Past And Present

One More Try
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Truth is like the sun. You can shut it out for a time, but it ain't goin' away.

Elvis Presley


Joohyun gasped. She jolted up on bed in shock. She can't understand why she had bad dreams about Seulgi again. Those bad dreams about the younger girl started since the day she left Joohyun without even saying goodbye.

Joohyun is so worried about her and maybe, that's the reason why she had bad dreams about Seulgi before. She's scared if something really bad happen to the younger girl.

But that's all in the past.

Joohyun knows that Seulgi is fine and happy now so she can't understand why she had bad dreams about her again. And besides, Seulgi shouldn't be in her dreams anymore no matter how good or bad it is because they are finally over.

Kang Seulgi is engaged with Park Sooyoung now.

Joohyun bit her lower lip but her stupid tears started flowing down from her eyes. She keeps on telling herself that she should not cry over Seulgi anymore. But her body never listen to her especially her own heart.


"You are so pretty, Joohyun unnie." Seulgi said making Joohyun blushed then playfully hit Seulgi's left arm. They are currently sitting on the swings at the public park.

 Joohyun likes this feeling, a simple and calm afternoon with her favorite neighbor. She heard shutter sounds then looked at Seulgi who's grinning at her while holding the camera hanging on her neck. "You should pay me. My beauty is not for free." She teased. 

"I agree. Your beauty is priceless, Bae Joohyun." Seulgi said smiling. She took another shots of her model once again and she felt so satisfied. "Someday, I will be a photographer, Joohyun unnie."

 Joohyun smiled. "I know you can do it, Seulgi."

"If that happened... Please, be my model, Joohyun unnie." 



 Joohyun knows there's something strange happening to her whenever her eyes landed on Seulgi. She can't explain that strange feeling and she's scared to acknowledge whatever it is. Seulgi treated her as an unnie, a role model and the best neighbor ever. Their relationship is the best and Joohyun won't let this stupid strange feelings of her for Seulgi ruined whatever they had now. 

"I like you, Joohyun unnie." 

Joohyun widen her eyes then take a better look on Seulgi. They are currently walking back from school as usual. 

Seulgi looked down, staring at her own shoes like it's more prettier than the older girl standing in front of her now. "I-I'm so sorry, Joohyun unnie." 

"Huh? Why are you sorry, Seulgi?" Joohyun asked. She's so curious to know more from Seulgi.

 "I-I shouldn't feel like this for you. I know you treated me as your younger sister and... we are both girls that's why..." Seulgi said keeping her eyes anywhere but Joohyun. "This is so embarrassing and maybe disgusting for you but..." 

Joohyun hates watching Seulgi feeling insecure and sad like this. She's scared too but she knows that she will fight the world for Seulgi. 

"I'm really sorry, Joohyun. You don't have to..." Seulgi didn't finished her words when she felt a warm, soft lips landed on hers. It was a quick kiss but that's enough to take her breath away.

 Joohyun smiled then gently wiped Seulgi's tears with the back of her hand. "Don't be sorry. What you feel for me is not embarrassing nor disgusting for me. Why would it be if that's what I feel for you too, Seulgi?" 

Seulgi smiled then hugged Joohyun tight. They are both so happy. They do not know what the future ho

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