Gameplay - The Short Skirt

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How can I attract his attention?

Why does she keep messing with my head?

There are two types of people that existed during our school years. 

Popular ones.

Invisible ones. 

In Moolim High, there was no in-between for the students. They are either on the famous or invisible sides of the campus. 

Being on the invisible side, Kim Ara has always been clear in her liking towards their school's basketball captain - Cha Eunwoo. However, she knew that her school status did not match his. Hence there was little chance that Cha Eunwoo would notice her through the years of school.

Could it be that she was wrong all this while? 

Tha,t in reality, rumors of her attraction had reached the male's knowledge, but he was keeping quiet to observe her actions.

However, could a wrong uniform set change his mind on the gameplay of 'just observing' his number 1 fan?




Hello! Here is a rewrite and a better version of my two-shot featuring Infinite L and OC. Since I am currently quite a fan of Cha Eunwoo from his drama (My ID is Gangnam Beauty), I will rewrite this version with Eunwoo as the main character. It has the same flow as the original two-shot I wrote in 2014. It has been seven years since I wrote the two-shot and my school days, so hopefully, it is still realistic and a great piece to read!



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Chapter 2: Now I need to go back and read the first version after reading this chapter-
That’s funny I just subscribed to that original I think - so I look forward to this one too