We Got Married Again


We Got Married return with new concept and production team. 

Won't update often, and the character in the story are slightly different with real life 


'Bbom unnie! Did you read the message yet?!' The maknae is excited over the line.

'Message? I'm still editing my video for YouTube since last night, what is it about?' Over the loud speaker, her  eyes still glued to the screen and hand on the keyboard. 

'We Got Married is return to the show with new concept, and the first couple been announce is my friend Naeun and y- , hello... unnie, wait wait ....'  The maknae get cut by Bomi before she could finish.

'Ahh!!! No!!! gosh! Sorry Hayoung ah, talk to you again, my drinks is spill over the table I have to clean it before effected my computer, by the way congratulates... your friend Naeun...hmm...with her new show?' with that she end the call with Hayoung and hurry check all her equipment. 

'I'm started to worry both of you will get along well or not? Both clumsy and dumb, Good luck my unnies' the maknae said with a heavy sigh look over the phone screen turn dark. 

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