Goldie Locks and Papa Bear
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Omegas didn’t invite people into their nests if they didn’t feel comfortable with them. However, he hesitates to push any of the ‘omega rules’ into the situation, they certainly weren’t doing anything properly. 


Because Jaejoong wouldn’t have been nesting in his room, in his bed to begin with, or probably at all. For someone who completely rejected the idea of being an omega why would they indulge in such a thing? Yet he couldn’t shake the idea as he glanced around him, eyes looking over sheets and blankets he hadn’t remembered even having. 


They all smell faintly of Jaejoong now, a whiff of green tea and lemongrass and something vaguely floral, but he can ignore the lingering notes when he has the real thing pressed into his chest. 


He’s situated on his back, and pressed into his side, half on top of him, is Jaejoong. There is a head tucked under his chin, nuzzled into his throat and he’s got his arm wound around a petite waist, not to make sure the omega doesn’t pull away, just to comfort is what he tells himself. 


Outside the storm rages something fierce, not fully uncommon but certainly not typical rainfall for the reason. It’ll be positively frigid once it settles, not nearly warm enough for the sun to chase away the damp or chill from the air when it peaks through the clouds, he doesn’t want to think on it much. 


His room is warm, cozy despite the persistent rapping against the window and the rolling crashes outside that cause the blonde to stiffen and tense. The only reason he knows Jaejoong is awake as they cuddle together in silence is because of the way the he seizes up each time. 


“Why are you single?” 


Of all of the questions that would break the quiet, he hadn’t expected that one. It sounds innocent enough, though Yunho hesitates for a minute, long enough to remind himself that Jaejoong isn’t some creep prodding at him for a gossip magazine. 


“I haven’t found the right person, of course,” it’s the same thing he tells the magazines, a friendly dismissal, and he’s glad he cannot see Jaejoong’s face because perhaps the answer isn’t good enough, “It’s hard to find someone I match with, harder to know if they actually like me or if they’re cozying up to see what they can get from me.” 


He doesn’t need anyone though. He doesn’t feel lost or even disappointed when there is no one waiting for him when he gets home, and he’d not sick very often so Jihye doesn’t mind bringing him soup when it does happen. 


When he gets too bored, he finds someone to play with. Betas, alphas sometimes, never omegas though. He knows why people think he avoids them, but it isn’t a personal vendetta. He’s not sure a casual fling with an omega is possible, and not because he thinks the omega will be the one to become clingy, either. 


It is the last thing he needs, really. The stupid alpha with all of those public spotlights being played a fool by a hapless omega. It’s happened to him once, all the way back in high school, he doesn’t necessarily want to relive being extorted by someone lying about inappropriate touching for money because he had liked them more than they liked him. 


Sure, it’s not really fair, but to his credit Yunho tends to assume the worst of nearly everyone first and corrects himself later if he needs to. He rarely needs to. 


“You’ll find her one day,” Jaejoong is humming quietly, “A pretty alpha to stand by your side, she’ll like you for you, but she’ll probably be bossy and a little bit terrifying, has to be able to keep up, after all. You and my sister would have made a good match, but...” 


“But she didn’t love me, and I didn’t love her,” but on paper, they would have made quite a match, realistically he is glad he had not found himself twisted up into the Kim’s family struggles all of those years ago, “who knows, perhaps my partner won’t be an alpha.” 


Or female. Though his preferences aren’t exactly out there, he doesn’t necessarily hide them, either.  


Somehow, he thinks maybe Jaejoong will pick up on the hint, subtle as it is. 


Yunho doesn’t expect the scoff, and he doesn’t expect the words that chase it. 


“Really? Omegas are filth, Yunho. They’re pathetic creatures, hardly even worth calling human at this point. Sure, maybe they have some use for breeding but come on, so do cattle, I don’t recommend ing animals, though. You’re much too good for an omega.” 


Although he keenly hears the tension in the blonde’s voice the words flow too easily and the words themselves are a little bit nauseating. Admittedly,  Yunho isn’t actually sure what is bothering him, the fact that such repulsive words could come from the blonde, the fact that he was an omega speaking down on his own kind, or the casual expectation that Yunho would agree with such a stance.  


“You shouldn’t... you can’t talk about people like that,” he sounds uncomfortable, and he feels uncomfortable. 


His arms feel stiff suddenly and Jaejoong feels cold instead of being a warm comfort.  


“Weren’t you listening? They’re not.” 




“You know what? I should go-” 


The blonde doesn’t, because Yunho grabs him as he pulls away with a hand on his waist, sliding and hooking around the omega before he can get far. It’s wrong he knows, because he would never prevent someone from leaving his home- much less his bed if they were uncomfortable but this... this is something else. 


They’re not , is how he reasons it out, as though someone that makes it better to hold someone down when they are trying to leave. Jaejoong is a mess, shaking like a leaf, be it in anger, fear or something else he doesn’t know, and he’s afraid of storms and it is late. 


Whatever self-hatred Jaejoong feels needs to be healed gently and Yunho can be patient... he just, needs to figure out whether the hatred is self-centered or something much worse. The former can be fixed, he thinks.  


“Just stay the night,” he insists softly, but the blonde only shakes even more violently in his arms. 


A seizure? He panics briefly at the thought, but something wet splatters against his arm and he can smell a tinge of salt in the air. 


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