Or her smile

Keep Calm and Don't (Gay) Panic

This is actually something I worked on in the past but didn’t like and left unfinished. But even if it’s not as good as the other ones, the thought that it may lighten up someone’s day during these hard days lingered so I decided to removed the unfinished part in order to post anyway. In days like this, I ask everyone to stop making unnecessary accusations or to easily jump into conclusions.









Irene arrives at the floor looking visibly distressed that none of her employees had enough guts to approach her. She had a terribly bad day dealing with malicious posts about the contents of their products saying it’s harmful for one’s health even if it was already tested and approved by the health sector. Trying to avoid shooting daggers at anyone she’ll meet eyes with, she immediately heads straight to her office.


As soon as she’s in, she notices her secretary retrieving a mountain worth of paper work that she finished last night. The said employee turns around to look at her but Irene avoids her eyes not wanting to divert her temper towards her. She immediately slumps down to her office chair to huff and groan.


A cup of hot chocolate was immediately placed over her desk seconds after, one she recognized that came from her favorite coffee shop.


“To cheer you up,” a note was scribbled on it.


She instinctively looked up and met eyes with the other person in the same room. Her secretary smiled brightly before sitting in her office couch to double check the documents she’s been holding. She looked back at the hot chocolate. Her nickname Rene scribbled on it.


Her secretary, Seulgi, has worked for her a couple of years now and details like this seem to be almost second nature to her.


Details such as cheering Irene up with the little things she does.


“Like this hot chocolate,” she mumbles.


Or her smile.






She grabbed the drink and went to sit in parallel with her secretary before she slumped down on the couch already feeling tired of how long this day seemed like. It’s not even lunch yet it feels like a whole day already passed. Irene continued to sip her drink and thought of taking an early lunch break.


“You have a meeting in an hour. Mr. Shin will come in to discuss to you about the legal actions we needed to take against those articles.” Seulgi reminded like she knew what she was thinking about.


The ceo groaned at that. Thoughts of early lunch flying out in the window. Late lunch it is or, even, no lunch at all.


She also already wanted this day to end. To just jump on her bed and forget about all these issues she needed to deal with, to find peace in dreamland.


“You can rest until that time. I’ll wake you up,” Irene lifts her head to look at Seulgi. She always know how to read her. She doesn’t even need to talk, doesn’t even need to say flowery words, yet she knows how to take care of her, to calm her, and perhaps something else too. She wonders if she also knows a secret she has kept from her for a while now. The reason why her heart is beating fast right now and thoughts that kept her awake on certain nights.


Irene looked back to the documents on the table. Seulgi might’ve read her boss’ mind, “You’ve already signed these. I just need to sort them out. I can handle all of it.”


Irene didn’t really want to leave all of the work to her when she has time to help but she knows Seulgi’s persistence is something else. She leaned her head on the couch and closed her eyes. It didn’t take that long for her consciousness to drift to dreamland.


Seulgi kept sorting through the papers when she noticed Irene’s head leaning to side, her neck looking like it’s about to break. She’s about to fall sideways to the couch.


Seulgi transferred seats next to her boss just in time for her shoulder to catch Irene. The boss, unconsciously snuggled to Seulgi’s neck, her scent bringing comfort to the ceo.


She looked at her for a few seconds admiring her breathtaking visuals up close. How lovely it is to have her close like this and how badly she wanted the moment to linger on for, perhaps, a very long time. She continued to sort the paperwork with a faint curve on her lips and warmth in her heart.

She'll stay by her side for as long as she lets her.





“Wake up, Ms. Bae,” Seulgi lightly taps her on her shoulders. The awoken girl opens her eyes and looked at the time to see nearly an hour has passed.


Her secretary told her to get ready as Mr. Shin will come in a few mins. She was fixing herself when she noticed Seulgi about to leave the room.


“Ms. Kang,” she called her.


“Yes, Ms. Bae?” The taller girl turned to look at her.


“Let’s grab lunch together.”


The other girl hummed before proceeding to go outside and close the door.


Seulgi suggested to drop her off the entrance and went to park the car alone, seemingly aware how late of a lunch it is and that it’d be faster for the food to get served like this so Irene agreed and went ahead inside the restaurant.


She called the server to order two sets of bibimbap, kimchi, and a kimbap to go and Seulgi arrived a few minutes after that.


It didn’t take long for the food to be served. The server placed the Bibimbaps in front of them when Seulgi furrowed her eyebrow, “Uh, does this have carrots in it?”


She asked because she has an allergy to the said food. The server smiled at her, “It has but she asked not to add any to your bowl.” Then girl pointed at Irene who nonchalantly looked up at her secretary with a soft smile, “Hm?”


Seulgi shook her head and thanked the server. She tried to clear to stop from curling with what Irene did.


Like remembering things she has said in passing.


Or her smile.

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