Chapter 7 – One Step Forward, Two Hundred Steps Running Around in Circles

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“If the text ain’t freaky, I don’t wanna read it, and just to let you know this punani is undefeated, ay…” Jennie rapped as she danced around the kitchen while making breakfast. She was in a great mood. She had made eggs and bacon, and arranged them in a smiley face on a plate, for the cute but ridiculously y blonde-haired girl, who was responsible for the smiley face she was sporting.


As if on cue, the said girl flew out of her bedroom door, in all her blonde-haired, immaculately-dressed, five-foot-six glory, checking her phone for the time, rifling through her purse for her wallet and keys.


“Good morning, Rosie,” Jennie said brightly but with an uncharacteristic hint of shyness.


The stressed and distracted Aussie looked up in surprise at the older girl, who was wearing an adorably hopeful smile. “Hey, you. Good morning,” she answered, grinning back, a blush creeping over her cheeks at the recollection of last night’s activities. “You’re up early,” the younger observed.


“I uh... I didn’t sleep,” the normally grumpy, but surprisingly fresh-faced and bright-eyed brunette admitted.


“Omg, Jennie! You need to sleep!”


Like I could ever sleep again after the stunt you pulled last night, Jennie thought. “I thought we could hang out this morning? I made you breakfast.”


“Oh, uh... I would super, super love to, but I’m actually running late for church,” Rosé replied awkwardly, with an apologetic smile.


“Oh, right, right, because... Sunday.”




“You going with Ashley?” the brunette asked in a sad attempt to stall the younger, trying to squeeze out just a little more time with her.


“Yeah, and Alice.” Rosé replied, wondering if she should invite the rapper to a non-Kanye Sunday service, but she was already running late, and Jennie probably wouldn’t be caught dead in a church unless it was her own funeral.


“Right.” Jennie was considering asking if she could come to church, but remembered the park fiasco with Hyeri and didn’t want to ruin another day for the blonde. Anyway, she probably thinks I’d burst into flames the minute I walk into a church.


“We’ll hang when I get back?” Rosé offered, feeling bad about having to turn down Jennie.


“I’ve been summoned home by Mama Kim, the OG boss , so I won’t be back ‘til later.”


“Oh, okay.” Rosé wanted to ask if she could tag along, but she didn’t want Jennie to think she was clingy. “And we’re in the studio tomorrow.”


“Weirdly enough.”


“Yeah, listen, I uh... I really gotta go.”


“Oh yeah, of course.”


They both stared awkwardly at each other for a second.


“Can I maybe... get a hug or something?” Jennie asked cautiously, not wanting to assume she was entitled to the blonde’s affection.


“Yeah, of course.” A hug, Rosé thought bitterly. That’s all she wants. After all the mortifyingly naughty things I did for her last night, we’re back to hugs.


They hugged stiffly and awkwardly, and then Rosé ran out the door, leaving the dejected brunette to sulkily eat the eggs and bacon she had made for herself, and then the portion she made for the blonde, and then, because it seemed to her like no one else was coming to breakfast because everyone had abandoned her, Jisoo and Lisa’s share as well.






The next few days were extremely eventful, but not with the kind of action that Jennie or Rosé would’ve liked. Their schedules were packed with chores, work and social engagements, and they were constantly surrounded by friends and YGE staff, so they didn’t really have time to hang out or exchange more than just friendly banter and small talk.


“So are you guys a couple now?” Jisoo asked Jennie, as they were taking a break from dance practice.


“I don’t really know,” the sullen rapper replied, rubbing the back of her neck in frustration. “We’ve both confessed our feelings for each other, but we haven’t hung out since, because we’ve been busy with work and life and stuff. And things are getting kind of awkward. I feel like we’ve lost our momentum, and now we have to start from scratch again.”


“Oh boy, you’re a couple alright. A couple of idiots! Start from scratch? How much scratching do you guys need to do? Did Kuma give you fleas or something? Geez, man, you have zero game. You like her so just put a damn ring on it!”


“How dare you accuse Kuku Chanel of having fleas! Just because his fur is long and luxurious while Dalgom looks like he’s ready for military service!”


“Dalgomie is manly and patriotic, okay!” his owner shrieked defensively. “Your dog is… waitaminnit, you cannot distract me from my actual point. What was it… something about scratching… dermatitis? No… Chaeng!”


“Look, it’s not that simple, okay? I don’t want to scare her off. Some things… things that you don’t know about, and that I can’t tell you about…  happened,” Jennie finished inelegantly.


“What things? Like Chaeng getting cold feet and running away from your little ing session?”


“What… how did you… sasaeng!”


“She talks to me too, y’know?” Jisoo said dryly. “I don’t live in seclusion, Mother Gothel. Chaeng’s my friend too.”


“So she… told you about that night?” Jennie asked with a pained look.


“I mean, she didn’t tell me the gory details, calm down.”


“I didn’t think she would,” the rapper said unconvincingly. “Uh... but what did she... did she say anything…”


“Nothing you don’t already know. But I do know that she’s serious about you, and you guys should make it official already, so we can all stop walking on eggshells, and you can stop sulking.”


“I want to! But I can’t seem to find the right moment-“


“Make time, goddamnit! You have time for everything else. Look, you both are playing this weird game where you’re both feeling rejected by the other, but you just want to spend time with each other. Just make the goddamn time, Jendeuk.”


“Okay, calm the down,” Jennie yelled, and got

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