Chapter 5 - Girls Gone Mild

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Rosé woke up to find that she had kicked her blankets off the bed as she usually did. What greeted her, however, was anything but usual. She was barely awake when her eyes widened at the sight of Jennie next to her. She must have been too drunk when they’d gone to bed to notice that the brunette was wearing only an oversized shirt, and said shirt had ridden up during the night to expose Jennie’s black lace , as well as her legs and toned abs. Rosé blushed furiously, and admonished herself not only for ogling her unnie’s creamy skin, but also for looking like a total nerd in her cotton candy pink pyjamas. She’d always thought that she looked cute in them, but seeing Jennie look so effortlessly y made her feel ridiculous like a cartoon rabbit. The blonde took one last, lingering look at the irresistible sight before her, and then covered Jennie with a blanket, in case she was cold. She then rushed off to the bathroom to take a cold shower, and beg the Lord for strength and forgiveness.


Jennie woke up not long after, stretching her limbs all across the bed like a cat, disappointed that she didn’t make contact with Rosé’s skin. She looked around for the blonde, before hearing running water and concluding that the Aussie had already hopped in the shower. She sighed and squeeze-hugged a pillow, wishing it was the cuddly and obliviously y younger member. She basked in the delicious scent of the blonde, and smirked at the thought of her , wet, and lathering herself in the shower. 


Some minutes later, Rosé emerged from the bathroom with just a towel wrapped around her torso, her wet hair slicked back, her perfect skin adorned with tiny droplets of water, a slight sprinkling of goosebumps, and just a hint of peach fuzz. Jennie forgot how to breathe for a second.


“Good morning, unnie. Did you sleep well?” the younger girl asked, with just a ghost of a blush creeping all over her exposed skin.


Jennie couldn’t meet her gaze. “Oh.. yeah, thanks. You?”


“Well, I always toss and turn in my sleep, and I was worried I’d wake you.”


“Oh, I can sleep through a natural disaster,” Jennie lied. It was a strange and flimsy lie. All her members knew she was a terribly light sleeper, but she didn’t want to make the Aussie feel bad, or rule out future sleepovers.


“We’re really compatible in bed then” Rosé said, even if she did, in fact, know that Jennie was a light sleeper, and had long wondered if this was why the brunette was almost always grumpy. But Rosé would never contradict the older member, especially if agreeing meant getting to spend more time in bed together. 


Jennie burst into nervous laughter at the younger’s quip. “That sounds really dirty,” she said, and they both reddened in embarrassment. “I gotta go,” Jennie said quickly and bolted out of the room, stubbing her toe on the door in the process.




“Chuuuuu!” Jennie yelled, banging down Kim Jisoo’s door, which was met by groggy, unamused brunette, cradling a snarling, white dog.


“What have I ever done to deserve you?” Jisoo greeted dryly.


Jennie shoved past the ornery pair, and headed straight for the bed, crawling under the covers, and then poking out her head. “What do I do now? I don’t think last night accomplished anything.”


“Excuse your face,” Jisoo replied indignantly. “But last time I checked, thanks to my expert wingmanship, you got to squirt whipped cream spunk in your girlfriend’s mouth, and also spend the night with her drunken . I mean, , if I left it up to you, you and Limario would be married by now.”


“I knowww, I know, and I owe you. She just makes me so nervous!”


Jisoo smiled despite her annoyance. “You’re so in love with our Chaengramji. So, what happened last night? You guys make little Chaennie babies?”


“What? No! She was drunk and not feeling well! We literally slept, like, drooling and snoring and everything.”


Jisoo shrugged. “But in the same bed. Did you get to cop a feel?”


Jennie glared. “You’re horrible! No, of course not! I was very respectful!”


“I bet she squeezed your while you were sleeping,” Jisoo teased.


Jennie rolled her eyes. “Yeah, okay, ‘cause that’s something Rosie does.”


“She does with me,” Jisoo said evilly.


Jennie looked slightly hurt. “No, she doesn’t. She occasionally gives your rear end little friendly taps. That’s totally different,” she defended. “Anyway, we were both out cold. We didn’t even get to talk. I mean, what’s my next move now?”


“Well, now, you spend time with her on her turf, yknow? Last night was about getting her to loosen up by showing her that your wild ways are essentially harmless. Now, you have to show her that you are a big ol’ whale of a catch.”


“How do I do that?”


“Well, for starters, stop other women.”


“Lisa is not ‘other women’, okay? Jesus, last night, Chaeng asked me if I was into her.” 


“Well, no , you were acting like you wanted to swap internal organs with her. Look, idiot, you may think that Limario is just your idiot buddy, but Chaeng sees her as the hot piece of you are trying to bone.”


Jennie wrinkled her nose. “Ew, really?”


Jisoo sighed. “What would you ever do without me? Jealousy has a function in the courtship process, but right now you need Chaeng to trust you, so go show her that you’re not the Lothario she thinks you are.”


“What’s a Lothario? Limario?”


“Pretty much. Jesus, read books sometimes! ’s sake,” Jisoo said, dragging Jennie out of the bed, and shoving her out the door.  




“We should go out,” Jennie said a little too loudly than she meant to, and Rosé choked on her salad. “I mean, hang out,” she corrected. “Today, just you and me, like a... date. A friend date,” she added stupidly, chickening out at the last minute.


Jennie watched with a pained expression ‘til Rosé was done coughing and picking up lettuce bits she had sent flying. 


“I’d love to go on a... ‘friend date’ with you, unnie,” the blonde said slowly, wincing a little at the word ‘friend’. “But I’m actually going on a ‘friend date’ with Hyeri unnie today, so...”


“Oh,” was all that Jennie could manage to reply for a while, and they both just stared at each other awkwardly, until the brunette returned to her haughty senses. “Blow her off,” she suggested with a smirk.


Rosé looked annoyed. “We’d made these plans weeks ago, I don’t want to be rude. Also, I’ve been looking forward to hanging out with her, I like her company.”


Jennie was unimpressed. “Okay, well, can I come then?”


Rosé looked bewildered and uneasy. Jennie didn’t like most people. Her intensely gorgeous eyes were not the only feline-like quality about her, she was also territorial and aloof like a cat. She could be clingy and affectionate, but generally did not play well with other people, unless she knew them and trusted them, and Rosé was looking forward to a pleasant, relaxing time with her friend. She didn’t particularly want to have to referee when Jennie started snarling at others.

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