"

"Not that long but enough to watch you getting lost in your own thoughts." Sooyoung said walking closer to Seungwan's table. "What's bothering my investor slash co-owner?" 

Seungwan smiled. She's the main investor of this cafe, Seungwan believes that Sooyoung will succeed in this. That's how supportive she is and she even give all the credits to Sooyoung for this cafe because... that's how whipped she is to the younger girl.

"It's nothing. I just think about Seulgi." 

Sooyoung frowned. "I hope you think of her not in a creepy way. I will really get jealous, Son Seungwan."

Seungwan wants to blush but she realized Sooyoung means it the other way. "Excuse me? I never look at Seulgi that way."

"I know. I'm just kidding." Sooyoung chuckle

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