Love Me Like You

Love Me Like You

So here they are, in a huge and towering building after couple days of approval. Honestly, she has never been here since it’s her first time interviewing related to coffee.

“Heejin, I’m so excited!” They quickly cover themselves as they saw many officers and baristas in the building. “Act professional.” Heejin controlled herself from fangirling over coffee. “You act yourself.”



After a quick and short interview, the manager would like to bring Heejin and her friend to the upper building because that’s where the origin place for the trainee to learn how to brew coffee.


The manager introduces them to the whole team, coincidently the team is there. Having brunch, probably. Heejin is excited more than Sooji, knowing they get a chance to meet the whole coffee team.

The rest of the team greet and welcoming them with a smile until they’ve been introduced to the big boss in this company. “And here is our CEO or like the creator of this brand.”

The man, who’s sitting while facing the scenery outside, turned around with a smile, greeting Sooji first. “Hi, I’m Mark Lee.” Heejin frowns at the sudden name and the fact that she recognized. “Heejin.” She quickly puts on act, plastering the ‘sweetest’ smile she ever has.


After the whole tantrum of getting engaged with Mark, Heejin trying to stay away from his family. Not wanting to be related to the family at all although her mom keeps telling her that his mom wanted to talk to her. She declined whatever related to Lees. Technically, she is Mark’s fiancée.

“How about we have brunch here?” Mark politely ask the girls while Sooji senses nothing and gladly accept Mark’s offer.

“No, thanks. We ate already.” Her friend frowns with Heejin sudden attitude. Usually, Heejin always grabs the chance whenever it comes to food. Well, maybe not today.

“But, I insist.” Heejin politely reject the offer and excused themselves, grabbing Sooji’s hand to leave the place.


“What was that?” Sooji asks bashfully, aware with Heejin sudden change in her expression. “I’ll tell you later but first, we need to leave this damn building.”

As soon as they reach the main door, unfortunately, there’s no taxi for them to hail. Whatever it takes, Heejin just wants to walk away from the building.


“Heejin.” Mark successfully grab her arm, making her and her friend halt.

“What!” She snapped while trying to pry herself from his grip. Mark flinches when she snapped but quickly release her arm. “I’m sorry. Can you?” He looks at her friend, asking for privacy for them.


“Why didn’t you want to answer my mom’s call?” Heejin doesn’t even bother to look at him and look elsewhere. Might be waiting for the taxi to come.

“It was you. Not your mom.” Mark sighs, looking at Heejin. He knew it was his fault but he just wants to mend it. “I just want to apologize for the other day.”

He holds her hand and calls out her name softly. “You didn’t know what happened. It’s okay, I’m not mad at you.”

“I knew you broke up with her. But I don’t know why.” She pushes his hand away, keeping it to herself. “Why did you broke up with her? You knew she loves you and I thought you both are happy.”

“Loved.” He quickly corrects her. He hates to talk about this but because of her, he’s willing, to tell the truth.

“Let me send you home.”

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