Chapter 10 - The Taming of the Screwy

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 A/N: My meta couldn't resist making a Chaennie0107 reference. Brownie points if you can spot it (as in points that you can redeem for actual brownies if you ever hang out with me), and check out m'homeslice's fics if you haven't already, because they are sweeter than brownies 😎👍



It was long past midnight when Park Chaeyoung heard a knock on her bedroom door. She opened it to find one Jennie Kim standing there in her pjs in all of her grumpy glory.


“So y’know what’s awkward about starting to date someone you already live with?” the rapper asked sheepishly.


“You get to see their hideous bare face!” Lisa called from inside the room, making Rosé roll her eyes with just a hint of self-consciousness.


“You can’t play it cool and pretend you don’t miss them,” Jennie said earnestly, shuffling her feet, ignoring the maknae.


Rosé bit the inside of her cheek, trying not to smile, but her nostrils flared a bit, and a blush crept onto her cheeks. “Um.. yeah, Lisa is in here, but you are very welcome to come join us.”


Jennie felt a slight, irrational pang of jealousy when she walked in the room to find Blackpink’s Thai rapper in Rosé’s bed, under the covers with an evil look on her face. “Um... if you guys are busy, I can just...” Jennie started to say.


“Don’t be silly,” the Aussie cut her off, taking the brunette’s hand to anchor her in place. “She’s been pestering me for details of our date,” the blonde explained to her girlfriend. “I don’t want you to leave,” she added shyly.


“A little bird told me what you guys have been up toooo,” Lisa teased.


Jennie stuck her tongue out at her. She was a little surprised that Rosé would tell their mischievous maknae anything incriminating about their night.


“The bird said you’re an amaaazing kisser,” Lisa continued in singsong.


“Did it now?” Jennie raised an eyebrow, wondering if Lisa actually knew that the kind of kissing Chaennie did was the , between the legs kind.


“Psssh, I told her no such thing,” Rosé dismissed.


Jennie gasped in mock hurt, “So you don’t think I’m an amazing kisser?!”


Rosé glared at the smug brunette.


“Ohohoho! So you did do some kissing!” Lisa yelled loudly. “What else did you guys do?”


“Lisa, we’ll talk later,” Jennie joked, winking at the youngest member.


“Jennie!” Rosé exclaimed incredulously, smacking her arm.


“What? I would like to further discuss my kissing prowess,” the rapper teased with a -eating grin.


“Yo, freal, I want details,” Lisa said. “‘Cause you guys look way too happy and relaxed, and also my best buddy here was dolled up when you guys left, but she came home in your hoodie and sweats.”


“Lisa!” Chaeng yelled.


“We got caught in the rain, and I didn’t want her getting sick,” Jennie lied mercifully, much to Rosé’s relief and gratitude.


“Boring. My Chaennie fanfiction is way more interesting,” Lisa declared. “In the last chapter I wrote, I had you guys skinny dipping!”


“Why are you such a creep?” Jennie asked in disbelief.


“I’m just surprised that you’re surprised,” Rosé said.


“I know, right? By now, you should know it’s part of my charm,” the youngest added, grinning.


“Part of your fine print more like,” Rosé said, sticking her tongue out at her best friend.


Jennie, with a disapproving sigh, got in bed next to Lisa, and because her friend wouldn’t budge, Rosé helplessly climbed in bed on the other side of the maknae. Chaennie stared longingly at each other, and then pointedly at the with bangs between them.


Lisa stubbornly crossed her arms. “I know you guys want me to leave, but I was here first.”






Jennie was now softly sleeping in her bed, cuddling a pillow instead of her newly minted girlfriend, having eventually left Rosé’s room after Lisa refused to leave, thwarting any further chance of romance for the Chaennie couple. But Jennie was a light sleeper, and was suddenly made aware of her door slowly creaking open, careful footsteps approaching, and then someone climbing under the covers with her. Well, it was a very specific someone, who filled her bed with the scent of roses, and whose lithe body pressed against hers. She smiled despite being roused from her precious slumber.


“How’d you manage to ditch Lisa?” she whispered in the darkness.


