Attempts Were Made (But Failed)

Keep Calm and Don't (Gay) Panic

Moving from Daegu to Seoul to ask one of the biggest idols in Korea to be your girlfriend is certainly not an easy feat. Joohyun can agree.



The man is smiling brightly at the flowers he’s been holding.

Joohyun’s favorite.

He’s been waiting for her for about 30 minutes already ready to profess the love that he’s been harboring ever since he moved in this neighborhood since 4 months ago.

She spots the girl of his dreams in a distance and he decided to display his charming smile.

Today, he’ll tell her he loves her.

Today, he’ll make her his girlfrie-

“Out of my way!!!” Joohyun shouts as she breezes past her neighbor with a slight nudge. Any minute now it will start and she won’t forgive herself if she’s even a few seconds late. She never misses her show!

The unexpected nudge caused the man to lose his balance. He ended up on the ground and the daisies? It got crushed by his !

“W-wait!!! Joohyun!!” He shouted while massaging his behind but was ignored by the girl who came and went like a blur.

His fate ended up like every other person who asked Joohyun. Despite her handful admirers in Daegu, she never really bothered to spare them a glance.


We’re about to find out.

“Up next is Red Velvet!” The girl heard as soon as she opened the door.

Oh ! It’s really about to start!

She ran faster towards the living room in record breaking speed probably better than any of her 100 meter sprints! As an addition, she jump hurdled her way to their couch just in time when the words “Red Velvet Comeback” appeared on screen.

“! You shocked me!” Her mother shouted when she saw a shadow in her peripheral one second then Joohyun beside her next.

“Eomma, keep quiet it’s starting!” The young one said with eyes glued to the screen.

And so it began...

Yeah yeah

Joohyun watches with heart eyes as soon as the lead vocalist appeared on screen.

There goes the reason why.

And the reason goes by the name...

Kang Seulgi.

Member of the biggest idol group Red Velvet. The main dancer. The lead singer. Best known as the Gap God King of South Korea.

But to Joohyun? Her teddy bear, her childhood friend, her close buddy. And most of all, her soon-to-be girlfriend.


Just the thought alone brings butterflies to her stomach. She chuckles inwardly thinking how a few weeks from now she’ll finally move to Seoul from Daegu and they will be finally reunited.


“You look like a fool,” Her mom comments on the grin plastered on her face. She didn’t mind her. She was excited to surprise one of the girls singing on screen and ask her to become her girlfriend finally after a long time.


Her mother looked at her with disgust, “I know you’re my daughter but you seriously look like a creep right now.”

They met 11 years ago when Seulgi moved to Daegu from Ansan and became neighbors. Despite being three years apart, they hit it off immediately.

Four years ago, she first went to Seoul and accompanied Seulgi who wanted to be a trainee. She was very supportive of her dreams despite crying a lot when the other girl moved to Seoul permanently. A year after, the younger one debuted as an idol and became very successful.

Joohyun couldn’t be more proud.

She, on the other hand, went to university. She recently graduated and now, she’s finally moving to Seoul for her second dream job to work in a fashion company and also, to be with the one she loves the most.

(Second because her first dream job is to be a full time wife to Seulgi. Wink wink.)

“Seulgi is so hot,” she heard someone whisper from the side during the train ride to Seoul. She looked at these girls huddled together while watching RV’s recent performance in their friend’s phone.

She smiled again at the thought that the girl people are fantasizing about will soon become hers.

They can all look but in the end they can’t have Seulgi. She’ll always be Joohyun’s.


That was how it was supposed to go if it does go smoothly. The problem is that it’s not going well.

She arrived at her apartment with two big luggages. The elevator wasn’t working that day (only that day of all days!) so she had to bring both all the way up. When she was at the final step, she slipped and her phone flew all the way down 3 floors below. Well, her luggage flew a couple of feet too but that was the least of her concerns.

It was a relief that it’s not to the point of needing to be replaced (or else she needs to wait for her paycheck at her job she which hasn’t even started) but the shop said it will take 2 weeks to repair her gadget due to heavy damages.

