Of Witches, Potions and Hippogriffs

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Jung Yunho, Gryffindor's golden boy, does not like Kim Jaejoong. He does not.


A Harry Potter AU featuring YunJae and most of the classic Harry Potter professors. There is no Harry/Ron/Hermoine/Draco and the Dark Lord did exist but there was no epic wizarding war that murdered all of the people.


Featuring Gryffindor!Yunho and Slytherin!Jaejoong.


This piece is written from Yunho's PoV that intention it for the whole piece to be from his standpoint because my writing usually leans towards Jaejoong's PoV, but we'll see how it goes.


Please note: I am not a Harry Potter fanatic. I love the setting of Hogwarts and the concept of magical school and I didn't follow HP much, mosto f my names and details have come from skimming websites and the movies a little bit when they played over Christmas 2020 on TV. I totally am going to mangle some details and rules to suit my own intention for the story. You'll see more of this once the second section of it is posted, but if you really just like cannon this is NOT the story for you.


And, soooo like... I've been saying all along that I didn't want to post this until it was finished, but at just under 16k words I think I'm only a third of the way through... aaand I am hoping if I post this early that it'll kind of kick me in the to get more writing in. That said, I had a computer crash and lost quite a few files that I hadn't had saved onto a flash drive so my other story updates are kind of lagging right now because I've a lot of re-writing to do. Sigh.

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