“She fell asleep, and I left her in my bed,” a familiar Australian accent replied softly with a tiny giggle, before a pair of the softest lips pressed against the rapper’s neck.


“Mmm... hi, did someone miss me?” Jennie asked, squirming to fully face the blonde, who nuzzled her nose against the brunette’s.


“Nu uh, I just felt bad for you ‘cause you missed me so much,” the Aussie answered cheekily, giggling some more as she planted tiny kisses along her girlfriend’s jaw.


Jennie swiftly and tightly wrapped her arms around the intruder to prevent any chance of her escaping, and then playfully started omnomnoming her neck, which was met with muffled giggles and Rosé spitting out a mouthful of dark brown hair. “Stop lying, Rosie! Admit you missed me!” Jennie hissed into her neck.


More giggles.


“Or I could admit something else...” Rosé said slowly.


“Like what?”


“Like I’m .”


Jennie’s breath hitched. “,” she muttered softly, before capturing the blonde’s lips with hers and then pushing her onto her back and climbing on top of her. “You’re gonna be the death of me, aren’t you?”


“Get me off before you die,” Rosé whispered, making Jennie’s head spin from lust.


“You’re just using me for , aren’t you? I’m so onto you, cruel woman,” the brunette muttered with her lips attached to the younger’s neck.


“Don’t even pretend like that offends you,” was the blonde’s cheeky reply.






“Why did I ever think you’d be prudish, or the type who’d be saving herself for marriage?” Jennie asked breathlessly, after a spirited bout of ing with her seemingly insatiable girlfriend.


“Oh yeah, about that, the wedding is in three weeks, wear something pretty, and if there are any issues, Mason will be around with his shotgun,” Rosé deadpanned.


“Hahahaha... wait, you’re kidding, right?”


“Aww, is wittle Jennie Kim scawed?”


“Okay, first of all, how dare you call me ‘wittle’. And second, what makes you think Mama Kim won’t be around with her shotgun?”


“Oh, is that right?” the blonde challenged.


“Hey, I know I got myself a keeper, and,” Jennie paused to kiss Rosé’s fingers. “I can put my money where my mouth is. You don’t scawe me. You want marriage, ? I will marry you so hard you won’t know what hit you.”


Rosé burst out laughing. “I’m not trying to strongarm you into marrying me, ! I wasn’t even saving myself for marriage, I just never really liked anyone enough until you.”


“That’s why you’re calling me names now, huh? I get to do sinful and wicked things to you so I have to take all this abuse?”


“Pretty much. Wanna go again?”


Jennie’s eyes widened. “Oh my god, you know the answer to that is yes!” she said as she wrestled playfully with the blonde. “You’re gonna be walking funny tomorrow, hubby.”


“Yeah, but, wifey, you’re not gonna be walking at all.”






The next day was bright and sunflower yellow, and Jennie woke up with a smile on her lips and a song in her heart, and the song was Park Chaeyoung, who also happened to be in her bed, and sleeping adorably. She snuggled the unconscious blonde, who whined and stretched like a cat before burrowing closer into Jennie’s arms. The day was bright and sunshiny brilliant, and Jennie felt like the luckiest person on the planet.


That is, until her phone dinged with a text notification. She stretched out an arm, not letting go of her lover with the other, to check her phone. There was a message from Alice Park. Alice Park? There was only one Alice Park in Jennie’s life, and it made her a little nervous to have received a text message from her. Why would Alice Park be sending her a text message? They were friendly enough, sure, but they weren’t really friends who hung out. They did have one extremely important mutual friend between them, however. So important that it apparently warranted a text message.


Jennie got out of bed to the whining and consternation of a half asleep Chipmunk, and headed to the bathroom to wash up and check the message.


“Did you know that snails have teeth?” Rosé, who was now awake, asked Jennie when she returned from the bathroom.




“I know, right? You’d think there’d be nothing solid in that little mass of slime, but then why wouldn’t there be? They have shells, and those aren’t like hermit crab shells that they just pick up from wherever, right? They’re attached to them,” Rosé continued concernedly.


“Um...” Jennie looked amusedly at her girlfriend, hair all mussed up,

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