Goldie Locks and Papa Bear

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Growing up, Jaejoong was only ever taught one major life lesson; omegas were bad. They were filthy, vile and pathetic creatures that had no use or place in the world.


Growing up, Jaejoong was only ever taught one major life lesson; omegas were bad. They were filthy, vile and pathetic creatures that had no use or place in the world. 


It wasn’t a surprise that his alpha family thought so. His grand-parents were alphas, his parents were alphas, his older sisters are alphas, so are their husbands, and even his baby niece seems to be presenting early as an alpha. 


And then there was Jaejoong, he was at the top of his classes, he worked part time on the weekends and volunteered at an orphanage whenever he had time and  tried not to cause a fuss. Yet where was a nasty rumor that had followed him since middle school, because he was a little too pretty and a little too lanky for that of an alpha. However, since he was also a touch too tall and a bit too strong to be that of a lowly omega his family didn’t fret too much, especially since he hadn’t ever presented with any special or inconvenient issues. 


Little did they know that he had failed the one and only exam that had ever truly mattered in his life.  


Ever since learning of his omega status the youngest child of the Kim conglomerate has been hiding it. At 19 he has never gone into heat and has no pheromones to speak of, but that is probably only because he is slowly but surely killing himself by overdosing on inhibitor drugs, or so says his best friend, one Kim Junsu and the only soul besides his private doctor who knows of his darkest secret.  


Or, they had been the only ones until said doctor had perhaps accidentally let his concerns over a certain patient slip to his best friend following a night of heavy drinking. 





This is totally not the story I am supposed to be writing or updating. Oops? I'm having a bit of writers block with Unhinged, so only half of chapter 25 is written so far.  Kill. Me. I really don't want to rewrite the whole of chapter 25 because it isn't so bad but parts of it are just fiiiighting with me and I am losing.  Send help.


So where are we now? Instead of just finishing the last half of the chapter for Unhinged I am posting a whole new story.


I've never written ABO before, so I'm gonna be taking alllll the creative liberties here.


Some warnings though, I'll properly label things/when if need be. There is basically casual drug use/abuse here (in the form of ihibitor drugs/supressants), and will be mentioned child abuse eventually and stuff that is basically like ism (omega hating) because I am so tormented and angst ridden over my writers block that I am torturing Jaejoong in this new story... oooor something? It'll end happily though because if I could do proper art things this would be a manga and this would somehow be enjoyed by like a whole two people.


I have no idea how often this will be updated, probably spardonically as inspiration and avoidance of my prior writing comitments happen.


BTW, I wrote this whole thing about an hour and a half ago listening to KARD's new song Gunshot on repeat. It is pretty baller ngl.

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