Unexpectedly In Love

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She is his childhood friend that grew up with him.




He is her childhood oppa that watched her grew up.


She is the older sister that he fell for over time.



This is a story of love. A love for family. A love for a lover. A love for a sister. A love that may make two hearts happy at the heartbreak of another. A love where sacrifices are meant to happen. 

This is a love story...


If its for you, I'll be any kind of girl you want to be...

With trembling steps, I carefully approach you again...

 You are someone that I can't have...



Hello guys! OMG! Can you even imagine how long has it been since my last update in any of my stories? I stopped. Life got busy and I just stopped writing. But what better way to start writing again than having this crazy-looking handsome guy be our main lead?

Righttttt? I didn't know him but found out about him as I watched My ID is Gangnam Beauty. I was shook! My dying fangirl heart came to live again. Best part? HE IS STILL AN OPPA! Yes, that shows I am not that old yet. Hahaha!

After a long time, I am back. Please do give some love! <3 Thanks!


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javspaguiligan #1
Chapter 4: Can't wait for the next update :)
Chapter 3: Very very disappointed with Eunwoo. He can't cancel the wedding just like that because he felt confused of what he felt for both parties. It was his fault that he was shallow and dense that he cannot see through the love of Ayla. Everything would be fine if he realized it earlier and now he hurts both of them! But my heart even hurts for Ayla and im starting to hate Riann. I like the story author-nim!~ Can't wait for more extended chapters!
Chapter 4: I wasn't expecting !! omg, I can't wait for the next one :((
Chapter 4: Oh wow, I didn't expect it to be continued since it's been so long, so thank you! Hope to see more of this.
maiquie24 #5
Chapter 3: Can we get uhm..... a longer version of this?
Chapter 3: I hope to see this story continued. It was nice despite it being in a sad setting of unrequited love and betrayal of a loved one in the form of sisterly and family bond.
Chapter 3: Poor Ayla , even though she is hurting she still keep acting strong . is there any continues?