Love You Like I

Love Me Like You

 After having desserts, finally, Heejin can’t wait to go back to her room. Settling herself alone. “So, we come here for a reason. I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t mind, Heejin.” Mark’s father smiles at Heejin which Heejin tries to understand the signal.

 “We came here to announce your engagement as you both have been a friend for a long time.”


 Heejin somehow paralyzed, her and Mark. She looks at Mark and quickly declines the idea. “We didn’t meet for a long time. So, I still consider Mark as a stranger.”

 Stranger word makes his heart clenched. It doesn’t sound right when she says that. ‘We know each other more than you think.’ Heejin’s mom gasps at Heejin statement but his dad chuckles, telling them it was okay. “It’s true, but your mothers have been keeping in touch for a long time.”

 Heejin didn’t realize that she clicked her tongue. “But, I thought Mark has a girlfriend and I thought you approved her to be part of your family.” Mark avert his gaze to her, frowning. He doesn’t know how she knew but it’s something Mark didn’t want to mention.

 “Honey, where did you know that?”

 “Mom, her girlfriend is my friend. How can I not know?” His mom looks surprised that Heejin knew about Mark and his girlfriend.

 After being silent for some times, Mark scoffed. “If you are her friend, then you should know that we broke up already.” Heejin looks surprised as Mark expected but he didn’t know if she genuinely doesn’t want him.

 “Then, am I a rebound to you?” Her mom pinches her thigh for saying such a thing in front of his family.

 “What do you think am I to you? I did this for my parents.” Mark started to feel irritated with Heejin’s action. He knows very well Heejin will laser things out.

“Then, don’t have a relationship with me.”


 The whole dining area is silent. Both parents didn’t know what to do or how to react with their children sudden argument. Mark has been staring at Heejin intensely, then decide to let it flow.


 “Are you ashamed of what I did to you before?”


 “No. I feel relieved when you say that.” He squints at her, not knowing what Heejin is up to.




 A week after the unwanted ‘meeting’, Heejin almost loses her mind when she has to set up a place to interview for her assignment. She has to go out with her friend named, Sooji. It was pretty hectic and crazy as they have to think what and where they should do the interview. They can’t have the same topic with other groups and Heejin almost lost idea.

 Then, her friend suggested making a barista interview. It’s a thing which Heejin loves the most. So, without hesitation, both of them agreed and right away send an email to a certain café.


 “Oh my gosh! They agreed, Sooji- ah.” Both of them couldn’t help but feel excited since it was their last option as the rest of café that Heejin requested to do the interview declined. They said it’s confidential and they didn’t agree to let the secret to being leaked.


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