Without her phone, it will surely be a struggle.

And this is where her attempts to talk to Seulgi officially begins.

Attempt 1/5

She didn’t mind. She memorized her Mother’s and Seulgi’s number by heart. As soon as she got acquainted with her neighbor, she took the opportunity to call them. Her phone call with her mom, of course, went smoothly but the problem is with Seulgi’s.

As soon as it rang, it got picked up. Her voiced perked with excitement, “Hel-“

Toot toot toot.

Joohyun looked at the phone in her hand. “Call Ended” was shown on the screen.

She hanged up?!

She tried again but the number got blocked. And so, she tried this several times with the other people she met but got the same response: toot toot toot.

Seulgi was smiling brightly at her phone, her heart leaping with joy as she saw comments from their fans who are congratulating them for their latest music show win. She took the time to express her gratitude, “Everyone, we won today. Thank you for your supp-“

Her sentence was halted when she’s no longer seeing VLIVE. Instead, she can see a string of numbers from an unknown caller.

“Oh what happened?” Joy, her member, asks beside her.

She quickly presses the red button to decline the call, “Someone called.”

The girl beside her clicked her tongue, “Aish! A saesang fan again unnie? You’ve been getting too much calls lately!”

“Yeah it tripled these days.” Seulgi agrees. She blocked the number like what Joy suggested and switched back to VLIVE. As soon as she was back on air she ranted to the fans, “Eyy, everyone, you shouldn’t do that.”

She went to share about the random calls she’s been getting lately. Joy chimed in, “Yes, what did we tell those people calling us? Don’t live your lives like this, Everyone!”

Then, they resumed the fun.

On the other hand...

“Answer the phone, Kang Seulgeh!” Joohyun frustratingly shouts in satoori from the other end of the call.

Attempt 2/5

“Hello, this is SM Entertainment.” Joohyun perks up when she heard a manly voice from the phone numbers she looked up online. She mentally pats her back for coming up with such a wonderful idea.

“Hi! Is Seulgeh there?” She said with too much excitement and anticipation.


Shoot. She kept forgetting she’s no longer in Daegu. She cleared and used her best (but still bad) Seoul accent, “I asked if Kang Seulgi is there?”

There was a pause on the other line until the guy replied, “Red velvet?”

She smiled though he cannot see, “Yes.”

“Who are you?”

Joohyun smiled brighter at the question. There’s no use hiding it now, “I’m Bae Joohyun, her future girlfriend.” She covered the telephone to giggle at what she has said and even pursed her lips to prevent herself from giggling too much.

“Future? Girlfriend?” The guy spoke again but this time with a hint of irritation in his voice.

“Yes.” She replied again completely oblivious to the tone used on the other end of the line.

I didn’t want to disclose this info but oh well.

She giggled again but heard a scoff from the man, “Ha! You delusional freaks are calling again! Listen, if you’re her girlfriend then she’s my wife!” He proceeds to hang up.

“Yah!!! Why did you hang up!!” Joohyun glared at the phone in her hand. How dare the guy hang up on Kang Seulgi’s future girlfriend. How dare he mocks their beautiful love. How dare he-

“Wife?!!!! Wait! What wife!!!!!” She proceeds to dial the number again ready to angry satoori the guy back.

Attempt 3/5

I am so smart.

She grinned at her brilliant idea. Fridays meant KBS Music Bank and if there’s one thing different from this show as compared to the other music shows is that the fans can actually see the artists go and get off work. Which means she’ll get to finally Seulgi and this is even better than trying to call her personal phone or the company’s.

“Red Velvet is here!” She heard the commotion of the fan as soon as the group came out of the van. She ran closer.

It’s as if the world slowed down as she witness the beauty take each step closer.

There she is.

After the photo-taking, Seulgi and the members started walking towards the entrance of the building which is also where Joohyun is standing. Her beloved is busy waving to the crowds on the sides.

