One More Try
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Joohyun is mad, so mad that she feels like losing her mind. She's a bit tipsy but her head is aching more because of too many questions and confusions flooding her mind.

"Seulgi unnie..."

Joohyun glared at the drunk woman on her bed. She's so tempted a while ago to just leave Sooyoung in front of Seungwan's door but Joohyun is not that heartless so she let the drunk woman laid down on her precious bed.

But Joohyun wondered if she helped a traitor.

She heard a phone ringing then realized that the phone is inside the pocket of Sooyoung's coat that she carelessly threw on the floor. Joohyun sighed then took out the phone, her heart aches when she read the caller ID.

'Seulgi bear ❤'

Joohyun chuckled bitterly. If she's not mistaken, she's the first one to call Seulgi bear and the latter bragged about it on SM High that's why everyone on that school called her Bear too.

Joohyun went out of the bedroom, took a long deep sigh before answering the call. 

'Sooyoung-ah...Where are you?'

Joohyun covered because she can't help but burst into tears hearing that sweet voice of her one true love.

'Are you still mad at me? Please, come back home. I'm... I'm sorry."

'Sooyoung? Please say something.'

'Are you still there? Please, Sooyoung? Talk to me. I'm sorry. I won't ask about my forgotten past again.'

'Just come back home now.'

'I miss you.'

'I love you, Sooyoung-ah.'

Joohyun ended the call then sat down on the sofa, finally letting herself cry her heart out. It hurts so much hearing those words from Seulgi. It feels like slapping to her face that Seulgi belongs to Sooyoung now.

Did Seulgi really lost her memories? Why? How could this happen to their love story?

Sooyoung woke up in unfamiliar bed. She widen her eyes, sat up then screamed. She's afraid to think of the worst.

"Guess your throat is still fine after shouting my name last night." Sooyoung widen her eyes when she heard a voice. She frowned when Yerim opened the door. "Good morning, drunkard."

"Kim Yerim?" Sooyoung shook her head. "No way. W-We didn't... Tell me we didn't do it, right? Please?"

As much as Yerim is enjoying the panic look on Sooyoung's face, she can't help but laugh out loud. "Fine. That's enough. Of course, we didn't. You are not my type, Park Sooyoung."

Sooyoung rolled her eyes. "Thanks." She frowned when flashbacks of last night came back to her. "W-Where's Joohyun unnie?"

Yerim smiled. "She's a busy person so she went out of this beautiful cave earlier."

Sooyoung hurriedly stand up, searching for her things. She saw her coat on the sofa, then sighed in relief when she took out her phone.

"Don't worry about Seulgi unnie. Seungwan unnie already told her that you are safe here."

"Seungwan unnie knows that I'm here too?"

Yerim chuckled. "Don't you know? Seu

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