Love Me Like You

Love Me Like You

Heejin decides to have a coffee before going to her class that morning. She stops by at one of her favourite cafés to grab her favourite iced latte. “Morning.” She beams as almost all of the staffs recognize her already.

As she waits for her ready to be prepared, she heard the quite familiar voice but shrug it off. “One iced Americano. Grande.”

“Heejin?” She looks at the owner of the voice and she is surprised to see him again. “Oh, hi. What are you doing here?”

Mark thought Heejin didn’t want to see him anymore as her voice and face looks displeased. “I’m going to li- library.” He says with a low voice, not realizing that he stutters.

“Oh, okay.” Heejin grabs her coffee and rushes out but before she leaves, she calls him again. “Thanks for carrying me the other day. I hope I wasn’t a burden to you.” Somehow that sparks something in Mark. “It’s no- nothing at all.”


Honestly, Heejin is embarrassed knowing that Mark carried her when she accidentally sleeps at the gazebo. She’s afraid that Mark might think she’s heavy yet he had to carry her. Well, that’s because she used to be quite fat. ‘Ugh, that’s embarrassing.’

In most of her life as an adult, she has never thought to fall asleep and carried by some guy to her room. Especially, in this case, it’s her old friend, Mark Lee to happen.




A week later, somehow Heejin is not comfortable with who her mother going to invite. She knows she will get embarrassed later.

Her mother just won’t stop teasing after Mark carried her to her room. She thinks they suit together but Heejin doesn’t want that. She’s not ready for anything like that. They heard some voices down in the living room. She groans inwardly as she’s not ready for this meeting.

“Come on, Ji. Let’s meet your friend.”


She’s observing the family as she walks downstairs until her eyes met Mark. She didn’t realize that Mark has been staring at her the whole time. Her ears turn red and quickly look away while Mark didn’t even realize that he smirks.


The dinner went well with both moms talk about their life. Again. While their dads talk about the economy and the world. Mark looks at Heejin, playing with a chopstick and he coughs awkwardly. Trying to get Heejin’s attention. “What?” She almost sounds like snapped but she’s not.

“Are you not enjoying the food?” It was supposed to be her asking him as she is the owner. She shakes her head but she knows Mark is not convinced. She takes a deep breath before speak. “Honestly, what are we supposed to do?” That catches both of their parents' attention as they realized Heejin is not talking to Mark.

“Honey, are you that eager to know?” Her mom smiles, caressing her daughter’s hair. Both moms give the looks while dads chuckling amongst them. “No. I just need to do my assignment. That’s why I’m asking.”

Mark frowns, realizing Heejin might not want him to be there. Or she doesn’t want to interact with him all by giving excuses. But it could be she’s talking the truth. Mark just doesn’t know any more about Heejin.

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