Bae Joohyun

One More Try
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We swallow greedily any lie that flatters us, but we sip only little by little at a truth we find bitter.

Denis Diderot


"Locked the door." 

Seulgi frowned but obeyed the command of Irene Bae. She locked the door of the special room assigned to Irene Bae. 

Seulgi will be honest that she kind of felt scared because her model, a top model, is acting suspiciously towards her during their whole photoshoot session. She thinks maybe, she did something wrong to annoy the model so she apologized right away.

 "I'm so sorry for any flaws our team did today. I hope you won't get mad at us. We are not perfect but we did our best for you, Ms. Irene Bae." 

Joohyun turned around, faced Seulgi with an annoyed look on her pretty face. "Drop the act now, Kang Seulgi."

 Seulgi frowned. "Huh? What do you mean, Ms...."

 "I'm Bae Joohyun!" Joohyun cried making Seulgi taken aback. "Do you remember me now? Tell me!" 

Seulgi gulped then looked down the floor. "I'm sorry..."

 "Sorry? You're sorry? Is all that you can say?" Joohyun chuckled bitterly. "How dare you? Why?! Why?!" She burst into tears making Seulgi more scared.

 Seulgi slowly walked closer to Joohyun but the latter slapped her face hard. "Why did you leave me? Why you didn't meet me that night? Why you never came back to my life for almost five years? Why did you have to leave me? Why?!" 

Joohyun has a lot of questions that she wanted to ask Seulgi but her emotions is too much at the moment. "Why Seulgi? Why did you hurt me? Did you really love me?" 

Seulgi bit her lower lip, caressed her reddened cheek then shook her head. "I'm sorry but... What are you talking about? I can't understand you, Miss Irene Bae." 

Joohyun glared at her. "Won't you stop? I told you to drop the act already, right?"

 "But I'm not acting. I don't really know what are you talking about!" Seulgi shouted. She took a long deep sigh then shook her head. "I'm sorry but I think you've mistaken me with someone from your past. I will just forget about this and shut my mouth. Have a good day, Ms. Irene Bae." 

Joohyun can't believe it. She started crying once again making Seulgi looked back at her. They heard knocks on the door. 

"Joohyun unnie? Are you okay?" 

They heard Yeri's voice behind the door. Seulgi unlocked the door, letting Yeri entered and saw the crying Irene Bae sitting on the cold floor.

 Yeri run closer to Joohyun, embraced her then glared at Seulgi. "What did you do, Seulgi unnie?"

 "S-Seulgi unnie? Do I know you personally, Manager Kim?" Seulgi asked confused.

 Yeri was about to answer when Joohyun asked Seulgi to 'go away'. Seulgi sighed, bowed down at them then closed the door when she left. Joohyun screamed out her anger while Yeri is holding her tight.


"Wow. I can't believe that the very kind Kang Seulgi is an now." Yeri said after Joohyun told her the words Seulgi said during their private talk a while ago.

 Yeri and Joohyun walked out of the photoshoot studio in a hurry, making sure that the crying mess Bae Joohyun is not noticeable but the fashionista Irene Bae. They left that studio ignoring the existence of Kang Seulgi who politely thanked them.

 Joohyun covered herself with the blanket then turn her back to Yeri. "Can you leave now, Yeri? I want to sleep now. Please?"

 Yeri is worried but she knows her unnie needs alone time. "Okay. But don't hesitate to call me if you need anything okay. I'll sleep on the guest room tonight."

 "You don't have to stay, Yeri."

 "Yeah but I want to. Good night, Joohyun unnie." 

Yeri gently tapped Irene's shoulder before switching off the lights then left Joohyun's bedroom. When Joohyun knows she's all alone now, she started crying again. She wants to stop her stupid tears from falling because the jerk Kang Seulgi doesn't deserve any of it but she can't stop. She can't stop crying her heart out.



 Joohyun is busy doing her homework when she received a text message. 

'Look out the window. Now.' 

She chuckled, knowing that her neighbor will show her something silly again tonight. Seulgi never failed to give her a funny show through their windows since the day she realized that their bedroom's windows are across each others.

 Joohyun stand up, opened her window and saw Seulgi waving excitedly at her from the other window

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