Joohyun brisked walk towards her. “Kang Seulgeh!” she breathed knowing how familiar the singer is with her voice. With only a few meters separating them, Seulgi turned to look at the origin of the voice and the older girl opens her arms for a reuniting hug. Just when she is a second away from making eye contact, a swarm of fan girls suddenly emerged in front.

“Seulgi! I love you!”
“Marry me!”
“Psycho SOTY!”

Joohyun suddenly found her self pushed several meters back, unable to even see the love of her life! “Yah!” She kept jumping like a bunny just to catch a glimpse of her. “Yah! Yah! Move! I said move! Hey!!!” She kept trying to push past the crowd but her small stature isn’t letting her.

The next thing she saw was the automatic door opening and Seulgi disappearing behind it.

“Is there a problem?” Wendy, another member, asks Seulgi who looked back as soon as the door closed.

Seulgi shook her head, “Nothing. I thought I heard someone familiar.”

Attempt 4/5

All hope isn’t lost! When a door closes, another one opens! Joohyun thought positively as she lined up with Red Velvet’s fans in order to get to the music show. For some reason, there are moderators up front checking something she doesn’t know what from the fans.

“Please show it.” The moderator spreads her hand waiting for Joohyun to show her something.

She stared blankly a few seconds at her until she asked, “Show what?”

The girl raised her eyebrow, “The requirements?”

Joohyun was pretty sure she is speaking Korean but for some reasons, she couldn’t understand what she’s trying to say, “W-what requirements?”

The girl subtly rolled her eyes which fortunately Joohyun didn’t see, “You need to prove you are a fan so for this show, we require a group and individual album, a light-stick or any other merchandise, proof of fan club membership, and at least 3 fan event participation as the minimum requirement.”

“T-that’s the minimum requirement?”

The other girl nodded, “Yes but of course those who came earlier are on priority.”

“So even with that, you are not guaranteed to go yet?”

“Yes. Hmm. Let’s see...” She nodded again before looking at the list she’s been holding. Her gaze tracked to the bottom of the paper. “If you submit, you’ll be waitlist #49.”

Joohyun opened in shock, “49??? And it’s still...” She looked at her watch, “...7am?!”

“Yeah, the first 300 got filled up an hour ago,” a dead-pan reply from the other girl. “Are you gonna show the requirements or not? There are people waiting on the line,” She gestured to the line behind Joohyun.

She looked back and there are indeed about 10 people already behind her. She sighed and decided to tell her the truth in a whisper, “You see I’m Seulgi’s friend. We’re still friends right now but sooner or later we’ll be more than that so can you let me in and-“

“Next,” she was interrupted by the other girl.

She held a hand up in panic, “Wait! Let me finish! So I’m her f-“


“But I’m her future gir-“

“ING NEXT!!!” The moderator shouts at her. This caused the other people in line to also voice out their irritation.

“Please move if you don’t have it!”
“We want to go inside too!”

She sighed and left the line.

Attempt 5/5

If there’s one thing that Joohyun prided herself in is that she doesn’t give up easily. Which is why she was looking smug as she proceeds to the counter after taking two Red Velvet albums from the shelf.

Her plan this time?


She snickers at her brilliant idea. She just needed to get into the fansign which is why she even bought two! She’s mentally evil laughing thinking about her triumph already.

After a while, she began to notice two men behind her that are engaged in deep conversation, one of them with roughly around 50 Red Velvet albums in his baskets.

The man shakes his head to the side showing disapproval to the other guy, “That’s why. You only bought 20. That won’t give you a chance to even get chosen. Look at me i’m buying 50 now.”

“Oh really?” The other person replied.

“Yeah how long have I been doing this? I went to every single one,” He replied while showing some pics on his phone which appears to be signed Red Velvet albums.

Yes, Joohyun has great eyesight but her ears do not seem to be in good shape.

Did he just say 50????

She looked at the two albums she’s been holding then back to the 50 albums the other man has.

ing 50 albums to get to the fansign??

The other man nods after being convinced, “Okay, then I’ll buy 30 more.” He then left to get another 30 albums.

I didn’t get the memo that you have to be filthy rich to get to the fansign! What will they even do with 50 ing albums?!

