Kill em with Jealousy
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“Unnie,” Wendy can hear Jennie whining next to her. She buried her face into her pillow more.



“Unnie! I know you’re awake. I’m hungry. Let’s go out,” Jennie whined in her ear, putting her weight on top of Wendy who dove deeper into the covers. Jennie suddenly stopped and Wendy would’ve finally sighed of relief when she felt her breath near her face.



“You said you’ll kiss me today when you’re sober,” she felt her drawing circles on her nape with her fingers.



“Get up, baby. Kiss me,” Jennie whispered huskily into her ear .



A beat.









Wendy shot out of bed with her eyes wide in panic.



“WHAT!?” Wendy shouted, her heart jumping out of her rib cage while Jennie clutched her stomach from laughing. Wendy groaned when a massive pain in her head made her lay down again.



Great, a hangover.



“Very funny haha,” she groaned as she nursed her head on the pillow.



“Aw did the drunkard get a oo?” Jennie teased as she gently soothe her head. Wendy just groaned. Jennie grabbed the glass of water and medicine from the dresser and coaxed Wendy to get up and drink.



“I’m not accepting any alcohol from that bear again,” Wendy groaned as she rubbed her eyes while Jennie just gave her an amused smile.



“I’ll say. I don’t like it when you’re drunk. You’re a tease,” Jennie said as she straddled Wendy on the bed. Wendy’s headache fade away, replaced by an overwhelming feeling of screaming WHATTHEISTHISGIRLDOINGSOEARLYINTHEMORNINGIMGOINGTODIE—



“K-Kim Jennie, w-what are you doing?” She asked as Jennie puts her arms around her neck with a serious look on her face. Wendy’s hands are restrained on either side of her because who knows how much restraint a hangover gay woman has over a sly tigress teasing her in bed—



Oh my god Wendy, you ing . Stop thinking.



It’s just your crush straddling you in a platonic way.





Mommy :’((



“I wasn’t kidding. You said last night you’re going to kiss me when you’re sober unnie,” Wendy got goosebumps when Jennie whispered near her ear, her hot breath making Wendy pray to the heavens she’ll be a good girl if she ever passed this trial of temptation—Jennie moved her face infront of Wendy and Wendy could only looked at plump pink lips that seemed very inviting that she wanted to cry. Those lips suddenly turned upright and the next thing she knew, Jennie was cackling in laughter on her lap.






“I hate you,” Wendy groaned as she shoved Jennie aside who was dying of laughter, her voice echoing inside the room.



“Its true! You told me that last night! You were teasing me! I hate you too!” Jennie said as she shoved a pillow at a statued Wendy.



I said that?...What the Son Seungwan!



She didn’t think to consider getting drunk would make her unconsciously act on her feelings for the girl. She needs to get her together. And she’s going to need a very long cold shower.



“Payback is a unnie. I’m glad I still have that affect on you,” Jennie cackled as she invited Wendy to eat hangover soup she’s making at the moment.



“That wasn’t y at all!”



“Still the biggest lie I’ve heard so far!”










The ladle clattered to the floor and Jennie sighed again. She put it on the sink and grabbed another one from the shelf. She mixed the soup half-heartedly while staring at a particular spot on the wall.



“Kiss me,” She remembered saying earlier. She crouched down to the floor while she covered her face with her hands, silently screaming her embarrassment.



“What the was that Kim Jennie!” She scratched her reddening ears frustratedly as she tried to erase what she said and did earlier in her mind. She just needed to get back at Wendy for not getting the sleep she wanted because of what she joked last night.



“I don’t want to kiss you when I’m drunk like this.” Wendy’s voice had turned husky and Jennie was trying to get a grip because Wendy is alluring, half lidded eyes just trained at her, almost telling her she’s beautiful and safe within her arms—



GET A GRIP ! You just wanted to get back at her!


For not kissing you?—


What NO! I have Jisoo. I’m just—


You didn’t have to straddle her then.




