One More Try
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There is nothing more deceptive than an obvious fact.

Arthur Conan Doyle


Sooyoung is very busy building connections the moment she landed back to Korea to start her own business. At first, she doesn't really know what kind of business to start since her dream self-owned clothing line is hard to achieve at the moment. She doesn't have enough money to pursue her dream job but she has to start something here in Korea after her  fiancée successfully landed a job in a prestigious magazine company. 

Sooyoung doesn't have the heart to stop her partner in pursuing her dream to become a successful photographer someday. 

"What do you think? I think this is the perfect location for your café, Sooyoung-ah." Seulgi said excitedly. 

Sooyoung smiled then gently cupped Seulgi's face. "Do you think so, babe?" 

"Yeah. I have a good feeling about this place. I know that a successful café will rise here very soon." Seulgi said smiling brightly. 

They heard a fake cough then looked at Seungwan who's smiling awkwardly at the owner of the building. The lovebirds just chuckled to each others then continued the negotiation for the place. 

Sooyoung believes that it won't hurt if she'll start a coffee shop since she worked as a barista in Seungwan's family café in Canada. That's how she became friends with the said girl who happily came back to Korea with her and Seulgi. Seungwan said she wants to start anew too, then stand on her own feet since she's an adult now. 

Sooyoung is really happy because Seulgi and Seungwan, the two most important people in her life, are together with her in Korea now. She can't imagine going back to Korea alone after all that happened before.

 "Welcome to Joy's café." Seulgi said making Seungwan laugh. "What's funny?" 

"Why Joy's café?" Seungwan asked. The trio are back to the purchased building for Sooyoung's coffee shop. Exploring the place and doing some plans for renovation. 

Seulgi spread her arms wide. "Because this café will give customer's the joy they need to start their morning right." She looked straight in Sooyoung's eyes. "And because the owner of this café is my own definition of joy." 

Sooyoung blushed. But Seungwan rolled her eyes. "Fine. Joy's Café it is." 

Sooyoung walked closer to Seungwan who's busy typing something on her laptop. "Thank you so much, Seungwan unnie."

 Seungwan looked up then smiled. "You don't have to thank me, Sooyoung-ah. I'm always happy to help you and Seulgi."

 "You are really so kind, Seungwan unnie. I hope you'll find your future partner here in Korea. You deserve all the best things because you are so kind." Sooyoung said sincerely. She's honest. She really wants Seungwan to be happy. 

Seungwan smiled. "You are very kind too, Park Sooyoung." 

They heard Seulgi calling 'babe' so Sooyoung excused herself then joined her fiancée who's reaching something in a top shelf. Seungwan just watched the happy couple with a small smile on her face. 


 "Do we know someone named Bae Joohyun?"

 Sooyoung widen her eyes but keep her eyes on the TV screen. Seulgi just finished her shower then looked at Sooyoung. 


"Are you thinking of other girl while taking a shower?" Sooyoung sounded upset. 

Seulgi felt guilty then walked closer to her. She intertwined their hands. "No way. It's just... Ms. Irene Bae got mad at me a while ago."

 Sooyoung frowned. "Irene Bae? Is that the famous model that gave you the biggest break in your agency?" 

Seulgi nodded. "Yeah. I'm not really familiar to her since we just moved here in Korea. But my boss told me that my photoshoot with her will be my biggest break so I agreed to work with her but..." 


 "Ms. Irene Bae got mad at me after the photoshoot." Seulgi said making Sooyoung frowned. "She said she's Bae Joohyun and told me to drop the act. I think she just mistaken me with someone else." 

Sooyoung sighed then gently caressed Seulgi's face. "You're right. It's her mistake, not yours, babe. Don't ever feel bad about it, okay?"

 "But she's really mad at me, Sooyoung." 

"So? Let her be. You didn't do anything wrong to her, babe." She pecked Seulgi's lips. "Don't stress yourself about this anymore, okay?" Seulgi nodded her head. "You should change into pajamas now. You look so hot wearing bathrobe only, babe." 

Seulgi blushed. "How long will you watch that boring drama again? Come to our bedroom soon, Sooyoung."

 "Sure. I'll be there before you know it so be ready." Sooyoung teased so Seulgi hit her left shoulder playfully before running into their bedroom. 

Sooyoung sighed, looked around the condo unit before typing on her phone. She widen her eyes when the internet showed her who Irene Bae is.

 "Joohyun unnie..." 


"Do you have a crush on that transferee?"

 Sooyoung glared at Yeri who's peeking next to her on the corner. Sooyoung is secretly watching the infamous transferee of SM High named Kang Seulgi. 

"Why did you follow me?" Sooyoung spoke in her most soft voice but Yeri chuckled annoyingly.

 "Who's there?" They heard Seulgi asked.

 Sooyoung was about to run away in fear of getting caught but Yeri hold her hand before saying. "I haven't said knock knock, sunbaenim." 

Sooyoung hit Yeri's arm repeatedly but stopped abusing the smaller girl when she noticed Seulgi walking into their direction now. "This is your fault, Kim Yerim."

 "Don't be scared, stupid." Yeri told her then waved a hand to Seulgi. "Here we are, Seulgi unnie!" 

"Seulgi unnie? You personally know Seulgi sunbaenim?!" Sooyoung asked in disbelief. She felt be

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