The guy beside her nods before turning to her, “That’s right. Those people who think they can get in with just a couple albums how lucky do they think they are? Such fools for thinking that way!”

She hid the albums she was holding behind her so the guy wouldn’t see.

He smiled at her, “Miss. The people already moved or are you not in line?”

She smiled at him, “Y-you can go ahead.” She gestured him to proceed to which he did.

She was looking at him paying the albums when someone poked her shoulder from behind. It’s the other guy.

“Hey, Miss. If you’re not buying that, can I have it instead. I need 2 more albums and they ran out of stock.”

And that’s the end.

...of her efforts for now.

After a week of trying, she finally gave up.

She will get her phone back the following week anyway though she’s still kinda sad because she was hoping to spend time with her girlfriend (should be by now if she got to ask her) before she starts her job in a day.

She arrived at the company building and was amazed at the interior decoration. She went straight to ask for directions to which the lobby employees gladly helped her.

If she stayed a bit in the lobby, she would’ve noticed posters of Red Velvet being put up as the company’s latest models.

Her first day went well and so are the succeeding days but adjusting to the new environment was still a bit hard for her. The addition of continuously speaking with her best Seoul accent to survive is also taking a toll on her. She was always tired and never go the chance to even look around whenever she passed by the lobby.

Finally the day arrived.

She was all smiles and giddily skipped her way to her office table.

Today is the day she’s been waiting for. She can finally get her phone back which she is planning to do as soon as work ended.

One more hour left and the misery will end! She was counting the minutes left when they were suddenly called by the supervisor, “Urgent meeting! Everyone in the board room. We are meeting with our new models instead of tomorrow. Something came up so we’ll have it today.”

They all followed. One more hour. This should be over by then right? She opened and closed the door. She continued walking until somebody in her peripheral caught her attention. She looked and...

Kang Seulgeh?!




She immediately ducked under the table by reflex. She hasn’t told her she’ll be living in Seoul yet! Well, she kind of ignored her a week before she left Daegu because she was so scared of getting found out due to her unstoppable mouth but now that week turned into three because she hasn’t been able to get in touch with her for the past two weeks she stayed in Seoul. She was planning to surprise her and have her fall for her sweet words before she drops the bomb that she’s been keeping.

She continued crawling until...

“What are you doing?”

She came face to face with Yeri, one of the Red Velvet members who saw her, got curious, and also ducked just to ask her, she screamed and immediately got up, “AHHhhhHHh!”

This caused all eyes to look at her including the one she was trying to hide from.



That’s how she’ll be seconds from now. She closed her eyes and gathered a breath before turning to the source of the voice, “S-seul?”

The younger girl looked at her sternly. She can see her clenching her jaw and a frown forming on her head. She proceeds to walk out of the room and Joohyun stays rooted in her place- afraid of the endless nagging she might receive from her beloved if she followed.

After nearly a minute Seulgi came back with an even angrier tone, “Didn’t the dramas you watch tell you to follow someone when they walk out?”

“3 weeks! I didn’t hear from you for 3 weeks!” Seulgi spats angrily at her in the hallway. “Don’t you know how worried I am?”

Joohyun went on to explain why she didn’t talk to her the first week and what happened to her phone so she couldn’t contact her with, of course, her best and cutest sad expression.

“There are other ways. All this time I thought you ghosted me. That you didn’t want me anymore because we are far apart,” Seulgi replied sadly at her. The younger’s gaze has shifted to the floor unable to look anymore at Irene’s face.

Joohyun held her beloved’s face on either side and made her look into her eyes, “How could I do that when all my life it has always been just you, Seul?”

Seulgi pouts at her and replied in a small voice, “Then why didn’t you call me. You know my number...”

Joohyun sighed, “I did. I called you using a lot of different people’s phones but they always got rejected or worst- blocked.”


An audible gasp was heard from a distance, “That’s her and not a saesang? OhmygodItoldUnnietoblockallthenumbersandnotbekindtothesaesangshermidgetloverwillkillmeforsure” Seulgi was sure she was hearing Joy’s voice and from the source of it, they seem to be hiding in a nearby place.

