Love Me Like You

Love Me Like You


It was one of those days where Heejin hates it the most. Assignments piled up with her groupmate wouldn’t give a hand to help the work. It’s irritating honestly to be the brain, giving ideas but rejected and end up using ideas from somebody else that the same as hers. ‘.’

She never thought such word even when she’s under pressured doing an assignment but she has to let it out because this pretty doll doesn’t have a brain to appreciate her work.


Scrolling her phone while waiting for the bus to come, she doesn’t care enough to look at her surroundings. She’s too tired and restless knowing that she had to rewrite her assignment, well group work and pretty doll only know how to give orders instead feel the pain and doing it.

“Excuse me.” She looks up when she feels someone tapping her shoulder. Both of them look startled as they recognized one another. “Kim Heejin?”

“Mark Lee?”

The male chuckles, shaking his head telling her that what a small world they live in. “Are you heading somewhere?”

“Yeah, I was about to ask you if this bus is taking me to the place that I wanted.” She looks at the directory and nod. “You live in my neighbourhood?”


Mark Lee is one of her classmate and school mate back then when she was in middle school. They used to befriend and pretty close as Heejin always give a guide to him when he first landed in Korea from Canada.

They joked and talk quite a lot but end up their friendship, nope. They didn’t end it, it was a halt in the middle. By sudden. After a while, they didn’t talk but remain as classmate throughout the year until Heejin left to a new school.

“My mom is meeting her friend and she took my car.” Nodding her head. How could she forget that he lives far away from her house, or maybe he moved out already?


They didn’t sit next to each other, instead, Heejin is standing while Mark is sitting. Heejin is used to standing although she’s exhausted. Mark saw and thought of giving her a seat but he knew Heejin wouldn’t like it.

Somehow he just knows Heejin, and he doesn’t know why.



“What are you doing here?” Mark stares at her until she waves her hand. “Oh, right. I told you I’m seeing my mom.” Heejin looks puzzled. “But this is my house.”

He quickly looks front and saw a majestic house, full guarded. “This is your house?”


Mark fishes his phone out from his pocket and checks whether this is the correct address and turns out it is. “Oh, your mom still keep in contact with my mom?”

“I think yeah.”


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