• nct one-shot scenarios

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                     the ability of the mind to be creative or resourceful.



Welcome to my imagination

These one shots are purely the result of my creative writing when bored or in need of comfort. 

I hope that these stories will satisfy your cravings as a reader and your love for NCT as well. 

I will try to write about all 23 members (still counting) at some point but this will take time.

Updates will be irregular but there will be updates haha. 




This series of fanfictions is all based on my imagination. Any ressemblance to your story or any story that you are familiar with would be pure coincidence. Please do not attempt to plagiarise any of my work and only leave constructive criticisms. Always spread love. 



Hey guys ♥
Thank you for showing support to this series. More to come soon.
If a longer JohnnyxOC story interests you, please check out Blurred Lines.


Always spread love. ♥
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