“Did someone just rap Super Bass?” Joohyun says in front of her. She shrugged, “It’s more like an Eminem song for me.”

They heard murmurs after that until Wendy shushed the two younger members, “I don’t think we should be talking. We are hiding remember?”

Seulgi wanted to tell them they already know but they will get their nagging later on.

Back to the current matters at hand...

Joohyun also went to explain how she also contacted her agency.


An audible gasp was heard again from a distance. This time she guesses it was the voice of their Manager-oppa, “I thought it’s one of those delusional girls!”

“Looks like I’m dying with you, Joy!”

“Shhh! Oppa! Don’t shout!”

When the murmurs died down (again), Joohyun took it as a cue to continue her explanation, “I also tried to see you at Music Bank and even lined up just to see you but-“


Another gasp was heard (AGAIN). This time from a distance. They looked at the source and saw a fan putting her camera down to replace with her phone, “Daebak! She’s the one we saw at MuBank.”

Unsensible K: Omg! Fellow luvies! You won’t believe this! Lol the girl last Friday-

Joohyun rolled her eyes, “Excuse me? Are you even allowed here?”

The fan put her phone away before she was able to finish her tweet, “Oh right!” She grabbed her camera, winked, and immediately dashed outside.

Joohyun sighed so loudly, frustrated at all the interruptions she’s been getting from the start. She closed her eyes and ran a hand on her hair, “Don’t tell me the men from the album store are here too?!”


As soon as she said that, a flush was heard from the nearest toilet. One of the guys from the store emerged from it. He looked at the two girls before scratching the back of his neck, “Uhmm... Hehehehe?”

Seulgi closed her eyes in utmost frustration. She glared at each person she could see hiding (there was a lot). “CAN EVERYONE LEAVE?!!!” Her voice roared and suddenly a flock of people (who were eves dropping) all turn to scramble their way to leave.

After a minute, Seulgi glared to the direction of one of the meeting rooms, “I know you are in there, Joy, Yeri, and Wendy!”

“We are not here!”
“Yes, we are not here!”
“I don’t think that’s believable, Guys.”
“Ugh! It’s because of your dumbo height, Joy!”
“She can’t even see me!”
“Are you two gonna still argue? Because I don’t want to die here!”





At last they were left alone. Finally.

Joohyun looked at Seulgi dejectedly, “I’m sorry...”

The younger girl sighed before pulling her in for a hug, her head below Seulgi’s chin as they bask in each other’s embrace, “I’m sorry too. And I’m sorry for their behavior too.”

“It’s okay. What matters is we are in each other’s arms now, right?”


Joohyun pulled away for a bit to look at the love of her life, “Are you still angry?”

Seulgi softens at sight of her bunny eyes, “I was. Only because I was afraid of losing you.”

“Oh, Baby, you will never lose me,” Joohyun replied with a smile. “Not when I’m deeply in love with you.”

Seulgi couldn’t hide a smile of her own anymore and it didn’t take long for her famous eye crescents to show, “I love you too.”

“Be my girlfriend?” Joohyun asked with eyes full of hope.

“Only if you’ll be mine too.”

The en-

“Wait! Wait! Wait! Where’s the kiss?!!!”
“Yeah! THE Kisss!!! It should end with a kiss!”
“I have a feeling we aren’t being discreet, guys.”

Seulgi sighed the deepest she did that day, “JOY! YERI! WENDY! You guys are dead!”

She was about to approach the three girls hiding when she was pulled by a giggling Joohyun. The older girl looked at her full of love so she looked back with a love of her own.

“Let’s give what the gays want.”

“Kiss me,” Joohyun added.

And Seulgi did.
Full of Love.

Wink wink.

The end.

(Also Joy: Moreeeee!!!)
(Also Yeri: WAIT! Gay?? Is that us??)
(Also Wendy: But aren’t we straight???)
(Also Author: , you thought! Hehehe)

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