Betrayed Lover

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She was the girl in loved with him

He was the man that betrayed her

She was the woman that he chose

This is a story of love. A love for a sister triumph a love for a lover. A love for a lover triumph a love for a friend. A love that makes two hearts happy at the expense of another. A love that reminds them that nothing is better than loving unconditionally. 

This is their love story.




Hello lovelies! I have edited the foreword and replaced the characters accordingly so remember to continue reading if you are an old subscriber but if you are a new subscriber, I would like to say that I wrote this last year when I heard that Chen was getting married. Since then, there has been so many things going on an I finally got the time to edit and relook into this story. My style of writing may or may not have improved so there would be changes to certain situations/scenes therefore do read once more if you are interested!

On a side note, I thank you all for subscribing to my story! I wrote this during the pandemic lock down with no expectation but due to the continuously increasing subscribers, I decided to reedit and rewrite some parts of the story once more. Thank you once again lovelies!



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Chapter 23: I am loving the editing one🥰
Chapter 9: Wuuuu they finally meetttttt
Chapter 19: Ooh! Okay I’ll keep rereading this then! Brilliant way to update this
Manasa25 #4
Chapter 4: She is a mom now ? What's happening ?
Chapter 18: Wooow…. This was soo good! I agree with Ayla and her ideas on love. Much easier to love someone and stand with them if you’re secure in yourself. And if they really love you and you them you can and will wait. Loved this story
Chapter 13: Oh thank you brother!
Chapter 12: I’m reading this in public now trying not to react- but the way my heart dropped!?!!!
Chapter 8: I said I was doing to finish first but the squeal I just let out at this lol! It’s so perfectly dramatic! And seeing all the characters and their places makes it even more fun
Chapter 5: Oooh okay - I’ll finish reading before I comment lol
Chapter 4: I’m laughing at my own expression because we definitely skipped some parts of the story lol