And whine when you demanded a kiss—




“I CERTAINLY DID NOT DO THAT!” Jennie shouted at the devil of her consciousnesses.



“Honey?” A soft voice gently called out to her. Jennie turned to face her mother, a confused and amused smile planted on her face.



“Mom!” Jennie exclaimed, surprised her mother was back home.



“Are you alright honey?” Her mom said as she put down a few bags on the counter, looking concerned over her daughter.



“Yes! What are you doing here mom? I thought you’re on your way to Switzerland?” Jennie asked as she kissed her mom on the cheek, completely forgetting the soup she’s making.



“It was cancelled, multiple storms are coming this year and one reached Seol today, so they moved the flight to tonight instead. I didn’t want to wait in the airport so I figured I’ll come back later,” her mom said as she sat down on a chair.



“What are you making?” Her mom asked looking at her concoction. That’s when she finally remembered she was cooking for Wendy so she ran back to the stove and put out the flames.






Jennie remembered she was making soup for Wendy.



For her hangover.



And her mom is here.



And they’ve never met before.



She was filled with dread. She doesn’t want her mom to see Wendy hangover. Suddenly she had the urge to ran back to her room where she was sure Wendy was changing and slap her the prettiest day dress in her closet had to offer. She wanted Wendy to make a good impression—






Jennie stopped fidgeting with her fingers.






Why does Wendy need to make a good impression?



She had plenty of friends she brought over and they didn’t need to put on a good front for her parents. So what’s the difference?



“Honey, are you sure you’re okay?” Her mom said as she poked her daughter’s cheeks who started spacing out again. She then proceeded to taste the soup Jennie made.



“Ye-Yeah mom, just tired,” she said as she looked back at her mom who was tasting the soup with a spoon.



“Too salty, you need to add more water,” her mom commented.



“What? I think it’s fine mom,” she said and was about to walk to her mother when her bedroom door opened and out came a very refreshed Wendy wearing a clean white v neck shirt tucked in denim blue shorts. Jennie forgot her own flesh and blood standing behind her when she focused on creamy white legs brighter than her future. She also missed Wendy’s surprised (and brief panicked) look when she saw Jennie was not alone.



“Who do we have here?” Jennie heard her mom say behind her that snapped her back to her thoughts and was about to panic when Wendy bowed 180 degrees to her mom.



“Pardon for the intrusion, I’m Jennie’s friend. My name is Son Seungwan or Wendy to most,” Jennie’s jaw almost dropped when Wendy gave her most charming smile enough to make the sun jobless, not at all looking like the hangover woman she had dealt earlier.



“Oh you’re Wendy that Jennie talks about!” her mom said knowing her daughter mentioned her when they had meals together. Actually she talks about her a lot.



“Is that so?” Wendy looked at Jennie who was trying to focus on a particular spot on the wall again. “I’m sorry, Jennie didn’t mention she has a sibling. It’s nice to finally meet you unnie.” Wendy said and Jennie can’t believe what she’s hearing. Her mother chuckled at the girl.



“Jennie was right. Charming,” amusement was evident in the crinkles in her eyes. “You can call me auntie, Wendy-yah,” she gently grabbed the girl for a hug and that’s when Jennie knew she didn’t even need to worry at all. She lets go of the breath she didn’t know she’s holding.



“I supposed this is for you?” Her mother went and grabbed a bowl for Wendy and let her sit down the table.



“Ah yes, Jennie was kind enough to take care of me. You raised a wonderful daughter auntie,” Wendy said honestly with no hint of sarcasm or playfulness. Jennie’s mother was amused though she can see Wendy was genuine with her compliment. She beamed. She also didn’t miss Jennie trying to kick Wendy under the table which widened Wendy’s smile when she saw Jennie was trying to cover her red ears.



“Well, she is wonderful, even if she’s a headache sometimes,”her mother said.






Who was Jennie kidding. Of course. This is Wendy Son she’s talking about. Hangover or

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