Love You Like I

Love Me Like You


Both of them are sitting in the garden after sending off her friend at her house. Specifically, Heejin’s garden. “You don’t have to explain it to me.”

“Then how can you trust me that it’s not what it looks like.” Heejin tried so hard to resist from facing Mark but Mark had to stare at her and she could feel the corner of her eyes. As soon as she turned, she saw how Mark's lips curved upwards. “If I explain this to you, would you consider it to be mine?”

She honestly doesn’t know what to feel. The fact that her friend somehow is a cringy type, makes Heejin questioning herself. “What?”



After a long story short by Mark, she doesn’t know which one to believe. His ex-girlfriend is her friend and they’re close. A lot closer than he thinks. Although most of the story they tell is true, Heejin seriously doesn’t know what to believe. She doesn’t want to be a burden, knowing her friend loves him so much. It was like love at first sight and Mark just wanted to end things without discussion.

A long thought has been interrupted by Mark’s calm voice, calling her name. “I would be with you if you ever think to get back with her.”

“What?” Almost immediately Mark responds, furrowing. “You heard my story, right? Look, I don’t want to be the judge but whatever you’re trying to do, please. Talk to me first.”


At that moment, Heejin realizes how mature this man has become.


Heejin sighs exasperatedly after Mark leaves. If this keeps going, she doesn’t know how long she can hold it. She knew why they broke up but in her friend’s story, it wasn’t detailed as Mark told her. Somehow, she feels like she’s the middle man trying to solve the problem yet she is the problem.

‘If he knows I knew.’



Heejin sighs thinking about her future. Honestly, she wants Mark and at the same, she doesn’t want him. She knew everything but she never asked herself. “Can’t you be selfish for once?”


Sooji is probably checking her Instagram and posting a new photo that she has been up to these days. Heejin decides to meet her on the weekend as they have to discuss their work. No worries, she’s ain't a pretty doll.

Clicking, checking. It has been quite some time and a few minutes and Sooji still doesn’t get the perfect shot as she wanted. Well, this is spending time wisely while waiting for Heejin to show up.


Done with her post, she looks around since she didn’t see any appearance of her lazy friend. Then, her eyes caught a certain male. Prominent cheekbones and she thought where she met him. ‘Right, he was with Heejin.’ She’s checking him out as she wonders what kind of relationship they have that he would chase after Heejin.

‘He can’t be her boyfriend, right? She never tells me anything.’


“Hi!” After about 20 minutes waiting for this sleeping beauty to come, Heejin finally shows up. The ladies joke and chat about how late Heejin is. Calling for the waiter, they didn’t expect to see the boss.

“Iced latte and soufflés, please.”

Sooji glances at Heejin as she doesn't realize who’s taking her order. Sooji ordered her menu but still looked back and forth between Heejin and the ‘waiter’.

“Thank you, ladies.” Mark’s hand somehow comes across Heejin as he takes back the menu list. Heejin just shrugs it off but the waiter doesn't take hers and requests for her to give it herself. She frowns, trying to look at the waiter. Well, she was about to make jokes but her smiles disappeared immediately.



She sighs, looking at Sooji. “I don’t know why, but for once I don’t want to see you.”

His smile falters, totally not expecting that. He thought they were okay two days ago. But, Heejin means it. He leaves with menu books, giving the orders to others.

“You know; you don’t have to be rude.”



After knowing the whole story about Heejin and that mysterious Mark, Sooji finally understands. Well, aside from the assignment, at least she understands the story.


“Heejin, wait. Heejin.” Sooji gives Heejin the look and smirk.

“You better wait for me, girl.” She grits her teeth, turning around to face him. “Yes, Mark.” She replies annoyingly.


“I thought we’re good.” He frowns, pouting.

“Yeah, if you want to get her back then I’m okay.” Mark bites his lower lips, not understanding what Heejin wanted. He thought this is not his Heejin, she gives a very different vibe yet she still has that intimidating aura.

She saw how his expression changed. Cold, distant Mark. The one she never saw before. He just stares at her until one point, he has to break it. “Then, don’t ever think of getting jealous.”





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