Chapter 1 - If Rules Weren’t Meant To Be Broken, Why Are We Holding Sledgehammers?

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Jennie and Rosé couldn’t be more different. The brunette was, for all intents and purposes, a bad girl: a moody, antagonistic, rebellious spirit, aligned with the forces of iness. The blonde, on the other hand, was so squeaky clean that she actually squeaked. Perhaps she didn’t squeak out of cleanliness, it was just a noise that she was often known to make because she was as cute and excitable as a rubber duckie. But if Jennie’s lifestyle was , drugs and rock ‘n roll, Rosé’s was stop, drop and roll. She was the human equivalent of a fire drill: cautious, dutiful, proper, if perhaps a little predictable and boring to some people.


However, the members of Blackpink unequivocally loved Rosé, predictability and all. They gave her a hard time about always following rules, but they really enjoyed her company. For what Rosé lacked in spontaneity and adventurousness, she made up for in effervescence and affability. She was easy to please, eager to please, and was just a generally pleasant human being. She was always bright-eyed and bushy-tailed in true chipmunk fashion. It was not an uncommon occurrence, then, for the three more devil-may-care members of Blackpink to be trying to persuade the blonde to join them in their reckless activities on their often prohibited excursions. 


“C’mon, Rosiepoop, you know it’s more fun when you come with us!” Lisa whined to her best friend.


“Why? All you ever do is call me a wet blanket,” Rosé grumbled.


“That’s because you’re the wettest of all blankets! It’s like a six year old kid with night terrors peed all over you, but we love you anyway. Like, if a tree falls in a forest, and you’re not around to say ‘I told you so’, I’ll never be born,” the maknae explained.


“What?” Rosé asked confusedly. “That... that doesn’t even make sense!” she said, hitting her friend’s arm. “Anyway, the last time you guys managed to convince me to go to a bar, you got so drunk and kept trying to take off all your clothes, and these two wouldn’t help me stop it,” Rosé said accusingly. The two older members just snickered smugly. “And I had to piggyback you home, and you ended up vomiting in my hair, so, no thanks, I’d rather not relive that experience.”


“Hey, gimme a little credit, I helped wash the chunks out of your hair,” Jisoo reminded the blonde. 


“And I made her do that,” Jennie added proudly. The uptight younger member had always seemed so ridiculous to the brunette, but she also felt a strange sort of protectiveness towards Rosé. 


“It’s true. She threatened to stab me in the face with something pointy and Chanel if I didn’t help you,” Jisoo agreed.


Rosé looked completely unimpressed with them. 


“C’mon what’s the big deal? Manofoot has thrown up on all of us at some point,” Jennie reasoned.


“Right? It’s not even exciting anymore,” Lisa said, and Jennie shot her a disgusted look.


“Look, we won’t even go to a bar tonight,” Jisoo bargained. “We’ll get some chicken, we’ll hit a karaoke room instead...”


“You’ll hit it so hard they won’t know what hit ‘em,” Lisa chimed in.


“You’ll hit ‘em with your ddu-ddu-du,” Jennie said dryly. She was a little peeved that they were spending so much time trying to convince Rosé to join them. It wasn’t that Jennie didn’t enjoy the Australian’s company. In fact, Rosé often annoyed her the least of all the Blackpink members. She did genuinely want the younger girl to spend time with the group, but Jennie loved being the centre of attention, so all this focus on someone other than herself was irritating and boring her endlessly. She was also a little miffed that Rosé wasn’t more eager to spend time with her. Who even would pass up a chance to hang out with Jennie Kim? It was an absolute mystery to the conceited brunette.


Rosé looked dubiously at the rest of Blackpink: Lisa with pleading eyes, Jisoo like she couldn’t care less, Jennie like she was on the verge of exploding with anger. The blonde sighed. “Okay, but no drinking tonight.”


Jennie huffed. “Finally! Let’s go!” she growled, taking Rosé’s hand, bringing it to , and biting the blonde’s thumb in part frustration and part playfulness. Rosé winced a little, not from pain but surprise, but eventually relaxed and allowed Jennie to continue gnawing on her hand, because she knew this was how the brunette expressed affection.


“Jesus, you’re so rabid,” Rosé commented amusedly at the older, who was currently using her as a chew toy.


“I gave you werewolf cooties,” Jennie said, grinning toothily.


“Yeah, once a month, you’re gonna turn into a giant ,” Lisa teased.


“So... like a period?” Jisoo quipped.


“That’s right, es, Jennie Kim makes all the ladies ovulate,” Jennie said smugly.


“More like she makes all the ladies hemorrhage from disappointment,” Rosé quipped, which was met by howls and laughter from Lisoo.


Jennie pouted, something she knew the soft-hearted Aussie couldn’t resist.


“Aww, unnie,” Rosé laughed and hugged Jennie. “I totally ovulate for you. In fact, you could totally impregnate me just by looking my way.”


Jennie smirked in triumph. “Damn straight,” she said confidently, but was surprised at the warm, fuzzy feelings that suddenly started bubbling in her chest from play-flirting with Rosé.




The three had surprisingly kept their word to Rosé of keeping alcohol out of the mix during the night’s rambuncti

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