Goldie Locks and Papa Bear
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He had gone and done something foolish. He had shot his mouth off without reading the room and now he couldn’t tell if he was in trouble for it, had it been a test? If it was a test, had he passed or failed? 


Well, failed probably with the way Jung Yunho was staring him down. What he didn’t know was what he was supposed to do, so he held the icy gaze as he chewed on his lower lip. How did he salvage this one before someone started to shout at him? 


Who didn’t know Jung Yunho? He wanted to retort, the man was famous in the world of business. The family of the Jung conglomerate was considerably smaller than that of his own, it would be weird if he didn’t know who the man was. Their families were civil to one another, parents close friends way back when they had intended to marry Yunho off to Solar before Solar had expressed other plans for herself and Yunho had just not been interested.  Well, that was how he heard it from his sister, he hadn’t actually been present for any of that. 


According to his parents, Yunho’s were even more ruthless, even more strict and harsh when it came to disobedient children, so he was never allowed nowhere near any of them, or he would ruin everything. Ironic that everything fell apart anyway. 


But even if their families had not had a history... it wasn’t difficult to know who Jung Yunho was. He was like Seoul’s most eligible bachelor or something and appeared in a lot of magazines... He still remembered the first time he had saw the man in his home, though he was certain Yunho had never seen him. 


“Well?” Jung Yunho presses, not so much as moving a muscle as their staring match continues. 


“You were nearly betrothed to Yong-sun when you were 25,” he utters as though it is the most obvious thing in the world, but Yunho’s jaw tightens and he realizes several seconds too late that such information had never been made public. 


Was he coming across as a rabid fan or a creepy stalker? Or was it both? But he was neither, even if Jung Yunho was really lovely. 


“How dare you-” 


“Yunho, it’s alright,” Changmin attempts to soothe, and the sound of the doctor’s voice causes the blonde to glance down at the table. 


Well, he’d ruined the afternoon already hadn’t he? He needed to explain himself. 


The best way he can do it finds Jaejoong on his feet, though Junsu is grabbing onto him in alarm he ignores his best friend as he bows deeply.  


“I apologize,” the blonde begins, fingernails biting into his palms as his hands curl into fists, “Yong-sun, you probably know her as Solar as well, is my sister. The oldest one, after her is Somin and then Hwayoung. I am Kim Jaejoong, the youngest child and only son of Kim Daehyun and Kim Haneul. Our f-families belong to similar circles and are both extremely successful in their business ventures. So... so even if you and noona had never been friendly, I would know your name, but I did not mean to be rude.” 


Jajeoong doesn’t look up, afraid of what he will see. Changmin frowning, he assumes Yunho is still going to be angry, but it is mostly Junsu he doesn’t want to look at. He is going to look upset and too concerned at the same time, all because he couldn’t keep his mouth closed in his surprise. 


For that reason he whispers a weak apology a second time, though that one really isn’t directed to the businessman who probably wants to ring his neck for stepping out of line. That apology is because of the way he turns and bolts when he isn’t supposed to. 


He is Junsu’s person, and Junsu needed, or at least wanted him there. Instead he had done something stupid, made it all awkward and then bolted toward the rest rooms to hide. 


But Jung Yunho does stupid things to his brain and always has. It is because Yunho was the sort of alpha he had always wanted to be, handsome, strong, lovely, competent. He had always been so polite and kind, even when he wasn’t aware he was being spied on by a curious teenager. 




“What... what just happened?” 


His friend snaps him from the miserable state he is in, staring blankly at the spot where the strange blonde had been all but bent in half. He hadn’t really expected any of it, though perhaps he had reacted too harshly to initially being recognized, he had felt uncomfortable when the blonde had spouted off too personal information he shouldn’t have ever been able to know. 




“Is that really Kim Jaejoong?” Yunho wants to know, the almost delicate face is certainly not one he is familiar with. 


Not from meetings, or tabloids or any of the family photos or Christmas cards that arrive from the Kim’s around the holidays. In fact, there never really has been a trace of the boy anywhere. 


“Woah, he is really related to those Kims? I thought he was joking,” the doctor admits apprehensively, glancing from Yunho to Junsu and back again. 


With nobody else moving from the table Yunho slides into an empty seat, frowning. 


“I told you he wasn’t joking, why didn’t you listen to me,” snaps a rather vibrant man who turns to him suddenly with a grin, “Kim Junsu... I’m not one of those Kims, though.” 


“Jung Yunho, pleasure,” he returns out of politeness more than anything as he frowns, “when did Jaejoong-ssi return from abroad?” 


The question, one he thought harmless has the couple exchanging looks as though he cannot see them, as though he had just very well said the most foolish combination of words possible.  


“Jae has never been abroad a day in his life,” Junsu cuts in hesitantly, and Yunho doesn’t miss the skeptical look on his face, “What are you talking about?” 


“That kid is a hot topic of discussion in our circle,” Yunho admits tentatively, it is beneath him to engage in gossip, but if it gives him an edge... “Nobody really knows what he looks like, much less if he actually exists because his parents have been boasting about him studying abroad in England since high school without really producing him at any event. Half of them are worried he’ll sweep through one day with all kinds of international ties and a step ahead because he speaks English.” 


“Seriously, that is what you people gossip and worry about?” although he isn’t surprised by Changmin’s question he rolls his eyes at it anyway, “You don’t seem to be questioning his existence though? He could have just happened to know the Kim’s names...” 


“No, no, I’ve met him before,” Yunho insists, though as he attempts to open his mouth and explain their meeting years ago he finds himself drawing an awkward blank, “At the Kim Mansion... But he certainly didn’t look like that.” 


He would have remembered the blonde, though he certainly hadn’t been back then, or that tall, but well Jaejoong had been a child then hadn’t he?  


While the couple exchanges a look, no more information is volunteered.  Jaejoong wasn’t abroad and neither Changmin nor Junsu say anything more about him.  


After about fifteen minutes the blonde returns to the table looking for more composed than when he left, but it had been impossible to miss the way he practically looked dead in the eyes as he took his seat and apologized for his behavior. 


Though the rest of the time at the restaurant goes off without a hitch it is a little awkward and rather bizarre. Kim Jaejoong reminded him of a robot, he was a little bit cold without contributing to the conversation unless or until someone spoke to him first.  


They had all exchanged numbers though, to Changmin’s delight, although Jaejoong had seemed far less willing until he had cracked a joke about the way they could build proper relationships rather than being rivals. 




 “What is wrong with me?” Jaejoong moans to himself in distress. 


The last person he expected to stumble across, especially as the best friend to his doctor, was Jung Yunho. He could have saved himself a whole mess by keeping his mouth shut, he had realized afterward that the man would have been none the wiser even after learning his name. 


He was too young to be established in the world of business, and his parents kept him even farther from their ventures than his age could anyway. In Seoul he was surely not the only Kim Jaejoong, he could have easily been the university student, the struggling artist he felt like he was without any fuss. 


But he had been tricked, bamboozled without meaning to be. 


Jung Yunho was a subjec

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