One More Try

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Irene Bae. The most talked about name in Korea's world of modeling today. 

In the eyes of many people, Irene Bae is the definition of perfection. She's a goddess that can make any people fall in love with her, bow down on their knees to worship the floor she stepped on and had everything she wanted with just a snapped of her fingers.

 But they don't know about Bae Joohyun; the real person behind Irene Bae. The simple girl who wanted a normal life. 

But most of all, Bae Joohyun is the girl who can't forget her first love.

The one and only Kang Seulgi.


Hi. I'm just a baby luvie who became curious about Red Velvet afrer Irene's controversy. And that curiousity leads to being a fan, kekeke.

Anyways, thank you for welcoming me on the fandom after I've posted my Joygi/ Seulrene fic. I hope you enjoy my next RV fic which is this.

Have a good day.

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