Broken Lover

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He is Byun Baekhyun.

He is a stoic and serious 34 year old surgeon-turned-businessman with a broken heart that he believed unfixable.

She is Jung Hana.

She is a bubbly 27 years old corporate-turned-entrepreneur that had her heart cheated on.

Two different identities collided.

How can they heal their broken hearts?

One thought he was the only one hurting. The other believe that grieving means holding on.

None realised loving is actually moving forward.




Hello lovelies! Yes, let's all reunite for the abandon story since 2020. Finally, I am more settled to continue writing. So remember to read our previous story Betrayed Lover to have a slight understanding of the characters that may continue to appear in this story. 

Thank you for still subscribing with me and shall continue to meet me as I progress with the story now. 

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Hello lovelies! Chapter Two is updated! Hopefully it will still keep you guys entertain. Remember to comment and upvote if you like it. Thank you so much!


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Chapter 16: I just got here and so far am in... very interesting I hope you update soon! You will be seen my comments !
Chapter 16: I suspected but wasn’t sure what had happened to Rian, but still sad. Thankfully not as sad as I would be if I had read her and his falling in love story firsthand. Looking forward to seeing how this all unfolds!
14 streak #3
Chapter 16: Love love love this.But this is like too short for me.
Chapter 13: What the plot?
Ohhhhhh 😌
On my list
Chapter 15: I love Hana's character!!
Chapter 15: wow I love this already!! can’t wait for what’s going to happen!!
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Chapter 14: love your stories...i'm waiting for betrayed lover edited chapters too...hwaiting authornim!!
BubuBaek_Na94 #9
Chapter 15: Let’s go!!!
Chapter 15: I had guessed from the first story that we are dealing with some crazily rich people but wow, THAT CAR🤩
I’m a little apprehensive to hear what happened to Rian now that I think of it, but Sehun and Ayla’s second child is a girl? Ahri is such a cute name! I have nothing for admiration that Hana was able to walk away at the alter and I love her mom for supporting her like she is. Looking forward to seeing how this goes. I just know I’m gonna tear up at some point lol